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Finding Japan

  1. Episode 83 – Snow Country2018/09/05
    It’s been a long time in the making, but we’re finally reviewing one of Japan’s most famous novels: Kawabata Yasunari’s, “Snow Country”. As one of Terrance’s absolute favorite books and only recently read by Christopher, we discuss the finer points of the novel, its context, and what we make of the imagery and plot.
  2. Episode 82 – Takao-san2018/06/03
    Join Terrance and Christopher with dualing audio as they journey to the summit of Mount Takao, a small mountain just west of Tokyo. This sound-seeing (sound scene) tour includes some lively discussion on Japanese films, accents, future nature sabbaticals, and disaster scenarios. What more could you ask for?
  3. Episode 81 – Tim Puts the Pieces Together with Musby2017/06/11
    On this episode I sit down with a Kobe friend, Tim Andersen to talk about his startup Musby. We catch up a little and go over our common background of being halfies growing up in Japan. And we talk Musby’s goal of bringing language learning together with other interests. I think it really is a …
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  4. Episode 80 – Todd Always Stands His Ground2017/03/12
    It’s Finding Japan’s 80th show! I’m joined in celebration with my friend and veteran Japan raconteur Todd Rucynski. Todd’s been in Japan for a long time has done everything from the good ol’ gaijin mainstay of teaching English to owning video stores (wuh?) to appearing on Japanese TV. We sat down at his secret office …
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  5. Episode 79 – Three Moves Ahead with Shaka Haynes2016/10/02
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  6. Episode 78 – I Ain’t Ever Been To Jail2016/06/10
    This is a very personal and special episode in which I talk about my experiences in the Japanese slammer. Many of you may know what happened but just to make things clear, the matter is settled, I’m ok, I don’t have a record, and technically it was detention, not imprisonment. I caused a lot of …
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  7. Episode 77 – The Finding Continues2016/06/09
    It’s been awhile but the Godfather of Finding Japan, Chris, is back in the land! Chris and Terrance have teamed up to continue bringing our discoveries and observations of this sometimes mystifying, almost always interesting country. In this episode we get you caught up with what’s been going on with our lives, as well as …
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  8. Episode 76 – Artistic Mr. Mertens and His Ladies2014/03/10
    My co-host on today’s show is the Artistic Mr. Mertens. Craig and I talk about the Oscars, do a bit of a detour into the LGBT situation in Japan and in general, and most importantly pimp his current art exhibition Ladies First. If you’re in the Osaka area check out Ladies First at Cafe Absinthe: …
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  9. Episode 75 – DJ Brian J Bringin’ It Chilled Out at Freestyle2014/03/04
    Another day, another episode. This time it’s a laid back interview over wine and cheese with Brian J. at Freestyle in Shibuya. Brian’s had a few adventures around the world and we talk about how came he from Italy to the US and then to Japan and how music shaped his journey.
  10. Episode 74 – Caped Crime Preventer Tom Schmid2014/02/24
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  11. Episode 73 – Ha! F U Hafu2013/12/09
    Here we go! Finally another episode of the most inconsistent relaunch in podcast history. But it’s all good as I talk about the documentary Hafu and read a poem to honor Mandela’s passing without properly explaining why I’m reading said poem. It was the poem that gave him strength while he was imprisoned. Takes two …
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  12. Episode 72 – Don’t Call It a Kaerizaki2013/09/30
    Yes, a new episode of Finding Japan is finally here. It’s a bit rough around the edges and I’m still developing where I want to take the show so bear with me. On this ep I have my good friend David on as co-host and we discuss a variety of things about Japan, mostly in …
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  13. Episode 71 – Prelude: Passing of the T-Bone2013/07/21
    Hello, Finding Japan listeners! The show will go on. Host emeritus Christopher has passed the show on to Terrance and everyone’s favorite bovine personality T-Bone Taro from the former Kobe Beef Show (if you have no idea who T-Bone is just nod for now). In this episode I introduce myself a little, talk about future …
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  14. Episode 70 – Fred and Terrance Visit Tokyo2010/09/20
    Before Fred and Terrance left Tokyo, we managed a round-table wrap-up of the weekend’s activities. Though the weekend did not go as planned, we still had a great time and summed up the weekend’s adventures along with Fred’s thoughts on Japan after returning after 5 years for a visit. Listen below!
