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The VibeCast - indie music podcast with Kevin Pike

  1. Episode 60 - voce brichon piano2012/03/09
    Dirty, laid-back funk featuring alto sax.
  2. Episode 59 - Big Ol Chunka Funk2012/01/06
    Dirty, laid-back funk featuring alto sax.
  3. Episode 58 - Axis and Allies2011/11/26
    Hardcore theme song for the hardcore boardgamer
  4. Episode 57 - Back At It2011/09/27
    3 tracks and you've got a jam: plastic drumhead, toy mandolin and alto sax
  5. Episode 56 - Neo-Con Fusion2011/05/27
    free improvisation in 3/4 time, Kevin Pike on alto sax and John Kotchian on drums
  6. Episode 55 - Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)2011/03/21
    A different take on the classic Irish folk song.
  7. Episode 54 - hiaei2011/01/27
    Brazilian love song with a Bossa Nova vibe
  8. Episode 53 - The Fool on the Hill2010/10/22
    jazz waltz arrangement of a song by the Beatles
  9. Episode 52 - Green2010/10/20
    Pop tune about money from my first album, I
  10. Episode 51 - Cluster Voices2010/09/15
    Free jazz improvisation with Kevin Pike on alto sax and John Kotchian on drums.
  11. Episode 50 - so se kwa2010/07/11
    Latin percussion w/mandolin, acoustic guitar, sax, flute and vocals. Title track from Kevin Pike's Milton Nascimento Tribute album.
  12. Episode 49 - ria, ria (markome vu)2010/06/02
    I transformed an instrumental piano composition I wrote in 1999 into a world pop song with a shuffle feel. This arrangement was inspired by Milton Nascimento's Maria, Maria and Lo Borges' Paisagem da Janela. Features a bari sax solo and slide acoustic guitar.
  13. Episode 48 - Make it a Good One2010/04/30
    This is an improvisation with Kevin Pike on alto sax and Luigi Waites on drums. Kevin began playing with Luigi in 2004 when he moved to Omaha. Luigi passed away in April of 2010. His impact on the city of Omaha was huge from a musical, cultural and educational standpoint.
  14. Episode 47 - BBQ2010/01/09
    If an outdoor barbecue could have a soundtrack, this would be it. Podcast contains 2 versions of this feel-good funky track with organ, acoustic guitar and wah-wah bass. Second version adds alto sax.
  15. Episode 46 - The Christmas Song2009/12/12
    An arrangement of the classic Christmas song by Mel Torme. Features flute, baritone sax, keyboard and percussion.
  16. Episode 45 - Millennium2009/10/26
    3 part jazz suite featuring kalimba, alto sax, funk bass, typewriter and bongos.
  17. Episode 44 - Bolivia2009/09/16
    Alto sax and baritone sax duet featuring Doug Angelaccio on alto and Kevin Pike on bari.
  18. Episode 43 - Winds of Change2009/08/08
    Experimental mixed-meter rock with a kick-ass riff on the chorus and saxophone-with-distortion solo in the middle.
  19. Episode 42 - Too Late for Goodbyes - Chains of Love Medley2009/07/21
    I combine 2 '80s pop tunes into one glorious medley. Features wooden blocks with sand paper on them, triangle and alto sax.
  20. Episode 41 - Rocket Man2009/06/09
    This is Elton John's classic Rocket Man arranged for alto sax and acoustic bass guitar. I mess around with the time signature on this, throwing in some mixed meter and double-time swing.
  21. Episode 40 - All The Time2009/05/12
    Quirky little pop tune that features a keyboard with a broken C# key (get your finger anywhere near it and it blurts out a C#), vocal through distortion, a bizarre feedback-esque alto sax solo and a great pop vibe.
  22. Episode 39 - Detour2009/04/14
    John Kotchian plays drums and upright bass on this track, and I jam on the baritone sax and add in some handclaps.
  23. Episode 38 - Saxomophunk2009/03/24
    I lay down a funky bari sax line then layer 3 alto saxes on top, plus a drum beat and some real hand claps.
  24. Episode 37 - I Got Legs for This2009/03/17
    DIY hip-hop in which I sample my own boombox recording from '89 and layer it with a quasi-rap melody.
  25. Episode 36 - Falling Into You2009/03/07
    pop/rock song featuring brass slide on electric guitar, vocal harmonizer and mandolin string noise
  26. Episode 35 - Hippopotamus Rex2009/02/24
    microjazz tune featuring guiro, alto sax and organ
  27. Episode 34 - ase nascimento2009/02/07
    World Music featuring shekere, washboard, mandolin, whistling, bongos, shakers and other percussion.
  28. Episode 33 - Blah Blah Blah2009/01/15
    Baritone sax, African hand drum and guiro mixed in with lots of keyboard through distorion and blah blah blah.
  29. Episode 32 - Mondo Mando2009/01/02
    Mandolin Madness! I overdub mandolin many, many times and add in some alto sax and funky bass.
  30. Episode 31 - O Christmas Tree - Angels We Have Heard On High2008/12/05
    More than just a Christmas medley, I combine these 2 classic Christmas carols with a bossa nova groove and saxophones.
