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  1. iPod - "Hope"2011/02/20
    Humpback Whales give hope for our ocean's future in this award-winning short film by Simon Spear. Award winner in the Our World Underwater Conservation Video Competition hosted by Wetpixel.com and Divephotoguide.com. More info on filmmaker Simon Spear at Viewfromtheblue.me.uk. For a high definition version of this podcast, please go to DiveFilm HD Video podcast at iTunes!
  2. iPod - "Weddell Seals, A Rare Look"2010/12/15
    From birth on the Antarctic ice to life underwater, a rare look at the southernmost mammal on Earth. Video Production by Mary Lynn Price. Learn more at http://WeddellSealScience.org . For a high definition version of this podcast, please go to DiveFilm HD Video podcast at iTunes!
  3. iPod - "Antarctica Weddell Seals"2010/11/17
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  4. iPod - "Cocos Island, 2010"2010/09/01
    Howard Hall. Cocos Island Submersible. Gorgeous. Howard and Michele Hall explore Cocos Island by deep sea submersible for an unforgettable experience of this famed Pacific island off Costa Rica. More info on Howard Hall Productions at HowardHall.com
  5. iPod - "Escape!"2010/08/31
    Ocean catfish yearning to be free. Mike Elliott's playful look at a sunken car full of daydreaming critters. More info on Mike at MuckDiver.com
  6. iPod - "Scooter Wreck Shoot"2010/08/15
    Scooters. Wreck diving. 5D Mark II. The Backscatter folks take us scooter imaging with the Canon 5D Mark II in beautiful blue Caribbean water, and talk about how they got the shots. More info at Backscatter.com. Music by Luce. More info at LuceBand.com.
  7. iPod - "Ocean of Life"2010/07/31
    Danish seas. Spectacular marine life. Bent J¿rgensen of Chilbal Film presents a glimpse of a new three part Danish television education series on the underwater world beneath the waters of Denmark. More info on Chilbal Film at chilbal.dk
  8. iPod - "Fish Rock Cave, Australia"2010/07/19
    Cave diving. Big Sharks. Australia. Jon Shaw's fastpaced visual tour of Fish Rock Cave, New South Wales, Australia. More info on Jon at ginclearfilm.com
  9. iPod - "The Eastern Fields of Papua New Guinea"2010/07/03
    Tony Wu's rare glimpse with Capt. Craig DeWit of extreme remote PNG diving. More info at tonywublog.com
  10. iPod - "Circle of Life"2010/06/16
    Simon Spear on our deep connection to the ocean world. More info at viewfromtheblue.me.uk
  11. iPod - "In the Company of Whales with Eric Cheng"2010/05/30
    Eric Cheng's stunning whale imaging from Dominica. More info at echeng.com
  12. iPod - "The Maldives in RED"2010/05/04
    Howard Hall, RED One, Maldives. Gorgeous. More info at HowardHall.com
  13. iPod - "Demons from the Deep"2010/04/23
    Leandro Blanco's playful homage to Nat Geo's 1952 Book of Fishes, narrated by David Doubilet.
  14. iPod - "Spawning Seas, Sensational Seas Two DVD Excerpt"2010/04/04
    Rare sights from the sea to benefit ocean conservation! More info at SensationalSeas.com.
  15. iPod - "The Night Safari"2010/03/29
    Renowned imager Tony Wu brings us Lembeh Strait, Indonesia at its beautiful best. More on Tony, his wonderful work and travel at tony-wu.com and tonywublog.com.
  16. iPod - "Mistaken Identity"2010/03/24
    Stunning underwater imaging of our ocean world by photographer Joe Dovala. More on Joe at jcdovala.com.
  17. iPod - "HD Compact Camera Test - Diving the Philippines!"2010/03/21
    Underwater HD filmed entirely on a compact camera diving in the Philippines by Huw Jenkins. More info on filmmaker Huw Jenkins at huwjenkins.com.
  18. iPod - "The Way of Water"2010/03/03
    From Giant Pacific Octopus to brilliant blue glacial ice, the Inside Passage is a stunning visual water adventure. More info on filmmaker Mike Boom at LaughingEel.com.
