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"On Broadway" Radio Show

  1. "On Broadway"-Interview with Susan Schulman2019/02/03
    Interview with long time press agent Susan Schulman on the publication of the 2nd edition of her book "Backstage Pass to Broadway: More True Tales of a Theatre Press Agent." Also, songs relating to our chat.
  2. "On Broadway"-New Music2019/02/03
    Cast albums tonight include The Prom, Bulldozer, and Band Geeks.
  3. "On Broadway"-PS Classics Recordings2019/01/14
    Tonight, music from studio cast recordings put out by PS Classic Records.
  4. "On Broadway"-Calling Broadway2019/01/06
    Songs that ring, ring, ring.
  5. "On Broadway"-Celebrating Number One2019/01/06
    It's just about the first day of 2019 and we celebrate with songs that have ONE in the title.
  6. "On Broadway"-Broadway Christmas2018/12/23
    The annual holiday show with Christmas songs from the Off-Broadway and Broadway stage.
  7. "On Broadway"-Goodbye, Ms. Dee2018/12/16
    Tonight we celebrate a local children librarian's retirement with songs of "Goodbye."
  8. "On Broadway"-Presidents and Broadway2018/12/11
    Selections from Off-Broadway and Broadway musicals that feature U.S. Presidents.
  9. "On Broadway"-December 2018 Requests2018/12/02
    Tonight your requests from cast recordings A - L.
  10. "On Broadway"-New Music2018/11/26
    Selections from new CDs including the cast recording of "Head Over Heels," "The Prom," and "King Kong."
  11. "On Broadway"-New Music2018/11/21
    Selections from new CDs including solo works from Melissa Errico and Rene Fleming and the cast recording of "Summer."
  12. "On Broadway"-Halloween, Part 22018/10/28
    Halloween songs from the Off-Broadway and Broadway stage, Part 2.
  13. "On Broadway"-Halloween, Part 12018/10/26
    Halloween songs from the Off-Broadway and Broadway stage, Part 1.
  14. "On Broadway"-New Digital Releases2018/10/15
    Five Off-Broadway musicals, their digitally recorded cast albums newly released.
  15. "On Broadway"-October 2018 Requests2018/10/08
    Tonight your requests from cast recordings M - Z.
  16. "On Broadway"-Orchestral Selections2018/09/25
    Orchestral selections from Broadway shows and other artists.
  17. "On Broadway"-Remembrances2018/09/18
    Tonight, we remember Neil Simon, Leonard Bernstein, and Marin Mazzie.
  18. "On Broadway"-September 2018 Requests2018/09/02
    Tonight your requests from cast recordings A - L.
  19. "On Broadway"-School's in Session2018/08/26
    Summer vacation is just about over and school is just about back in session. So, tonight songs celebrating thaw K - 12 students returning to school.
  20. "On Broadway"-It's a Beautiful Day2018/08/19
    It was a beautiful day in Hartford, CT (our broadcasting home) so tonight we celebrate beautiful songs.
  21. "On Broadway"-Overtures & Musical Interludes2018/08/12
    Tonight, overtures and music used for ballet segments of Broadway shows.
  22. "On Broadway"-August 2018 Requests2018/08/05
    The first Sunday of the month is an all-request program. Tonight your requests from cast recordings M - Z.
  23. "on Broadway"- Music From Case #22018/07/30
    No theme tonight. Just songs from my case #2 of original cast recordings.
  24. "On Broadway"-New Music2018/07/23
    Tonight, music from new releases including "Mean Girls," "Desperate Measures," and "Bat Out of Hell."
  25. "On Broadway"-Celebrating Bastille Day2018/07/19
    Tonight, alls songs are Parisian as we celebrate Bastille Day and France's World Cup Soccer victory.
  26. "On Broadway"-An All Vinyl Show2018/07/08
    Songs from musicals that will probably never make it to CD so it's an all vinyl program tonight.
  27. "On Broadway"-July 2018 Requests2018/07/01
    Tonight your requests from cast recordings A - L.
