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Taverncast: Good Friends, Good Beer, Great Fun!

  1. Taverncast 62 - Temporal Anomaly2015/11/07

    Taverncast tosses around the age old topic: time travel! Where would you go? Why would you go? Also, Bryce has customer service issues, and Mike buys a dog.
  2. Taverncast 61 - Life in the Middle Ages2015/07/18

    Our 10th Anniversary! Life for the TC cast, being 40-something, League of Legends, Mike goes dark.
  3. Taverncast 60 - Randomosity2013/03/01

    Beer labels, Collectibles, Radio Controlled Drones and more!
  4. Taverncast 59 - Star Wars Megacast2013/02/02

    Special 2 hour episode of The Screen looks at all things Star Wars! With special guests Definitive Geek!
  5. Taverncast 58B - PLAY IF THE WORLD HAS NOT ENDED2012/12/21

    2012 Taverncast Christmas Party! You're invited for an egg nog super taste-test, our favorite holiday songs and movies, and more!
  6. Taverncast 58A - PLAY IF THE WORLD HAS ENDED2012/12/21

    Alternate universe Taverncast from 12/21/12, where the world has ended and space god Kulkulkhan rains his death rays upon the world - gust starring Beerbot and Don Jose!
  7. Taverncast 57 - High Strangeness 2: Doomsday 2012?2012/11/30

    High Strangeness is back! We take a comprehensive look at the ancient prophecies and current events that surround the times we live in - will the world end on December 21st, 2012 - or is something else going on? Plus: apocalyptic beer, and a special extended outtakes reel!
  8. Taverncast 56 - When Rap Attacks!2012/11/02

    Season 5 Premiere! Fake Beer, Our Favorite Books, When Animals Attack and TC Rap Battle
  9. Taverncast 55 - Vajazzle Me!2012/09/08

    Unreleased Season 4 Finale (11/2011)! Wow, Minecraft, Twilight flicks, vajazzling and a special set of outtakes from the archives!
  10. Taverncast Special - Outtakes and Bloopers 2: 2007-20112012/08/12

    It's a Taverncast Special! Collecting every outtake, blooper and gaffe from seasons 3 and 4 of Taverncast (2007-2001). It's an hour of TC gone waaaaaay off the rails!
  11. Taverncast 54: 2011 Christmas Special2011/12/23

    Deck the Halls with Taverncast! Hang the lights, pour the eggnog, and join Eloy, Bill, Cromley, Kirn and Hawkeye for some holiday cheer!
  12. Taverncast 53: Return to World of Warcraft2011/12/20

    Join Eloysius, Infernal Bill and Roxilox as they return to classic Taverncast and the World of Warcraft!
  13. Geekistry: Siri, Level My Toon for Me2011/11/10

    Miniseries Conclusion! Special Guest: Tech TV's Jessica Corbin! Siri wants to kill you! Logan's Run! The Legacy of Steve Jobs and more!
  14. Geekistry: Cinavia Turns Pirates Into Zombies2011/09/29

    The DC Comics Reboot! Geekiversary: Highlander and Star Trek! The Future of the US Space Program and more!
  15. Geekistry: Flannel Was Cool2011/09/13

    Ridley Scott and Prometheus! Star Wars on BluRay! Digital Piracy, Steve Jobs and more!
  16. Geekistry: You'll Want to Cheer for a Truck2011/08/18

    Geekiversary: MTV! The Top Ten Movie Soundtracks of the Past Decade! Home Theater 3D, Superman's new look, Water on Mars and more!
  17. Geekistry: You Can See the Strings2011/08/02

    Geekistry continues! Sponsored by Benthic Petroleum! DC vs Marvel! Geekiversry of T2 and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within…and much more!
  18. Geekistry: Lowatus of Borg (extended version) 2011/08/02

    Geekistry continues! Sponsored by Benthic Petroleum! DC vs Marvel! Geekiversry of T2 and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within…and much more!
  19. Geekistry: Lowatus of Borg (extended version) 2011/07/27