  15. Episode 69 – Fuji Yoshida Fire Festival2010/09/12
    Recently, Linda, Fred, Terrance and I made the trek up to the base of Mount Fuji to see the Fuji Yoshida Fire Festival. This festival marks the closing of the hiking trails for Fuji-san. The carrying of the mikoshi through town along with the noise is said to try to appease the goddess of Mt. …
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  16. Episode 68 – The Pachinko Experience2010/09/06
    Fred joins in this episode to discuss the ever classic Japan pachinko parlor experience. After coming home from a round of yakitori, we enjoy a few beers on the way back to my apartment to chat about our experience. Listen to us get distracted by the ultrasonic teenage repellers down in Tsukiji.
  17. Episode 67 – Awesome Beer Pour2010/08/23
    So I sat down this evening to get my Logic setup all ready for another podcast, and I just couldn’t sit down and belt out some audio tonight. So instead, we do a video. A co-worker join myself and Linda for dinner the other night at a fabulous german beer hall restaurant in Hamamatsu-chou on …
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  18. Episode 66 – Video Coffee Machine2010/06/13
    You can be in Japan for many years and still see something new every day. This was the case when Linda and I recently noticed a new type of coffee machine at our local hospital here. Apparently this coffee machine shows a multi-angle live video feed of how your coffee is being prepared inside the …
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  19. Episode 65 – Long Overdue Update2010/04/11
    Hey everyone. Thanks for writing and for all of the comments and support. I figured it was well overdue and time for me to provide an update for what has been going on. In this episode, I take some time to address the gaps, give a brief update on our lives and adventures, and explain …
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  20. Episode 64 – Final Episode2009/01/03
    Well, its that time. Time again for another, and final, Finding Japan episode by yours truly. It took a while but in this episode, I say goodbye to Japan and all of the fun times that we had. At nearly two hours long, this episode highlights some of my favorite parts of Japan by revisiting …
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  21. Episode 63 – Wrapping It Up2008/06/28
    Photo taken at the Panasonic Center in Ariake, Tokyo, Japan. Cardboard dinosaurs rule! Ok, well not really wrapping it up quite yet. Just some thoughts on paying my last rent payment here in Tokyo, a small request to all listeners, answering a letter to my future self, and more. Che-ch-che-ch-checka-check it out! Show Notes: Paying …
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  22. Episode 62 – Thoughts During Lunch2008/06/18
    Hello everyone. Just a few thoughts I’m tossing out as a catch up episode. Join me for lunch on the bay as we sit, chat, and do a little catching up. Also, in this podcast, I was joined by a special feline guest. Tune in here. Show Notes (none because I am lazy tonight)
  23. Episode 61 – All Sound Tour2008/05/10
    You asked for it, you got it. Straight from my (old) studio to your ears. This episode is 100% sound tour. Put on a pair of nice headphones and sit back to relax to the sounds of the Japan. The following sounds have been recorded during the last year or so and have been collected …
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  24. Episode 60 – Lunch in Ariake2008/04/15
    I feel like its quiet time. Join me for lunch in Ariake as I talk about what’s been going on with me over the past few weeks. Show Notes: Intro – my favorite 7-11 guy Quick Overview of What’s Been Up Some Hakone ropeway / cable car Audio Sounds like a spaceship docking bay, for …
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  25. Episode 59 – Saxophone Train2008/03/11
    You’ll have to wait until the end to get to the saxophone train on this one. No cheating and no fastforwarding. If so you’ll miss plenty, including some catch up chat, thoughts on what’s been keeping me so busy, and a beer review. 😀 Show Notes: What’s been going on Linda’s Arrival Work Meeting up …
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  26. Episode 58 – Let’s Tokyu Hands2008/02/16
    Ever wonder what its like to sit in someone’s pocket as they walk around Tokyo?? Now is your chance to find out! In this episode, I take a commute to Tokyu Hands leaving the recorder on for the full monty. I also talk about two fairly interesting topics. If you’re into sound tours, you’ll enjoy …
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  27. Episode 57 – Japan Makes You Busy2008/02/07
    Let’s get deep again. I tried to mix it up with some pleasant thoughts, some interesting sights, and of course, always deep deep riveting commentary from yours truly (sarcasm goes to 11, you know). Show Notes: Some thoughts about Saizeriya Topic: Japan Makes You Busy A bit about my lifestyle Spending my time on the …
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  28. Episode 56 – Yuri-Pole Position2008/02/04
    Another short video post. This time, lets ride the Yurikamome 8-bit style! Enjoy!
