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  1. Peace in South Sudan2015/12/22
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  2. Joydip Kundu, tiger conservationist2015/04/14
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  3. World Health Day 20152015/04/01
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  4. Haiti five years on2015/01/12
    Prospery Raymond Christian Aid Country Manager in #Haiti talks about the achievements and challenges five years after the earthquake struck his country. #Haiti
  5. 'You hold your soul and I hold mine': Christian Aid Christmas appeal2014/12/02
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  6. Gender based violence in northern Iraq2014/11/26
    An audio reflection by Communications Officer, Antoinette Powell. She tells the story of Hero and how our partner ASUDA is doing incredible work to protect women from violence, through the provision of safe shelters and legal support.
  7. Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan, Climate Change and the Church2014/11/05
    'If we do not do our best to avert the climate crisis we have failed our children - it's as simple as that.' Yeb Sano, climate change commissioner for the Philippines. In this podcast, Yeb talks about the need for urgent action on climate change, the role of the church, and our moral duty to the generations to come.
  8. The tsunami that changed our work2014/10/30
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  9. Ebola outbreak: 'There was a sense of panic, chaos and fear.'2014/10/17
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  10. The UN Climate Summit: what happened and what's next?2014/10/03
    After a record breaking 700,000 people took to the streets around the world demandning action to tackle climate change, world leaders met at the UN Climate Summit in New York. Christian Aid's Joe Ware sums up what happened and looks forward to a crucial 14 months for the climate.
  11. Ebola in Sierra Leone: Our Response2014/08/27
    A short snippet of a briefing given by one of our staff members in Sierra Leone about Christian Aid’s unique value in helping combat Ebola in the country. For more information, see our website: http://www.christianaid.org.uk/whatwedo/eyewitness/africa/ebola-outbreak-sierra-leone-west-africa082014.aspx
    #ebola #sierraleone
  12. Annual Report 2014: David Pain2014/08/15
    David Pain, one of Christian Aid's directors, talks about his visit to India to see the work of our partners, the challenge of fundraising and why he works for Christian Aid.
  13. Iraq crisis: 'It really is horrific.'2014/08/12
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  14. This is not about Gaza2014/08/06
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  15. Addressing child marriage at the Girl Summit2014/07/25
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  16. Gaza crisis: 'There really is nowhere that people feel safe.'2014/07/11
    In recent days, the conflict in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory has spiralled alarmingly.In this podcast, Janet Symes, head of Middle East region at Christian Aid, describes the current humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, how our partners are responding to the crisis and what action Christian Aid is calling for.
    #Gaza #conflict
  17. World Cooperative Day: Divine Chocolate & the Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative2014/07/03
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  18. South Sudan Conflict2014/06/23
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  19. World Refugee Week 2014: Syrian refugee crisis2014/06/16
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  20. The World Cup: An Insider’s View2014/06/12
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  21. Celebrating our work in Peru2014/06/05
    Christian Aid recently took the decision to phase out our programme in Peru. In this podcast we explore why this decision has been made, reflect about our work and our achievements in this country, where we have been working for 30 years.
  22. Christian Aid Week 2014: war, football and one great writer in Colombia2014/05/14
    The war in Colombia has affected everyone in the country from writers to footballers. Football, however, also brings people together especially those affected by the conflict and those living in safe zones. This podcast brings football, war and a Colombian writer together.
  23. Rowan Williams Lives Below the Line for Christian Aid Week 20142014/05/12
    Chair of Christian Aid talks about the challenge Live #BelowTheLine and how he lived on £1 a day for five days in solidarity with the 1.2bn people around the world who live below the poverty line
  24. Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan six months on2014/05/07
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  25. Christian Aid Week 2014: South Sudan2014/05/06
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  26. Christian Aid Week 2014: Reflections from northern Iraq2014/05/01
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  27. Delivering value for money: a hot topic2014/04/24
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  28. Chocolate, Chickens and Sheep in the Bolivian rainforest2014/04/17
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  29. Christian Aid's Dr Alison Doig explains the new UN climate report2014/04/01
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  30. South Sudan Crisis2014/03/18
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  31. Syria conflict - three years on: supporting people inside Syria2014/03/13
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  32. Syria conflict - three years on: responding to the refugee crisis in Lebanon & northern Iraq2014/03/07
    In the first of two podcasts to mark three years since the start of the conflict in Syria, Christian Aid's Emergency Porgramme Manager for Syria, Lucy Batchelor, describes the work of our partners in Lebanon and northern Iraq in responding to the refugee crisis. To find out more about our work in the region, or to donate to our appeal, visit www.christianaid.org.uk.