  28. "On Broadway"-CT Summer Musicals2018/06/25
    We feature songs from musicals that will be playing in Connecticut this summer.
  29. "On Broadway"-New Music2018/06/20
    We include music from the current Lincoln Center revival of "My Fair Lady," and new CDs from Sutton Foster and Audra McDonald and more.
  30. "On Broadway"-Interview with Seth Rudetsky2018/06/03
    Interview with Sirius/XM Broadway radio host Seth Rudetsky. We talk about his career and play music from the musical Disaster!, which he co-wrote. He will be recreating his Broadway role at the CT Repertory Theatre in Storrs, CT from June 7th-16th.
  31. "On Broadway"-June 2018 Requests2018/05/28
    The all-request show comes a week early. Tonight, songs from cast albums M - Z.
  32. "On Broadway"-Unsung Irving Berlin2018/05/23
    We recognize the 130th birth of Irving Berlin with songs, mainly, from musicals he wrote the score for, but were never produced.
  33. "On Broadway"-May 2018 Requests2018/04/30
    A week early, tonight your requests from cast recordings A - L.
  34. "On Broadway"-The Weekend That Was2018/04/24
    Songs spotlighting theatrical moments in history and notable birthdays all from the weekend of April 20-22.
  35. "On Broadway"-Money Songs2018/04/18
    It's time to pay our taxes. So, tonight, songs that recognize our yearly obligations.
  36. "On Broadway"-April 2018 Requests2018/04/08
    The first Sunday of the month is the all-request show. Tonight we play songs from cast albums M - Z.
  37. "On Broadway"-Easter & April Fool's2018/04/01
    A mash-up of holidays--music celebrating Easter as well as "Foolish" songs.
  38. "On Broadway"-Off-Broadway Rarities2018/03/25
    Tonight, music from Off-Broadway shows we just don't hear enough of.
  39. "On Broadway"-New Music2018/03/18
    Tonight, new music from "Ernest Shackleton Loves Me," "In Transit," the London production of "Working," and the current revival of "Once on this Island."
  40. "On Broadway"-Interview with Playwright Jeffrey Sweet2018/03/11
    Tonight we interview Playwright Jeffrey Sweet about his book, "What Playwrights Talk About When They Talk About Writing." Also, songs about writers.
  41. "On Broadway"-Male Duets2018/02/25
    Tonight, songs sung by two men to each other or just together. Thanks to the Facebook group "All Things Broadway" for the idea for tonight's program.
  42. "On Broadway"-Behind "The Band's Visit."2018/02/18
    Interview with Andrea Grody, Musical Director of "The Band's Visit." Along with a discussion of the show, we listen to some of the songs with commentary by Ms. Grody.
  43. "On Broadway"-Showstoppers2018/02/11
    Interview with Gerald Nachman, author of the book "Showstoppers." We also play songs showstopping songs with commentary on each song.
  44. "On Broadway"-Super Sunday & More2018/02/08
    It's Super Bowl Sunday so we start off tonight with football songs and then your requests, cast albums A - L.
  45. "On Broadway"-Saluting the Grammys2018/01/28
    We salute the 60th Annual Grammy Awards with pop and rock musicians that have written for the Broadway stage.
  46. "On Broadway"-Case #42018/01/22
    Couldn't come up with a theme this week so I've brought in one of my cases filled with CDs of cast albums, Case #4, to play selections from.
  47. "On Broadway"-New Music2018/01/17
    An eclectic selection--"Mad Libs Live," "Keeping the Band Together," and outtakes from Marvin Hamlisch musicals.
  48. "On Broadway"-January 2018 Requests2018/01/08
    The first Sunday of the month is the all-request show. Being the first month of the new year, tonight we expand to two hours of cast albums A - L.
  49. "On Broadway"-The First Day2018/01/01
    We celebrate the coming of the first day of 2018 with songs with ONE in the title.
  50. "On Broadway"-Christmas Spectacular2017/12/25
    Tonight, two hours of the best Christmas songs from the Broadway and Off-Broadway stages.