    Mini-Series Premiere! Bryce and Michael Gaines talk what makes geeks excited, the geekiversary of Aliens, The Ring - we match up the classic Star Wars vs. Star Trek, the best way to view the Star Wars films, and more!
  20. Taverncast: The Screen - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two2011/07/25

    The team checks out Part two of the final Harry Potter movie.
  21. Taverncast 52: Superheroic Doomsday2011/05/02

    Like old times! Aric! Bryce! Bill! Michelle! George Lucas rapes our childhood again! May 21 Death Cult! TC Drinking Game - Category Madness! Superheroes Gone Wild, and more!
  22. Taverncast 51: Cars, Beards and Drinking Games...2011/03/22

    Comedy! Action! Drama! Mike shows up late to work! Bill abuses our voicemail! Our first cars and the stories that went with them! Taverncast drinking game! Beards and Mustaches...really? TC goes NPR, and much, much more!
  23. Taverncast 50: Media Tsunami2011/03/15

    With real news going on all over the world, we chat about our 24-7 news culture and how the media is handling the fighting in Libya and the horrible tsunami in Japan.
  24. Taverncast 49: Girls' Night Out!2011/01/26

    Now, with even more estrogen! The boys take the night off and Jen, Nicole, Claire and Rebecca discuss the awesome cream liquor Amarula! Celebrity crushes! A female perspective on video gaming! Do girls really live to shop? and more...
  25. TC1337: Questing the Cataclysm2011/01/11

    Get ready for: The return of a Taverncast favorite! Roxi makes level 85 in WoW! Questing in the Cataclysm: New Hotness or Same Old? The Style of World of Warcraft and more!
  26. Taverncast: On Tap 9 - Founders Pale Ale2011/01/05

    Today we enter the Pale Ale category with Founders Pale Ale... and then chat about what makes for a great bar!
  27. Taverncast 48: 2010 Christmas Special 2010/12/23

    It's Taverncast's Way Too Merry Christmas! We drink some fruity French beer and discuss Crazy travel stories, Proper Gift Giving Tips, Pilot Bob's Christmas Carol and more!
  28. TC1337: Cataclysmic2010/12/07

    The Cataclysm is here! Bill loves the Gnome starting area, Roxi VS Sindragosa, The gang talks about archaeology, Goblins VS Worgen VS Twilight and much more!
  29. TC1337: Cairne Bloodhoof is More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine2010/12/03

    Roxilox joins the crew for the second show of our reborn WoW show. Cairne Bloodhoof makes her cry, Eloy get's all Lore crazy, the crew talks about healing for casuals - and then get all nostalgic about the old world.
  30. Taverncast: On Tap 8 - ABC's Jackhammer Old Ale2010/12/03

    On the menu today is Arbor Brewing Company's Jackhammer Old Ale - and we ask do you have a beer cellar? Do you store beers for later use?
  31. Taverncast 47: Your Papers Please 2010/11/24

    We discuss the dark side of the TSA, struggles with weight loss, and prank phone calls - this show's got it all!!
  32. TC1337: The End Begins2010/11/23

    TC focuses on gaming! Bryce and Bill are sucked back into the WoW vortex just into time to experience the Cataclysm. Plus a review of the new WoW book by Christie Golden.
  33. Taverncast: The Screen - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows2010/11/22

    This week we check out the latest in the long-running Harry Potter series - "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"
  34. Taverncast: On Tap 7 - JW Lee's Harvest Ale2010/11/19

    Continuing in the old ale style, this week we sample JW Lee's Harvest Ale - which turns into an On Tap favorite! And we discuss the all important topic of drinking games, and try a few!
  35. Taverncast: The Screen - Skyline2010/11/15

    The Screen returns with the new movie "Skyline" - will an independently funded movie produced by a visual effects house be better than the usual studio-produced fare? Or is Skyline just another alien invasion movie regardless of who made it?
  36. Taverncast: On Tap 6 - Bell's Third Coast Old Ale2010/11/09

    Today we try an Old Ale style from Bell's in Kalamazoo, MI - then head to Original Gravity in Milan, MI to talk beer with owner and brewmaster Brad Sancho.
  37. Taverncast Halloweekend 2010: Ghostcast 2010/10/31

