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Dr Karl on triplej

  1. Bone density, inflammation and bionic eyes2019/09/12

    Why do we have toe nails? Can we dry our clothes by freezing them? Why are sunrises and sunsets different colours?
  2. Tongue flaps, pressure points and seal knees2019/09/05

    Why do we need to pee when we get into water?
    How long would humans last on earth if the sun disappeared?
    Where do false memories come from?
  3. Snake bites, popcorn and nuclear devices2019/08/29

    Why do we get dizzy when we get up really quickly?
    Why does hot water sound different to cold water when it comes out of the tap?
    Why do cold and flu symptoms always feel worse in the morning and at night?
  4. 5G, MSG and solar panels2019/08/22

    Why are storm clouds black?
    How does the burning of the Amazon effect the world?
    Why are some people more likely to get static shocks than others?
  5. Decomposition, rigor mortis and coffins2019/08/15

    Why do some people get hungry when around a dead body?
    Is your brain still active after you die?
    How long does it take for a body to decompose in a coffin?
  6. Bubbles, bushfires and back burning2019/08/08

    Why do fires burn faster uphill rather than down? Can you cook a chicken by slapping it? What are the affects of bushfires on trees?
  7. Life on another planet, dusk masks and solar sailing2019/08/01

    How do we better our memories? What do people who were born blind dream about? How much material is used to make one screw?
  8. Exploding stars, dark matter and meteor's2019/07/25

    Can cats land on their feet in space? Why are planets round? What would happen to the earth if the sun moved closer?
  9. Swallowing flem, blue light glasses and fruit flies2019/07/18

    Why does your dog rub itself in dirt right after you bath it? Do reverse cycle air conditioners have an impact on global warming? Why do you need to pee when it gets cold?
  10. Terraforming, moon wind and getting lost in space2019/07/11

    Are we terraforming the earth? Why was the American Flag flapping in Apollo 11 footage and what would happen if you were lost in space?
  11. Dry hands, nervous weeing and resetting your sense of smell2019/07/04

    Do you have a fear of belly buttons? Why does your tummy grumble when you're hungry? If human's didn't interact with each other, would we walk like monkeys?
  12. Jealously, falling off escalators and wobbly pens2019/06/27

    Does fruit taste sweeter in the fridge? Are seagulls telepathic? Can indoor plants help with our air quality?
  13. Hungry sneezing, remarkable redheads and the Tay Tay debate2019/06/20

    What would happen if the whole world farted at once? Why do we hear our own voice differently to how others hear us? Can you scare someone better?
  14. Period syncing, lip fillers and magic mushrooms2019/06/13

    Why does coffee change taste as it cools down? Why do we get goosebumps? Do women's periods really sync up?
  15. Car napping, stinging pineapple and your IQ2019/06/06

    Can you change your own genetics? Does cold weather cause you to catch a cold? Why does my head throb when jumping on a trampoline?
  16. Generic faces, slushie beers and 5G2019/05/30

    Does spraying deodorant in your pits effect your health? Why don't I dream? How can I tell if I'm a loud chewer?
  17. Sympathy spews, chubby rain and full-moon craziness 2019/05/23
    Dr Karl and Linda
  18. Beard hairballs, purring pussies and green boogers2019/05/16

    Do bees know they'll die if they sting someone? Why do I feel hungry after eating fruit? What material makes the best reusable coffee cup?
  19. Muscle memory, buttery sweat and our robot overlords2019/05/09
    Dr Karl and Linda Marigliano
  20. Asapargus wee, sweating underwater and an infinite cycle of yawning2019/05/02

    Can we outgrow our allergies? Is it possible to tell if we're sweating underwater? Why does our stomach look much smaller when we wake up in the morning?
  21. Hot and cold breath, tilting dog heads and an infuriating itch2019/04/18