  51. "On Broadway"-Celebrating Hanukah2017/12/17
    Tonight we celebrate the "miracle" of Hanukah.
  52. "On Broadway"-Under the Sea2017/12/10
    We celebrate the opening of "SpongeBob the Musical" by playing songs about the sea and its inhabitants.
  53. "On Broadway"-December 2017 Requests2017/12/10
    The first Sunday of the month is the all-request show. Tonight, cast albums M - L.
  54. "On Broadway"-Eclectic New Music2017/11/28
    Tonight, a wide variety of eclectic new Broadway music.
  55. "On Broadway"-Musicals in CT2017/11/20
    A number of professional and community theaters in the state are producing musicals this season. Tonight, a sampling.
  56. "On Broadway"-Late November 2017 Requests2017/11/15
    I wasn't around for the 1st Sunday of November, which is the all-request show. So,tonight we do the cast albums A - L.
  57. "On Broadway"-Halloween Spectacular2017/11/04
    Halloween oriented songs from Off-Broadway and Broadway productions.
  58. "On Broadway"-Weekend That Was2017/10/24
    Tonight we celebrate notable moments in Broadway history, birthdays, and more for October 20-22.
  59. "On Broadway"-More New Music2017/10/15
    Tonight, music from the unproduced musical "Angels," the new solo recording by Patti Lupone, and the new Broadway musical "SpongeBob SquarePants."
  60. "On Broadway"-New Music2017/10/08
    New music including "Kid Victory," "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater," "Ella with the London Symphony," and "The View Upstairs."
  61. "On Broadway"-October 2017 Requests2017/10/03
    The first Sunday of the month is an all-request show. Tonight, cast albums A - L.
  62. "On Broadway"-More Requests2017/09/11
    I'll be out-of-town for the next few weeks, so I thought we'd do another all-request show. Tonight, cast albums A - L.
  63. "On Broadway"-September 2017 Requests2017/09/04
    The first Sunday of the month is an all-request show. Tonight, cast albums M - Z.
  64. "On Broadway"-Tribute to Thomas Meehan2017/08/29
    Thomas Meehan, who passed away on August 21st, was the go to book writer for the past 40 years, winning three Tony Awards in the process. Tonight, songs from the shows he wrote.
  65. "On Broadway"-Oklahoma! x Four2017/08/21
    In celebration of the Goodspeed Opera House's production of "Oklahoma!" we play the entire cast album using four different recordings.
  66. "On Broadway"-Celebrating Barbara Cook2017/08/13
    In memory of Barbara Cook, who passed away last week, we play songs from her Broadway shows, studio cast and solo recordings.
  67. "On Broadway"-August 2017 Requests2017/08/01
    One week early, and expanded to 90 minutes, tonight your requests for cast albums A - L.
  68. "On Broadway"-Weekend That Was2017/07/25
    We celebrate notable moments and birthdays for the weekend of July 21-23.
  69. "On Broadway"-West Side Story x Five2017/07/18
    "West Side Story" is playing at the Ivoryton Playhouse in Ivoryton, CT through July 30th. What better reason for playing the entire cast recording of the musical, using five different recordings of the show.
  70. "On Broadway"-New Summer Music2017/07/12
    New recordings this week--cast album of "Bandstand," "The Lightning Their," "Lazarus," and "Bubble Boy."
  71. "On Broadway"-Happy Father's Day2017/06/19
    Songs sung by father characters in Broadway shows.
  72. "On Broadway"-What Was the Most Competitive Year for Best Musical?2017/06/13
    What was the most competitive year in Tony history for Best Musical? Tonight we review four possibilities--1960, 1964, 1966 and 1969. Listen and decide.
  73. "On Broadway"-More New Music2017/06/07
    More songs from this season's musicals including "Anastasia," "Holiday Inn," and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."
  74. "On Broadway"-Broadway Flops2017/05/28
    Two weeks before the Tony Awards, which celebrates the best in Broadway, we listen to songs from some of Broadway's biggest flops.
