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  1. May 15: Working wounded2018/05/15
    Israel-Gaza: Canadian Doctor, Israel-Gaza: MP, Meghan Markle's Dad, Priest Abuse Letter, New Brunswick Basketball Court and more
  2. May 14: Happiness and horror, 70 kilometres apart2018/05/14
    Gaza Violence, Calgary Stampeder Hero, Fastest Shed, Kevin Tierney Obit, Inuit Artifacts and more
  3. May 11: Stacked against it2018/05/11
    BC Flooding, Female Athlete Brains, Jets Fan, 60s Scoop Hearings, FCC Robocalls Fine and more
  4. May 10: Tug of war2018/05/10
    Israel-Iran Tensions, Kenya Mudslide, Grey Squirrels, Pope Apology, Solar Panel Law and more
  5. May 9: On the levelling2018/05/09
    Hawaii Volcano Latest, New York AG Allegation, Doug Ford Actor, Cancer Asylum Seeker, Rat Free Island and more
  6. May 8: All torn up. 2018/05/08
    Trump Iran Deal, Windstorm Arborist, Sourdough Library, Iran Voice, Sunshine Goat and more.
  7. May 7: Liquid assets.2018/05/07
    NB: Flooding, Border: Holland, Secretary Donation, Colorado Campus and more
  8. May 4: All in the same boat — a few people at a time2018/05/04
    New Brunswick Flood Ferry, New Zealand Homelessness, Poker Player, Hawaii Volcano, Biohacker CEO Obit and more
  9. May 3: Banishing point2018/05/03
    Erin Weir, Zeiger Investigation, Car Rock/Paper/Scissors, UBC Tax Prof, NFL Cheerleader, UK Tax Havens and more
  10. May 2: Current events2018/05/02
    New Brunswick Flooding, Gord Brown Obit, Chelmsford Toilet, British Columbia Tax Meeting, Armenia Protests and more
  11. May 1: Take your hand out of marriage2018/05/01
    Kahnawake Marry Out, Hassan Diab Case, Members-Only Dog Park, Spain Rape Case, Toxic Caterpillars, Afghanistan Attack, and more
  12. April 30: Not what he would have wished2018/04/30
    Restaurant Complaint, Netanyahu Iran, Oldest Spider, Manitoba Deaths, Fake Art Museum, Hot Docs: Anote's Ark and more
  13. April 27: Good Korea moves2018/04/27
    Korea Latest, Twin Peaks Restaurant, Saint's Heart Found, Lobster Fisherman, Leg Amputation Dancer and more
  14. April 26: Star of TV. Legend of stand-up comedy. Now, guilty of sexual assault.2018/04/26
    Bill Cosby Guilty, Golden State Killer, Scott Pruitt, Listener Response: Uranus Farts, Lynching Memorial and more
  15. April 25: When she left for work on Monday, she was starting a new job2018/04/25
    Toronto Van Attack: Buddhist Monk, Submarine Murder Trial, Monkey Selfie Ruling, UK Deportation: Canadian, Bob Dorough Obit and more
  16. April 24: She was out enjoying what felt like the first day of spring2018/04/24
    Toronto Van Attack: Victim Friend, Toronto Van Attack: Incel, Michelle Rempel: Border Numbers, Toronto Van Attack: Suspect Video, Uranus Farts and more
  17. April 23: Panic in Toronto2018/04/23
    Toronto Van Attack: Witness/Councillor John Filion, Montreal Couple Ticket, Toronto Van Attack: Reporter/Witness/Expert, Kabul Bombing, Waffle House Shooting, Facebook Lawsuit and more
  18. April 20: Three-piece suit2018/04/20
    DNC Lawsuit, Harassment Workshops, Heathrow Auction, Gynecologist Statue, BBC SFX Archive and more
  19. April 19: Alchemical reaction2018/04/19
    Olympic Champion Christine Girard, Teen Builds Lego Titanic, Supreme Court of Canada: Beer Guy, Snail Ballet, Iran Prof: Son and more
  20. April 18: Powerless against powerlessness2018/04/18
    Puerto Rico Power Out, Southwest Pilot, California Tumbleweed, Barbara Bush Obit, Bitcoin Heist, Enzymes Plastic and more
  21. April 17: Out of thin air2018/04/17
    Southwest Passenger, Winning Photograph, Bellows Hushed, Victim Surcharges, Boston Marathoner, Nova Scotia Hacker and more
  22. April 16: Speaking for one who can't, against those who won't2018/04/16
    India Rape Case, Trans Mountain Pipeline: BC, Canuck The Crow, Syria: Damascus Journalist, Syria: US Response, Archive: "Wild Wild Country" and more
  23. Stranded Syrian Update, Trans Mountain: First Nations Opposition, Newfoundland Car Accident, New Brunswick Earthquakes, Old Playbills, Irish Nudist and more2018/04/13
    A layover that's never over. In a place where everyone else is passing through, he's staying put -- and tonight, a Syrian man who's been stuck at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for more than a month tells us his story.
