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  1. Ask The Political Team #92007/02/04
    The IPCC report on global warming is released, the NIE for Iraq is too, and the DNC winter meeting
  2. Ask The Political Team #82007/01/31
    Bush stifles scientists, updates on the Scooter Libby trial, Republicans revolt, and '08 news
  3. Ask The Political Team #7 - Iran Edition2007/01/28
    A special edition of Political Team focused on Iran and the recent news stories centered there
  4. Ask The Political Team #62007/01/28
    McCain and the troop surge, Karl Rove is subpoenaed, an update on the congress, and the '08 race
  5. Ask The Political Team #52007/01/26
    The Scooter Libby trial heats up, Obama backs universal health care and the latest '08 Election News
  6. Ask The Political Team #42007/01/25
    State of the Union recap, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama enter '08 race, and Barack gets smeared
  7. Ask The Political Team #32007/01/16
    Medicare reform, troops for Iraq, Bush's Legacy, and Chris Dodd
  8. Emerging 2008 Candidates (John E2006/12/17
    Quick 15 minute show about emerging 2008 candidates - John Edwards, Newt Gingrich, and more.
  9. Ask The Political Team #12006/12/17
    Test Run
Ask The Political Team
"Ask the Political Team" is a question and answer based show in which the politically naive Cameron asks the well informed, if left-leaning, Stuart about a broad range of issues.

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