    Why shouldn't we eat our own poo? Why do bruises change colour? And the lady who literally picked her brain
  22. A whole lotta black holes, rubbish eating volcanoes and weeing in the ocean2019/04/11
    Dr Karl and Linda M
  23. Headphone earwax, poisonous spiders and sticky things2019/04/04

    Can different bird species communicate with each other? Why am I so sweaty? Why do animals have an even number of limbs?
  24. Hacking driverless cars, killer blackheads and the earth's heartbeat2019/03/28

    Do dogs have their own personalities? Can I reset myself to become a morning person? Can we use volcanoes to get rid of the worlds rubbish?
  25. Submarines in space, lupis and nostril hairs2019/03/21

    Can animals be allergic to humans? Why do people always go on holidays near water? Why do I sleep talk?
  26. Static shocks, amputees and glow-in-the-dark chicken.2019/03/14

    Why do people have different eye colours? Why don't plastic containers dry properly in the dishwasher? What is glow-in-the dark chicken? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with host Linda Marigliano on triple j Mornings.
  27. Red beard hairs, living underwater and movies on airplanes2019/03/07

    Why do I sweat more on one side? Can smart watches cause cancer? Why is it easier to see when squinting? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with host Linda Marigliano on triple j Mornings.
  28. Cheek fillers, disappearing allergies and shower stinkies2019/02/28

    Why do certain sounds give you goosebumps? Can drinking cows milk cause lots of health problems? Why does your body twitch as you're falling asleep? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with host Linda Marigliano on triple j Mornings.
  29. Chemical happiness, attractive bees and hot feet2019/02/21

    How do you test sewerage for drugs? Did a hash brownie bring back my sense of smell? Why can't I burp? These science questions get answered this week, by science journo Bianca Nogrady and Uni of Sydney researcher Dr Alice Motion.
  30. Live from Antarctica!2019/02/14

    Your favourite scientist answers your icy cold questions, live from Casey Research station. With special guests Dr Ben Galton-Fenzi and Casey research station leader Chris MacMillian.
  31. Brown vs white rice, dairy acne and smelly food farts2019/02/07

    Is brown rice actually better for you than white rice? When you eat ice cream does it leave your body as poo or wee? And how do different foods affect the smelliness of your farts? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with host Linda Marigliano on triple j Mornings.
  32. Cement nails, beached whales and red hair changing colour2019/01/31

    Does cement make your nails grow? Are the hiccups hereditary? Why is the sound of a plane flying so loud when you're outside it, but quiet when you're inside it? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with host Linda Marigliano on triple j Mornings.
  33. Cement nails, beached whales and red hair changing colour2019/01/24

    Does cement make your nails grow? Are the hiccups hereditary? Why is the sound of a plane flying so loud when you're outside it, but quiet when you're inside it? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with host Linda Marigliano on triple j Mornings.
  34. Travelers constipation, freckles and dark energy2019/01/17

    What is traveler's constipation? Why do I have freckles? How do black holes effect dark energy? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with host Linda Marigliano on triple j Mornings.
  35. Eating after 6pm, sleep cycles, bird farts2019/01/10

    Why do I get stitches when I drive a Bobcat? Why do we stick our tongues out when concentrating? Why does black absorb more heat than white. Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with host Linda Marigliano on triple j Mornings.
  36. Deja Vu, sleep sneezes and eating vegan2018/12/13

    Why is the sky blue? Do people age slower in cold climates? Is my water bottle infecting me? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with host Linda Marigliano on triple j Mornings.
  37. The perfect hot chocolate, body hair length, snorting2018/12/06

    How do you make the perfect hot chocolate? Does snorting things destroy your sense of smell? What are the particles of atoms made of?
  38. Sleep paralysis, hallucinations and meeting aliens2018/11/29

    Do you get sicker if you pick your nose? How do you know to breathe? Why doesn't plastic cheese burn?
  39. Brown rain, Chinese fusion and wax wraps2018/11/22

    What causes bags under your eyes? Why does the sound of metal change when it's wet? Does classical music calm children? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with guest host Karla Ranby on triple j Mornings.
  40. Flies in winter, seeing underwater and concussions from gigs2018/11/15