  75. "On Broadway"-Music From 2016-20172017/05/23
    Songs from this season's musicals including "Groundhog Day," "Amelie," the revival of "Hello, Dolly!," "War Paint," and "The Band's Visit."
  76. "On Broadway"-All Request Show2017/05/03
    We are rearranging the schedule and holding an all-request program tonight with cast albums M - Z.
  77. "On Broadway"-All Request Show2017/04/23
    We are rearranging the schedule and holding an all-request program tonight with cast albums A - L.
  78. "On Broadway"-Obscure & Rare2017/04/17
    Tonight, more obscure and rare recordings on CD and LP.
  79. "On Broadway"-Vinyl Rarities2017/04/10
    Tonight, an all-vinyl program of Broadway and London rarities, plus a few other gems.
  80. "On Broadway"-New Cast Albums2017/04/03
    Tonight, recently released cast recordings of "A Bronx Tale," "Freaky Friday," and "Come From Away."
  81. "On Broadway"-Happy Birthday John Kander2017/03/19
    The prolific composer celebrated his 90th birthday yesterday. We play music from his Broadway musicals, most with his long-time collaborator Fred Ebb.
  82. "On Broadway"-March 2017 Requests2017/03/06
    The first Sunday of the month is an all-request show. Tonight, songs and cast albums M - Z.
  83. "On Broadway"-Sound of Music2017/03/01
    Tonight, we play just abut the entire cast recording of "The Sound of Music" using five different productions of the musical.
  84. "On Broadway"-Telephone Songs2017/02/21
    Tonight, songs that mention telephones, have ring tones, or have a phone within the song set-up.
  85. "On Broadway"-Celebrating Black History Month2017/02/13
    Tonight we celebrate African-American performers and shows from the musical theater.
  86. "On Broadway"-February 2017 Requests2017/02/06
    We start with some football songs and then segue into an all-request program with cast albums A - L.
  87. "On Broadway"-Miscellany2017/02/01
    A miscellaneous group of Broadway and Off-Broadway recordings from my unfiled collection.
  88. "On Broadway"-Playbills and Monkeys, Again2017/01/22
    In the musical, [title of show], the song "Monkeys and Playbills" lists dozens of Broadway flops and little known shows in the lyrics. This is the source material for tonight's program.
  89. "On Broadway"-Case #12017/01/20
    Music from Case #1 (cast recordings A-D), one of the four cases I store my cast album CDs.
  90. "On Broadway"-The Week That Was2017/01/08
    We play songs from notable shows and personalities that have some sort of anniversary the weekend of January 6th-8th.
  91. "On Broadway"-January 2017 Requests2017/01/02
    The first Sunday of the month is an all-request show. Tonight, some New Year's Day songs and cast albums M - Z.
  92. "On Broadwy"-Annual Holiday Show2016/12/26
    Two hours of Broadway Christmas music, with a smattering of Hanukah songs too.
  93. "On Broadway"-Music From Revivals2016/12/23
    We play songs from shows being revived both Off-Broadway and Broadway with a special spotlight on the new Broadway revival cast recording of "Falsettos."
  94. "On Broadway"-New Music2016/12/11
    New music tonight including the London cast album of "The Bodyguard" and the TV production of "Hairspray Live!"
  95. "On Broadway"- December 2016 Requests2016/12/04
    The first Sunday of the month is an all-request show. Tonight, cast albums A - L.
  96. "On Broadway"-Going Home2016/11/27
    We end the Thanksgiving holiday with songs to accompany people heading home.
  97. "On Broadway"-Life of Anthony Newley2016/11/20
    We interview Jon Peterson, creator and star of the one-man musical on the life of Anthony Newley, "He Wrote Good Songs," and play music written and performed by Newley.
  98. "On Broadway"-New Music2016/11/13
    Including selections from the Off-Broadway musicals "Himself and Nora" and "Cagney;" the 1957 musical, "Simply Heavenly;" & the musical "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz."
