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  1. July 31: Downloaded weapons, blocked2018/07/31
    AG 3d Printed Guns, Orca Updates, Manafort Trial, Plane Crash Obit, Aquarium Theft and more
  2. July 30: The heat of battle2018/07/30
    California Fire, Zimbabwe Election, Kangaroo Intruder, Mai Skaf Obit, Tree Saved and more
  3. July 27: Her first instinct was to help.2018/07/27
    Greektown: Nurse, Orca Calf Death, Rare Book Theft, Syria Death Notice, 23 + Me Pharma, Crow Necrophilia and more
  4. As it Happened: The Archive Edition - The Forgiven Episode2018/07/27
    An Auschwitz survivor accepts what many consider unthinkable from a former SS guard; a Muslim targeted after 9/11 forgives the man who shot him; the victim of a shooting lobbies to have her perpetrator released from prison; Chicago Cubs fans consider forgiving fan Steve Bartman for intercepting a foul ball
  5. July 26: It's the cricketer - but was it cricket?2018/07/26
    Pakistan Election, Viagra Study, Gender Insurance, U.K. Divorce, Alphonso Davies and more
  6. July 25: The arms market2018/07/25
    Greektown: Guns, Mars Water, Duck & Ducklings, Sergio Marchionne Obit, Laos Dam and more
  7. July 24: She was about to start a new chapter2018/07/24
    Greektown: Fallon, Clothing Bin Death, Greece Fires, Booker Graphic Novel, Kombucha Car and more
  8. July 23: On a hot summer night, the coldest crime2018/07/23
    Greektown Shooting, David Bowie Tape, White Helmets, Daily News Cuts and more
  9. July 20 - Unfit for the purpose2018/07/20
    Duck boat crash, Amazon lone tribesman, Van Gogh mural, Russian interpreter, Fish oil review and more
  10. As it Happened: The Archive Edition - The Against All Odds Episode2018/07/20
    Incredible tales of survival, inconceivable chances of birth, and a two-in-a-row one-in-a-million shot - this episode explores what happens when fortune and fervour resolve to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.
  11. July 19 - Consent... into chaos2018/07/19
    Christine Moore, Russian request, Bee attack, Mystery sarcophagus, Israel "nation state" and more.
  12. July 18 - Teaming up2018/07/18
    Trudeau cabinet shuffle, Environment minister, Texas remains, Wild boars, Serial stowaway, Starbucks straws and more
  13. July 17 - What a difference a day makes2018/07/17
    Russian agent charges, Las Vegas lawyer, Last Blockbuster, Hawaii lava bomb, Stolen nuclear material and more
  14. July 16: Zero summit gain2018/07/16
    Trump in Helsinki, Elon Musk diver, California crash survivor, Cancer video, Lost Kubrick script and more
  15. July 13: Russians to judgment2018/07/13
    Russian Indictments, Heath Canada Data, "Dead Body Guy", College Game Show, Rogue Wave Death and more
  16. As it Happened - The Crime & Punishment Episode2018/07/13
    From one man's fight to kill Canada's death penalty to a spellbound victim of the 'Black Magic Bandit', the stories on this episode run the gamut of crime and punishment -from petty offences to hefty sentences.
  17. July 12: Getting busy on getting busy2018/07/12
    Sex-Ed: Quebec, Daniella Greenbaum, Postal Worker Tomatoes, Wales Archaeology, Smokey Rock and more
  18. July 11: A Croatian win; a crushing loss2018/07/11
    World Cup Croatia, Liu Xia Release, Floppy Disk Vaporwave, New Bus Company, Disney Drive-Ins and more
  19. July 10: Out of the darkness - into the unknown2018/07/10
    Thailand Rescue, Greyhound Folo, Car Rental, SCOTUS Pick, Tractor Death and more
  20. July 9: Bus stop2018/07/09
    Greyhound Cancelled, Border Families, Amsterdam Canals, Thai Cave Rescue, Brexit Exits, Niagara Grass Fire and more
  21. July 6: Outside chance2018/07/06
    Thai Cave Folo, Ontario Migrants, Lions Kill Poachers, Koala Genome, Football Wedding and more
  22. As it Happened: The New Beginnings Episode2018/07/06
    From the archives: A sufferer of locked-in syndrome determines to recover from his condition; a woman paralyzed in a car accident walks again, thanks to a bionic exoskeleton; life begins anew for a man exonerated of a murder he didn't commit; a retired real-estate agent pines for his first life in the 17th century; and more...
