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Anime and Television in Toronto

  1. A new bit of ANOmiNimity2008/05/17
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  2. Episode 11: A Lone Barrier2007/08/04
    Well here it is finally. Our 11th episode. Contains the usual news and reviews (minus the T.V. review). This episode revolves around a shonen action, supernatural anime called Kekkaishi. Enjoy!P.S. If the link isn't working, don't worry, just check back later and it should be up and running.Show Notes Click Here- Daisuke

  3. Not dead yet....!2007/07/21
    Look for an episode next week. I'm crossing my fingers too. *prays*- Daisuke

  4. Episode 10: The Anime North Edition2007/08/04
    Guess who's back..., yes that's right, it's me Sven back fresh from Anime North with a whole new episode about it. I really hope you guys enjoy this, also we are having a CONTEST!!!!!! That's right, a contest with prizes!!! Also don't forget to send us your emails. We love fan mail. Hope you all enjoy the episode. ^_^Show Notes Click Here- Sven

  5. Show me the pics!!!2007/06/03
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  6. Tomorrow...Where will you be?2007/05/24
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  7. Episode 9: Lucky Gilmore, You're a Star2007/08/04
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  8. Episode 8: A Lost Combat Maiden2007/05/19
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  9. Time to get passing......2007/04/11
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  10. Toronto's A-Con (not much but it's something...^_^)2007/03/25
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  11. Episode 7: Straight Black to Manabi2007/03/25
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  12. Episode 6: Alchemic Academy2007/02/26
    Hey guess who's back? Yes, we are back and have a whole new episode for you guys. I know its been a while, but we are here again with a great episode. This episode we give a double anime review; sorry for all the T.V. people, but I had to give an anime review. Instead I gave a long T.V. news segment because there was a lot of T.V. news. So enjoy ^_^Show Notes Click Here- Sven Walker

  13. Episode 6: Delayed (Sorry ppl !)2007/02/16
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  14. Episode 5: The Society for the Study of 242007/02/07
    Hey guys we know its been a long time since we have done an episode but we're back and got a great show for you. This episode we review Genshiken and 24 as well as kick off our big contest that we are having. Hope you guys enjoy ^_^Show Notes Click Here

  15. Episode 4: Find the Feathers, Save the World2007/01/30
    We're back again and this time we didn't get KIRA, but u still have Sven and me. Some big news, as well as reviews of both Season 1 and Season 2 of Tsubasa Chronicles as well as the hit new series on NBC, Heroes. Hope u enjoy this episode and hopefully KIRA will be here next week. ^_^Show Notes Click Here

  16. iMaid Craze2007/01/07
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  17. Episode 3: Kanon, are there maids in your House?2007/02/04
    Episode 3 brings some big TV news as well as some anime news. Also we give a review of Kanon as well as House M.D. Hope you enjoy this episode. Please leave comments.Show Notes Click Here

  18. ATTO Promo2007/01/07
    We have our first promo up and ready. Our 3rd episode is also done and will be up really soon. Thank you all for listening. You are all what makes this show possible, leave some comments at your leisure.

  19. Episode 2: The year's over Smallville2007/07/30
    This is the second episode, yes we are back and better than ever. This episode we give TV and anime news plus a year-end review for anime and a smallville review. Also a Death Note review is given by our Death Note expert "KIRA". Show Notes Click Here

  20. Episode 2: Coming Soon ! ! !2006/12/14
    Sorry for the wait both me and sven have exams for the past week. We will be posting up our next episodes some time after December 23 cuz we have a special guest commentator giving us a special review of Death Note ^_^ So please don't leave us for there will be bigger and better episodes for all of you. till next time.

  21. Episode 1: Black Mars ( I didn't know cats lived on neptune)2006/12/31
    This is the first episode of our new podcast. We're giving you your anime and television review, news and everything else that has to do with anime and television. Show Notes Click Here

Anime and Television in Toronto
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