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Inside Europe: Inside Europe: the Inside Take on European Affairs

  1. Inside Europe 12.07.20182018/07/13
    Theresa May's government in chaos after Brexiteers resign – Mixed feelings about the Pope’s visit to Ireland - The Cameroonian model creating his own fashion label in France – The job market for migrants in Germany – Romania’s chief anti-corruption prosecutor is fired - A new migrant flashpoint in Spain - Orangemen and the marching tradition
  2. Inside Europe: 05.07.20182018/07/05
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel's last-ditch deal to end a dispute over migration —Harley-Davidson caught in the crosshairs of a transatlantic trade dispute — NATO discusses the clash between US President Donald Trump and Merkel ahead of a Brussels summit — Norway's electric vehicles and why some car dealers are trash-talking them — Spain's resort island of Palma, Majorca outlaws Airbnb and more.
  3. Inside Europe 28.06.20182018/06/29
    Turkey's president tightens his grip on power after presidential elections - NATO's new "European Readiness Initiative." - Is history repeating itself in the Czech Republic? - Sweden takes recycling to a new level - Germany's shock exit from the World Cup soccer tournament - A special documentary, on the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.
  4. Inside Europe 21.06.20182018/06/22
    The EU’s migration options - Hungary passes law criminalizing groups aiding migrants – The World Cup and LGBT rights - Twin American soldiers reunited in Normandy burial – Technology and activism - Benefits and legal challenges for medical cannabis - New French peace forum highlights plight of child soldiers – Has Germany become safer? – Pompeii yields more secrets
  5. Inside Europe 14.06.20182018/06/15
    Russia 2018: the tight security behind the World Cup - Insults and anger over a migrant ship in the Mediterranean – A Paris restaurant builds bonds with asylum seekers - A crucial vote in Turkey - The latest royal scandal in Spain - After a decades-long dispute with Greece, Macedonia moves closer to a name change - Germany celebrates asparagus season – Is English taking over Dutch universities.
  6. Inside Europe 07.06.20182018/06/11
    Italy's new government vows to deport half a million migrants - Are there signs of a thaw in Russia-EU relations? - The World Cup tournament and the West's perception of Russia? - Poland’s coal capital to host this year's global climate summit - France's disappearing songbirds - Question time for German Chancellor Angela Merkel – Rimini showcases the latest wellness techniques and technology
  7. Inside Europe2018/06/08
    Click on the links below to listen to reports from this week's edition of Inside Europe, DW's award-winning radio program with features from around the continent.
  8. Inside Europe: Covering the issues that shape Europe2018/06/01
    Inside Europe is an award-winning weekly radio show with a focus on European topics.
  9. Inside Europe 31.05.20182018/06/01
    Ireland’s historic vote on abortion – Germany’s asylum scandal – Board games and social change in the former Soviet Union – Ramadan where the sun never sets – The tumbling lira and Turkey’s elections – Far-right attacks on the rise in Greece – The robot breaking the isolation of sick children – Do cartoon characters promote childhood obesity? - Organic sounds with Vienna's Vegetable Orchestra.
  10. Inside Europe 24.05.20182018/05/25
    A ‘populist odd couple’ to head Italy’s new government - Illicit Russian money in Britain - Zuckerberg gets a grilling in Brussels - Preparing the Swedes for war - Macron’s vision for the banlieues – Europe’s trade ties with Iran – Disabled children protest in Poland’s parliament - Spain celebrates so-called Mad Pride raising awareness about mental health - Mapping Elba’s hiking trails
  11. Inside Europe 17.05.20182018/05/18
    The EU loses its patience with trying to be friends with Donald Trump - Transatlantic ties viewed from Berlin - The Irish diaspora and the vote on abortion – Problems and promises in France’s banlieues - The EU's new data protection law - Could Turkey's President Erdogan's calling of early elections backfire? - Rosé wine dares to compete with its elders - Singing to save minority languages.
  12. Inside Europe 10.05.20182018/05/11
    French President Macron speaks exclusively to DW about how he tried to keep the US in the Iran nuclear deal – Can the EU salvage the nuclear accord? – The Czech connection to Novichok - Concern about Europe's intensive farming - Basque separatist group ETA disbands - France's "stolen children" from the island of Reunion - An American take on the Bridge at Remagen - Polyamory takes off in Norway.
  13. Inside Europe 03.05.20182018/05/04
    On today's program: Two EU member states slip down the World Press Freedom Index - Turkey: the world’s biggest jailer of journalists – May ’68 and today’s protests in France -The glam and the grumbles at NATO's new HQ – Proposed penalties for EU member states - Italy's first Museum of Fascism - A month commemorating Napoleon - The perks and privileges for driving electric cars in Norway.
  14. Inside Europe 26.04.20182018/04/26
    France beefs up border security after militants highlight a new migrant route. Britain's royal events have church bells and cash registers ringing. The United States moves back into an air base it left more than a decade ago. The English town of Salisbury attempts to repair its reputation after the Skripal poisoning.
  15. Inside Europe 19.04.20182018/04/20
    Is the EU's fight against so-called Russian propaganda in disarray? - Will the French and US presidents see eye to eye on Syria? - Is Austria bucking a trend and becoming the ashtray of Europe? - Has the EU put a stop to Poland's chainsaw massacre? - Early elections in Turkey - The mother of all rail strikes - Is football still a men's game in Denmark - The financial crisis and Greek teeth
  16. Inside Europe 12.04.20182018/04/13
    Hungary’s opposition in turmoil after the landside re-election of Prime Minister Viktor Orban – Are EU values under threat in the bloc’s eastern members? - Holocaust Memorial Day and Poland’s relationship with Israel - The Czech Republic struggles to form a government 6 months after elections – A special half hour on Northern Ireland, 20 years after the Good Friday peace accord.
