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The Shrink Is In- The Podcast Voice of Psychology

  1. Can we tell when people are lying? A rebroadcast from 20072017/07/17
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  2. Incompetent people are blind to their incompetence - 20072017/07/05
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  3. Dr. Gurr speaks with Dr. Skip Rizzo about Virtual Reality Therapy2016/07/10
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  4. Dr. Gurr Talks with Dr. Robert Reiner about Virtual Reality Therapy2016/06/30
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  5. Dr. Gurr Speaks To Mr. Scott Lowe from www.psious.com about virtual reality therapy2016/05/31
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  6. Virtual Reality Therapy For Phobias2016/05/11

    Today I introduce my interest in therapy- Virtual Reality Therapy(VRT). I briefly talk about why I am focused on VRT and how I think it is a great tool for solving phobias and otther emotional difficulties.
  7. Hello, I'm Back!2016/04/29

    Hello folks, I lost track of time and I got involved in a lot of other projects so I did not publish a podcast in a long time. I'm coming back with more podcasts and I'm going to focus more on my new interest- Virtual Reality Therapy.
  8. Clowns Can Scare Children2012/10/28

    Dr. Gurr talks about how children find clowns scary and how parents can help their children deal with the anxiety when exposed to clowns.
  9. Parents Need To Be Partners In Education2012/10/18

    Dr. Gurr talks about the positive impact parents can have on their children's education.
  10. Don't Change Children's Schedules on Vacations and Weekends2012/09/04

    Dr. Gurr talks about why is it is important to keep children on their regular schedules during vacations and weekends.
  11. Mentoring Youth- Jill Gurr talks about her new book and Create Now2012/01/03
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  12. Procrastination and how to beat it- A conversation with Dr. Linda Sapadin2011/12/26
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  13. LGBT: What is it all about- a conversation with Kathleen OBrien, LMSW2011/11/20
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  14. Anxiety and Relaxation techniques: A Conversation With Dr. Fred Holtz2011/08/04
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  15. Dr. Ross Greene Talks About Collaborative Problem Solving 2011/07/18
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  16. Good Sex and a Warm Heart: How to Keep Male Menopause from Ruining Your Love Life.2011/03/05
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  17. Suicide and Suicide Prevention- a conversation with Dale Camhi from The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention2010/11/02
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  18. The View From the Womb2010/10/04

    Today's podcast is a quick review of an article I found in Time Magazine- October 4, 2010. The article points out the findings of several studies that suggest the fetal environment has a strong impact on the babies health and future. Mothers get blamed again!
  19. Touch Counts In Our Everday Life!2010/08/17
    Today's podcast is about a series of small experiments which show that tactile information does affect our decisions. Useful information to help assist people in making decisions in everyday life.
  20. Brain Plasticity2010/04/26
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  21. Health Insurers Have Banner Year- Did You Make More Money In 2009?2010/02/21
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  22. The Funny Guy Can Get The Girl!2010/02/11

    Today's podcast is a review of two studies that suggest women may be more likely to have a long-term relationship with guys who they find funny. It appears women rate funny guys as more intelligent than guys who are not so funny. And being funny may be seen as an attribute that makes the male a better catch.
  23. "Building a Love That Lasts"- the new book from Dr. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz2010/01/12
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  24. How Exercise Does Reduce Stress2009/12/20

    We now have data with rats that shows how exercise creates new, calmer brain cells. I talk about the research and the implications for humans.
  25. Seasonal Affective Disorder Revisited2009/11/27

    Today’s show is a follow up to a previous show on Seasonal Affective Disorder-SAD. Today, I review what to look out for when purchasing light boxes and two other treatments found to have some positive effects for patients with Seasonal Affective Disorder
  26. Horoscopes, Tarot Card Readers and Fortune Tellers- Why We Believe them!2009/11/06

    Today, I give the listeners some research from Dr. B.R. Forer which may explain why we believe the generalized statements from Fortune Tellers, Horoscopes, and Tarot Card Readers.
  27. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) caused by PANDAS?2009/09/30
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  28. Dr. Mark Anshel and the “Disconnected Values Model.”2009/08/27
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  29. Dr. Jack Raglin Talks About Exercise and Mental Health2009/07/28
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  30. Paul Brewer talks About The Importance of Being Funny2009/06/30
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  31. The Fraud Concept2009/05/26
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  32. Two Shrinks Talking- Dr. Gurr and Kirk Honda Talk About Psychology on Both Coasts2009/04/14
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  33. Human Nature- Still Shocking!2009/03/09
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  34. Dr. Karen Sherman Talks About Mindfulness and Choices2009/01/29
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  35. Dr. Jenn Berman Talks About How to Raise Happy and Confident Children2009/01/10
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  36. Marriage Coaching- A Conversation With Dr. Richard Nicastro2008/12/14
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  37. The Effect of Divorce On Children- A Conversation With Dr. Leah Klungness2008/12/02
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  38. Mental health Parity in 20082008/11/18