  24. Syria Chemical Weapons, Butt-Dial Employee Fired, Necco Wafers, Stranded Syrian, WWII Tree Rings, Pirates Usher Retires and more2018/04/12
    Chemical reaction. Investigators are headed to Douma, Syria, where it's suspected the regime used chemical weapons -- but the process is already in doubt, because they were invited by the regime itself.
  25. Rachel Notley, Keswick Dental Disaster, Black Metal Campers, France On Syria, Mitzi Shore Obit, MBS Lawsuit and more2018/04/11
    How the West will be won over. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley tells us that, if the Prime Minister agrees the TransMountain pipeline is in the national interest, it's time for him to put the financial squeeze on BC to make it happen.
  26. Facebook: Congress, Humboldt: First Responder, FBI Raid, Marie Colvin Lawsuit, Scientific Journal Africa and more2018/04/10
    Mark: his words. In Washington, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces a gaggle of U.S. senators -- who asked him to share data about how so many of the social network's users unknowingly share their data.
  27. Humboldt: Tobin Friend, Syria Chemical Attack, Trump Tower Obit, Humboldt: Intersection, UBC Dialogue Centre and more2018/04/09
    Four days ago, all that family and friends of the Humboldt Broncos were worried about was whether the team could stage a playoff comeback. Now, they -- and the community, and the country -- are in shock, and in mourning.
  28. Skripal Latest, Fertility Doc Suit, Scottish Librarian, Sarajevo Cable Car, Sourtoe Donation, Art of Divorce: Russell Crowe and more2018/04/06
    Toxic relationship. Sergei and Yulia Skripal seem to be out of danger after being poisoned -- but Russia's aggressive campaign of denial is seriously straining its links to the U.K.
  29. Climate Change Map, Sinclair Producer, Seagull Pepperoni Guy, Seniors Robbery, Motorcade Finger, On Walden Pond and more2018/04/05
    Atlas -- no shrugging. With a new interactive map of Canada, scientists are providing a disturbingly clear picture of how, exactly, climate change will affect the country -- and those of us who live here.
  30. China Tariffs, Poop Train, Lowercase "g" Study, Senators' Marijuana Sessions, Falcon Lake Coin and more 2018/04/04
    Bean there -- don't do that. As the United States and China exchange tariff threats, an Iowa farmer worries that soybean producers like him could wind up victims of President Trump's trade war.
  31. Myanmar: Bob Rae, YouTube HQ Shooting, Sewer Rescue, Computer Predictions Guy, Waterslide Arrest, Parkland Security and more2018/04/03
    Spring into action. In his final report as the special envoy to Myanmar, Bob Rae says that Canada should take a leadership role in the Rohingya crisis -- and that, with monsoon season approaching, time is of the essence.
  32. African Migrants, Ontario Boy Search, Stinky Town, Winnie Mandela Obit, No Dark Matter Galaxy, Feature: In Praise of Blood and more2018/04/02
    Change of course. Israel has threatened to deport or imprison tens of thousands of African asylum seekers -- but now, it's possible that some of them will be allowed to find a new home in Canada.
  33. Pulse Nightclub Wife Verdict, Gaza Protest Deaths, Bean Vs. Bean, Jury Selection Challenges, Ohio Fertility Clinic and more2018/03/30
    Acquitted. It was one of America's deadliest mass shootings. Forty-nine people were killed at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Florida. Today, a jury found the killer's widow not guilty of aiding him in a terrorist act.
  34. Vancouver Opioid Mayor, Miguna Miguna: Lawyer, Basement Tom Thomson, Sacramento Shooting, Saskatoon Pope No Apology, Mexico Journalist Shooting, Atlantic Fiction Couple and more2018/03/29
    When all else fails. His city is proof that the current strategies for fighting the opioid crisis aren't working -- so Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson wants to decriminalize drugs.
  35. Pope: No Residential School Apology, Peter Munk Obit, BBQ Wooden Brush, Right Whale Deaths, Free-Range Parenting, Australian Mummy Rediscovered and more2018/03/28
    A sorry-less excuse. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the Prime Minister, have both asked the Pope to apologize for the Catholic Church's role in running residential schools -- and now he says he's sorry, but he can't.