  99. "On Broadway"-Presidents and Broadway2016/11/06
    As the country prepares to vote for President we note the many Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals that have featured the Commander-in-Chief.
  100. "On Broadway"-Halloween 20162016/10/30
    The annual Halloween show with music from scary Off-Broadway and Broadway shows.
  101. "On Broadway"-Happy Birthday Maury Yeston2016/10/23
    We celebrate composer Maury Yeston's 71st birthdays with songs from musicals he has written.
  102. "On Broadway"-Happy Birthday Angela Lansbury2016/10/23
    We celebrate Ms. Lansbury's 91st birthdays with songs from her many musicals.
  103. "On Broadway"-Broadway & Commercials2016/10/12
    Many Broadway tunes have been used as part of television and political advertisements. A sampling tonight.
  104. "On Broadway"-New Music2016/09/20
    Including the Broadway musical "Disaster" and the 1966 TV Soundtrack for "Alice Through the Looking Glass."
  105. "On Broadway"-September 2016 Requests2016/09/05
    The first Sunday of the month is an all-request show. Tonight, cast albums A - L.
  106. "On Broadway"-New Music2016/08/29
    New music in the station including the Off-Broadway revival of "The Robber Bridegroom" and Norbert Leo Butz's new solo recording, "Girls, Girls, Girls."
  107. "On Broadway"-CATS & Other Animals2016/08/22
    CATS is back on Broadway. Tonight we recognize all manner of four-legged, two-legged, & other creatures.
  108. "On Broadway"-It's Hot!2016/08/15
    We're having a Heat Wave up and down the East Coast. To recognize all this suffocating Steam Heat every song tonight is Too Darn Hot.
  109. "On Broadway"-August 2016 Requests2016/08/07
    The first Sunday of the month is an all-request show. Tonight, cast albums M - Z.
  110. "On Broadway"-Music from Case #3.2016/08/02
    Music from from "Louisiana Purchase" to "She Loves Me" within travel case #3, one of the four cases I store my cast album CDs.
  111. "On Broadway"-More New Music2016/07/24
  112. "On Broadway"-New Music2016/07/18
  113. "On Broadway"-July 2016 Requests2016/07/04
  114. "On Broadway"-2016 Tony Award Show2016/06/12
  115. "On Broadway" - Title Songs2016/05/31
  116. "On Broadway"-Significant/Landmark Shows2016/05/22
  117. "On Broadway"-New Music2016/05/15
  118. "On Broadway"-Mother's Day Celebration2016/05/08
  119. "On Broadway"-May 2016 Requests2016/05/03
  120. "On Broadway"-Happy Birthday Shakespeare2016/04/24
  121. "On Broadway"-New Music, Again2016/04/18
  122. "On Broadway"-Tax Day Coming2016/04/11
  123. "On Broadway"-April 2016 Requests2016/04/03
  124. "On Broadway"-New Music: London Stage2016/03/29
  125. "On Broadway"-New Music: American2016/03/20
  126. "On Broadway"-March 2016 Requests2016/03/08
  127. "On Broadway"-Salute to Oscars2016/02/29
  128. "On Broadway"-New Music2016/02/21
  129. "On Broadway"-Salute to the Grammys2016/02/14
  130. "On Broadway"-February 2016 Requests & Super Bowl2016/02/07
  131. "On Broadway"-Relationships2016/01/31
  132. "On Broadway"-Musical Instruments2016/01/26
  133. "On Broadway"-Still More Rare Vinyl2016/01/19
  134. "On Broadway"-January 2016 Requests2016/01/11
  135. "On Broadway"-MGM Rare Vinyl2015/12/28
  136. "On Broadway"-Annual Holiday Music2015/12/20
  137. "On Broadway"-December 2015 Requests2015/12/16
