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  1. G.L. and Larry Stark2010/02/01
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  2. Return to ICWP Summer Retreat2010/01/04

    We posted the earlier part of this discussion a while back, the part with G.L. talking with Donna Spector , Anne Pecaro and Farzana Moon . This is the second half of the conversation, G.L. is talking with Vicki Cheatwood and Mrinalini Kamath .
  3. Interview with ICWP's Jan Watts2009/11/05
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  4. A Conversation with Alan Woods2009/09/28

    On the way home from the ICWP Summer Retreat, G.L. recorded a conversation she had with Professor Alan Woods. They started out talking about the retreat, then moved on to more generic theatrical topics. That conversation is followed by my reading of a monolog from G.l.Horton's Stage Page Web Site , from the mouth-offs page.
  5. Return from the I.C.W.P. Retreat2009/09/13

    Several of the playwrights got together toward the end of the Retreat and discussed the what, why and how as they enjoyed it.
  6. ICWP Retreat 20092009/08/14

    G.L. talks about the imminent I.C.W.P. Retreat she is about to attend at OSU. Oh, and I read another monolog!
  7. S.W.A.N. Day - Interview2009/03/16

    G.L. talks with Regina Eliot-Ramsey about the upcoming S.W.A.N. Day presentation - 2 PM, Saturday, 28 March, Boston Playwrights' Theater.
  8. S.W.A.N. Day - Staying Alive2009/03/03

    Geralyn reads the short play she will be reading at the S.W.A.N. Day presentation, Saturday, the 28th of March, at the Boston Playwright's Theater.
  9. StagePage.Info: Our Voices Together2008/05/02

    In this interview, Regina Eliot-Ramsey speaks with Geralyn about the Our Voices Together showcase, the ICWP , Playwright's Platform and the Platform's showcase, and Geralyn's experience Off Broadway with Martha Mitchell .
  10. Martha - When and Where2008/04/10

    This past Sunday I announced that Geralyn will be performing Martha Mitchell just Off-Broadway in a bit over a week. Actually, did I even give the date? And I got the name of the theater wrong. It's the West End Theater, 263 West 86th Street, NYC - that's an easy walk from the corner of Broadway and West End Ave. April 19th, at 8 PM or April 20th at 3 PM.

    Hope you can make it.
  11. Martha Mitchell in NYC2008/04/07

    Geralyn will be taking Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfarro's musical Martha Mitchell, in Mostly Her Own Words to the West End Theater in New York City April 19th.
  12. StagePage.Info: Best Practice #22008/01/29

    G.L. had another reading of her play Best Practice . She has decided to have both a 10-minute, 2-character, version - this, when trimmed - and a longer version with five characters. This is a work-in-progress, read at Playwrights' Platform by experienced actors.
  13. StagePage.Info: NCAC2007/11/22
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  14. UpDate!2007/11/05
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  15. Best Practice2007/10/26

    G.L. was told of a ten-minute play contest ... Must ... Enter! ... so she decided to adapt a portion of her latest play for it. Five characters were cut to two and a whole lot of scenes were removed. She brought it to her Newton Playwright's group and ... and then they discussed it. We have the reading, followed by a couple of news bits.
  16. StagePage.Info: Susanna Centlivre 2007/10/09
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  17. StagePage.Info: More E-Mail2007/09/20

    G.L. had a bunch of e-mails from students and educators. We found a few to answer on the show. We found room for a monologue from Fantasia for String Trio (Jonathan Donahue), and one from Beyond Measure (Geralyn Horton), and one from Conventional Behavior (David Meyer).
  18. StagePage.Info: Playwrights' Platform2007/09/04

    This conversation took place following the Playwrights' Platform pre-season board meeting, where plans were laid for the upcoming season. Among the participants were Kelly DuMar, Chris King, Gail Phaneuf, Phylis Ritter. And, of course, G.L.Horton .
  19. StagePage.Info: the E-Mail show2007/08/28

    This week we are talking about e-mail G.L. has passed along. All involve either this podcast or her site , though ... no two are the same.
  20. StagePage.Info: The Playwright's Dilemma2007/08/21