    To cap off Halloweekend 2010, we interview paranormal researcher Matt Laura, and go on a night-time investigation of an storied graveyard - with some unexpected results!
  38. Taverncast Halloweekend 2010 - TC 4666: All Hallow's Evil2010/10/30

    Tavernast Halloweekend continues with a halloween special in which we convert the essentials- what's the best candy, costumes, haunted house, and more!
  39. Taverncast Halloweekend 2010: On Tap 5 - Oktoberfest!2010/10/29

    Halloweekend 2010 starts with a very special episode of On Tap - in which we sample a bunch of beers in the Oktoberfest style!
  40. Taverncast Halloweekend 2010 Event Teaser2010/10/25

    Get ready for a different great show each night, starting Friday and leading to a very special (and very creepy) "ghostcast" halloween night!
  41. Taverncast: On Tap 4 - Ruddles County Ale2010/10/20

    This week we continue in the "bitters" category with Ruddles County Ale, from Merry Old England, and we ask what temperature beer should be served?
  42. Taverncast 45: Eight Channels and Nothing's On2010/10/15

    We take on the important topics, like sh*t on the back of cars, how TV was better in the "old" days, and how old, ugly, fat guys get hot women!
  43. Taverncast: On Tap 3 - Boddington's Pub Ale2010/10/13

    The beer tour continues! This week we sample Boddington's Pub Ale, and discuss whether or not our tastes in beer change with the seasons.
  44. Taverncast: On Tap 2 - Rogue Brutal Bitter2010/10/01

    Another week, another beer! This week we continue in the bitter category with Rogue's "Brutal Bitter", and is there a place for mass produced, commercial beer?
  45. Taverncast: On Tap 1 - Arcadia ESB 2010/09/25

    TC focuses on the wonderful world of beer! In the premier episode we try Arcadia ESB, from the Arcadia Brewing company in Battle Creek MI. and we discuss our first times drinking beer!
  46. Taverncast 44: Apocalyptic Role-playing2010/09/19

    Bill plays with Warhammer toys, we talk about the Mayan 2012 prophecies, and an epic live roleplaying game!
  47. Taverncast 43: Of Vegemite and Vampires2010/08/28

    Join Bryce, Aric, Mike and an old TC favorite for some crazy fun with Aussie food, a trip down television memory lane, Alf makes Mike feel "safe", a bunch of girls set us straight about Twilight, and much more...
  48. Taverncast 42: Vuvuzela2010/08/08

    Season 4 continues with the horror of the vuvuzela, Starcraft 2, and we hate on the Twilight movies
  49. Taverncast 41: Reborn (Extended Edition) 2010/07/24

    Season 4 Begins - Welcome back to the bar for a brand new Taverncast - 4 geeks, a tavern, and some crazy conversation! We talk about the BP Oil Spill, Adult Video Games, Deadliest Catch Basement Edition and more!
  50. Taverncast Special: The First Five Years 2010/07/23

    In this special edition of Taverncast, we take a look back at the first five years of making the podcast - a behind the scenes look at how we made the show, in-depth interviews with each of the cast, and much more!
  51. Taverncast Special: Cataclysm2009/08/22

    A one hour special covering the forthcoming World of Warcraft expansion, "Cataclysm" and Blizzcon 2009
  52. Taverncast: After Hours 9 - Nice One, Bill2009/01/03

    Season 3 Finale: Presenting the show that almost never was, but then Bill came up with a creative way to save it...
  53. Taverncast: After Hours 8 - President Putin Saves the World 2008/12/11

    This will probably be the ONLY podcast you EVER listen to where the following topics will be covered in under 22 minutes: Russia's President Putin, Oysters, Bill's mojo and the large hadron collider.
  54. Taverncast 40: Things That Go Bump in the Night 2008/11/14

    For millennia man has questioned the reality of ghosts, spirits and life after death. Don't worry, we'll figure it out - should take about an hour :)
  55. Taverncast 39: Octavernfest! 2008/10/24
  56. Taverncast: After Hours 7 - Political Suicide2008/10/05
    The most hated of all Taverncast shows - we talk about politics, circa the U.S. presidential campaigns of 2008
  57. Taverncast 38: Survive!2008/09/21