  19. iPod - "Raising the Belgica"2010/02/24
    Top honors garnered by this Belgian entry at 2010 OWU show.
  20. iPod - "Sensational Seas Two Trailer!"2010/02/05
    Fantastic trailer for new Sensational Seas Two DVD!
  21. iPod - "Ladybug, Ladybug"2010/01/30
    Antics of Ocean Ladybugs. Tiny. Incredible.
  22. iPod - "Forests and Rivers"2010/01/24
    Bat rays, diving birds and ethereal light in this favorite by Mike Boom.
  23. iPod - "Blue Shrimp, Green Shrimp, Red Shrimp"2010/01/15
    A wild world of crustaceans!
  24. iPod - "Underwater NSW: Sydney"2010/01/06
    Winning Wetpixel entry for the new Sensational Seas 2 DVD!
  25. iPod - "Positive Living!"2009/12/25
    Jill and Kelly, great divers with an unusual story.
  26. iPod - "The Conflict"2009/12/20
    Little fish with a surly attitude, Sarcastic Fringehead duke it out in this award winning short film by Walter Marti.
  27. iPod - "Performance Freediving in Kona"2009/12/10
    Freediving training in Kona, Hawaii with the fantastic folks of Performance Freediving International--blue water, spinner dolphins and great instruction!
  28. iPod - "Tropical Alaska"2009/11/30
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  29. iPod - "The Secret Weapon"2009/11/20
    Champ Williams won two Emmys with this fantastic short film about a keyhole limpet's "secret weapon."
  30. iPod - "Komodo Critters"2009/11/10
    We recently had the opportunity to do some fantastic diving with Dive Damai from Komodo to Bali, Indonesia. This is a fun short video of some of the interesting underwater life we encountered on that expedition. Footage by Mary Lynn Price, Mike Elliott and Steve Perez.

    More information on Dive Damai at Dive-Damai.com.
  31. iPod - "The Rainbow's End"2009/10/29
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  32. DiveFilm Episode55 - Antarctica Diving with Stacy Kim & SCINI2009/01/18
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  33. DiveFilm Episode54 - "Choice for Change"2008/09/14
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  34. DiveFilm Episode53 - "A Call To Action"2008/06/01
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  35. DiveFilm Episode52 - "Illes Medes, L'Estartit, Costa Brava"2008/05/04
    In this wonderful video, Guille Cervera takes us to dive the Illes Medes National Reserve in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea off the Costa Brava of Spain. The Illes Medes archipelago is located just off shore from the seaside resort town of L'Estartit, Spain, and is a world-renowned diving location with protected National Park status.
  36. DiveFilm Episode51 - "Tufi, Papua New Guinea"2008/02/20
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  37. DiveFilm Episode 50 - "The Cousteau Diving Saucer at Scripps"2007/12/22
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  38. DiveFilm Episode49 - "Green Water, White Mirth"2007/11/18
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  39. DiveFilm Episode48 - "One for All" New Version!2007/10/16
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  40. DiveFilm Episode47 - "One For All"2007/08/29
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  41. DiveFilm Episode46 - "Trapped"2007/07/26
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  42. DiveFilm Episode45 - "Clown Struck"2007/07/01
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  43. DiveFilm Episode44 - "Eddie & the Hagfish"2007/05/29
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  44. DiveFilm Episode43 - "The Sharks of Clipperton Island" Part 12007/05/07
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  45. DiveFilm Episode42 - "Wags & Kelly's Ningaloo"2007/04/04
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  46. DiveFilm Episode41 - "Realm of the Sharks"2007/03/15
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  47. DiveFilm Episode40 - "Bubbling Reefs"2007/02/23
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  48. DiveFilm Episode39 - "Creepy, Crawly Whatchamacallits"2007/02/12
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  49. DiveFilm Episode38 - "Humpback Whales of Roca Partida"2007/01/28
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  50. DiveFilm Episode37 - "Shark Fin Frontier"2007/01/12
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  51. DiveFilm Episode36 - "Toroidal Votex"2006/12/24
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  52. DiveFilm Episode35 - "How LOW Can You Go?"2006/12/10
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  53. DiveFilm Episode34 - "Guardian of the Wrecks"2006/11/30
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  54. DiveFilm Episode33 - "Sea Inside, Pacific Northwest" 2006/11/18