    The second part of the late-night discussion, this part focusing on the dilemmas a playwright faces in trying to write and get produced.
  21. StagePage.Info: ICWP 2007 Pajama Party2007/08/14

    Half a dozen of the ladies at the ICWP Retreat followed G.L. home about half-way through their stay ... and they talked. This is the first dozen or so minutes of the half-hour chat, more will follow next week.
  22. StagePage.Info: Partners 2007/08/06

    While G.L. is still away, I tend to take it easy. This week we have a short interview with Jonothan Donahue followed by a reading he did with us of an excerpt from the full length play,
    Partners .
  23. StagePage.Info: ICWP Retreat 20072007/07/30

    My wife has gone off to the ICWP Retreat at OSU. We talk about that right after the reading by Jonathan Donohue.
  24. StagePage.Info: Mumbet2007/07/23

    G.L. and Lydia take a moment to sip iced coffee on our screen-porch and discuss the project near and dear to them - a one-woman show about Mumbet.
  25. StagePage.Info: a Challenge 2007/07/16

    Larry wants to change the way theater is seen in Boston. Most importantly, he'd like to point many more of you towards going to the smaller theaters. The theaters that rent their spaces to companies that lack their own. He'd like help in Making it Happen.
  26. StagePage.Info: Beyond Measure2007/07/07

    We've had a busy week. Helping with a production in Palo Alto, California for next week - see Vagabond for the details - and finalizing a reading of G.L.'s latest in Boston at 7PM Sunday, the 8th. We'll make sure the script gets posted to Stage Page as soon as possible.
  27. StagePage.Info: We're BACK ! ! !2007/07/02
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  28. StagePage.Info: Remembrance2007/06/18

    We celebrated the passing of our friend "Prof" Will Stackman at the Cambridge River Festival, on the banks of the Charles River, yesterday. We shared stories and read several of his short plays. We came away feeling better, which is what I believe he would have wanted. I managed to record some of it and edited the best of it down to present here.
  29. StagePage.Info: We've Lost A Friend2007/06/11

    Our friend and colleague, Will Stackman, died last Sunday. His work can still be seen at On the Aisle and there will be a celebration of his life next Saturday, June 16th, at the Cambridge River Festival on the banks of the Charles River. Anyone may attend...
  30. StagePage.Info: 3-Way Conversation2007/06/04

    Wyn Snow, G.L.'s web mistress and one of our show's early guests, returned to discuss our current status. Her earlier show - Getting On The Web - still averages a couple downloads a day. Every day, every week, every month. If your small business needs a boost on the web, call her for help.
  31. StagePage.Info: Memorial Day2007/05/28

    Nearly skipped this one. It's a day for Vets like me to relax and enjoy life. Which I was doing at my son's after-the-fact birthday bash when I got a chance to record some things. Couldn't hold myself back.
  32. StagePage.Info: A Visit from Sue2007/05/21

    Today we had a visit from Sue Brody: actress, playwright , and Yoga student. She read a pair of G.L.'s mouth-offs for us, Geralyn provided two more, and we were good! Will Stackman provided his usual "week in Boston" script.
  33. StagePage.Info: The Lost Prince of Paradise2007/05/14

    Just a simple show this week. We start with what's happening on the Boston Theater scene with a list by Prof Will Stackman , move on to the short play in one act The Lost Prince of Paradise , then we get out. Robert Bonato and Geralyn Horton read the play.
  34. StagePage.Info: One More Time2007/05/07

    This show, we present the short One-Act, One More Time , as read by Geralyn Horton and Noel Armstrong. Of course, we also have Will Stackman's list of shows playing in the Boston Area and another letter from G.L.'s In-Box.
  35. StagePage.Info: Autumn Leaves2007/04/30

    This week we offer two Minute Mouthoffs and a reading of a Monologue from Autumn Leaves , a short one-act play. Katie Curlie and I read the first two, Geralyn the third. We include, of course, a quick list of what's playing in Boston this week, a list compiled for us by Will Stackman .
  36. StagePage.Info: Interview with Alan Woods2007/04/23