  36. Brexit: Aggregate IQ, Nassar Boss Charges, Root Drain, Linda Brown Obit, Owl Wedding Attack and more2018/03/27
    Pulling the "Leavers". According to a whistleblower, if pro-Brexit campaigners hadn't hired a Canadian company -- and allegedly broken UK election laws -- the Brexit vote might have turned out much differently.
  37. Russian Expulsion: John Baird, Siberia Mall Fire, Australia 17-Hour Flight, Catalan Arrest, Remington Bankruptcy, Anglerfish Researcher and more2018/03/26
    Expelling bee. Canada joins 17 other countries in sending their Russian diplomats packing -- and Canada's former foreign affairs minister John Baird says it may not accomplish much, but it was the only option.
  38. Conservatives: India Trip, Kashmiri Poet, Juneau Wreck, Marie Maude-Denis, CDC Gun Research and more2018/03/23
    Overnight sensations. After the Conservatives stage an all-night delay in the House, MPs probably have aching backs and heads -- and tonight, one Tory explains why her party will continue to be a pain the Liberals' neck.
  39. Manitoba Hydro, NL Dolphins Rescued, London Pastor, YA Author Revisions, Killer Whale Baby and more2018/03/22
    Underwater operation. A British Columbia researcher describes the horrifying scene of what would be a crime on land: the killing of an orca calf by its own relatives.
  40. Facebook App Data, Fond-du-Lac Crisis, Sexy Dinosaurs, Austin Bomber Dead, NL Dolphins Stuck and more2018/03/21
    It's written all over your Facebook. Cambridge Analytica got caught for mining data from the social-media site — but our guest says grabbing your info is easy and common. And he should know: he could have done it, but didn't.
  41. Cambridge Analytica Follow, Climate Death Study, Mailbox Pictures Guy, Nigerian Girls Amnesty, Blockchain Child Abuse and more2018/03/20
    Identity crisis. After explosive allegations that a UK company "harvested" data from fifty million Facebook profiles, a British MP says it's time for someone to bring the online world in line.
  42. Mali Peacekeeping: Sajjan, Cambridge Analytica, Brooklyn Bike Theft, Austin Explosion Update, McCabe Firing and more2018/03/19
    Tour de forces. The Tories say there's "no peace to keep" in Mali, but Canada's joining the UN mission there anyway — and tonight, we'll ask the Defence Minister to explain why.
  43. RadCan Reporter Arrested, Russia Cyber Attack, Windsor Paranormal Bomb, Syria UN Rape Report, Vancouver Island Trucker and more 2018/03/16
    Ever hurts to ask! A Radio-Canada reporter requested an interview with a community leader. She didn't respond — but the Gatineau Police did, with a warrant for the journalist's arrest.
  44. Jagmeet Singh, Trump Trade Comments, Blowing Money, New CIA Head, and more 2018/03/16
    Info (Show/Hide)
  45. Stephen Hawking Obit, Gun Protest, El Salvador Abortion, Seth Rich Lawsuit, Nerve Agent, and more2018/03/14
    His expansive universe. A former student remembers Stephen Hawking, the astrophysicist who reached beyond to understand our relationship with the stars while stretching the limits of human life.
  46. Tillerson Fired, Illegal Fishing, Otter Attack, Trump Wall, and more 2018/03/13
    The spy who loves me. Donald Trump replaces his top diplomat with the head of the CIA — a sign, says our guest, of just how badly the US President likes to be liked.
  47. UK Spy: MP, Tree Wells, Belgium Flag, Camp XRay, Suzanne Ciani and more 2018/03/12
    Unlawful use of force. British Prime Minister Theresa May says it is highly likely that Russia is behind the poisoning of a former spy and now she's demanding an explanation from the Kremlin.
  48. Polygamy Decision, DRC Reunion, Amsterdam Fatberg, Shkreli Sentence, and more2018/03/09
    Fade to Blackmore. A BC court upholds the polygamy conviction against Winston Blackmore — and for his first wife, who testified against him, the decision provides relief, but not resolution.
  49. Trump tariffs, NYT Obits, Chicken Book, NC Body Cam, Bitcoin Mining and more 2018/03/08
    Beyond the call of duties. U.S. President Donald Trump announces his new steel and aluminium tariffs won't be applied to Canada and Mexico, for the time being — but we're not out of the metal woods yet.
  50. Nerve Agent, Easter Bunny: CAS, Frankenstein Headline, Tariffs: Heyman, Trans Am Totem, Hamilton Vandalism Folo and more2018/03/07
    Talks on toxin. Investigators say it was a nerve agent that left a former Russian spy clinging to life in a British hospital — and tonight, an expert tells us how such poisons are administered, and who might be responsible.
