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  1. ML#132007/02/26

    shownotes will be out soon... i promise!! [=
  2. ML # 12 - Me AKA Leah AKA Your Host AKA The Person Talking...2006/11/21
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  3. ML #112006/10/02

    no shownotes *yet*♥

    coming soon<33
  4. ML #102006/09/23
    • No shownotes for this one yet =/
  5. ML #92006/08/04
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  6. ML #82006/06/26
    • the movie "Click", starring Adam Sandler.
    • foreign exchange program.
    • my sibilings, anna, 9 and seth, 11.
  7. ML # 72006/06/18
    • special guesttt =]]
    • relay for life
    • rusty being crazy & spazzy-ish
    • videos so funny, they caused samantha to cry
    • other things that i don't feel like typing cause then i would have to go through the whole podcast to write it down, which i dont want to do.
    • my lucky numero 7 [sept]
    • wow almost getting this show out a week late
  8. ML #62006/06/03

    • heyy guysss...yea havent gotten a new show out in a while..
    ive been quite a busy gal!
    • hrm... yea i have BIG NEWS...lets just say i got something special...hes my baby<3
    • mostly al shows are over..now there are just reruns =[
    • song: Run by Clayton Risner
  9. ML #52006/05/13
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  10. ML #4b2006/05/11
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  11. ML #4a2006/04/24
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  12. ML #32006/04/24
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  13. ML #12006/04/12

    -first podcasts always suck\n-go to: http://mission_life.podomatic.com
    -e-mail me at: missionlife@podomatic.com
    -i love all my listeners
    -email me so i kno wutcha wanna hear, der!
  14. ML #22006/04/11

    -yup, dats my picture on there. i kno im not that pretty. get over it. kay?? kay.
    -props to THE PODSHOW ABOUT NOTHING, ZEE & ZED, and THE GREY SECTION PODCAST--->subscribe to them ALL =p
    -leah <3s you.

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