    What happens when all hell breaks loose? How do you survive when survival is the only option? Author Matthew Stein guests as we talk about the end of the world as we know it.
  58. Taverncast: After Hours 6 - Cannibalistic Vampires2008/09/05

    After a couple of rounds we start chatting about cannibalism and vampires. Gotta love booze!
  59. Taverncast 37: Endless Summer2008/08/22

    Taverncast sends off the summer of '08 with a twist! What happens when Michelle leaves the guys to their own devices? Mayhem ensures, and Karg returns in a show dedicated to meat, Flirtinis and bikinis.
  60. Taverncast: After Hours 5 - In Search of... Sporeggar?2008/08/08

    Where the #@!! is Sporeggar? Fred the Naaru needs to such more magic? The mob moves in on Blizzard? We go back to WoW?
  61. Taverncast 36: High Strangeness2008/07/28

    Lock your doors! Bar the windows! Adjust your tinfoil hat! It's a special double-length Taverncast as we take on weird drinks, crop circles, strange signals and cow-lovin' aliens.
  62. Taverncast VIP: Season 3 Unused Information Bumper2008/07/13

    From the archives: one of Jennifer Albrecht's unused character voiceovers for season 3
  63. Taverncast: After Hours 4 - Scotch Makes You Fat2008/07/12

    Laid back, unedited TC fun - we talk about fine scotch and fad diets...
  64. Taverncast 35: Movie Magic2008/06/22

    The TC crew talks about our favorite films, the classic martini and Battlestar Galactica: The Musical…no, really.
  65. Taverncast Special: Lost Shows of 2007 - Part 32008/04/03

    Another minisode with moments that ended up on the cutting room floor: This time - Captain Pike and his amazing beeping chair
  66. Taverncast Special: Lost Shows of 2007 - Part 22008/03/21

    Another minisode with moments that ended up on the cutting room floor: This time - Bryce experiences an earthquake
  67. Taverncast Special: Lost Shows of 2007 - Part 12008/03/16

    Mini episodes collecting several moments that ended up on the cutting room floor: This time - Asahi beer smells like Tuna, Bill and Bryce make fun of Michelle
  68. Taverncast 34: Scare Tactics2007/10/31

    Taverncast devotes an entire show to scary stuff! Bad beer, blending an Oktoberfest feast, ghost stories, scary movies and more! Listen if you dare!
  69. Taverncast 33: Rise of the Justice League of Peru2007/10/25

    Lay back, pour some wine from that box in the fridge and cuddle in for Season 3! Coming from our new Satellite of Love, it's Taverncast 33! Featuring high school reunion shenanigans, washing machine monsters - and Don Jose and his super-burro. Don't ask, just listen.
  70. Taverncast 32: Game Over2007/10/07

    It's the end of an era as we take on the Canadians, look back at our favorite and least favorite WoW moments - and bid a fond farewell to the World of Warcraft!
  71. Taverncast Special: Outtakes and Bloopers 12007/07/15

    Take a trip back with us as we collect nearly every Taverncast guffaw, out-take and blooper from seasons 1 and 2 of Taverncast (2005-2007). It's an hour of TC gone waaaaaay off the rails!
  72. Taverncast: After Hours 3 - Addicted2007/06/02

    Eloysius attempts 30 straight days of WoW gaming to his detriment, and as a result, the TC crew takes a hard look at gaming addiction.
  73. Taverncast VIP: In the Recording Booth with Bill's Many Voices2007/02/19

    TC VIP brings you a behind the scenes look at Bill's original recording session on TC31's mini-lore episode - it's a fun peek at the many characters of Infernal Bill
  74. Taverncast 31: Put the Magic in Your Mouth2007/02/18

    Playing Burning Crusade, Hellfire Peninsula, The Blood Elves, and Eloy propositions Fred the Naaru…
  75. Taverncast Special: Burning Crusade 2007/01/17

    The expansion is finally out and to mark its arrival we document everything from picking up the box the night it goes live to our first trip into the Dark Portal!
  76. Taverncast: After Hours 2 - Battlestar Bill 2007/01/15