  33. International Women's Day 2014: a new approach to tackling gender based violence in Africa2014/03/03
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  34. Love stories from around the world2014/02/14
    Every day, in so many different ways, people show their love for one another. Love between couples, in families, within communities and love in action. In this podcast, Christian Aid staff share the love stories of people who they have met whilst travelling. #love #valentinesday
  35. World Radio Day 20142014/02/10
    Radio is used in lots of different ways by Christian Aid partners around the world to help people in poverty. This World Radio Day (13 February 2014) Cat Goldson from Christian Aid's Communications team finds out about some of the ways in which radio is used in El Salvador, Bolivia, Burundi and the occupied Palestinian territory.
  36. Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan three months on2014/02/06
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  37. Reflections from Lebanon: Supporting refugees from Syria2014/01/22
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  38. Haiti Earthquake Appeal: A reflection2014/01/10
    On 12 January 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake ripped through Haiti killing 220,000 people and leaving 1.5 million people homeless. This interview with Christian Aid’s Emergency Programme Office for Haiti, Nicki Morgan, reflects on the changes she has seen over the last few years, and the varied work that Christian Aid partners have been doing.
  39. Living in conflict: How Christian Aid supports communities in Central Africa2014/01/07
    This podcast by Chantal Daniels, Policy and Advocacy Officer at Christian Aid, is part of In Kony’s Shadow, a powerful online multimedia exhibition about those who survived the violence of Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army in northern Uganda.
    Visit www.christianaid.org.uk/in-konys-shadow to explore photographs, films and personal accounts.
  40. Living in conflict: How Christian Aid supports communities in Central Africa2013/12/17
    This podcast is part of In Kony's Shadow, a multimedia project about those who survived the violence of Joseph Kony's Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda. In Kony's Shadow will launch in January 2014
  41. The importance of alpacas for Peruvian farmers2013/12/10
    Unable to grow hardy corops at a high altitude, farmers living in Phinaya,Peru have no option but to raise alpacas to survive. Better techniques means alpaca farmers are now able to produce better fibre an earn a fair price for the wool. #Peru
  42. Church, theology, and gender violence in Brazil2013/12/06
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  43. Sex as a weapon of war in Colombia2013/12/03
    Harrowing accounts of sexual violence are included in a new report ‘Colombia: Women, Conflict Related Sexual Violence and the Peace Process’ by Christian Aid partner ABColombia. Colombian journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima, a victim of sexual violence herself, she talks to Christian Aid about the need to highlight the issue.
  44. Typhoon Haiyan: providing food and shelter2013/11/28
    It's three weeks since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, leaving more than 3 million people homeless. Thanks to your donations our partners are providing life-saving assistance in some of the worst-hit areas, getting food and shelter to those who need it most. Lilly Peel, Christian Aid communications officer, reports on the work of our partners on the ground. #Haiyan #Typhoon #Philippines
  45. Typhoon Haiyan: "It's so clear, there is a huge need here"2013/11/16
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  46. Why women and girls are vulnerable during emergencies and times of conflict2013/11/13
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  47. Typhoon Haiyan: "We cannot underestimate the scale of the disaster"2013/11/08
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  48. Confusão in Angola2013/11/08
    Confusão translates from Portuguese as confusion. But in Angola it has come to have a particular meaning. Communications officer Lilly Peel explains.
    #Angola #humanrights #civilsociety #confusão
  49. Nicaraguan men say no to women’s rights 2013/10/28
    Violence against women was only made illegal in Nicaragua last year but the law has been under siege since by conservative religious and male groups. Christian Aid’s Emily Schechter explains more.
  50. Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangladesh2013/10/21
    Press Officer Melanie Smith spoke to Niger Dil Nahar in Bangladesh about how Bangladesh celebrates International Disaster Risk Day, which aims to highlight how communities are reducing the risk of disasters and building resilience.
  51. India Cyclone: A Million Homeless2013/10/18
    Cyclone Phailin was the biggest storm to hit India in 14 years, affecting at least 12 million and leaving more than a million homeless. Yet due to low loss of life, it has been little reported in the British Press. We speak to the Head of Christian Aid's Humananitarian Team to find out more.
  52. A lost childhood: Life as child soldier in South Sudan2013/10/15
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  53. Cyclone Phailin: people need shelter, food and water2013/10/15
    Ram Kishan, Christian Aid's Regional Emergency Manager talks about the urgent needs of people affected by Cyclone Phailin and how our partners are responding.
  54. Cyclone Phailin:90% of homes damaged in Gopalpur2013/10/14
    Dr. Kumar Prashant of Christian Aid partner VICALP (Visionaries of Creative Action for Liberation and Progress) gives a first-hand account of the extent of damage in Gopalpur, Odisha the centre of the Cyclone Phailin.
