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  1. Adventures with an Ikoflex Twin Lens Reflex2016/08/05
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  2. Photography Live and Uncut2015/01/22

    I recently had the pleasure of joining Paul Griffiths on his interview show, "Photography Live and Uncut". This was a general interview where I talk about being a photographer, creating PhotoWalkthrough and how it's been becoming a master in the Arcanum.

  3. Creation Wars Ep. 62015/01/19

    My second appearance on Trey's Creation Wars as an Arcanum master. See that picture above - that was the picture I took along. It's *superb*. Surely I win this time? Watch and find out!

  4. Creation Wars Ep. 22015/01/05

    One of the joys of being an Arcanum master is being able to take part in the Creation Wars show. Three masters bring an image created by one of their cohort members and argues why theirs is the best image of the night. It's an art battle royale!

  5. Lightning Critique session with Trey Ratcliff and more2014/11/11
    Just spent a happy 30 mins with 3 fellow Arcanum masters including Trey
    himself while we do quick critiques of some pictures as part of Trey's
    critique partay to celebrate the announcement of his new Creation Wars

  6. Get your photo critiqued by Trey Ratcliff (or me!)2014/11/10
    Monday is a doubly exciting day if you're Trey Ratcliff fan. First of all,
    Trey will be launching a brand new show. More on that when the time comes.
    But that's not all. Trey will also be doing critiques of anyone's photos
    all day over on his facebook Q&A page.
  7. Arcanum Master training2014/11/04
    Becoming a master in the Arcanum isn't a cake walk. There's an induction
    process that sees the master levelling up exactly as their apprentices
    will. And one of the steps I've had to take on that road was to process a
    photograph and show how I did it. Being be I did that in video of course
    and I thought you might like to see how that looked.
  8. Joining Trey Ratcliff's Arcanum2014/11/03
    Over the last couple of months I've been working through The Arcanum's
    induction process to become one of their newest Masters. The Arcanum is a
    photography and arts training academy with a rather novel approach.
  9. The Leica T first look video2014/04/25
    Leica have just launched a brand new camera, the Leica T. At the launch
    event they told us all about how they were aiming at a younger photography
    loving audience than with the M, which appeals to a more established
  10. CaseLogic Luminosity Camera Bags2014/03/08

    It's not often I see something that impresses me in the world of camera bags but Case Logic seem to have come to the problem with fresh eyes and made a couple of bags with some genuinely new and useful features. Take a look.. at the UK Photography Show 2014 in Birmingham.

  11. Droneflight2014/03/07

    If you love photography and remote control gadgets you're going to LOVE this. Droneflight offer a range of professional and semi-pro drones designed for carrying cameras of various sizes and weights. Guaranteed to bring out the small boy in all of us. From the UK Photography Show 2014 in Birmingham.

  12. Kowa Lenses2014/03/06
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  13. Lomography Konstruktor2014/03/05

    This could be the perfect gift for your camera loving friends. The Lomography Konstruktor is a fully working 35mm camera that you build yourself like an Airfix kit. The resulting camera can even do double exposures. From The UK Photography Show 2014 in Birmingham

  14. Lomography Petzval Lens2014/03/04

    Meet the new Lomography Petzval lens. Its perfect for awesomely dreamy portraits with sharp focus and unique bokeh. Demonstrated for us at the photography show 2014 in Birmingham.

  15. Panasonic GH4 at The Photography Show 20142014/03/03

    The Panasonic GH4 is here with 4K video recording. Following in the footsteps of the highly regarded GH3 it's expected to shake up the market for combined stills and video production cameras by offering superb quality, high bitrates, excellent handling and access to a large range of extremely high quality lenses. See it demonstrated here at the Photography Show 2014 in Birmingham.

  16. Wacom Cintiq Companion at The Photography Show 20142014/03/03

    Discover the next logical step for the humble Wacom Tablet as it become a full fledged tablet computer as the Cintiq Companion. David fromWacom walks is through the features of both the Windows 8 version and the Cintiq Companion Hybrid which runs Android.

  17. Samsung NX30 at The Photography Show 20142014/03/03

    Samsung have just released their latest prosumer digital camera with interchangable lenses and Wifi. Find out more as we get a demo at The Photography Show 2014 in Birmingham.

