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The Timmy Show!

  1. One baby to another says I'm lucky to have met you....2009/04/13

    This is prolly my shortest show ever... and I don't think I edited the album stuff proper but that's ok. I am moving my stuff over to www.hackersarchangel.com now and will be putting the show up here only for those that want to continue coming to this link for it... however many many many things will be at teh new site.
  2. Riding the Storm out2008/09/08
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  3. That damn landlord...2007/12/01
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  4. Damn the man, Save the Empire!2007/06/14
    So, I got adventerous. I shoutcasted the show tonight, although to some mediocre results. So I'm hoping I can resolve this before the next show. Sorry for the late late show. But I've been having issues with the computers. Blech. Anyway. I'll try to do another one next week.
  5. This episode was sponsored by Kurdt Cobain... and your mom2007/04/12
    Yeah, I did another episode of total randomness, it's so random that I forgot what I talked about!
  6. Damn straight it's the shittiest episode ever... not gonna lie2006/12/14

    I go random, lots of gaps cause I was fuckin distracted... Anyways, I talk some about the book I am thinking about writing.
  7. I would have called you, but your mom is already in my pants Part II2006/12/12

    this half finishes the show off, and I forget what it entails, but it's fairly random.... more music too. You'll like it.
  8. I would have called you, but your mom is already in my pants Part I2006/12/11

    This is the first part of a two-part episode. The total show is an hour long. In this part we discuss sideburns and the various kinds, my ex on the Gary Busey scale, stupid co-workers, and play some Kansas.
  9. Naptime... is the BEST time!2006/12/08

    I'm late with this one... kind of.

    I was gonna do one on Wed. but some stuff came up that prevented such.

    But in this episode, I talk about some stuff involving my ex. I talk about Q's podcast. And I mention the band of the week. And I guess whatever else I ended up talking about.

    Sorry guys, this week has just been really poopy.
  10. I love Skype... yes I do2006/12/05
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  11. You wish you were here... to leave a comment2006/12/03

    Yeah, this is a rambler... goes on for a half an hour! A record lol. Anyways, in this episode I talk about a guitar tuning I'm experimenting with, play some AFI, read an excerpt from Everything's Eventual by Stephen King, play some more AFI, explain a bathroom moment, (kind of), and play a Def Leppard song. It's so good, you'll wish you were here... to leave comment.
  12. That one epsiode you couldn't find...2006/12/01

    Hmm. Well, today I talked about the snow day, the snow penis/snowball fight, me leaving college, and some music too!
The Timmy Show!
Yeah buddy, this show is being reinstated by yours truly...


Anyways, this show will contain various topics of wide variety, and the time will range from 10 min to longer than that.

And the music will be rockin!

And rollin of course.

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