    Why do drug addicts like chocolate milk? Does donating blood burn calories? Where did the English language come from?
  41. Musical Stockholm Syndrome, chip sweats, asthma itches2018/11/08

    Comedian, actor and science enthusiast Bill Bailey helps Dr Karl answer these questions and more on triple j Mornings! Why do I get an itchy chin when I have asthma? Should we drive faster or slower when hitting a pothole? Can you develop Stockholm Syndrome for music genres?
  42. Apple burps, dogs on the phone, the munchies2018/11/02

    Why do you get hungry when you smoke marijuana? Why cant my dog hear my voice over the phone? Why do I burp after I eat an apple.
  43. Chewing gum, tank water tea and plastic in fish2018/10/25

    Have any frozen people been brought back to life? If we eat fish that has eaten plastic, how will that effect us? Why do my eyes keep changing colours?
  44. Old people smell, farts in water, teeth whitening2018/10/18

    Special guests Science Journalist Binaca Nogrady and Dr Alice Williamson join Linda Marigliano to answer your science questions.
  45. Corn in poo, Keto diets and cancer causing meats2018/10/11

    Why do some farts smell and some don't? What are so many people developing gluten intolerance? Can you ever be 100% healthy with food? In this food and nutrition special, Dr Karl answers these questions and more with special guests dietitian Dr Kyra Sim and USA nutrition expert Yvette d'Entremont.
  46. Inner monologues, curly hair and exploding in space2018/10/04

    Do bees know they'll die if they sting you? Why is fire red? Why doesn't our moon rotate? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with host Linda Marigliano on triple j Mornings.
  47. Heart beats, sex withdrawals and itchy thighs2018/09/27

    Is there a set amount of water on planet earth? Why do I get itchy thighs when I exercise? What goes on inside your body when your heart 'beats out of your chest'? Can a loud noise impact the hearing of an unborn child? How long can you go without sex?
  48. Puppies, Arnold Schwarzenegger and memory2018/09/20

    Why is the world's population 50% male and 50% female? Is it softer to run on the road or the footpath? How does skin know to grow back?
  49. Essential oils, exploding eggs and upside down lightning2018/09/13

    Is it better to pick up dog poo or let it fertilize? Do we lose our sense of taste as we get older? Why do I get itchy when I sneeze?
  50. Black holes, quantum computing and oncoming doom2018/09/06

    Could our universe be a hologram? Can colliding black holes create musical notes? Will our universe collapse in on itself? Dr Karl and Professor Patrick Hayden from Stanford University answers these questions and more.
  51. Talking dogs, DNA breakthroughs and mozzie bites2018/08/30

    Can you teach your eyes to roll away from each other? Is it bad to cough on command? How do relaxation pods work? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with host Linda Marigliano on triple j Mornings.
  52. Creating gold, clicking and skin flaps2018/08/23

    Are there different species of humans? Is the earth getting heavier? Why can i put my dreams on hold? Dr Karl answers these questions and more, with guest host Karla Ranby on triple j Mornings.
  53. Remembering dreams, Bermuda triangle, immortal jellyfish2018/08/16

    Do cucumbers feel pain? Do mozzies have a purpose in the world? How do you measure a black hole?
  54. Eating boogers, wasp stings, noise cancelling headphones2018/08/09

    Dr Karl is back at it, answering all your science questions on triple j Mornings. Why do noise cancelling headphones cut out on the train? Why don't spiders get stung by wasps? Is eating boogers healthy?
  55. Dying suns, falling in love and earwax2018/08/03

    What makes a planet a planet? Why haven't we gone back to the moon? What'll happen to the International space station when we're done with it? Dr Karl is away for the month, so science journalist Bianca Nogrady is stepping in to be your science sherpa on triple j. Joining her today was Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, astrophysicist with the CSIRO!
  56. Poo shapes, floating poop, the three second rule.2018/07/19