    #cyclonephailin #India #Odisha
  55. Leftovers for Africa2013/09/23
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  56. Christian Aid Week 2013: an update on projects in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Bolivia2013/09/19
    This year’s Christian Aid Week materials focussed on how three Christian Aid projects in three different countries – Kenya, Zimbabwe and Bolivia – were helping communities to “Bite Back at Hunger”. Four months on, this podcast catches up with the latest news from these projects to see how they’re getting on.
  57. Christian Aid in Jamaica: looking back over the last 20 years2013/09/10
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  58. Churches Campaigns Manager Al Roxburgh explains the next stage of the Tax Justice campaign - beneficial ownership2013/08/26
    With the progress made on tax dodging at the G8 meeting in June, Christian Aid is urging the Government to set up a public registry of companies and clamp down on corporate secrecy #tax #taxjustice
  59. A small oasis in the desert: bringing hope to children growing up in conflict in Gaza2013/08/13
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  60. The importance of gender empowerment in development2013/08/02
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  61. The Amazing Amazon2013/07/15
    The quilombolas are the descendants of escaped slaves. This podcast looks at our work supporting the quilombolas to protect themselves and the forest they live in, looking especially at their critical Brazil nut harvest - which is the feature of our Harvest appeal this year.
  62. India Floods Appeal2013/07/01
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  63. New report - ‘Invested Interests: The UK’s Overseas Territories’ Hidden Role in Developing Countries’2013/06/14
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  64. Tax in Kenya: 'The price of civilisation'2013/06/14
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  65. Brazil's Landless People's Movement2013/06/07
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  66. Syria's refugees continue to arrive in northern Iraq2013/05/24
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  67. New report 'Who Pays the Price? Hunger: The Hidden Cost of Tax Injustice'2013/05/23
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  68. Reflections from the Holy Land2013/05/13
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  69. Find out what this year's Christian Aid Week is all about2013/05/10
    Christian Aid's Paul Langley and Emma Donlan talk about this year's Christian Aid Week and how people can get involved. They also tell us about some of the projects that benefit from the funds raised. #caweek #caweek2013 #IF #Bolivia #Zimbabwe
  70. Sharing food in Zimbabwe2013/05/09
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  71. In conversation with Dr. Rowan Williams part III2013/05/03
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  72. In conversation with Dr. Rowan Williams - part II2013/05/02
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  73. In conversation with Dr. Rowan Williams, Christian Aid's new Chair2013/05/01
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  74. Beep beep! How text messages are helping Kenyan farmers2013/04/26
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  75. Colombia: time for human rights2013/04/23
    Alirio Uribe, a Colombian lawyer paints an overall picture of the human rights situation in Colombia ahead of a UN review taking place in Geneva in April 2013, a process called the Universal Periodic Review. Alirio talks about the government efforts to tackle the problem as well as areas of concern.
    #humanrights #Colombia #UPR #UN #Geneva #humanrightsdefenders
  76. World Malaria Day 2013: tackling inequality2013/04/19
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  77. IF Campaign: Why tax is important in ending hunger2013/04/12
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  78. HIV: The final taboo2013/04/02
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  79. Supporting refugees from Syria in northern Iraq2013/03/26
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  80. Iraq: Ten years after the invasion2013/03/15
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  81. Effects of conflict on children from Syria: Lebanon2013/03/12
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  82. Violence against girls and women - DRC2013/03/08
    While millions around the world celebrate International Women’s Day, and the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) meets to promote gender equality and empowerment at its annual conference in New York; Christian Aid’s Policy and Advocacy Officer for the Great Lakes, Chantal Daniel’s, reminds us how the daily threat of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo impacts gender relations.
  83. IF Campaign: ‘Spilling the beans’ on tax dodging2013/03/06
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  84. One in three are voting with their wallet following tax revelations2013/03/01
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  85. Kenya elections 20132013/02/27
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  86. Statelessness and discrimination in the Dominican Republic2013/02/22
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  87. Syria Crisis Appeal2013/02/14
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  88. Conflict deepens hunger in Mali2013/02/12
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  89. New smartphone app for Lent2013/02/08
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  90. Poverty and injustice in Gaza: empowering women2013/02/04
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  91. The Right Reverend Dr Alastair Redfern, Bishop of Derby, on the IF campaign2013/01/25
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  92. The power of IF2013/01/24
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  93. Egypt two years on: Solidarity in the struggle2013/01/24
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  94. IF I Ruled the World2013/01/23
    Urban Voices choir from London 2012 singing If I Ruled the World
  95. Bill Gates2013/01/23

  96. "IF one is not free, none of us is free"2013/01/23
    Bill Nighy on how to change the world (quoting Nelson Mandela..)