  17. Inside Europe 05.04.20182018/04/05
    How Ireland's abortion referendum is polarizing society – Gibraltar complicates Brexit negotiations – London's spike in murders – Defying the state, churches in Germany provide sanctuary to asylum-seekers – How France is dealing with a surge in foreign unaccompanied minors – The fallout after Prague extradites a Russian hacker to the US – A visit to the world's oldest restaurant.
  18. Inside Europe 29.03.20182018/03/29
    Migrant rescues on board the Aquarius - Carles Puigdemont in German custody - Why driving for Uber in Turkey is becoming increasingly risky - EU passports up for sale in Malta - French prison reform tackles overcrowding - "Artists for Brexit" hit back - A French priest documents war crimes against Iraq's Yazidis - Hungary prepares for elections - Spanish rappers probed for "glorifying terrorism."
  19. Inside Europe 22.03.20182018/03/23
    British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson talks to DW about the nerve agent attack - NATO and the EU’s response to the spy poisoning - Cambridge Analytica and data exploitation - Music offers mafia kids a refuge from crime - A push to promote the French language - EU initiative to increase public Wi-Fi hotspots - Britain's search for a place to bury its nuclear waste – Amsterdam tires of tourists.
  20. Inside Europe 15.03.20182018/03/16
    Will Russian money embedded in Britain complicate the UK's response to a nerve agent attack? - European reaction to the UK poisoning - Angela Merkel’s push for peace in eastern Ukraine - Human rights abuses among Crimea's Tatar minority – Quiet please, we're reading! - The EU and migrant visas - France revs up wind energy – Is Poland rewriting history? - Georgia embraces its winemaking heritage.
  21. Inside Europe 01.03.20182018/03/02
    Romanians protest against corruption - Journalist's murder shocks Slovakia - A setback for Hungary’s nationalist government - In search of charity in Berlin - NATO joins forces with the EU to fight cyber attacks - Germany paves the way to ban diesel cars from cities - Latvia’s banking scandals – The EU and overfishing - Can France follow through on its pledge to return African artefacts?
  22. Inside Europe 22.02.20182018/02/23
    On today's programme: Immigration and the Italian elections – President Erdogan’s plan to send home Syrian refugees – The end of a maritime era for St Helena – Tackling the rise in anti-Semitism – An increase in support for Germany’s AfD – Corruption scandals plague the Spanish government – Corruption in Hungary – And scarves for the homeless and poor in Bologna
  23. Inside Europe 08.02.20182018/02/09
    On today's program: Germany’s Angela Merkel reaches a deal with her coalition partners - The Austrian student fraternity scandal surrounding an anti-Semitic songbook - France’s president rejects nationalist demands on Corsica - Could Brexit kill off one of Britain's lesser-spoken languages? – Serbian-Kosovar reconciliation – And a special focus on the Berlin Wall.
  24. Inside Europe 01.02.20182018/02/02
    Israel anger at Polish Holocaust speech bill - The threat of IS terror in Belgium - A victory for the Czech Republic’s pro-Russian president - Can German automaker Volkswagen survive another scandal? - Ireland announces a referendum to repeal abortion laws - Former Spanish dictator Franco's shadow over Spain - To tip or not to tip in Germany - France rebrands lingerie in the post-Weinstein world.
  25. Inside Europe 25.01.20182018/01/29
    Is Germany’s Grand Coalition set to renew its vows? - Merkel and Macron shore up the European project in Davos - Allegations of spying on the Norwegian - Russian border - Will Brexit take Britain off the European cultural map? - Ankara's crackdown on voices of dissent - Should tourists pay to visit France’s cathedrals? - From Italy, we’ll get a taste of the future of food - Food waste in Germany.
  26. Inside Europe 18.01.20182018/01/19
    The EU stands up to Washington over the Iran nuclear deal - Austrians protests against the far-right coaliltion - Could Puigdemont govern Catalonia in absentia? - Brittany keeps an eye on Catalonia - Turkish President threatens to “strangle” a new US-backed force in Syria - Homelessness in Berlin - An army of 'elves' fighting an information war in Lithuania - Italian artisans go high-tech.
  27. Inside Europe 11.01.120182018/01/12
    Is Turkey on a charm offensive with the EU? - British Prime Minister Theresa May tries to shake up her government - Protests over Poland’s health care reforms - Chinese students flock to France to cultivate their palates - A midwife in Hungary is sentenced to prison - Africans migrants in Greece find hope in their faith - Can humans and wolves coexist peacefully? - Is the future of cars wooden?
  28. Inside Europe: Best of 20172017/12/29
    On this week's show, a look back at the lighter side of 2017 on Inside Europe
  29. Inside Europe 21.12.20172017/12/21
    On this festive edition of the programme: Christmas relief for the poor in Hungary, Is a Czech culinary tradition under threat? We’ll head to the cradle of wine, And what’s in those advent calendars? And a culinary tour around Europe
  30. Inside Europe 14.12.20172017/12/15
    On today's programme: The EU remains firm on its stance on Jerusalem - Which way will Catalonia vote in the upcoming election? - France introduces drones to catch dangerous drivers - A hitch for gay marriage in Greece - Homelessness in Germany - The Iraqi refugee who doesn’t want to leave Serbia - Migrants adapt to Glaswegian life – Looking for work on the Bus to Go.
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