  29. Episode 55 – Snow Day Alcohol Talk2008/02/03
    It’s snowing in Tokyo, so what better way to spend it than bring you all with me on a trip to McDonalds for breakfast. In this episode, I tough it out through the muck and power-line slush bombs to chat about Japanese people and alcohol consumption. This episode is not very organized but there’s plenty …
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  30. Episode 54 – Another Zen Moment2008/01/31
    See, the great thing about only having work now is that I have time to do stuff like this. This video is from the Osaka Aquarium, one of the largest in the world according to their website. In this clip, we get a good view of the main tank for a few moments while I …
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  31. Episode 53 – Finding Guitar Hero2008/01/30
    Probably the fast episode I have ever put together, but a good one at that. I’ve got two main chunks of goodness in this episode. First, I talk a little about the CEO at my company and how I see Japanese companies changing. Second, we go on a sound tour of arcades in Ikebukuro looking …
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  32. Episode 52 – The Overcoat2008/01/27
    A little different approach today. I take a stab at story telling and answer a letter from my future self. It finally came today! Show Notes: School’s out! Well almost Answering a letter to my future self The Overcoat Dan Carlin’s website WNYC Radio Lab website Brief comment about the awards thing
  33. Episode 51 – Awards and Haircuts (Redo)2008/01/19
    This is for all of you who have had trouble downloading the latest episode. I put a link in the blog post itself as well, which I think confused Feedburner. So because of that, here’s a quick repost. If you’ve already downloaded, I apologize but I wanted to make sure the people who were having …
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  34. Episode 51 – Awards and Haircuts2008/01/14
    Perhaps I should have accepted an award for the worst haircut-cast ever. At any rate, we’ve got two topics for you this time around. A bit about the award discussion from the previous blog post but even more from the center of cheap haircuts in Japan, QB House. Show Notes: Leopard upgrade completed Throat hurts …
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  35. Episode 50 – Back in Japan2008/01/06
    I’m back in Japan finally. After a wonderfully great time with my family and friends, I’m back to the grind here in Tokyo. A quick update of my travels and some brief impressions after leaving and then returning to this country. Enjoy! Show Notes: Arrived back in Japan Been up for 22 and 1/2 hours …
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  36. Episode 49 – Holiday Message2007/12/21
    Nothing fancy, just a quick holiday message to all of you. Happy Holidays!
  37. Episode 48 – Coffee Episode III2007/12/02
    Can you believe it, another coffee episode already!!! This time recorded completely live over Skype, warts and all. Joined by the illustrious Fred, we talk about his new coffee machine as well as do a short sound tour of some places to drink coffee in Japan. Come along for the ride with us and grab …
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  38. Episode 47 – Tokyo Game Show2007/11/28
    Short video clip from the Tokyo Game Show. I only had my cell phone on me that day so I was only able to get some small video. No narration or commentary, just some sights from the show. Hope you enjoy!