    This week we have a conversation G.L. had with Alan Woods, one of the movers and shakers of the ICWP. They discuss the ICWP Celebration he organized in Ohio as well as other topics near and dear to the hearts of not-quite-famous playwrights the world over.
    Check for the latest monologues at G.L.Horton's Stage Page .
  37. StagePage.Info: The 12:22 Brighton from London/Victoria2007/04/16

    We have another reading by E Grace Noonan, this week. She read The 12:22 Brighton from London/Victoria for us. We also have notes from Prof Will and a few words from me.
  38. StagePage.Info: A Late Lunch2007/04/09

    We offer you a short one-act Play, this week ... titled A Late Lunch . Katie Curley has delivered yet another excellent performance and we finally managed to get E Grace Noonan to put in an appearance. E played this same role when A Late Lunch appeared on-stage at a Playwrites' Platform Festival of One-Acts. She was excellent then, too.
  39. StagePage.Info: with Letitia Sweitzer2007/04/02

    Not much of a show today. Just a dozen or so minutes of Geralyn interviewing Letitia Sweitzer in O'Lunney's Irish Pub on 45th Street. Sorry about the background noise and all, couldn't really ask them all to keep it to a low roar, now, could she? We also have Will Stackman's weekly report on what's playing.
  40. StagePage.Info: with Rachel Rubin Ladutke2007/03/26

    Just one real item this week: the wrap-up interview on the ICWP Celebration project. G.L. spent four days and three nights in the NYC/NJ vicinity as a playwright, actress, and over-all celebrity. She saw broadway actors in the audience - applauding her!
    Check out Stage Page for details.
  41. StagePage.Info: Ladies Night2007/03/19

    One more weekend until the end of the ICWP celebration - I can celebrate for myself next month. This week we have:
    This Week in Boston/On the Aisle
    Katie Curley reading F.E.'s monolog from Conventional Behavior
    G.L. talking about getting permission to do her work.
    Anabel Graetz reading a Minute Mouth-Off
    ME, asking more questions.
  42. StagePage.Info: Katie and Perry2007/03/12

    We have two monologues and a short one-act this week. Katie Curley starts off with Maria, from Under Siege , followed by Perry Persoff reading The Blooming Cycles followed by the two of them reading And The Lion Shall Lie Down With ... . And, of course, there's the weekly roundup of what's worth seeing in Boston.
  43. StagePage.Info: Three Readers2007/03/05
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  44. StagePage.Info: The ICWP Celebration2007/02/26
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  45. StagePage.Info: The Prophet Freeman2007/02/19
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  46. StagePage.Info: In the Dark2007/02/12

    This week we feature a reading of the short play In The Dark - "Two people who have been very close go on retreat at a New Age summer camp and come to a crossroads in their relationship."
    We also have our This Week in Boston clip, thanks to Will Stackman and a special message from G.L. to a young man nice enough to ask to use some of her shorter plays.
  47. StagePage.Info: Interviewing Kelly Dumar2007/02/05
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  48. StagePage.Info: Winter Arrives2007/01/22

    Another monologue read by Lois, a discussion of the high barriers to entry for new plays, and an update on what's playing in and around Boston this week.
  49. StagePage.Info: Arisia Edition2007/01/16
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  50. StagePage.Info: With Larry Stark2007/01/08
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  51. StagePage.Info: Boston Playwrights' Theater2006/12/31
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  52. StagePage.Info: Happy Holidays2006/12/24

    Nothing fancy, today. Just a quick over-view the the coming attractions.
  53. StagePage.Info: Arts Salon Boston 52006/12/18
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  54. StagePage.Info: Interview, Reversal2006/12/11
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  55. StagePage.Info: Interview, Part 22006/12/04

    In this, the second part of the interview at OSU, G.L. discusses the state of feminism in "The Colonies" in the 1700s. More importantly, why this came about. She also discuses her use of music - historically "almost correct" music - in this historical play. Walter Graham book-ends the interview with readings of two of G.L.'s mouth-offs.
  56. StagePage.Info: Interview With the Playwright2006/11/27