  31. Episode 30 - You Got It2008/11/16
    Latin-tinged techno featuring vocal changer effects and my old Boss DR-660 drum machine.
  32. Episode 29 - Fanfare for the Silver Horse2008/11/03
    My tribute to Horace Silver. I play saxophone, keyboard, tambourine, bongos and egg shaker on this tune. Features Adam Johnson on bass and Ken Johnson on trumpet.
  33. Episode 28 - Ode to the Convenience Store2008/10/26
    A little DIY insanity for you: I sample old tape recordings, add effects and layer it with saxophone, fake bagpipes, guitar, kid violin and Darth Vader's lightsaber.
  34. Episode 27 - Sugar2008/10/03
    jazz duet of Stanley Turrentine's classic hit, Sugar. Featuring Kevin Pike on alto sax and John Kregor on guitar.
  35. Episode 26 - What's Cookin2008/09/18
    Funky mandolin feature with harmonica through wah-wah-pedal, electric upright bass, organ and bari sax. In this episode I also discuss my varipitch trick for recording fast licks at a slower tempo.
  36. Episode 25 - Balance2008/09/05
    I experiment with balancing different musical elements, such as high and low, mixing in the left and right channel, odd and even meters and short and long versions of a musical theme. Features alto sax, tenor sax, flute, recorder, wooden flute, shaker, keyboard and chest thumping.
  37. Episode 24 - the theme from Sesame Street2008/08/20
    I take the classic theme fromSesame Street and juxtapose it over a minor jazz groove in 5/4 time.
  38. Episode 23 - 3 Songs for the Price of 12008/08/08
    A musical smorgasbord in which I combine 3 songs into 1. Features wooden flute, distorted guitar and vocals.
  39. Episode 22 - Echoes of Another Time2008/07/15
    A somber jazz ballad featuring Kevin Pike on alto sax and John Kotchian on drums and bass. A 1-second delay effect on the saxophone makes for some unique harmonies.
  40. Episode 21 - Bolero: Ravel vs. Coltrane2008/07/01
    This is my jazz version of the famous classical piece by Maurice Ravel.
  41. Episode 20 - Wachet Auf, ruft uns die Stimme (Cantata No. 140 by J.S. Bach)2008/06/12
    I arranged the theme from the 4th movement of Bach's Canata No. 140 as a duet for alto and baritone saxophone.
  42. Episode 19 - Sea Monkey2008/06/06
    A song that asks the question "Why can't I see my sea monkey?" Featuring a funky sax solo and lots of chorus effect.
  43. Episode 18 - Willow Weep for Me2008/05/31
    The famous jazz standard arranged by Kevin Pike for alto sax and baritone sax
  44. Episode 17 - Rock n Roll Wasteland, parts 1 and 22008/05/22
    The epic conclusion to my Rock n Roll Wasteland album, in the style of a seventies rock opera
  45. Episode 16 - Vale2008/05/15
    jazz minimalism: 2 chords and an extended tenor sax solo, backed by brush clicks, bongos, shaker, piano and bari sax.
  46. Episode 15 - Space Dog2008/05/08
    I open up the vault and find a rare electronica/video game music track I wrote 10 years ago
  47. Episode 14 - King Wah2008/04/20
    Big, happy groove with lots of wah-wah, alto sax and bari sax
  48. Episode 13 - Hymn for the new America2008/04/15
    a song about racism in America, featuring organ, guitar, mandolin and harmonica
  49. Episode 12 - BQCT Blues2008/04/07
    My mixed-meter funky jazz tune featuring saxophone and a slap bass solo by Chuck Hosch
  50. Episode 11 - Aftermath2008/03/26
    My collaboration with John Kotchian is a series of free jazz improvisations edited together.
  51. Episode 10 - Gimme Some Stuffs2008/03/13
    Gettin' funky with bari sax, guitar and alto sax through a wah-wah pedal
  52. Episode 9 - It's Alright2008/03/05
    fun with vocal effects to make it sound like a group
  53. Episode 8 - Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)2008/02/19
    latin jazz arrangement of a song from the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds album
  54. Episode 7 - Wednesday Night Boogie2008/02/05
    Gospel boogie sax
  55. Episode 6 - Honeybun2008/01/24
    Oh honeybun, what makes you taste so freakin' great?
  56. Episode 5 - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen2007/12/03
    It's a hipster Christmas!
  57. Episode 4 - Jolly Old St. Nicholas2007/11/27
    The hippest arrangement you've ever heard of this Christmas classic
  58. Episode 3 - Vibraslap Man2007/11/16
    A song about the vibraslap featuring the vibraslap
  59. Episode 2 - Loco Motif2007/11/09
    Kevin discusses and plays his song, Loco Motif. He does his best train impression using saxophones, flutes, steel drum and party noisemakers.
  60. Episode 1 - The Typewriter Jam2007/11/04
    Kevin discusses and plays his song, "The Typewriter Jam". This podcast features saxophone and typewriter.
The VibeCast - indie music podcast with Kevin Pike
The VibeCast was Kevin Pike's original podcast about indie music and music sites on the web. Now it is his Look What I Made podcast, focusing on home studio recording and DIY music.

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