  39. Episode 46 – Communication2007/11/24
    Another cell phone cast recorded last week sometime, maybe even two weeks ago. I spend some time talking about learning how to communicate and the purpose of language learning. Show Notes Walking back from Kamata A lot of talk about “communication” and “communicating” Check out Rich Pav’s Japlish Podcast
  40. Episode 45 – Drink Review II2007/11/17
    Alex and I had an impromptu drink review session after returning from Asakusa last week to grab some yaki-niku. Listen as we bring you through ears through a journey of thirst quenching Chu-Hi’s from both Suntory and Kirin. Some non-serious topics to lighten me up after this crazy week of studying and exams. Enjoy! Show …
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  41. Episode 44 – The Multitasking Episode2007/11/03
    In this episode, I get the podcasting done while commuting back home after a long day of work on Monday. Since time is short, its time to find creative ways to squeeze in the content. I think this format works and if you can get over the cell phone quality, I think its a keeper! …
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  42. Episode 43 – My Responsibility2007/10/27
    This show is a little heavy. I talk about culture and learning about what my responsibility to my country might be. A little retrospective, a little forward looking, and a little bit of Oni Koroshi sake for the show. I also throw in an audio bit from the redubbed GI Joe PSAs that I love. …
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  43. Episode 42 – Worst Podcast Ever!2007/10/21
    I’m in a funk, there are no two ways around it. Well, actually just been really busy and have been enjoying the relaxing with the little free time I have. I do manage to bang out a few topics. Hope it works. Here we go. Show Notes: Japanese school boys Thanks for the 作文 feedback …
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  44. Episode 41 – Drink Review2007/10/05
    Alex and I do a quick drink review, I reflect on my life for a hot second, and I attempt to talk about Japanese schoolboys but don’t quite get to it. Banging out the podcasts in less than an hour now, get this episode while its fresh! Show Notes Genki Intro Audio Clip from Monday …
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  45. Episode 40 – Sumo Zombies2007/10/02
    Scott Lockman’s latest episode beat me to the punch on the sumo update, but his update on sumo was much more informative than mine so go check it out. If you want audio from sumo, you can get that in this next episode. Recorded right after I was able to get my cord fixed last …
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  46. Episode 39 – Fire Hazard2007/09/27
    On my way to Akiba (Akihabara), I speak on a few topics after discovering a huge fire hazard in my apartment. Find out more by listening below. Show Notes: Walking to Akihabara Crazy thing with my power adapter A little gear-talk School starts on October 1st for me – skipping a level, suicide? Politics Too …
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  47. Episode 38 – Deer of Miyajima2007/09/17
    Man and beast collide… well not really. But we did get to hang out with some deer. Enjoy the sites of us interacting with some deer on the island of Miyajima during our vacation in this quick 3 minute video, complete with mellow music for your deer-viewing enjoyment. Notice he goes right for the star …
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  48. Episode 37 – Dictionary Games2007/09/12
    Seems like this turned out to be the review episode. A Kanji dictionary, a great g4 video podcast to share, and some podcasting software review action. Is this podcast really about Japan?! And why do I mention sheep being on the radio? Find out if you listen here. Let’s go! Show Notes: Intro Getting motivated …
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  49. Episode 36 – Movies and Mt Fuji2007/09/09
    Alex joins in for the conversation about our Mt. Fuji experiences. We get sidetracked a little bit first with a few random topics: movie theaters in Asakusa, and the saga of our washing machine. I originally thought this would be a multi-topic episode including the review of the Nintendo DS dictionary and Ubercaster, but alas …
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  50. Episode 35 – Yakiimo Truck2007/09/05
    One of my most favorite characters in this neighborhood is the Yaki Imo delivery truck. Yaki means grilled and Imo means potato. In this case, this guy sells grilled sweet potatoes. But his method of cruising through the neighborhood should not be taken likely. This man is a pro, even if the recording skips just …
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  51. Episode 34 – Tanabata Festival In Asakusa2007/09/01
    This is a short slideshow of some sights and sounds captured in Asakusa during the Tanabata festival. The history and meaning behind the Tanabata festival is quite romantic and really quite interesting. Check out some more info here on Wikipedia. Enjoy the mellow music and shades of blue as I walk you through Asakusa to …