    The purpose of G.L.'s return to OSU was to be interviewed by one of Professor Alan Woods' students. This interview was recorded an a portion of it is presented here. We also have a short scene from the play that they are discussing - Boston's Brothers in Liberty. Our thanks to Walter Graham for his assistance in his reading of the role of Reverend Dillon.
  57. StagePage.Info: A Return to Columbus2006/11/13
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  58. StagePage.Info: Arts Salon Boston 42006/11/05
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  59. StagePage.Info: in memorium2006/10/29

    We didn't accomplish much, this week. We suffered a minor tragedy, instead. Geralyn's darling Alice, recently diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis. Alice passed away last Monday and was laid to rest beside a plum tree in our garden.
    We have one monologue for you, this week. Local actor, composer and painter Robert Bonatto reads one of G.L.'s One Minute Mouth-Offs for us.
  60. StagePage.Info: One Fiery Leaf2006/10/22

    This week we offer a short play in one act, One Fiery Leaf , with Lida McGurr playing the daughter and Geralyn Horton playing the mother. One Fiery Leaf can be staged alone or paired with another short play in one act, Autumn Leaves . We recorded this last year, before the start of our pod cast.
  61. StagePage.Info: Halloween2006/10/16

    Four monologues, each with a ghost of sorts. Just the thing for use just prior to the holiday. The scripts for these, and other, monologues can be found at G.L.Horton's Stage Page (dot) Info . If you like the music, tell ChAiNs yourself. Let him know where you heard it.
  62. StagePage.Info: Arts Salon Boston 32006/10/09

    Today Larry Stark, of The Theater Mirror , and Geralyn Horton, of Stage Page , discuss the local production of Claire Boothe Luce's snappy play, The Women, now showing at The Speakeasy Theater in Boston. They do not content themselves with the production, though ... that would be too limiting.
  63. StagePage.Info: Arts Salon Boston 22006/10/01

    Another installment of Arts Salon, Boston, this bookended by readings by Robert Bonatto and Valerie Sodano. Today's guests in the Salon are Larry Stark of the Theater Mirror and Will Stackman.
  64. StagePage.Info: Three Monologues2006/09/24
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  65. StagePage.Info: Introductions2006/09/21

    The people who host our podcasts - PodOmatic.com - say we can now post our shows in the more sophisticated M4A format. With art-work intact. I have a few pictures of people who have been involved in the show and decided to introduce them here. My apologies if it doesn't work properly.
  66. StagePage.Info: Martha Mitchell ... the Musical2006/09/17

    This week we have but one feature: a conversation between playwright Geralyn Horton - as the actress - and actress June Lewin - as the director - about the one-woman show playwright Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro wrote for them. Martha Mitchell, in Mostly Her Own Words is a musical and a history lesson. You can find out more about the show at
    Martha .
  67. StagePage.Info: Arts Salon Boston2006/09/10
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  68. StagePage.Info: Political Theater2006/09/03
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  69. StagePage.Info: ICWP Retreat2006/08/28
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  70. StagePage.Info: What to See in Boston2006/08/20
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  71. StagePage.Info: Our First Real SHOW2006/08/06
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  72. StagePage.Info: Presenting Larry Stark2006/08/02

    Our good friend Larry Stark talks about his web site and some of his hopes for it. WWW.TheaterMirror.Com has been important to the Boston-area theater scene, particularly to the many smaller theaters, for about a decade now. Larry is looking for more participation ... care to write a quick review?
  73. StagePage.Info: My Annual Review2006/08/02

    How (not to) win friends and influence people ... one person's annual Performance Review, the 'rehash' version.
  74. StagePage.Info: A Cat Named Damian2006/07/31

    This is one of hundreds of short monologs available on G.L.Horton's site, StagePage.Info.
    This monolog details the search for a straying cat ... curiously, named Damian.
G.L.Horton's Stage Page
Interviews and readings of monologs and short pieces taken from the hundreds available on G.L.Horton's web site - StagePage.Info - and available for free to students and to actors for use as audition pieces.

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