  138. "On Broadway"-New Music2015/12/06
  139. "On Broadway"-Musicals on TV2015/11/29
  140. "On Broadway"-Rare Vinyl Recordings2015/11/25
  141. "On Broadway"-Interview with Broadway producer Ken Davenport2015/11/18
  142. "On Broadway"-Celebrating Nov. 8th2015/11/08
  143. "On Broadway"-November 2015 Requests2015/11/01
  144. "On Broadway"-Annual Halloween Extravaganza2015/10/31
  145. "On Broadway"-Case #32015/10/22
  146. "On Broadway"-New Music2015/10/22
  147. "On Broadway"-High School Reunion2015/09/22
  148. "On Broadway"-September 2015 Requests2015/09/06
  149. "On Broadway"-New Music & New/Old Music2015/09/03
  150. "On Broadway"-Composer/Lyricist Linkages2015/08/29
  151. "On Broadway"-Vinyl Rarities2015/08/17
  152. "On Broadway"-Tea for Two2015/08/09
  153. "On Broadway"-August 2015 Requests2015/08/02
  154. "On Broadway"-The Weekend That Was2015/07/26
  155. "On Broadway"-Musicals in Connecticut2015/07/25
  156. "On Broadway"-New Music2015/07/12
  157. "On Broadway"-July 2015 Requests2015/07/05
  158. "On Broadway"-Solo Recordings2015/06/24
  159. "On Broadway"-Interview with Terrence Mann2015/06/14
  160. "On Broadway"-Tony Award Nominees, Part 22015/06/11
  161. "On Broadway"-Tony Award Nominees, Part 12015/06/11
  162. "On Broadway"-June 2015 Requests2015/06/04
  163. "On Broadway"-Memorial Day Salute2015/05/25
  164. "On Broadway"-New Broadway Music2015/05/17
  165. "On Broadway"-Happy Mother's Day2015/05/10
  166. "On Broadway"-May 2015 Requests2015/05/04
  167. "On Broadway"-The Week That Was2015/04/26
  168. "On Broadway"-New Music & Vinyl Rarities2015/04/19
  169. "On Broadway"-April 2015 Requests2015/04/19
  170. "On Broadway"-The "800" Club 2015/04/01
  171. "On Broadway"-Current Stars, Previous Shows2015/04/01
  172. "On Broadway"-New Music2015/04/01
  173. "On Broadway"-Celebrate with Stu2014/12/18
  174. "On Broadway"-Vinyl Rarities & New Music2014/12/17
  175. "On Broadway"-December 2014 Requests2014/12/08
  176. "On Broadway"-Case #12014/11/30
  177. "On Broadway"-Case #42014/11/16
  178. "On Broadway"-Halloween Extravaganza2014/10/29
  179. "On Broadway"-Pot Luck Supper2014/10/12
  180. "On Broadway"-October 2014 Requests2014/10/06
  181. "On Broadway"-Lane and Broderick2014/10/02
  182. "On Broadway"-Con Artists & Deception2014/09/14
  183. "On Broadway"-September 2014 Requests2014/09/08
  184. "On Broadway"-Celebrating Alan Jay Lerner2014/08/31
  185. "On Broadway"-Honoring Oscar Hammerstein II2014/08/25
  186. "On Broadway"-Obscure Pistache2014/08/17
  187. "On Broadway"-August 2014 Requests2014/08/11
  188. "On Broadway"-Puppetry on Broadway2014/08/03
  189. "On Broadway"-The Weekend That Was2014/07/27
  190. "On Broadway"-Tribute to Elaine Stritch2014/07/22
  191. "On Broadway"-Interview with Leslie Uggams2014/07/14
  192. "On Broadway"-July 2014 Requests2014/07/06
  193. "On Broadway"-The Week That Was2014/06/30
  194. "On Broadway"-New Music2014/06/22
  195. "On Broadway"-It's the Tony Awards!2014/06/09
  196. "On Broadway"-Tony for Best Actress in a Musical2014/05/25
  197. "On Broadway"-Tony for Best Featured Actress2014/05/18
  198. "On Broadway"-Mother's Day Celebration2014/05/11
  199. "On Broadway"-May 2014 Requests2014/04/28
  200. "On Broadway"-New Cast Recordings2014/04/21
  201. "On Broadway"-Tax Time2014/04/13
  202. "On Broadway"-April 2014 Requests2014/04/06