  97. 2012 gamesmaker @ IF launch!2013/01/23
    London 2012 Games volunteer talks about promoting IF campaign
  98. IF asks 2013/01/23

  99. Enough Food for Everyone…If2013/01/23
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  100. Haiti earthquake: three years on2013/01/03
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  101. Philippines can't wait: Climate Justice Now2012/12/21
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  102. Happy Christmas from Rogers in Kenya2012/12/13
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  103. Salsabeel's difficult journey2012/12/06
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  104. Restoring hope: people living with disabilities in the occupied Palestinian territory2012/11/28
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  105. World AIDS Day 2012: Pastor Tharcisse's sermon to remember2012/11/26
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  106. Keeping the promises: India's march goes on2012/11/23
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  107. Gaza and Middle East Crisis2012/11/20
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  108. Thursdays in Black - Action to end violence against women2012/11/16
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  109. Enter if you dare: travellers' tales of terrifying toilets2012/11/09
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  110. Living with disability in Lebanon2012/10/31
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  111. Ongoing crisis in DRC2012/10/25
  112. WW II, World Food Day, and West Africa2012/10/12
  113. Land rights victory in India2012/10/11
  114. M4J situ report 4: Gwalior City Stands Still2012/10/04
  115. M4J situ report 3: Government U-Turn2012/10/04
  116. M4J situ report 2: Moment of Truth2012/10/01
  117. M4J situ report 1: Goosebumps2012/09/30
  118. The Activist Podcast - episode 12012/09/28
  119. India diaries 3: a brush with the law2012/09/27
  120. The Real Brazil2012/09/14
  121. West Africa update: Niger floods exacerbate food crisis2012/09/04
  122. A hotline of hope for women in India2012/08/31
  123. Why the world must act on west Africa2012/08/17
  124. India diaries 2: the Golden Bird Mystery2012/08/14
  125. Philippines: Monsoon rains and floods2012/08/07
  126. Responding to drought in East Africa2012/07/31
  127. What do you get if you take some cows, some houses and a big yellow truck?2012/07/26
  128. Human Rights Hero2012/07/20
  129. Crisis in DRC2012/07/13
  130. Education and inequality in Jamaica2012/07/05
  131. Carbon campaign victory2012/06/29
  132. Christian Aid at Rio+202012/06/18
  133. Tax dodging in Zambia2012/06/14
  134. Inequality in Latin America & the Caribbean2012/06/08
  135. Fresh crisis in eastern DRC2012/06/01
  136. Living in camps in South Sudan2012/05/25
  137. Christian Aid at Rio+202012/05/18
  138. Corruption in Tajikistan: Taking back the power2012/05/10
  139. The poverty and population debate 2012/05/03
  140. Struggling by on a meal a day2012/04/27
  141. Football, fashion, fruit and fishing: 101 uses for a net2012/04/20
  142. India diaries 1: slums & security checks2012/04/16
  143. Hunger in West Africa2012/04/05
  144. Shoes to walk in: building back hope after the Haiti earthquake2012/03/28
  145. A Woman's Place - fighting for rights in Afghanistan2012/03/22
  146. Mothers we've met2012/03/14
  147. What Women Want? Equality2012/03/09
  148. International Women's Day2012/03/08
  149. Climate change in Bangladesh: Consume less, share better?2012/03/01
  150. Reflections from Dominican Republic: the scandal of inequality2012/02/23
  151. West Africa on the brink2012/02/16
  152. El Salvador: The Storm Without a Name2012/02/09
  153. Durban outcome2012/02/03
  154. Egypt one year on2012/01/24
  155. Inequality in India: the case for aid 2012/01/24
  156. Lives lost & life re-found: living with HIV in Tajikistan2012/01/13
  157. Kenya reflections: KENWA children’s home2011/12/22
  158. East Africa food crisis appeal: Update2011/12/16
  159. Kenya reflections: Asunta and Jackline2011/12/16
  160. Kenya reflection: Rogers and Celestine2011/12/12
  161. Kenya reflections: Inspiring women, challenging HIV2011/12/05
  162. Stigma Under the Lens: Joanne's story2011/11/30
  163. Stigma under the lens: James' story2011/11/29
  164. Observing the DRC elections - Nov 20112011/11/25
  165. HIV: Stigma Under The Lens2011/11/18
  166. Campaigning for HIV treatment in the DRC2011/11/18
  167. A Growing Voice: Women in Sierra Leone2011/11/10
  168. Upholding labour rights in the Middle East2011/11/03
  169. Emergencies under the radar: Christian Aid responds2011/10/26
  170. West Bank reflections2011/10/20
  171. Growing harmony in DRC 2011/10/13
  172. An epic march for justice across India2011/10/07
  173. East Africa food crisis appeal2011/09/29
  174. Pakistan floods - one year on2011/09/22
  175. About this channel2011/09/22
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