  23. July 5: Admission critical2018/07/05
    Displaced Syrians, Hot Nursing Home, Old Burger and Fries, Novichok Case, Message in a Bottle and more
  24. July 4: Checks on checks2018/07/04
    Police Carding, Montreal Heat, Audubon Awards, Supreme Court, Lobster Roll and more
  25. July 3: Nowhere fast2018/07/03
    MMIW Lawyer, Jazz Fest Controversy, Lightning BBQ, Marine Mammals Arctic, Polish Judge and more
  26. July 2: Contact, at last2018/07/02
    Thai Cave Rescue, Bike Accident Eulogy, Moth Migration, Toronto Shootings, Smart Home Abuse and more
  27. June 29: Paper, torn in half2018/06/29
    Maryland Newspaper Shooting, Toronto Subway Rescue, Straight Dope Ends, Deepwater Horizon Effects, and more
  28. As it Happened - The Shakespeare Episode2018/06/29
    A Trump-themed 'Julius Caesar' production sparks furor; a South African performance of 'Othello' features a black actor for the first time; the star of 'Deep Throat' explains how he transitioned from doing Shakespeare to doing porn, and more...
  29. June 28: Mission accomplice2018/06/28
    UK 9/11 Torture Report, Jim Watson, Rohingya Report, Elon Musk Mug, Welsh Internet Trench and more
  30. June 27: All bets were off2018/06/27
    BC Money Laundering, Clarinet Lawsuit, German Football Loss, NK Nuclear Upgrade and more
  31. June 26: Arriving at a conclusion about arrivals2018/06/26
    Toronto Refugees, Thailand Cave, Surrey Peacocks, Surfer Rescue, London Museum Skeleton and more
  32. June 25: Smoke on the water2018/06/25
    Skipper Rescue, Migrants: Pediatrician, Frog CPR, Mexico Election Deaths, U Of O Assault Verdict and more
  33. June 22: A bridge too close2018/06/22
    Ambassador Bridge, NL Coat of Arms, World Cup: Mexico, Drug Relapse Case, Hotdog Injury, Optician of Lampedusa and more
  34. June 21: Their age is tender2018/06/21
    Migrants: Tender Age, Karina Gould Breastfeed, Hadrian's Wall, Redefine Beer, World Cup: Iran, Human Remains and more
  35. June 20: The divided states of America2018/06/20
    Migrants: Lawyer, Pot Legalization Senator, Odometer, Radio Reporter Voice, Winemaker Allegations, Nina Simone House and more
  36. June 19: Wrongs of passage2018/06/19
    Migrants: Melania Trump Lawyer, Migrants: UNCHR, Odometer Reading, Fired Cartoonist, Drone Rescue, Detroit Train Station and more.
  37. June 18: Labour of division2018/06/18
    Migrant: Whistle blower, Video Game Addiction, Bobcat Attack, Glasgow Fire, Florida Concealed Carry, Old Rock and more
  38. June 15: Objection overruled2018/06/15
    Trinity Western University, Scarborough Shooting, Banksy Protester, Toronto Cyclist, LBGT Refugees, Car Lift Rescue and more
  39. June 14: Ungenerous to a fault2018/06/14
    Trump Foundation, Bitkov Release, Dal Medical Transfer, Gatineau Boycott, Beaver Whiskey and more
  40. June 13: Home groans2018/06/13
    Marijuana Announcement, Rescued Raccoons, Rohingya Monsoon, Canada World Cup and more
  41. June 12: Finding a sweet despot2018/06/12
    North Korea Deal, Homeless Inquest, Devon Clothesline, Trade Folo, Spy Cam Protest and more
  42. June 11: Meeting a-churned2018/06/11
    G7: UK, North Korea Summit, Comic Book Thesis, Afghan Grad Attack, EU Copyright Vote and more
  43. June 8: Selling their souls2018/06/08
    Libya Slaves Folo, Anthony Bourdain Obit, Sexist Beer, Butter Fountain, Ontario Election, Dishonourable Discharge and more
  44. June 7: We're not stepping on the gas -- we're breathing it2018/06/07
    CO2 To Gas, Bus Crash Translator, Easter Island Heads, Russian Scientist, Thyroid Doctor, Twitter Crime and more.
  45. June 6: He'll talk the tariffs - and he will not use a deputy2018/06/06
    Trump Trudeau 1812, Alice Johnson Clemency, Injured Canadian Italy, Family Separation Senator, David McFadden Obit and more
  46. June 5: Overextended family2018/06/05
    Doug Ford Lawsuit, Kate Spade Obit, Miss America Changes, Afghan Clerics Killed, Dinosaur Auction and more
  47. June 4: Capturing a moment 2018/06/04
    Guatemala Volcano, Kathleen Wynne Reaction, Falling Poop, Isle of Man Race, Hep C Baby Boomers and more.