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  52. Episode 33 – Music and Carbonation2007/08/27
    I think this is one of the longest episodes to date. Chock full o’ music and my limited insight, I think this episode also clocks in at one of the finest sounding episodes to date. Sweet sounds and tender music, you get this episode at a slightly higher quality (due to the high music content) …
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  53. Episode 32 – Back in Tokyo2007/08/20
    I’m BACK in the saddle again! I’m BACK!!! I’ve had that song stuck in my head all day. Get whatever song you have stuck in your head right out by listening to this next episode and me making excuses why I’ve been gone so long. I semi-experiment with new podcasting software that will “hopefully” make …
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  54. Inochi-kun – Too Weird2007/08/19
    This was too weird not to post. Again this showed up in my del.icio.us trawling and was not something I searched for and was not prepared to see, yet it did intrigue me so. (direct video link) Click the link above to download the video. It looks like a series of three mini-commercials. (I call …
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  55. Episode 31 – Update Before Fuji-san2007/07/27
    Just a brief update before Fuji-san. We’re heading out today but I wanted to get a quick response to the last episode out, talk briefly about Disneyland, and just say hi. Having lots of fun here in Tokyo and surrounding areas. For Fuji-san, we will be taking some audio at each stop so you all …
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  56. Episode 30 – Bikeless / Tanabata2007/07/21
    Having fun without a bike, find out why in today’s episode. Also, I talk a little bit about Tanabata and share some audio from the Tanabata parade in Asakusa from about 3 weeks ago. Lots has been going on but we’ll keep the episodes coming out. Enjoy. Show Notes: Playing Battlefield 2142 A few more …
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  57. Episode 29 – Coffee Episode II2007/07/06
    Its coffee time again. Join me for round two of my discussion with Fred on the finer points of Japanese coffee. If you’re not sick of hearing the word “coffee” yet, you will be after this episode. Grab a cup and enjoy! Show Notes: Milk teas, bubble teas, what’s going on here? Fred thinks Doutor …
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  58. Episode 28 – Playing Initial D2007/06/28
    Video killed the podcast star. Well, I’m certainly no star, so I guess I have nothing to worry about. Today’s episode comes in video form. This little gem has been on my hard drive for over 2 months! Finally time to get it out as I rev up for some more audio goodness. In this …
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  59. Episode 27 – Attempt #32007/06/24
    Its been 8 days, what’s wrong with me?! Find out more by tuning in here. I share a little bit of my personal life and plans for the next few days, talk about some scary little Japanese girl, answer questions about Japan and more. 行きましょう! Show Notes Quick update Short story about Harajuku girls Planning …
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  60. Episode 26 – Matsuri2007/06/15
    Show Notes: Quick Updates Catching up with school because of Hashika Been in Japan over 90 days! Japanese rain, its different, for real! Preparing for summer vacation Matsuri How I got involved in this matsuri Photos from the Sanja Matsuri Outfits / Tabi / Happi Photos from the matsuri I was in Mikoshi What I …
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  61. Episode 25 – Office Episode2007/06/08
    The office episode has finally arrived, 6 weeks after I had started to do the recordings. Get the skinny on my first 6 weeks in a Japanese office, differences I have found, comparisons I was able to make. Though I’m sure there is much more I could have said, I at least hope that the …
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  62. Episode 24 – Interview Project2007/06/01
    This episode is about my Japanese language ability, or lack thereof. This week in class, we had to perform our second interview project where we interview students on campus. This time, I brought the recorder along. In this episode, I share the actual interview audio and reflect a bit on my ability after being in …
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  63. Episode 23 – Miracle Fruit2007/05/29
    This was something I had been meaning to do since I arrived in Japan. Alex and I headed out to Namco Namja Town in Ikebukuro (map) this past Saturday in search of miracle fruit. I heard about miracle fruit about 6 months ago and was surprised to hear that it was available in Japan. I …
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  64. Episode 22 – The Battle Boat2007/05/25