    Dr Karl is away for the month, so science journalist Bianca Nogrady is stepping in to be your science sherpa on triple j. And joining her today was Professor Clare Collins, Nutritionist at the University of Newcastle.
  57. Observable universe, new elements and black holes2018/07/12

    Dr Karl is away for the month, so science journalist Bianca Nogrady is stepping in to be your science sherpa on triple j. And joining her today was Dr Jess Bloom, astrophysicist from the University of Sydney.
  58. Cockroaches, bellybuttons and breastfeeding2018/07/05

    Why do you always see dead cockroaches on their backs? Why is bellybutton fluff always dark blue? And could you get drunk from breast milk if the mother has been drinking?
  59. Visual snow, dripping taps, waking up grumpy2018/06/28

    What's 'visual snow'? Why will a dripping tap wake you up but torrential rain won't? Why do some people wake up grumpy?
  60. Animal echolocation, salt and vinegar sweats, peeing when you get home.2018/06/21

    How do animals that use echolocation travel in packs without it getting confusing? What's salt and vinegar chip-induced eyelid sweat about? Why do you need to go to the toilet when you get home, but not before?
  61. Free electricity, sweaty palms and lion allergies2018/06/14

    If you wrapped a wire around the world would you generate electricity? How does my partner make her hands sweat on cue? And if I'm allergic to housecats, would I be allergic to a lion?
  62. Exploding beer, bath wrinkles, dog poop2018/06/07

    Why did salt make my beer explode? Why doesn't your entire body wrinkle when you're in the bath? Why dont dogs poo and pee at the same time?
  63. Cheese dreams, poo fungus, seeing stars2018/05/31

    Why does cheese make you dream funny? Why is my dog's poo growing fungus? Why do I see stars when I sneeze?
  64. Sneezing fits, pineapple juice and emotional smells2018/05/24

    What causes a sneezing fit? Would your body dissolve in pineapple juice? Is your sense of smell related to your emotions?
  65. Can maths predict the future?2018/05/17

    Can maths predict the future? What about lotto numbers? Plus, the question that stumped the nation!
  66. Hemp, nicotine and underwater spiders2018/05/10

    Dr. Karl answers all your science questions, including; is coffee linked to cancer? Is there scientific proof of an afterlife? Why can't we control what we remember?
  67. Allergies, time machines, and the meaning of 02018/03/01

    Dr. Karl answers all your science questions, including; is gravity stronger underground? Is raspberry cordial good for your gut? Which way do toilets flush on the equator?
  68. Fasting, bluebottles and magnetic poles2018/02/22

    Dr. Karl answers all your science questions, including; Is fasting good for you? How do bluebottles procreate? Are the magnetic poles changing places?
  69. Itching, morning sickness & tazers 2018/02/15

    Dr. Karl answers all your science questions, including; what's the point of hiccups? Should you floss after brushing? Does sound travel in space?
  70. Smells, The Pill & eclipses2018/02/01

    Dr. Karl answers all your science questions, including; can you incubate eggs under your arm? Do all mammals yawn? How does music affect the brain?
  71. Tides, psychopaths & sweat2018/01/25

    Dr. Karl answers all your science questions, including; why is it hard to breathe in humid weather? Why do we twitch while falling asleep? Can caffeine shakes be permanent?
  72. Sand, facial hair & neuroplasticity2018/01/18

    Dr. Karl answers all your science questions, including; do stressful dreams affect sleep quality? Are there really morning and night people? Why do periods synch?
  73. Rollercoasters, plasma & wormholes2018/01/11

    Dr. Karl answers all your science questions, including; what do flies want? How do bullets kill people? Why does dog poo turn white?
  74. Left-handed kids, body bacteria & liquid nicotine2017/11/23

    Why is the sky blue during sunsets? What's outside the universe? What came before the dinosaurs?
  75. Quantum computing, future of cryptocurrency, emails to the past2017/11/09