  18. Olympus OM-D E-M10 at The Photography Show 20142014/03/02

    Matt McGillicuddy shows us the new Olympus OM-D E-M10 at The Photography Show 2014.

  19. Impossible Instant Lab at The Photography Show 20142014/03/01
    Make Polaroid instamatic prints from your iPhone photos with the Impossible Instant Lab. Interview and demo of the Impossible Instant Lab at The Photography Show 2014 from Birmingham NEC

  20. Tutorial 28, Chapter 3 - Intensify Pro Detail Enhancement2013/10/28

    In today's show I really get into how Intensify Pro's sliders can bring out every little detail of your image and how you can precisely control where you want that detail to go.

    Tutorial 28, Chapter 3 - Intensify Pro Detail Enhancement

  21. Tutorial 28, Chapter 2 - Intensify Pro Advanced2013/10/25
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  22. Tutorial 28, Chapter 1 - Intensify Pro Basics2013/10/24
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  23. The old gang back together2013/10/16
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  24. Shooting into spotlights2013/08/17
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  25. Tutorial 27, Chapter 2 - Zoom burst photos using Photoshop2013/08/06

    If you've not got a zoom lens but still want to try your hand at a zoom burst photograph you can still do it using Photoshop or Photoshop elements using the Radial Blur filter. In this video I show you how

  26. Tutorial 27, Chapter 1 - Zoom burst using a zoom lens2013/08/05

    Today I'm showing you how to shoot a zoom burst image using your zoom lens. It's really easy and gives some wonderful fun creative images. Post some of your own zoom bursts in our google plus community at gplus.to/photowalkthrough

  27. Ace the Currys Photo Challenge on Smoke photography!2013/07/17
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  28. Tutorial 26, Chapter 3 - Bethany2013/06/18
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  29. Tutorial 26, Chapter 2 - Bethany2013/06/10

    In this chapter we start by using Nik Color Efex Pro for skin softening and then back to Lightroom briefly for cropping and rotation. Finally we get into Nik Silver Efex Pro to start the black and white high key portrait conversion. We begin with presets that get us quite a long way towards where we want to go.

    Tutorial 26, Chapter 2 - Bethany

  30. Tutorial 26, Chapter 1 - Bethany2013/06/01
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  31. Photoshop Alternatives - Corel promise to keep offering boxed copies2013/05/25
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  32. Tutorial 14 re-released2013/05/24
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  33. Tutorial 25 - Marillion Concert Panorama2013/05/14
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  34. Adobe killing Photoshop boxed copies2013/05/07
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  35. Tutorial 24, Chapter 2 - Smoke pictures 2013/05/07
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  36. Tutorial 24, Chapter 1 - Smoke Pictures2013/05/02

    How to take smoke pictures! It's really simple. You probably already have the stuff you need and it's fun. It makes the house smell, though. In this episode I'll show you how to shoot 'them. Then check out Chapter 2 where I'll show you how to process em.

    Tutorial 24, Chapter 1 - Smoke Pictures

  37. BMX Bikers Shoot Report2013/04/29
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  38. PW193 - Giottos Silk Road Series Tripods2013/04/04

    Why has nobody thought of this before? Giottos have just brought out a really neat new range of tripods called "Silk Road Series" that have a Y-shaped centre column. This reduces the size while folded down and increases the likelihood that you'll actually carry the thing with you. Simple but extremely effective.

    PW193 - Giottos Silk Road Series Tripods

  39. PW192 - Rogue Flashbender XL Pro 2013/03/25

    The Rogue Flashbenders are a product I've found extremely useful in the past for controlling flash light in a very small portable way. Now Rogue have launched a new version of their Flashbender with some new tricks up its sleve. Check out the video to see what's new.


    PW192 - Rogue Flashbender XL Pro

  40. PW191 - Lowepro Flipside Sport 202013/03/23

    Lowepro picked Focus On Imaging 2013 to launch their newest range of camera bags, the Lowepro Flipside Sport 20. These new bags are perfect for outdoor trekking with your camera and come in a couple of very attractive colours.