    A short only-in-japan video episode segment to take you over the weekend hump. I’ve often walked by the Sumida River and have seen this very strange-looking boat sailing up and down the river. I stealthily hunted it down and have finally published here for the world to see. Alternate video link (Google Video)
  65. Calling Tokyo Calling2007/05/25
    This evening I had the great pleasure of participating in Scott Lockman’s Calling Tokyo Calling podcast series where he uses the new service Talkshoe to engage his listeners directly. After my first experience, I have to say, this type of format for doing audio is really compelling. I particularly like the collaborative aspect of running …
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  66. Episode 21 – Coffee Show Part 12007/05/23
    The coffee episode had landed! Well at least 1/2 half of it. Fred joins me live from Times Square as we discuss the ins and outs of various coffee experiences in Japan. Scott Lockman provides a cameo from Allez France in Tokyo. It’s always interesting in these parts. And since I ended up having much …
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  67. Episode 20 – Riding the Yurikamome2007/05/21
    Original photo here (used via CC license) In this video episode, come along with me and ride the Yurikamome most of the way to Shinbashi. Loosely edited, but you will get to see many of the strange buildings with unique architecture along the way, including the Fuji Television building. The “red” dot is my camera …
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  68. Episode 19 – Commute-cast and More2007/05/17
    You better believe it …. this episode is action-packed and quite possibly, the longest FJ episode to date! I managed to fit in the commute cast (complete with official PASMO song), dinner boats, slip on shoes, podcasting pre-cursors, supermarkets, transvestite bands, and more. What started as a short stint in the park on a beautiful …
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  69. Episode 18 – 18 Minute Update2007/05/14
    Just a quick 18 minute update for episode 18. I really didn’t plan it that way, weird. One main topic and a bunch blabber divided into two parts. Enjoy! Show Notes: Part I – AM Planned material ahead, ごめん、ね! Coffee episode audio is recorded Quick stop at the conbini Police officers – part two Thinking …
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  70. Episode 17 – Walking Through Asakusa2007/05/06
    I took the chance during this rainy day to walk around Asakusa and just spout random thoughts into my cell phone. Listening back, it wasn’t all that bad so I’m posting it as a podcast episode. This one feels a little more intimate and fun I think. Plus, there is all sorts of great things …
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  71. Episode 16 – Medicine and Parks2007/05/04
    Is it true? Is it true? An audio episode?! Yes, I know its been a while but I pulled up my bootstraps and got myself in front of the mic for a good hour today. After editing out all the coughs and false starts, this one comes down to about 41 minutes or so. A …
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  72. Episode 15 – Biking Through Tokyo2007/05/02
    Yeeeesssssssss. Here it is. The episode you’ve all been waiting for, “Biking Through Tokyo”. I hope I didn’t talk it up too much prior to this. I edited this over the weekend. The footage had been sitting on my drive for about 2 weeks, just dying to be put to good use. I had to …
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  73. Episode 14 – Riding the Tokyo Monorail2007/04/29
    (Photo used with Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.0 License – Original) A few days ago, I had to head down to the Tokyo Regional Immigration bureau. What fun!! However, there was one redeeming result of the trip: I was able to ride the Tokyo Monorail. I’m fairly familiar with most of Tokyo’s transportation systems, but I …
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  74. Great Photo / Video Piece2007/04/25
    I have my iTunes pointed at del.icio.us for crawling of videos with Japan related content. Today something amazingly touching and very creative showed up in my iTunes. Below is a link to a movie of photographs by Stuart Isset. ©2007 Stuart Isett/www.isett.com (used with permission) This piece is truly moving, giving a great sense of …
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  75. Episode 13 – Tokyo Calling Crossover2007/04/23
    This episode is the first ever, Finding Japan Tokyo Calling crossover episode. Not really sure what else to call it. I met up with Scott Lockman from Tokyo calling a few weekends back. We spent very little time getting to know each other since we had already known each other through our respective podcasts. However, …
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  76. Episode 12 – Hot Dog Animals2007/04/22
