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Aymara's Music Poscast

  1. 16 Pururruna - Luis Valdivia Pozo (Tribute to Charango)2007/08/26
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  2. 15 Huajcha Puquito - Kana J'allu2007/04/07
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  3. 14 Cacharpari - Sikuris del Barrio Mañazo2007/03/19

    The true sikuri of Mañazo as in the Puno's streets, this group is the oldest of the Candelaria's festivity in south of Peru.
  4. 13 - Seleccion de Carnavales Peruanos - Pueblo Andino2007/02/27
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  5. 12 Mujer Andina - Tonada2007/01/06
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  6. 11 Paloma Torcaza - Duo Ayacucho2006/09/23
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  7. 10 Sueño de los Andes - Los Kjarkas2006/09/17
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  8. 9 Baile Caliente - Kalamarka2006/09/10
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  9. 8 Janiu Hualiquiti - Grupo Urubamba2006/09/02
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  10. 7 The myth (orchestral version) - Peruvian song2006/08/27

    Orchestral version of a old traditional peruvian song.
  11. 6 Tobas - Awatiñas2006/08/04

    Dance from the Eastern lowlands of Bolivia
  12. 5 Vienes y te vas - William Luna2006/08/02

    Ballad with rythms Andean of Peru.
  13. 4 Sube esa montaña2006/07/03

    Rhythm “lamento” traditional from Peru and Bolivia .
  14. 3 Morena Orureñita - Los Masis2006/06/25

    The "Morenada"
  15. 2 Piedras del Lago2006/06/23

    Song in tribute to the lake Titicaca located in limits between Peru and Bolivia.
  16. 1 El Condor Pasa - Peruvian Song2006/06/17

Aymara's Music Poscast
Music from the Andes.
Out from the depths of endless valleys, out from the peaks and glaciers of untouched mountains, out from the greenest of rainforests... this is the landscape in which, since time immemorial, the music of the Andes has been forged throughout the course of history. It is a history of tragedy and triumph.

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