    Where does the past go? How do we keep human biases out of Artificial Intelligence? Can quantum computing help us solve p=np?
  76. Electric shocks, bloody noses, sleep sneezing2017/08/31

    Why does earwax taste bitter but snot doesn't? Can Wi-Fi be harmful? If we were to replicate the big bang, how would we contain it?
  77. Frozen heads, period poos, looking at an eclipse2017/08/24

    Could you keep moving your head to new bodies and live forever? How are birthmarks formed? Is it possible to bite or eat yourself?
  78. Wombat poos, Beyonce flies & slow slugs2017/08/17
    Dr Karl & Zan Rowe with special guests Dr Bryan Lessard from the CSIRO and Dr Rebecca Johnson from the Australian Museum!
  79. Dr Karl reviews Unearthed tunes!2017/08/15
    Doctor Karl and the Unearthed Green Drum
  80. Synaesthesia, multiple moons, safe AI2017/08/10

    What is happening in the brain when someone experiences synaesthesia? What would happen if we had more than one moon? How fast would you need to travel to keep up with the sun?
  81. Farting, space messages and disappearing tastebuds2017/08/04
    Zan Rowe & Dr Karl host Science Talk every Thursday Morning, from the triple j studio. Photo: Nick Gerber
  82. Morning breath, scent memory, baby hiccups2017/07/27
    Dr Karl and Zan Rowe at the triple j studios
  83. Sun mirror, essentials oils, vinyl records2017/07/20
    Dr Karl and Zan Rowe posing at the triple j studios
  84. Underwater volcanoes, dog yawns, immortality2017/07/13
    Dr Karl and Zan Rowe at the triple j studios
  85. Deep sea climate change, enviro bags, over-fishing2015/08/20

    It's a Marine Science Special! Professor Emma Johnson joins Dr Karl and Zan Rowe to help answer your ocean-based science questions.
  86. 3D printed organs, muscle memory, that op shop smell2015/08/13

    Why do op shops all smell the same? Why can't we use 3D printers to print organs? Is there any benefit to avoiding gluten?
  87. Emotional chords, hungover libido, forced smiles2015/08/06

    Does forcing a smile really make you happier? Why do certain notes or chords have emotional responses? Is urine good for helping lemon trees grow?
  88. Big dinosaurs, sun flames, four seasons in one day2015/07/30

    How does addiction work? Why were dinosaurs so big? Does stress shorten your life?
  89. Runny noses after eating? Why is urine yellow? Could space be a sphere?2015/07/23

    Why does my partner get a runny nose, after eating a hot dinner? Why is urine actually yellow? Could space possibly be a sphere?
  90. The science of driving2012/03/29

    Why do people get tired when driving? Is it possible to drive a fast car upside-down in a long, circular tunnel? Are your chances of surviving a car accident better if you are asleep and you're body is limp?
  91. Rocking during sleep, morning sickness and coloured cat fur2012/03/22

    Why do people rock from side-to-side when they sleep? Plus: are humans the only mammal that suffers morning sickness during pregnancy?; and why can cat fur have different colours along the length of each strand of hair?
  92. Peeing on lemon trees, hereditary birth marks and yellow sunglasses2012/03/08

    Why is it considered a good thing to urinate on lemon trees? Plus: can birth marks be hereditary?; and why do yellow sunglasses make daylight appear brighter?
  93. Swallowing chewing gum, taste buds and drinking milk2012/03/01

    What happens if you swallow chewing gum? Plus: can a woman's tastebuds change during and after pregnancy?; and can drinking milk cause osteoporosis?
  94. Exploding crockery, furry male allergies and female ejaculation test results2012/02/23

    Why does crockery seem to randomly explode? Plus: Is it possible to be allergic to only male furry animals?; and a caller reports the results of his and his partner's female ejaculation tests.
  95. Sex, multiple orgasms and curing a morning glory2012/02/16