    Last weekend Alex and I attempted to make hot dog animals based on the instructions on the back. How well did we do? Find out here. This is a short video on the results we were able to achieve with our limited culinary skills. Alternative video link (Google Video)
  77. Episode 11 – Bike-capades and Yaki-Soba2007/04/16
    I should have given the cops some Yaki-imo. Confused?! Well listen in to today’s episode and get acquainted with the Yaki-imo truck vendor, the cops, and my dinner. This episode comes straight from my kitchen while I cook up one of the only dishes I know how to make here in Japan, Yaki-soba. MMmmm. ^_^ …
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  78. Episode 10 – Cell Phone Code Reader2007/04/14
    Ok well, maybe not a full episode, but a short one minute clip I put together before heading out for the night. Earlier today, Alex and I tore up Tokyo by bike. Stopping at Akihabara to get an Ebi-Filet, I began playing with my cell phone’s bar code reader. I was amazed at how fast …
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  79. Episode 9 – The Lo-Fi Episode2007/04/11
    Today’s episode is very much like a one-way telephone conversation. Recording with my cellular phone, I do a quick update and introduce a few subjects very briefly, not getting into too much depth. This is more of an experiment than a proper episode. I hope it meets the approval of your ears in terms of …
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  80. Episode 8 – Hanami Video2007/04/09
    (Sorry for the late posting, was on the run to my first day of work this morning!) ^_^ Yes yes, another video episode. I have finally nailed down my video episode creation workflow so this isn’t all that time-consuming to put together anymore. Hopefully I will have time to do more in the future, however …
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  81. Episode 7 – Humility2007/04/06
    Take a stroll with me as I take a walk through a park near where I live and talk a bit about lessons in humility. I have a random conversation with a stranger and share some sounds of Tokyo as I walk home. A short episode coming in at 20 mins and little more personal …
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  82. Episode 6 – The Wet Episode2007/04/04
    Special guests, raw chicken, bicycle skills and more. Get it all in this episode. Tonight Alex (my trackmate, roommate, and friend) takes a seat at the mic with me for a dualing discussion on the finer points of Japan. As we dry off from the monsoon that seemed to appear from out of nowhere earlier …
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  83. Episode 5 – Meiji-jingu Video2007/04/01
    I’m constantly posting from the past it seems. This weekend was busy with hanami activities (and subsequent recovery). I will be posting some video and audio from that as well. However, as promised, here is the Meiji-jingu video from last week. I shot most of this footage from that day. Meiji-jingu is my favorite place …
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  84. Episode 4 – Hello from Tokyo Tower!2007/03/30
    First day back with Internet means instant episode for you all, better late than never. I recorded this episode earlier in the week, Tuesday evening to be exact just before my trackmate Alex arrived in Japan. The next few days were spent trouncing around Tokyo looking for basics like bedding, soap, and food. Enjoy this …
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  85. Episode 3 – Kerpow!!2007/03/24
    Today’s episode is brought to you by this Dr. Pepper Can and the Pepper Chix (http://www.drpp.jp). Woah! This episode covers a little bit about the website and how to subscribe to the audio versions of this podcast, my trials and tribulations at an Internet cafe in Kamata trying to get some connectivity, Japanese Jehovah Witnesses, …
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  86. Episode 2 – The Next Few Days2007/03/22
    Hey everyone, sorry for the hurried posting but I’m currently at an Internet cafe and my access to the Internet has been very very sporadic to say the least. I banged out another episode yesterday and kept it aging for a day until I get could some access. So here you go, enjoy. In this …
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  87. Episode 1 – Welcome to Japan2007/03/18
    Day one in Japan and the first official podcast episode is released. Its nearing the completion of my first full day in Japan, and I’m doing everything I can not to go to sleep while I fight this sore throat. ( photo by Sachama [original] CC license) Brief show notes in paragraph form: In the …
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  88. T-minus 25 days2007/02/22
    A new audio podcast for you all. I ramble on my way to school and talk about how I should talk about this stuff more. Sound redundant? It is. I think this is more for me to get in the habit and work out my audio-workflow before hitting the ground for real in Japan. Sorry …
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  89. Finding an Apartment in Japan2007/01/21