    Today, I briefly talk about the 2008 Mental Health Parity Act that was dropped into the big billion dollar bail out plan. I give a brief history of mental health parity and the impact this new act will have for those who need mental health services and for those who provide those services.
  39. What Is In The Drug Pipeline?2008/10/31

    Today, I talk about what is in the pipeline for mental health problems. There are some new leads, but more research and development is needed.
  40. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) and Alternative Treatment Approaches2008/09/28
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  41. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder2008/09/09
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  42. Anxiety- the 21st Century Disease of Civilization With Dr. Peter T. Lambrou2008/08/16
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  43. Dr. Lisa Brookes Kift And How the Past Affects Our Present2008/07/07
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  44. 9/11 - Still Affects Many!2008/06/22

    Today, Dr. Gurr talks about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and recent research that suggested many residents of lower Manhattan experienced Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) years after the events. Dr. Gurr explains what PTSD is and why it may be present years after a traumatic event.
  45. Dr. John Ryder Talks About Corporate Mentality2008/05/20
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  46. On Autism2008/04/16
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  47. Anger Management Treatment2008/03/30
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  48. What Makes a Successful Marriage?2008/03/08
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  49. Adolescent Brains2008/02/24
    Today's podcast is presentation of studies performed at Harvard university which help explain why adolescents make poor choices, have judgment issues, and may have social anxieties.
  50. ADHD and Young Drivers2008/01/26
    Today's podcast is a review of a study by Russell Barkley on young drivers and driving records. His study found drivers who have ADHD had more violations, accidents, and poorer driving habits than non ADHD peers.
  51. Tests for ADHD2008/01/01
    Today's podcast is a presentation of my opinion on the question of whether or not there are true tests for ADHD. My beliefs are that to rule out ADHD requires a thorough physical evaluation, an educational assessment, a full psychological evaluation, and a speech/language evaluation.
  52. Love is not just a feeling!2007/12/15
    Today's podcast is a presentation of research from Dr. Arthur Aron and associates which had shown that love was connected to dopamine levels and other brain functions. The data suggested love was like a drug for those who were in love. Equally, being "lovelorn" could be like withdrawal and could cause an increase risk taking behaviors.
  53. ADHD Medications Help Students Succeed.2007/11/24
    Today's podcast is a brief presentation on how we have 18 years of follow- up data on students who either took medication for ADHD, those who did not take the medication and the outcomes in regard to reading, absenteeism, and being retained in school.
  54. The Minute Mental health Session in Your Local Pharmacy.2007/11/05
    Today's podcast is my fantasy about what would happen if the managed care companies were able to refer patients to a mental health computer in a retail chain store. I present the worst care scenario and I discuss my concerns for the public and the profession.
  55. ValueOptions- what is next, stickers?2007/10/15
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  56. College Is Not Always the Answer2007/10/08
    Today’s podcast is my opinion that college is not the path for every High School Graduate. The kids who struggled in school, hated school, or had significant learning problems may not be the best candidates for college. They may be better of in technological training programs or entering the work force in areas that interest them. Not every job needs a college diploma.
  57. Liars- Can we tell when someone is lying?2007/09/29
    Although 50% of people questioned think they can tell when someone is lying, the data suggest we really are not that good at telling when someone is lying to us. Today’s podcast presents some of the reasons why we can't always tell who is telling the truth or who is lying.
  58. Tips For Parents For the New School Year2007/08/31
    With the start of a new year, I wanted to impart some information that can be helpful to all parents. Today's podcast contains a few tips for parents.
  59. Incompetent People May Be Unaware of Their Incompetence2007/08/15
    Today's podcast is a presentation of a study that suggested incompetent people are unaware of their incompetence.
  60. The Managed Care Telephonic Review2007/07/18
    Today's podcast is another of my own productions. Today, I give the general public a taste of what we clinicians have to handle when we have are forced to have telephone reviews by managed care company employees.
  61. Therapy from Five to Eighty2007/07/04
    Today's podcast is a brief discussion on how brain cells can regenerate and grow throughout our lives and how we can always learn new tricks.
  62. You're The Best Psychologist...But....2007/06/13
    Today's podcast production is a simulated call from a parent who is requesting therapy for her 17 year old son. Unfortunately, she does not get the answer she wanted to hear!
  63. You Have To Think Like Other People!2007/05/15
    Today's Podcast is a short presentation on why people need to accept the fact that everybody does not look at the world the same way. It is importnat to understand how people you deal with look at the world to undertand how to deal with them more effectively.
  64. The Managed Care Voice System From Hell2007/04/30
    Dr. Howard Gurr presents a new podcast, which is a spoof of a generalized voice mail box system of a typical managed care company. Hear how frustrating this is to deal with these companies on a daily basis. Any comments about today's podcast would be greatly appreciated.
  65. Psychologists and Prediction of Violence2007/04/20
    The data suggests psychologists are not very good at predicting violence in people. There are some indicators that are recognized as being correlated with violence. In today's podcast I provide the listener with some of the major factors and qualities that are correlated with violent behaviors.
  66. A Simple Screening Test for Autism-Maybe?2007/04/09
    Today's podcast presents a review of a psychological study of a simple screening test for Autism that can be used with infants of 12 months of age. The study presents correlational data that can be helpful for pediatricians and parents to use with infants at 12 months of age. The test is simple and harmless, but it cannot be used to defintely prove whether a child has Autism.
  67. Exercise and Your Mental Health2007/03/25
    Today's podcast presents the most recent information on the mental health benefits of exercising.
  68. Video Games- They are Not All Bad For You2007/03/14
    On today's podcast I talk about the negative and the positive aspects of video games and virtual environments.
  69. Dr. Zentman Clears The Air On Contemporary Psychoanalysis 2007/03/03
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  70. Alcohol Use and Treatment Considerations.2007/02/20
    Today's podcast is a discussion of alcohol use and psychological treatment with Dr. Robbin Schneider Gurr.
  71. Thinking Differences in Men and Women 2007/02/11

