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ELT Podcast - The Teachers' Lounge

  1. First Lesson of the School Year for EFL Classrooms2008/04/09
    www.eltpodcast.com In this episode, language teachers talk about what they do when faced with a new group of students in the classroom on the first day of classes in the new school year. Visit the Teachers' Lounge archive on our website for a full summary of this and other episodes. ELT Podcast Teachers' Lounge is for language teachers.
  2. Streaming Students by Ability Level2007/11/23
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  3. Reports on the JALT CALL conference2007/06/24
    ELT Podcast - Teachers Lounge We talk about various technology-related presentations that we attended at a conference held in Tokyo June 2-3, 2007. For extensive notes and links to the content discussed, please visit http://www.eltpodcast.com/archive/lounge
  4. Attending Conferences for Language Teachers2007/05/16
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  5. Seating Arrangements in Language Classrooms2007/04/22
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  6. Attendance and Tardiness in EFL Classrooms2007/04/15
    For more extensive notes, please visit http://www.eltpodcast.com/archive/lounge Dominic's basic policy is to mark students absent if they are over 5 minutes late, and 3 absences will earn the student a failing grade. But what if the teacher is late? Listen and find out.
  7. Information Gap Activities in EFL Lessons2007/02/20
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  8. Using Textbook Dialogs in EFL Classrooms2007/02/12
    www.eltpodcast.com This week we discussed what to do with the dialogs that are commonly found in language textbooks. First, we outlined a basic procedure that was popularized through textbooks such as Streamlines Departures in the late 80s. We discussed follow-ups and alternatives.
  9. Student Expectations in EFL Classrooms2007/02/04
    www.eltpodcast.com Welcome to the sixth episode of ELT Podcast, the Teachers' Lounge. In this episode, we discuss student expectations. What do students expect our classes to be like? What do they expect to get out of the classes? How are their expectations sometimes at odds with our own expecations of how the class should go?
  10. Student Evaluations in EFL Courses2007/01/23
    www.eltpodcast.com Welcome to the fifth episode of ELT Podcast, the Teachers' Lounge. In this episode, we discuss student evaluations, including continuous assessment, final examinations, and other aspects that go into deciding a final grade for our students.
  11. Holidays2006/12/28
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  12. Attendance in EFL Classrooms2006/12/17
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  13. Accents and Language Teaching2006/12/10
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  14. Michael Richards; Educational Reform2006/12/03
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ELT Podcast - The Teachers' Lounge
Language teachers talking about education and teaching EFL, English as a Foreign Language.

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