    Today’s post comes in video podcast form. I explore making finding an apartment in Tokyo easier with Google Earth and Rikaichan. I take a look at the logistical aspect of looking in an unfamiliar area and explore the use of a Firefox plug-in that makes life easier when reading Japanese. Show Notes: Finding an Apartment …
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  90. Right Place2007/01/18
    I could write an entire article about the wonders of the social bookmarking site del.icio.us, but I won’t at this point. Suffice it to say that by subscribing to this search for movies relating to Japan, I am frequently surprised at what arrives automatically in my iTunes. Today was no exception. This morning while drinking …
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  91. Happy 2007 From Amsterdam2007/01/10
    It’s taken me a while to post anything from my recent trip to Europe, but I hope the wait was worth it. I apologize whole-heartedly but blame KLM completely for throwing me off a day. I think the day delay coming back from Europe threw off my entire schedule – the downfall of being organized …
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  92. Apple Advertisements, What Gives?2006/11/14
    Are you confused? So first there was the news that Justin Long was no longer making Apple commercials. Next, I had discovered that there were equally compelling commercials using the same schtick for Japan. Following this, I posted some borish comments on the topic. Then, I read another article today claiming that the long-man himself …
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  93. Hikikomori Video2006/11/02
    My del.icio.us crawling for videos of Japan picked up something interesting today – a well shot mini-documentary on the social-withdrawal phenomena of Hikikomori. I’m not adding this as a video podcast episode since this is not original material, but definitely check it out. Hikikomori video. I have to agree with one of the skateboarder interviewees …
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  94. 150 days until Ebi-Filets!2006/10/18
    I decided to get back on the audio podcasting kick with this post. Probably extremely boring for those who already know me. Plus, this was recorded in the car so there is a bit of road noise. Driving goodness for those who are interested in why this podcast exists. Show Notes: Why Finding Japan, Why …
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  95. Japan Trip – Day 8/9 – Shimbashi/Ginza2006/08/06
    From: Saturday, November 19th: I think I had mentioned before that I had accidentally deleted the backup footage from my trip. I gave it the old college try and even looked for the footage on various hard drives. Please accept this slideshow as a proper substitute and just pretend the objects and people in the …
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  96. Japan Trip – Day 7 – Finding Kobe2006/07/23
    From Friday, November 18th: A bit different this week. Posting an audio podcast episode instead of a video one like the last few. Immerse yourself in the sounds of Japan, well at least just the first 10 minutes of train sounds, and just cruise around on the JR line with us, getting lost in Osaka …
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  97. Japan Trip – Day 6 – Osaka Aquarium2006/07/03
    From Thursday, November 17th: Day six of my Japan trip was spent wandering around the underground malls of Osaka. When we finally popped our heads up for air, we realized we were fairly close the Osaka Aquarium. Let’s head on over. I present to you, “Today’s Zen Moment” with a dozen or so photos of …
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  98. Japan Trip – Day 5 – Koyasan2006/03/25
    From Wednesday, November 16th, 2005: This is day 5 of my November trip to Japan. This morning, we were awoken by a ringing of a bell at 5:30am. We shuffled off to the services area and sat quietly while the monks performed their morning prayers. It was cold, peaceful, and humbling. The remainder of the …
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  99. Japan Trip – Day 4b – Kung-Fu Ryokan2006/03/04
    From Tuesday, November 15th, 2005: The Ryokan room, and the Yukatta Battle between Fred and Chris. Do not miss this episode. I had to break the arrival at Shojoshin-in into a separate video feed. We basically got into the room and spent the whole day just chilling out. We were both pretty beat after the …
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  100. Japan Trip – Day 4 – Ride to Koyasan2006/02/20
    From Tuesday, November 15th, 2005: On our way to Koyasan to visit some monks and keep in a traditional Japanese Ryokan. The entire day was spent traveling to Koyasan. First, JR Loop line from Shinjuku to Tokyo Station. Bullet train to Shin-Osaka. Loop line to Shin-Imamiya. Nankai Koya Line to Gokurakubashi. Cable car to Koyasan. …
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