  51. Marina Litvinenko, Queen Assassination, Trump Tariff: CEO, Castile Lunches, Queen of Conch and more 2018/03/06
    Mystery repeats itself. At this point, no one's sure whether a former Russian spy in critical condition was poisoned — and even Marina Litvinenko, whose husband Alexander was likely murdered by the Kremlin, is being cautious.
  52. Thunder Bay Report, Heart Transplant, Climate Change Denier Plaza, Trump Tariffs, Florida Burial Site and more 2018/03/05
    Worst case scenario. A new report says Thunder Bay police ignored important leads during their investigation into the death of an Indigenous man — and the chief of Rainy River First Nation says that means the police chief should step down.
  53. Trump Tariffs, Italian Election, Last Men in Aleppo, Mad Blood Stirring, White Rhino, Penguin Colony and more 2018/03/02
    Bad-tempered steel. According to our guest's sources, President Trump's abrupt announcement about new tariffs on steel and aluminium was the result of a crucial last-minute factor: his own bad mood.
  54. MEC CEO, Steel Tariffs, Newfoundland Lottery, Putin Nuke Speech, Lioness Mane, SK Legislature Protest and more2018/03/01
    Gun-shy. After pressure from its members, Mountain Equipment Co-Op announces it will no longer carry brands owned by a Utah company — because, along with water bottles, it makes rapid-fire semi-automatic rifles.
  55. Budget: Prison Farms, Quebec Town Water Fight, Slovak Journalist, Plastic Free Aisle, Pizza Pop Obit and more 2018/02/28
    Rebel with a lot of cows. Jeff Peters fought back when the Harper government closed Canada's prison farms, so he's over the moon that the Liberals are re-opening them — and he'll supply some of the cattle.
  56. Budget: Opposition, Budget Government, Craig McMorris, Congolese Asylum Seeker, Old Pot and more. 2018/02/28
    Growth, or growth misconduct? After a new budget heavy on promoting gender equality and boosting productivity, As It Happens speaks with a Liberal who says it's money well spent — and a Conservative who is concerned it's money mismanaged.
  57. Armed Teachers, Coquihalla Accident Watcher, Okanagan Accent, Syria Resident, Syria Ceasefire: Sweden, Marci Ien DWB and more 2018/02/26
    Keep calm and concealed-carry on. Donald Trump is publicly considering putting armed teachers in schools — so we'll visit a Texas school district where the teachers have been packing for years.
  58. AR-15 Destroyed, Serwa Win, Caroline Mulroney, BC Newborn Care, Mullet Fest and more 2018/02/23
    A farewell to arms. He has a tattoo of the Second Amendment, but the Florida high school massacre was too much for Scott Pappalardo — so he sawed his own AR-15 in half.
  59. Tina Fontaine Verdict, Trudeau Invitation, Deadbeat Dad, Penguin Study, Trudeau Wardrobe and more 2018/02/22
    The company he keeps. Prime Minister Trudeau's trip to India stumbles after Team Canada extends an invitation to a man convicted of trying to kill one the host country's politicians in the '80s.
  60. Florida Lawmaker, Syria Response, Found Painting, Curling Listener Response, White House Guns and more 2018/02/21
    Disarming candour. A Florida lawmaker describes the scene as students who survived the shooting at Stoneman Douglas heckle the politicians who oppose her assault weapons ban proposal.
  61. Eastern Ghouta, FHRITP Reporter, Florida: Student Protester, Ski Hill Tribe, Orest Meleschuk and more. 2018/02/20
    "The most dangerous place on the planet." That's how a doctor describes his hospital in Eastern Ghouta as a Syrian government offensive sends bombs raining down on patients and caregivers alike.
  62. Florida: ALICE Training, Curling Doping, Rabbits Domestication, Bobsled Victory, Navajo Climber, Orangutan Study and more 2018/02/19
    ALICE shatters wonderland. That's ALICE as in Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evaluate — and when our guest attended a training session on what that active-shooter program teaches young kids, she was shocked.
  63. Russian Indictment, Patrick Brown Latest, Burned Rock, Mr. T, Silent Crickets and more 2018/02/16
    Alleged crime and punishment. United States Special Counsel Robert Mueller lays his first charges — indicting Russian people and groups for what our guest calls an attempt to "steal democracy".
  64. Ontario Rape Case, Florida Shooting Parent, HQ Quiz Hire, Florida Shooting: Student, Human Lab Eggs and more 2018/02/15
    The courage behind his conviction. Kassidi Coyle died before she could testify against the man who sexually assaulted her — but her words will nevertheless put him behind bars.
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