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- - Living Legends with Opal Bonfante - -

  1. Interview with Uri Geller2006/09/07
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  2. Interview with Richard Carpenter2006/08/18
    Richard Carpenter talks to Opal live on the BigL. Richard talks about the artistic freedom he was given by his record label when he recorded back in his youth.
  3. Interview with Wayne Fontana2006/08/01
    Another week, another celebrity interview. Opal Bonfante is joined by Wayne Fontana, founder of The Mindbenders and chats with him live on the phone.

    Wayne talks about his satisfaction from performing in the UK and his current tour. Wayne talks about how the group started out in the Jets and forming what he describes as a ?skittle group?.
  4. Interview with Susannah Hoffs2006/07/15
    The Bangles reunited in 2000 and have been releasing new music over the past three years. Susannah Hoffs speaks to Opal about how the band has been coming back together again.

    As a mother of two, Susannah chats with Opal about juggling family life with her passion for music as well as her thoughts on the success of the band back in the 1980?s.
  5. Interview with Davy Jones2006/06/30
    Opal is joined by a surprise guest on the phone, none other than the legendary and very lively Davy Jones from the Monkees.

    Jones talks about his fond memories of 60's music and frank opinions of today's pop stars. Neglected by the British press but still big in America, Davy Jones talks to Opal before finally emigrating to the States.
  6. Interview with Pete Townshend2006/06/24
    In his first interview for fifteen years, Pete Townshend from The Who joins Opal Bonfante live on the phone to mark the first ever Living Legends Podcast.

    Pete talks about his forthcoming world tour, starting at Leeds University in the UK. Get a sneak preview of his future track, The Mirror Doors and find out all about his online novella and his memories of the old pirate radio stations.
- - Living Legends with Opal Bonfante - -
Join Opal every week for a celebrity line up of legends old and new. The series kicks off with Pete Townshend and his first interview for fifteen years. Future guests include the likes of Frankie Laine, Peter Tork, Wayne Fontana, Marty Wilde and many more.

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