  203. "On Broadway"-New Music2014/03/30
  204. "On Broadway"-A Religious Themed Show2014/03/23
  205. "On Broadway"-MURDER FOR TWO Music & Interview2014/03/23
  206. "On Broadway"-Drinking Songs2014/03/11
  207. "On Broadway"-March 2014 Requests2014/03/03
  208. "On Broadway"-New Cast Recordings2014/02/25
  209. "On Broadway"-The Weekend That Was2014/02/17
  210. "On Broadway"-February 2014 Requests2014/02/03
  211. "On Broadway"-New Music2014/01/20
  212. "On Broadway"-When?2014/01/15
  213. "On Broadway"-January 2014 Requests2014/01/06
  214. "On Broadway"-Sherman Brothers on B’way & Disney Musicals2013/12/30
  215. "On Broadway"-Christmas Celebration2013/12/22
  216. "On Broadway"-New Releases2013/12/15
  217. "On Broadway"-Mary Martin & "The Sound of Music"2013/12/08
  218. "On Broadway"-December 2013 Requests2013/12/01
  219. "On Broadway"-Coming Home2013/11/25
  220. "On Broadway"-New Music2013/11/10
  221. "On Broadway"-November 2013 Requests2013/11/04
  222. "On Broadway"-Annual Halloween Show2013/10/27
  223. "On Broadway"-The Weekend That Was2013/10/20
  224. "On Broadway"-Obscure & Off-Beat2013/10/13
  225. "On Broadway"-October 2013 Requests2013/10/06
  226. "On Broadway"-"Jersey Boys" Interview2013/09/29
  227. "On Broadway"-Interview with Laura Osnes2013/09/24
  228. "On Broadway"-New Solo CDs2013/09/15
  229. "On Broadway"-Start of School2013/09/09
  230. "On Broadway"-In Memory of Oscar Hammerstein II2013/08/25
  231. "On Broadway"-New Music2013/08/18
  232. "On Broadway"-New Music2013/07/28
  233. "On Broadway"-Celebrating "Hello, Dolly!"2013/07/21
  234. "On Broadway"-Celebrating Bastille Day2013/07/14
  235. "On Broadway"-July 2013 Requests2013/07/07
  236. "On Broadway"-Happy Birthday Richard Rodgers2013/06/30
  237. "On Broadway"-Start of Summer2013/06/23
  238. "On Broadway"-New Music2013/06/17
  239. "On Broadway"-It's the Tonys!2013/06/11
  240. "On Broadway"-June 2013 Requests2013/06/02
  241. "On Broadway"-Tony for Featured Actors2013/05/27
  242. "On Broadway"-Tony Winning Musicals2013/05/19
  243. "On Broadway"-May 2013 Requests2013/05/05
  244. "On Broadway"-The Weekend That Was2013/04/28
  245. "On Broadway"-Broadway Music & Interview2013/04/21
  246. "On Broadway"-New Solo CDs & More2013/04/14
  247. "On Broadway"-April 2013 Requests2013/04/07
  248. "On Broadway"-All-Request Show2013/04/05
  249. "On Broadway"-St. Patrick's Celebration2013/03/10
  250. "On Broadway"-March 2013 Requests2013/03/03
  251. "On Broadway"-Hollywood Stars on Broadway2013/02/24
  252. "On Broadway"-More More New Music2013/02/17
  253. "On Broadway"-From Broadway with Love 2013/02/10
  254. "On Broadway"-February 2013 Requests2013/02/03
  255. "On Broadway"-More New Music2013/01/27
  256. "On Broadway"-Presidential Music2013/01/20
  257. "On Broadway"-New Music into Studio2013/01/13
  258. "On Broadway"-January 2013 Requests2012/12/30
  259. "On Broadway"-Annual Xmas Show2012/12/23
  260. "On Broadway"-Pippin Revived2012/12/16
  261. "On Broadway"-New Releases2012/12/09
  262. "On Broadway"-December 2012 Requests2012/12/02
  263. "On Broadway"-Thanksgiving & Food2012/11/25
  264. "On Broadway"-Animals on Broadway2012/11/18
  265. "On Broadway"-Ghostlight Records Releases2012/11/11
  266. "On Broadway"-November 2012 Requests2012/11/04
  267. "On Broadway"-The Halloween Show2012/10/28