    As part of triplej's 'sex week', Dr Karl and Zan Rowe take talkback questions ranging from female 'squirting' to male morning glories and having sex during pregnancy.
  96. Earbud headphones, jet-lag and funny trivial things2011/12/08

    When using earbud-style headphones, why does the music's pitch seem lower when they're removed? Is there a way to reduce the effects of jet-lag?Why is it when you are extremely tired that trivial things seem very funny?
  97. Head spins, granite cookware and bullets fired in the air2011/12/01

    Why does your head seem to spin when you lie down if drunk? What are the differences between various cookwares and are any types dangerous? What happens to bullets that are fired into the air?
  98. Celebrating 30 years of science talkback with Dr Karl2011/11/24

    Previous 'Mornings' presenters drop by to share their favourite Dr Karl moments from the last 30 years on triplej. Plus: Karl's favourite organ; his first comments on radio re-enacted; and the five most-common science questions asked by listeners.
  99. Cannabis use and psychosis, with Dr Matthew Large2011/11/17

    In a special triplej listener talkback, Zan Rowe and Dr Karl discuss the link between mental illness and marijuana use with psychiatrist Dr Matthew Large, from the University of New South Wales.
  100. Bad apples and the strange sounds our body can make2011/11/10

    Does cold storage affect how food metabolises and germinates? Plus: why do some people's eyes squeak when they rub them?; and why can some people make their ears 'crack' when they press them?
  101. Do snipers consider the Coriolis effect?2011/11/03

    Do snipers need to take in to account the Coriolis effect when taking a shot? Plus: what happens if you pee on an electric fence?; and can babies breathe underwater?
  102. Poltergeist phones and period cravings2011/10/27

    Why do some mobile phones ring when they are switched off? And why do many women crave chocolate just before their periods?
  103. Frozen wasps, projecting black and foggy windscreens2011/10/20

    Why do wasps survive being frozen? If black is a shade of light, then how does a projector recreate it? Why does cold air clear a foggy windscreen better than warm air?
  104. Blocking phone signals, vinegar-soothed sunburn and popping a yawn2011/10/13

    Do microwave ovens block mobile phone reception? Will vinegar sooth sunburn? How can you 'pop' a yawn?
  105. Soft copper, blue tyres and compression pants2011/09/22

    Can copper pipes be made hard again after they have been overheated then cooled? Why do new tyres sometimes leave a blue mark on the ground? Do sports compression shorts work?
  106. Farmer's tales, shaved-head hair, and quantum physics and God2011/09/15

    What happens when fruit and vegetables cross-pollinate? Why does my hair appear to grow quicker now I shave my head? Does quantum physics imply the existence of a God?
  107. Clean scars, ear plugs and sobering exercise2011/09/01

    Why don't scars get dirty the same way as the rest of your skin? Do noise-reducing ear plugs damage your ears if you wear them for too long? Can exercising after drinking alcohol help you sober up more quickly?
  108. Green tomatoes, vegans and static shock2011/08/25

    How do you get green tomatoes to ripen quickly? Can people on a vegan diet receive the same amount of nutrients as meat-eaters? Can static shocks through headphones be dangerous?
  109. Itchy ankles, swelling cheeks and bellybutton fluff2011/08/18

    Why do some people get itchy legs when they exercise? Plus: what causes some people's cheeks to swell and tingle while eating cheese? And why is bellybutton fluff always blue?
  110. Seeing spots, white rainbows and ghosts2011/08/11

    Why do some people see thousands of tiny spots when they look up at the sky or a bright light? What causes a white rainbow? And is there any science to explain ghosts?
  111. Space special with NASA astronaut Dr Gregory Chamitoff2011/08/04
  112. Workout music and rumbling stomachs2011/07/28
  113. Upset apples, brain capacity and caffeine sickness2011/07/21
  114. Sunburnt nipples and global warming2011/07/14
  115. Unmoving escalators, circumnavigating ash clouds and orange oranges2011/07/07
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