    Today's podcast presents some ideas on how and why men and women solve problems and think differently.
  72. Abuse of ADHD medications2007/02/04

    Today's pdocast is about people abusing medications for ADD/ADHD.
  73. The Benefits of combining Psychiatry and Psychology2007/01/28
    Today's show is about the benefits of being treated by a psychiatrist and a psychologist when a person has a serious or long term mental conditon.
  74. My Tips on Finding a Good Life Partner2007/01/22

    Today's show gives the listener the major issues that interfere in long term relationships and my tips on how to find a healthy partner.
  75. Shyness- is it a biological problem?2007/01/08
    Today I review a study that suggests shyness may have its roots in brain physiology and may not just due to our environmental experiences.
  76. New Years Resolutions- how to keep them!2006/12/31
    In today's podcast I provide some simple tips on how not to break your New Years resolutions.
  77. Coke, Pepsi and Psychology2006/12/22

    Psychologists are involved in consumer research. Now they are using neurobiology to determine product preferences. This technique was clearly seen as being very powerful in a recent study comparing Coke and Pepsi.
  78. Get rid of the word YOU2006/12/11
    When we talk to others about what they did to hurt us the word"you" gets in the way. Today I teach people how to stop using the word "you" and why the word "I" is much better.
  79. Paxil Made Me Do It!2006/11/27
    Today I comment on two cases in which Paxil, an SSRI, was seen as being the cause or contributor to a case of embezzlement and a case of murder/suicide.
  80. Deja Vu- what is it?2006/11/19
    Today's Podcast provides a neurobiological explanation for Deja Vu.
  81. Red wine may not be the cure!2006/11/12
    Today I talk about red wine and healthy lifestyles- which one really helps?
  82. Tics can be caused by PANDAS2006/11/07

    Today's podcast is about PANDAS a controversial disorder that may,or may not, explain why some children get Tic disorders.
  83. SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder2006/10/29
    This podcast presents an outline of Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD).
  84. Being a Parent- Rationally2006/10/17
    Today's Podcast is a snapshot of my philosophy on what I consider to be rational parenting.
  85. Should You intervene with Elderly Parents?2006/10/06
    Should you intervene if your elderly parents need assistance or guidance?
  86. Can Smoking Cigarettes Lower Your IQ?2006/09/27
    Todays podcast presents data which suggests smoking cigarettes can possibly lower a smoker's overall intelligence.
  87. Psychology- the state of the profession2006/09/22
    Dr. Richard Lustberg is my guest today discuss the confusion the public experiences figuring out the differences between all of the mental health providers in their areas.
  88. School Information For Parents2006/09/02
    The podcast is a brief rundown on how parents can work with school if their children have special educational needs.
  89. The Cost of Depression2006/08/29
    This show talks about what depression costs the US economy and why we need to prevent depression in the workplace.
  90. Does Botox Cure Depression??????2006/08/19
    This podcast presents a study that claims Botox can cure depression- and what is wrong with this study.
  91. The Three Major Schools of Therapy2006/07/15
    There are three major schools of practice in psychotherapy. This podcast explains the difference between Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, and Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy.
  92. Panic Disorder2006/06/28
    Today's Podcast is about Panic Disorder: what it is and how to reduce its power.
  93. Psychological Services Are Used By Many Americans2006/06/16
    Mental health services are beneficial in many health and medical conditions.
  94. Depression- The Two Types2006/06/06
    Follow-up podcast on depression. This podcast presents the two types of depressive reactions.
  95. Depression2006/05/30
    This podcast is a simplified explanation of depression.
  96. ADD the Undiagnosed Disorder in Adults2006/05/19
    Approximately 4% of adults may have these disorders. ADHD is a more complex disorder than most people think. Although we know that ADHD does not go away, we do know with the proper diagnosis and treatment, the disorder can be controlled and the negative...
  97. How to Find a Mental health professional2006/05/13
    How do you choose the right mental health professional?
  98. Phantom Panels2006/05/02
    How come it is sometimes so hard to get a mental health worker from your insurance panel provider list?
The Shrink Is In- The Podcast Voice of Psychology
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Dr. Gurr was voted #1 Best Psychotherapist for 2010 and Best Psychotherapist for 2012 by the readers of the Long Island Press.

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