    The gang talks about the best and worst moments playing WoW, flirting with the barmaid, and Battlestar Galactica
  77. Taverncast 30: 2006 Christmas Special2006/12/24
  78. Taverncast: After Hours 1 - Unplugged2006/12/20

    Taverncast un-plugged! Unedited, casual roundtable chats about what TBC means to raiding, and how to explain WoW to non-gamers.
  79. Taverncast 29: The Biggest Ogre Loser2006/11/23

    Thanksgiving 2006: TC Australia, What We're Thankful For, TC Field Trip: Dire Maul North and more!
  80. Taverncast:The Lore of Warcraft - Chapter 22006/11/03

    Back by demand - our second set of collected lore segments - from the Invasion of the Burning Crusade to the Sundering.
  81. Taverncast: The War of the Murlocs - Director's Cut2006/10/27

    Our 2005 Halloween classic, re-released with a new edit and extra scene!
  82. Taverncast 28: Attack Me from Behind2006/10/25

    Bill flies Taverncast Air, Burning Crusade roundtable, TC Field Trip: Dire Maul West, The Lore of Warcraft Finale and more!
  83. Taverncast 27: Alzin the Treepee-er2006/08/28

    Kirnkaterre turns 60, Pod People in Molten Core, Lore of Warcraft, TC Field Trip: Dire Maul East and more!

  84. Taverncast - Murloc Contest Winners - 8/26/062006/08/26

    We announce the winners to our "If I had a Murloc" contest - congratulations to the lucky winners!
  85. Taverncast: Special Bulletin - 07/07/20062006/07/07

    News for the week of July 4th - a look at the World of Warcraft board game and a peek at Warhammer online...
  86. Taverncast: The Screen - Superman Returns2006/06/30

    Reviewing "Superman Returns", and we talk global warming with "An Inconvenient Truth"
  87. Taverncast 26: Smoke Beer!!! 2006/06/27

    OOC, a new Quest Log, TC Super Mega Manga Murloc Contest, TC Australia and more! Schnell!
  88. Taverncast: Special Bulletin - 06/21/20062006/06/21

    Patch 1.11 is finally here! We discuss some of the interesting changes and fixes to the game.
  89. Taverncast: The Screen - Nacho Libre2006/06/16

    Reviewing "Nacho Libre", and Aric talks about Ewan Macgreggor in "Shallow Grave"
  90. Taverncast 25: Dark Portal2006/06/12

    Infernal Bill joins the show, TC Talent Hunt, DKP, Lore Retcon - and more!
  91. Taverncast: The Screen - The Omen2006/06/06

    Karg ruins the show, we review "The Omen" remake, The Score tackles the original "Omen" music, and Aric watches "Donnie Darko"
  92. Taverncast:Special Bulletin - 05/30/20062006/05/30

    Karg Returns, New Races in WoW and more
  93. Taverncast: The Screen - X3: The Last Stand2006/05/27

    Reviewing "X-Men: The Last Stand", and Aric talks about FX Network's "The Shield"
  94. Taverncast: The Screen - The DaVinci Code2006/05/19

    Karg guest hosts! We review "The DaVinci Code", Netflix, and Bryce explains "leitmotif" in film scoring!
  95. Taverncast 24: Put It in the Beer kk? 2006/05/21

    TC Spins Off! Here come the Draenei, E3 News, Warcraft the Movie, and More!
  96. Taverncast: The Screen - Poseidon2006/05/05

    Taverncast goes to the movies! We review "Poseidon", the 1st installment of "The Score" reviewing John William's Poseidon score and more!
  97. Taverncast 23: Goin' to the Hukilau 2006/04/23

    New "Ask Taverncast" segment, Lore of Warcraft, End-Game Raiding part 2 with Starman and Alachia, and more!
  98. Taverncast 22: 22 tsacnrevaT 2006/04/01

    Fury of Love goes on the road, TC translated worldwide, comprehensive overview of WoW zones, Lore of WoW and April Fools!
  99. Taverncast 21: More DOTs2006/03/26