    PW191 - Lowepro Flipside Sport 20

  41. PW190 - Joby UltraFit Sling Strap2013/03/22

    Joby have previously brought us the neato Gorillapod tripods and now they've introduced a novel take on the glide strap. Their UltraFit Sling Strap holds the camera close to the body so that it doesn't swing around when not in use while still allowing the strap to loosen when you need to take a shot. Check out the video above for a demo.

    PW190 - Joby UltraFit Sling Strap

  42. PW189 - Harman Obscura Pinhole Camera at Focus 20132013/03/21
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  43. PW188 - Harman Titan 8x10 Pinhole Camera at Focus 20132013/03/18

    From Focus On Imaging 2013 show in March. Harman Technology's Steven Brierley shows off the larger 8x10 inch version of their popular Titan pinhole camera. This monster of a camera boasts a precision etched pinhole for sharp, beautiful quality pinhole photographs and solid, high quality construction.

    PW188 - Harman Titan 8x10 Pinhole Camera at Focus 2013

  44. Photoshoot - Samii's Kinky Kex2013/02/06
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  45. Exporting multiple different sizes from Lightroom2013/01/29
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  46. PW186 - Spyder Cube Review2012/12/17

    Time to look at another great photography gift, the Spyder Cube. This handy cube will help you set black and white points in your image as well as accurate colour by providing 18% grey white balance targets. In the video I explain how it works and how to use it with an image in Lightroom.

    PW186 - Spyder Cube Review

  47. PW185 - Spyder 4 Pro Review2012/12/12

    Monitor calibration is critical to a good photography workflow so in today's video review we take a look at the Spyder 4 Pro monitor calibration tool from DataColor.

    PW185 - Spyder 4 Pro Review

  48. The 7 stages of Nik/Google grief2012/09/17
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  49. Pre-visualisation can be a straight jacket2012/07/05
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  50. Turn your phone into a camera remote - if you can afford it2012/05/07
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  51. Why Apple computers suck for business2012/04/04
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  52. PW184 - Fujifilm X-Pro1 at Focus On Imaging 20122012/03/14

    Theo from Fujifilm shows us the new X-Pro1, an interchangeable lens camera that packs the same kind of manual controls as the last year's star camera the X100 and a brand new sensor design.

    PW184 - Fujifilm X-Pro1 at Focus On Imaging 2012

  53. PW183 - 3 Legged Thing at Focus On Imaging 20122012/03/13

    Danny from 3 Legged Thing talks to us about version 2 of their excellent british tripods and explains a number of their new innovations. He also talks about their meteoric rise in sales and their unique branding. Find more Focus on Imaging 2012 videos and a ton of free photoshop and lightroom video tutorials at PhotoWalkthrough.com.


    PW183 - 3 Legged Thing

  54. PW182 - Gitzo Systematic Tripods at Focus On Imaging 20122012/03/10

    Carlo from Gitzo shows us around the Systematic range of tripods and shows us the features that make them an industry standard for photographers with heavy or valuable equipment. Find more Focus on Imaging 2012 videos and a ton of free photoshop and lightroom video tutorials at PhotoWalkthrough.com.

    PW182 - Gitzo Systematic Tripods at Focus On Imaging

  55. PW181 - Canon 5Dmk3 at Focus On Imaging 20122012/03/08

    David Parry from Canon gives us a hands on demo of the 5Dmk3 at Focus On Imaging 2012. We talk about what's new, what's improved and talk about how the mk3 opens up more kinds of shooting to 5D owners. Find more Focus on Imaging 2012 videos and a ton of free photoshop and lightroom video tutorials at PhotoWalkthrough.com.

    PW181 - Canon 5Dmk3 at Focus On Imaging 2012

  56. PW180 - Wacom Intuos 5 touch preview at Focus On Imaging 20122012/03/08
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  57. PW179 - Olympus OM-D E-M5 Preview at Focus On Imaging 20122012/03/07

    Mark Thackery of Olympus tells us about the new Olympus OM-D E-M5 micro four thirds camera on the Olympus stand at Focus On Imaging 2012.

