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Phil and Sam's podcast

  1. Episode 6 in the Phil and Sam series2006/12/13
    yet another shit podcast from phil and sam :-)
  2. The fith in the phil and sam series2006/10/19

    Today we talk about loadsa stuff; teh gig we went to, some good cd's and loads of stuff.
  3. episode 4 in the phil and sam series2006/09/09
    in this podcast we talk about loads of things. we play: The Labels and The Chunks and we introduce our new competition.

    p.s the backin music is by The Blacklist and this is thier myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thebandtheblacklistuk
  4. the third in the series of the phil and sam podcast2006/08/19
    in this episode we talk about: ross noble, jimi hendrix and woodstock,punky radio, new music releases and loads of other cool stuff.
  5. the second podcast in the phil and sam series2006/08/17
    the second in the series featuring jim from 'the discussion show' and we talk about our favorite films and review 'a scanner darkly' and 'nacho libre'
  6. the first podcast in the phil and sam series2006/08/17

    a world cup special with some great tunes and an arguement between me and phil.
Phil and Sam's podcast
a great podcast with some great music from the best of unsigned bands and chat about films,music,dvds,tv and loads of stuff.

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