  48. June 1: He's been busy 2018/06/01
    Winnipeg Squaters, Meat & Dairy Study, Feckless C-Word, Maria Campbell Book, Ear Cockroach, Hockey Racism and more
  49. MAY 31: Temper metal decision2018/05/31
    Tariffs: Freeland, Tariffs: Pennsylvania, Hate Mail Orchestra, IUD Birth Control, Trevor The Dog and more
  50. May 30: Oil ways on his mind2018/05/30
    Not dead journalist, New Ambulance, Divorce Quiz, Kurdish Migrant, Nicaragua Unrest and more.
  51. May 29: Oil aboard2018/05/29
    Kinder Morgan, Roseanne Cancelled, Africa Cover, Puerto Rico Deaths, Vintage Denim and more
  52. May 28: Rise and shine2018/05/28
    Spider Man, Paramedics competition, Octopus freed, Michaelle Jean: Con, Robert Indiana controversy and more
  53. May 25: Roll the discredits2018/05/25
    Weinstein Charged, Restaurant Attack, Sun Dress Parent, Ireland Abortion, Hospital Wedding, Château Raffle Sale and more
  54. New book documents the rise and fall of Silicon Valley wunderkind Elizabeth Holmes2018/05/24
    Elizabeth Holmes was heralded as the next Steve Jobs — and then she was revealed by the Wall Street Journal's John Carreyrou to have overseen one of the biggest corporate frauds since Enron.
  55. May 24: Unfit to be tied. 2018/05/24
    Canadian Tribunal, NK Summit Cancelled, Gold Bar Theft, Hamilton Cop, Lava Bomb Survivor and more
  56. April 23: Burned out2018/05/23
    Manitoba Fire Evacuation, Trump Twitter Ruling, Philip Roth Obit, NFL Anthem Policy, Seagulls at Diner and more
  57. May 22: Reconcilable differences.2018/05/22
    Family Law Charges, Interview Magazine Closes, Canada Jay, Carr Painting Renamed, Lync Guy, Mugshot Charges and more.
  58. May 21: A time to remember 72 loved ones lost2018/05/22
    Grenfell Tower Inquiry, Nunavut Mental Health, Chimpanzee Beds, Manitoba Fire Evacuees, NYC Lawyer Protests and more
  59. May 18: Thoughts and predators2018/05/18
    Texas School Shooting, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Israel-Gaza: Hamas, Penis Art, Migraine Drugs, Tommy's Barbershop Update and more
  60. May 17: Trouble was brewing2018/05/17
    Nazi Podcaster, Water Study, Artillery Shell Found, Blood Donor, Tommy's Barbershop, Former IDF Soldier, and more
  61. May 16: Eye on the needles2018/05/16
    D.R.C. Ebola Outbreak, Hungary: Michael Ignatieff, Laurel/Yanny, Anne Frank Discovery, "Cocky" Author, Muqtada al-Sadr and more
  62. May 15: Working wounded2018/05/15
    Israel-Gaza: Canadian Doctor, Israel-Gaza: MP, Meghan Markle's Dad, Priest Abuse Letter, New Brunswick Basketball Court and more
  63. May 14: Happiness and horror, 70 kilometres apart2018/05/14
    Gaza Violence, Calgary Stampeder Hero, Fastest Shed, Kevin Tierney Obit, Inuit Artifacts and more
  64. May 11: Stacked against it2018/05/11
    BC Flooding, Female Athlete Brains, Jets Fan, 60s Scoop Hearings, FCC Robocalls Fine and more
  65. May 10: Tug of war2018/05/10
    Israel-Iran Tensions, Kenya Mudslide, Grey Squirrels, Pope Apology, Solar Panel Law and more
  66. May 9: On the levelling2018/05/09
    Hawaii Volcano Latest, New York AG Allegation, Doug Ford Actor, Cancer Asylum Seeker, Rat Free Island and more
  67. May 8: All torn up. 2018/05/08
    Trump Iran Deal, Windstorm Arborist, Sourdough Library, Iran Voice, Sunshine Goat and more.
  68. May 7: Liquid assets.2018/05/07
    NB: Flooding, Border: Holland, Secretary Donation, Colorado Campus and more
  69. May 4: All in the same boat — a few people at a time2018/05/04
    New Brunswick Flood Ferry, New Zealand Homelessness, Poker Player, Hawaii Volcano, Biohacker CEO Obit and more
  70. May 3: Banishing point2018/05/03
    Erin Weir, Zeiger Investigation, Car Rock/Paper/Scissors, UBC Tax Prof, NFL Cheerleader, UK Tax Havens and more
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