    PW179 - Olympus OM-D E-M5 Preview at Focus On Imaging 2012

  58. Moo Luxe business cards review2012/02/20
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  59. Post that sucker!2012/02/10
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  60. My thoughts on Trey Ratcliff's 3rd gen camera bombshell2012/01/06
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  61. Why the internet is devaluing art and how it's YOUR fault2011/12/19
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  62. PW178 - Snapheal for the Mac2011/12/14
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  63. Should you replace your SLR with an iPhone?2011/12/05
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  64. Wave bye bye to Photoshop2011/11/16
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  65. PW177 - Tutorial 23 Chapter 6 - Nik Color Efex Pro 42011/11/14
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  66. PW176 - Tutorial 23 Chapter 5 - Nik Color Efex Pro 42011/11/08
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  67. PW175 - Tutorial 23 Chapter 4 - Nik Color Efex Pro 42011/11/04
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  68. Creativity assignments every day for a month2011/11/01
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  69. PW174 - Tutorial 23 Chapter 3 - Nik Color Efex Pro 42011/11/01
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  70. PW173 - Tutorial 23 Chapter 2 - Nik Color Efex Pro 42011/10/29
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  71. PW172 - Tutorial 23 Chapter 1 - Nik Color Efex Pro 42011/10/26
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  72. Lytro light field camera launched2011/10/19
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  73. PW171 - Color Splash Studio App Review2011/10/07
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  74. Why I'm not that excited about the Nikon 1 cameras2011/09/24
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  75. Get Snapseed Free!2011/09/20

    As part of Apple’s 72hr App Store on Facebook free app program, Nik Software announced that it will be giving Snapseed away for free for just 72 hours beginning at 12:00 p.m. PST on September 20, 2011 through 12:00 p.m. PST on September 23, 2011.

    I reviewed Snapseed on PhotoWalkthrough a few weeks ago. Snapseed normally sells for $4.99 and is worth every penny.

  76. Are you a creative person? Really2011/09/07
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  77. PW170 - Glide Strap Review - BlackRapid vs. Custom SLR2011/08/23

    Today I take a look at two of the best glide straps on the market from existing market leader BlackRapid and newcomer Custom SLR. I'll show you how they work, how they compare and then I'll give you my verdict on which on I think you should buy.

    PW170 - Glide Strap Review - BlackRapid vs. Custom SLR

  78. Is a camera club stifling your creativity?2011/08/15
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  79. The most valuable photography skill you'll ever learn2011/08/08
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  80. Photojojo iPhone SLR Mount Review2011/08/01
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  81. Is it time take Micro Four Thirds more seriously?2011/07/26
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  82. PW169 - Snapseed App Review2011/07/04
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  83. PW168 - Flare App Review2011/06/20
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  84. PW167 - Tutorial 22, Chapter 3 - Tender Touch2011/05/16

    Today we finish Tutorial 22 with some split toning and finishing work that give this image a lot more character and interest using Adobe Lightroom 3.

  85. PW166 - Tutorial 22, Chapter 2 - Tender Touch2011/05/09

    In the second chapter of our free lightroom 3 video tutorial we spend some time evening up the light on our Tender Touch image doing what I call a hand-made tone mapping to bring out detail through the whole image and make it ready for our final split toning step next week.

  86. All new look2011/05/03
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  87. PW165 - Tutorial 22, Chapter 1 - Tender Touch2011/04/30
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  88. CreativeLive online training2011/04/30
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  89. If a picture is worth a thousand words..2011/04/14
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  90. PW164 - Wacom Intuos 4 Wireless Review2011/04/11
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  91. PW163 - SuperFrame white on black acrylic printing at Focus On Imaging 20112011/04/05
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  92. PW162 - Cambo X2-PRO System at Focus On Imaging 20112011/03/25
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  93. PW161 - Manfrotto 057 Tripods and 055 Photo-Movie Head at Focus On Imaging 20112011/03/24
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  94. PW160 - Manfrotto Compact and 290 Series Tripods at Focus On Imaging 20112011/03/23
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  95. PW159 - Lensbaby Sweet 35 and Tilt Transformer at Focus On Imaging 20112011/03/22
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  96. PW158 - Fuifilm X100 at Focus On Imaging 20112011/03/21
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  97. PW157 - Rogue FlashBenders at Focus On Imaging 20112011/03/20
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  98. PW156 - Exclusive 7 at Focus On Imaging 20112011/03/19
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  99. PW155 - Epson Stylus Photo R3000 at Focus On Images2011/03/18
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  100. PW154 - Advanced Photographer Magazine at Focus On Imaging 20112011/03/17
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