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  55. DiveFilm Episode32 - "Tonga's Humpback Whales"2006/10/29
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  56. DiveFilm Episode31 - "Hawaiian Showers"2006/10/16
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  57. DiveFilm Episode30 - "Critter Comforts"2006/09/24
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  58. DiveFilm Episode29 - "Video Lives"2006/09/12
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  59. DiveFilm Episode28 - "Coming to the Cocos"2006/08/31
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  60. DiveFilm Episode27 - Defending Dolphins2006/08/17
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  61. DiveFilm Episode26 - "Elements of Black Water"2006/07/31
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  62. DiveFilm Episode25 - Eric Cheng Interview2006/07/19
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  63. DiveFilm Episode24 - "Nobody Loves You"2006/07/07
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  64. DiveFilm Episode23 - "3 from ShiftingBaselines.org"2006/06/30
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  65. DiveFilm Episode22 - "Sam Hinton, The Scripps Years"2006/06/15
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  66. DiveFilm Episode21 - "Life & Loves of the Opisthobranch"2006/06/06
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  67. DiveFilm Episode20 - "Sulawesi Cephalopods"2006/05/25
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  68. DiveFilm Episode18 - "50 Ways To Save The Ocean"2006/05/07
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  69. DiveFilm Episode17 - "Beqa, Fiji"2006/04/26
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  70. DiveFilm Episode16 - "SeaLab II Revisited"2006/04/13
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  71. DiveFilm Episode15 - "Tales of Thailand"2006/03/29
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  72. DiveFilm Episode14 - "Diving Scandinavia"2006/03/19
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  73. DiveFilm Episode13 - "Night Glows"2006/03/08
    Mick Hutchins films fluorescence in ocean creatures by using special lights and filters underwater. With these special lights we are able to view reef animals that are capable of giving off different light than the light they absorb. Narrated by Matthew Robinson. Technical assistance from Charlie Mazel, NightSea.com.
  74. DiveFilm Episode12 - HDV Indonesia2006/03/01
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  75. DiveFilm Episode11 - "Return of the Plankton"2006/02/18
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  76. DiveFilm Episode10 - Peter Benchley Interview2006/02/13
    Peter and Wendy Benchley traveled to Isla Guadalupe in the Pacific Ocean off Baja Mexico, to dive with the Great White Sharks in November of 2004 aboard the Horizon. On the transit return to San Diego, California, Peter expressed concern for the future of our oceans, and encouraged young people to get involved in marine conservation efforts.
  77. DiveFilm Episode9 - "Squid Run!" (Part 2)2006/02/12
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  78. DiveFilm Episode8 - "Squid Run!" (Part 1)2006/01/30
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  79. DiveFilm Episode7 - "Sharks and Their Kin with Marty Snyderman"2006/01/16
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  80. DiveFilm Episode6 - "P-38" by Eric Hanauer2006/01/05
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  81. DiveFilm Episode5 - Night Mantas of Kona2005/12/30
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  82. DiveFilm Episode3 - Confessions of a Shark Wrangler2005/12/06
    In this short digital film, shark wrangler Jessie "SharkChick" Harper talks about her introduction to shark wrangling, the sharks she works with, and her concerns for their future. Underwater video of the Great White Sharks, Mako and Blue Sharks was shot off the Pacific Ocean coasts of Southern California and Guadalupe Island, Mexico.
  83. DiveFilm Episode2 - Diving Alaska2005/12/05
    Travel to the cooler oean waters of beautiful Alaska. Not often considered a diving destination, Alaska can be as stunning underwater as she is above.
  84. DiveFilm Episode1 - Welcome To DiveFilm Podcast Video!2005/12/05
    DiveFilm Podcast Video opens the season with Episode 1. Featuring underwater video of the ocean world--Angel Fish, Turtles and Tiger Sharks, Barracudas and friendly Conch Creatures. Welcome to DiveFilm Podcast Video!
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