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  1. furiousBall - Credit For Nothing

    This is a first draft of the credits music for The World of The End. I've been listening to a lot of Wilco lately.
  2. furiousBall - Get In The Car

    This is a quick interlude for a scene between scenes that involves getting into a car with Adam Bertocci.
  3. furiousBall - Madison Chain

    This is for the almost biggest version of Madison's theme in The World of the End, lots of electronic gadgetry going on here...
  4. furiousBall - Scene34-37

    For Scenes 34-37 of The World of The End, which is similar to the 29-33 music too...
  5. furiousBall - Scene29-33
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  6. furiousBall - Scene9-10

    For Scenes 9-10 of The World of The End, the introduction to Sophie's theme for the audience, just a lonely piano with some strings and something called a holy moment pad. (Reason patch)
  7. furiousBall - Scene24-25

    For Scenes 24-25 of The World of The End, it's a combination of Madison and Sophie's themes into one sandwich. Call it Madiphie...
  8. furiousBall - Scene12

    Another quickie...cue I'm working on for The World of The End, see if you can guess which scene this was written for. Techno is fun.
  9. furiousBall - Scene2

    This is a quick 8 second cue I'm working on for Scene 2 for The World of The End.
  10. furiousBall - Butterteat

    Another track for the Adam Bertocci film, the direction here was for me to write something as close as possible to Bittersweet Sympony as possible.
  11. furiousBall - And I Will Walk Across the Air To You

    A little something I'm working on...
  12. furiousBall - Sophie

    This is a sketch for the character Sophie in the Adam Bertocci film The World of the End.
  13. Van and Viv - Screaming into the microphone

    I let the kids record...
  14. furiousBall + Valerie Diane- Restless Soul

    This is a song that Val wrote about her grandmother passing, I added stuff to it.
  15. furiousBall - myself, 5 minutes ago
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  16. furiousBall - That Black Line of Sparrows
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  17. furiousBall - D
    Written for my wife, Dana. This track is part of the self-titled 2003 release, furiousBall
furiousBall Podcasts

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