    Guest Starring Starman from World of Warcast and Alachia from WoWCast - News, Arathi Basin segment, End-Game Raiding and more!
  100. Taverncast - The Lore of Warcraft: Chapter 1 2006/03/12

    Chapter 1 of our collected Lore of Warcraft episodes - from the creation of Azeroth to the rise of the Night Elves
  101. Taverncast 20: The Fury of Love 111KKBBQFTW2006/03/15

    Celebrating 20 episodes! Guest Starring Michael Zenke from Slashdot.com, and Renata of World of Warcast, TC Australia, OOC, Arathi Basin and our new TC music album!
  102. Taverncast 20 Teaser - Asroszilla Vs. Beerbot: The Ultimate Showdown2006/03/11

    Promo for TC20 Mega Show - Asroszilla vs. Beerbot, first appearance of Bill

  103. Taverncast 19: Why Can't We Be Friends? 2006/02/27

    Finally it's out! After severe technical issues, it's here with a new fishing segment, a new lore, and the return of Beerbot Eloy (sorry.)
  104. Taverncast 18: Iron Chef Taverncast 2006/02/07

    Iron Chef goes Taverncast, News, Quest log, Lore of Warcraft, Ask TC and more!
  105. Taverncast VIP: The Making of TC2006/02/07

    A very special behind the scenes episode covering the making of Taverncast - join Cromley, Eloysius and Kirkaterre as they walk through how the show is made, their favorite moments and some fun stories about the first season of TC.
  106. Taverncast 17: Beerbot Loves the Fat Weasel2006/02/02

    The An'Quiraj gates open, Eloy plays with his Mommy, our greatest n00b moments, and an overview of attributes and what they mean
  107. Taverncast 16: FTL Dinosaurs 2006/01/24

    OOC, The Lore of Warcraft continues, a "what if" segment and Eloy's dinosaur theories!
  108. Taverncast 15.8848939: We Can't All Be Thrall2006/01/08

    Happy New Year 2006! News, Naga Lore, WoW Mini-Topic Roundtable
  109. Taverncast 15: 2005 Christmas Special2005/12/21

    Happy Holidays! Holiday drinks, OOC, First Aid, listener questions, The Lore of Warcraft, a TC Night Before Christmas - and more!
  110. Taverncast VIP: The Lost Episode 15…Found! 2005/12/16

    Originally recorded 12/16/05, this episode was lost due to hard-drive failure. What was salvageable is notable for the very first attempt at a Lore of Warcraft segment and one of Asros's first appearances as a member of the cast!
  111. Taverncast 14: Druidic2005/12/05
  112. Taverncast 12.5: Thanksgiving 2005/11/23
  113. Taverncast VIP: The Original "On Tap" Pilot2005/11/20
  114. Taverncast 12: Spotted Dick2005/11/18
  115. Taverncast Halloweekend 2005 - The Making of War of the Murlocs2005/11/07
  116. Taverncast Halloweekend 2005 - Taverncast 11: War of the Murlocs2005/10/29
  117. Taverncast Halloweekend 2005 - BlizzCon 2005 Minisode 22005/10/29
  118. Taverncast Halloweekend 2005 - BlizzCon 2005 Minisode 12005/10/28
  119. Taverncast Halloweekend 2005 - Event Teaser2005/10/26
  120. Taverncast 10: Smurftastic2005/10/19
  121. Taverncast VIP: The Kargypoo Song 2005/10/09
  122. Taverncast VIP: The Truth About KargLuVR 2005/10/08
  123. Taverncast 9: Karg LuvR 2005/10/06
  124. Taverncast 8: Pork Rinds2005/09/25
  125. Taverncast 7: Gnome Down 2005/09/18
  126. Taverncast 6: Beer Lives in My Belly2005/09/01
  127. Taverncast 5: Karg's Amazing Online Romance2005/08/24
  128. Taverncast 4: Animal Crackers2005/08/17
  129. Taverncast 3: Paladin Brite2005/08/10
  130. Taverncast 2: Enter Kirnkaterre2005/08/03
  131. Taverncast 1: Welcome to the Bar2005/07/18
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