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Xenos Bible Teachings

  1. Praying as a Servant2018/03/18
  2. Finding Rest for your Soul2018/03/11
  3. A Healthy Church's Perspective on Money and Wealth2017/12/17
  4. Two Ministry Priorities of Healthy Churches2017/12/10
  5. Being Potent Spiritual Influencers2017/12/03
  6. Leadership in Healthy Churches2017/11/26
  7. Did Paul Want to Make Chauvinist Churches?2017/11/19
  8. The Corporate Prayer Ministry of the Church2017/11/05
  9. Fighting the Good Fight2017/10/29
  10. Two Ways to Contribute to Your Church's Health2017/10/22
  11. Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing2017/10/15
  12. If Anyone is Thirsty, Let Him Come to Me and Drink2017/07/23
  13. Wherever the Corpse is, There the Vulture Will Gather2017/07/16
  14. True Freedom2017/06/18
  15. See, Feel and Do2017/05/28
  16. Listening to Jesus' Word2017/05/14
  17. A Disciple and Teacher2017/04/30
  18. Life out of Death2017/04/09
  19. Judge Not (by Ryan Weingartner)2017/04/02
  20. Humility and Exaltation2017/03/26
  21. Short Sayings of Jesus2017/03/19
  22. Jesus' Temptation2017/02/15
  23. Jesus' Baptism2017/01/29
  24. Jesus' Resurrection2016/12/11
  25. Jesus' Death2016/12/04
  26. Jesus' Prayer in Gethsemane2016/11/27
  27. The "Advantage" of the Holy Spirit2016/11/13
  28. Conflict with Religious Leaders2016/10/02
  29. Humility and Rest (by Mike Sullivan)2016/09/25
  30. Jesus' Transfiguration2016/09/18
  31. Jesus Calls His Disciples2016/09/11
  32. Jesus' Miracles2016/08/21
  33. The Gospel of the Kingdom2016/08/14
  34. Restoration (by Mike Sullivan)2016/08/07
  35. Temptation (by Mike Sullivan)2016/07/31
  36. John the Baptist2016/07/10
  37. Jesus Before His Public Ministry2016/07/03
  38. Who is the Real Jesus?2016/06/26
  39. The Peace of God & The God of Peace2016/06/05
  40. Another Spiritual Danger2016/05/29
  41. Knowing Christ (by Mike Sullivan)2016/05/22
  42. Identity2016/05/08
  43. Spiritual Maturity and Modeling2016/05/01
  44. Standing Out (by Mike Sullivan)2016/04/24
  45. Work Out What God Works In2016/04/10
  46. Two Insights into Christian Unity2016/04/03
  47. Joy Rooted in Hope2016/03/06
  48. God's Sovereignty & Joy2016/02/21
  49. Paul's Prayer (by Mike Sullivan)2016/02/14
  50. Joy and Christ-Centered Relationships2016/02/07
  51. Do You See Anything?2016/01/31
  52. Why Are You Angry?2016/01/17
  53. Why Are You Afraid?2016/01/10
  54. If I Am a Father, Where Is My Honor?2016/01/03
  55. Who Touched My Clothing? (by Mike Sullivan)2015/12/27
  56. What Do You Want Me to Do?2015/12/13
  57. What Is That to You?2015/12/06
  58. Who Do You Say That I Am?2015/11/22
  59. What Are You Doing Here? (by Mike Sullivan)2015/11/15
  60. Who Saw This Temple in Its Former Glory? Does It Not Seem Like Nothing in Comparison?2015/11/08
  61. Is It Time to Dwell in Paneled Houses when My House Lies Desolate?2015/11/01
  62. Do You Want to Go Away Also?2015/10/25
  63. Who Told You that You Were Naked?2015/10/11
  64. Do You Wish To Get Well?2015/10/04
  65. Jesus is the Christ (by Mike Sullivan)2015/09/20
  66. Being Perfected in God's Love (Part 2)2015/09/13
  67. Being Perfected in God's Love2015/09/06
  68. The Perks of a Loving Lifestyle (by Mike Sullivan)2015/08/23
  69. Christians & Sin2015/08/16
  70. Detecting False Teachers2015/07/26
  71. The Kosmos (by Mike Sullivan)2015/07/19
  72. Stages of Christian Spiritual Development2015/07/12
  73. Discerning the Validity of Spirituality-Claims2015/06/28
  74. Introduction & Preface2015/06/14
  75. Two Different Operational Motives2015/05/31
  76. Keeping in Step with the Spirit (by Mike Sullivan)2015/05/17
  77. Walking by the Spirit2015/05/10
  78. Two Key Aspects of Biblical Freedom2015/04/26
  79. The Life of Faith (by Mike Sullivan)2015/04/12
  80. Maturing in God's Family2015/03/29
  81. From Ritualism to a Personal Relationship with God2015/03/22
  82. Escape from the Law (by John Cleary)2015/03/15
  83. Questions About Faith (by Mike Sullivan)2015/03/08
  84. God's Grace Confirmed by Spiritual Experience2015/03/01
  85. Two Common Objections to God's Grace2015/02/22
  86. Paul's Defense (by Mike Sullivan)2015/02/15
  87. No Give On the Gospel2015/02/01
  88. The "Table of Contents"2015/01/25
  89. Key Principles of Healthy Relating2015/01/18
  90. Two Ways (by Mike Sullivan)2015/01/11
  91. Freedom from (Material) Anxiety2014/12/14
  92. Key Elements of Daily Private Prayer2014/12/07
  93. True Riches (by Mike Sullivan)2014/11/30
  94. Serving in the Kingdom (by Patrice McCormac)2014/11/23
  95. Two Ways to Enter God's Kingdom2014/11/16
  96. Salt and Light (by John Cleary)2014/11/09
  97. Introduction2014/11/02
  98. Rest Through Work (by John Cleary)2014/10/19
  99. Generosity: The Way to Life Indeed (by Mary Barnum)2014/10/05
  100. The Way Up Is Down (by Mike Sullivan)2014/09/28
Xenos Bible Teachings by Gary DeLashmutt
These are the most recent bible teachings by Gary DeLashmutt which were recorded at Xenos Christian Fellowship. See www.xenos.org/teachings for additional MP3s, PowerPoints, videos and more. These teachings are copyrighted but may be freely distributed according to the terms in www.xenos.org/copyright.

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