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  1. Alex Jones - 2018-Jul-01, Sunday2018/07/01
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  2. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-29, Friday2018/06/29
    Left Stirs Pot - CNN blames Trump for the Annapolis shooting even though the gunman had a bad history with the company for years. Furthermore, left- wing activist Michael Moore calls for people to “rise up" and put "bodies on the line." Even Obama said in his first public comment in months that people “are right to be concerned.” Be better and start your weekend informed
  3. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-28, Thursday2018/06/28
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  4. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-27, Wednesday2018/06/27
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  5. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-26, Tuesday2018/06/26
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  6. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-25, Monday2018/06/25
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  7. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-24, Sunday2018/06/24
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  8. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-22, Friday2018/06/22
    Alex Jones breaks down how CNN and Time magazine knowingly pushed forward the FALSE narrative that an illegal immigrant little girl was forcibly separated from her mother by the US government. Joining today’s show is European Parliament member Janice Atkinson discussing the status of Brexit and Europe’s nationalist surge amid the migrant crisis. Joel Gilbert hosts the final hour.
  9. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-21, Thursday2018/06/21
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  10. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-20, Wednesday2018/06/20
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  11. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-19, Tuesday2018/06/19
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  12. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-18, Monday2018/06/18
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  13. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-17, Sunday2018/06/17
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  14. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-15, Friday2018/06/15
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  15. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-14, Thursday2018/06/14
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  16. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-13, Wednesday2018/06/13
    Breaking new developments in the Tommy Robinson case have his friends and family fearing for his life as the British Government overrun by Muslims have initiated a second hand execution of Tommy Robinson by transferring him to one of the most dangerous prisons in the U.K. occupied mostly by radical Muslims many of which Tommy exposed for running child sex trafficking rings.
  17. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-12, Tuesday2018/06/12
    Despite the massive success story that has been President Trump, fake corporate news like CNN and MSNBC refuse to give President Trump a victory. They have gone so low in fact to give more credit and praise to Kim Jung-Un than President Trump in their commitment to deceive the American public. We also get an update on the Tommy Robinson case.
  18. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-11, Monday2018/06/11
    Alex Jones breaks down the importance of activism and fighting against the established power structure now as President Trump has returned the momentum back to the American people. We also show video from 5 separate protesters inside the Clinton book tour event in Austin Texas who called Bill Clinton out for his past. We also look at the recent insane outbreak from Robert De Niro.
  19. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-10, Sunday2018/06/10
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  20. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-08, Friday2018/06/08
    Exclusive breaking news today on the Alex Jones show as the media is already forcing the narrative that Anthony Bourdain committed suicide. Also, President Trump has deified globalism at the G-7 summit by leaving early and by asking the question as to why Russia is no longer invited.
  21. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-07, Thursday2018/06/07
    Despite all the evidence and even James Clapper admitting President Trump and his campaign were spied on, mainstream fake news hosts like Stephen Colbert continue to report that big lie that it never happened, demonizing Infowars in the process. Meanwhile, McCabe is begging for immunity as the truth about the deep state illegal spy campaign is being exposed.
  22. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-06, Wednesday2018/06/06
    With the primary results in, the media’s “blue wave” appears to be nothing more than a small splash, as the momentum assumed for the Democrats runs thin. Meanwhile, deep state operative Andrew McCabe has said he will exchange his testimony for immunity which could be devastating to the Obama administration. We also take calls on Obama’s greatest accomplishments.
  23. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-05, Tuesday2018/06/05
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  24. Alex Jones - 2018-Jun-04, Monday2018/06/04
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