  268. "On Broadway"-This Week in History2012/10/21
  269. "On Broadway"-October 2012 Requests2012/10/14
  270. "On Broadway"-Happy Birthday Debbie Gravitte2012/09/30
  271. "On Broadway"-New Music2012/09/23
  272. "On Broadway"-September 2012 Requests2012/09/03
  273. "On Broadway"-Everything CAROUSEL2012/08/19
  274. "On Broadway"-Celebrating Marvin Hamlisch2012/08/16
  275. "On Broadway"-August 2012 Requests2012/08/06
  276. "On Broadway"-Celebrating Jerome Robbins2012/07/30
  277. "On Broadway"-Playhouse on Park2012/07/24
  278. "On Broadway"-More New Music2012/07/17
  279. "On Broadway"-New Music2012/07/08
  280. "On Broadway"-July 2012 Requests2012/07/01
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  412. "On Broadway" - Interview with Gary Beach and Josh Grisetti2009/06/08
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  502. "On Broadway" - 'Home' for the Holidays2006/12/18
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  504. "On Broadway" - Tribute to Bubbe2006/12/04
  505. "On Broadway" - Tribute to Betty Comden2006/11/26
  506. "On Broadway" - 'Kiss Me Kate' Cast Recording2006/11/20
  507. "On Broadway" - Opening Numbers2006/11/13
  508. "On Broadway" - Halloween2006/10/30
  509. "On Broadway" - A Night of Overtures2006/10/23
  510. "On Broadway" - Composer Frank Loesser2006/10/18
  511. "On Broadway" - October Requests2006/09/28
  512. "On Broadway" - Politics on Broadway2006/09/25
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  514. "On Broadway" - The music of William Finn2006/09/11
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  516. "On Broadway" - Everything is "Beautiful"2006/09/05
  517. "On Broadway" - "Magic To Do"2006/08/14
  518. "On Broadway" - August Requests2006/08/07
  519. "On Broadway" - Forever Plaid and Other Off-Bway Reviews2006/07/29
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  522. "On Broadway" - 'Freshman Year,' the Musical2006/07/10
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  524. "On Broadway" - Father's Day2006/06/20
  525. "On Broadway" - 2006 Tony Awards2006/06/13
  526. "On Broadway" - June Requests2006/06/05
  527. "On Broadway" - May Requests2006/05/08
  528. "On Broadway" - Cartoons and Comics2006/05/01
  529. "On Broadway" - Goodspeed Opera House New Season2006/04/24
  530. "On Broadway" - Songs of Money2006/04/17
  531. "On Broadway" - Discussion with Producer of "The Wedding Singer"2006/04/10
  532. "On Broadway" - April Requests2006/04/03
  533. "On Broadway" - Long running Off-Broadway musicals2006/03/28
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  538. "On Broadway" - Super Bowl Sunday Celebration2006/02/06
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  540. "On Broadway" -- Birthdays of J. Raitt & M. Crawford2006/01/23
  541. "On Broadway" -- Schemers and Con Artists2006/01/20
  542. "On Broadway" -- Top 15 Musicals2006/01/08
  543. "On Broadway" - January Request2006/01/06
  544. "On Broadway" -- Cy Coleman, Part 22006/01/06
  545. "On Broadway" -- Cy Coleman, Part 12006/01/06
  546. "On Broadway" -- Unsung Musicals, Part 12006/01/06
This is a podcast of my weekly show music radio program, "On Broadway," which airs every Sunday night from 5:30-6:30 p.m. on WRTC-FM, 89.3, in Hartford, CT.

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