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The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast

  1. Reconceptualizing Youth Athleticism (Deceleration for Performance and Injury Prevention)2019/01/11

    Audio version with additional commentary for the article "Reconceptualizing Youth Athleticism (Deceleration for Performance and Injury Prevention)." You can read the article here: http://alliedstrength.com/reconceptualizing-youth-athleticism-deceleration-for-performance-and-injury-prevention/
  2. 495: Evolution of Education (Tony Gentilcore)2019/01/09

    (Explicit some PG-13 swears). Tony returns to discuss how we can set a better tone with education, reasons you might still program a back squat, lessons from gym ownership and much more!
  3. 494: What Your Body Needs (Anna Hartman)2019/01/02

    Anna Hartman from MovementRev.com returns to the show to discuss the mental and social impacts of injury, self care for fitness professionals, travel protips, growth through injury and much more!
  4. 493: Opportunity for Growth (w/ Brian Patrick Murphy)2018/12/19

    Brian Patrick Murphy joins Kevin for his exit interview from the fitness industry. His thoughts on where he hopes the industry goes in the near future, his most important lessons, opportunity for growth for professionals and more!
  5. 492: Better Educators (w/ Lou Schuler)2018/12/10
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  6. 491: Looking Forward with Mark Fisher2018/11/29

    Mark Fisher joins me to talk about why he got into the fitness industry, why communities are the future of fitness, the impact of MFF on him and the members, essential education and much more.
  7. 490: Sexual Harassment in the Fitness Industry w/ Molly Galbraith2018/10/22

    Molly Galbraith comes on the show to talk about sexual harassment in the fitness industry and the new 5-day sexual harassment course from girls gone strong.

    You can watch it here: http://go.girlsgonestrong.com/5-day-course-sexual-harassment
  8. 489: Fitness Ethics and Questions w/ Krista Scott Dixon2018/09/20

    Krista Scott-Dixon joins Kevin to discuss fitness professional ethics, how to ask better questions, advice to be a successful fitness professional, compassion and more!
  9. 488: Progression w/ Dr. John Berardi2018/08/14

    Dr. John Berardi returns to the show to talk about the realities of the fitness industry being so young, making effective but sometimes boring basics more exciting, his future and legacy after selling a majority stake in Precision Nutrition and more!
  10. 487: Hope w/ Dan John (Live from Providence: PT 2)2018/07/30

    This is part 2 of the Live Show with Dan John recorded at the Providence Perform Better Summit. You can learn more and make a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Fitness Institute on their website.
  11. 486: Hope w/ Dan John (Live from Providence: PT 1)2018/07/10

    This is part 1 of the Live Show with Dan John recorded at the Providence Perform Better Summit.
  12. 485: Journeys - Episode 1 (Mike Boyle)2018/06/28

    Mike Boyle joins us to share his journey in fitness, how he defines success, the most pivotal moments in his career and the future of the industry and it's professionals.
  13. 484: NSCA Trainer of the Year w/ Chad Landers2018/06/25

    Chad Landers comes on the show to talk about the transformation of William Zabka for Cobrai Kai, his talk on Networking at the Inland Empire Fitness Conference, where we are failing as professionals, being NSCA Training of the Year and more!
  14. 483: Bridging the Gap w/ Sue Falsone2018/06/19

    Sue Falsone joins Kevin to talk about the concept of her new book "Bridging the Gap," improving the injury recovery process, K Tape, pain science, pain killer addiction and much more.
  15. 482: Crossing Over w/ Michael Keeler2018/06/04
  16. 481: The 12th Anniversary w/ Jon Fass and Leigh Peele2018/05/29

    Jon and Leigh return to talk about what they have been thinking about lately.
  17. 480: New Gym Smell w/ Jason and Lauren Pak2018/05/14

    Jason and Lauren Pak join Kevin to talk about where they see the industry going, providing the best experience possible for their clients and members, they experience opening Achieve and more!
  18. 479: Chat at Allied Strength w/ Ted Andrews and Sarah Polacco2018/04/30

    Ted Andrews and Sarah Polacco of Achieve Fitness Boston stop by Allied Strength to chat about their journeys in the fitness industry, returning from major surgery, programming, building communities, how we communicate with the people we are helping and much more.
  19. 478: Practicing Compassion w/ Dan John2018/04/23

    Dan John sits down with Kevin at the PB 1-Day event in Boston to talk about solutions where the fitness industry is failing.
  20. 477: Bought In w/ Brett Bartholomew2018/04/01

    Brett Bartholomew joins Kevin for an super important discussion on communication and coaching. This is an invaluable episode for coaches and personal trainers. There is also a ton of info on personal development as well.
  21. 476: Rebirth w/ Julian Cardoos2018/03/19

    Julian Cardoos, founder of Rebirth Body Transformation joins Kevin to talk about the state of the fitness industry, advice on growing your new gym, dealing with business struggles and more!
  22. 475: Bang Fitness w/ Geoff Girvitz2018/03/06

    Geoff Girvitz returns to discuss the story of Bang Fitness, connecting with clients, really understanding the whys behind training and much more!

    You can provide vital support of The FitCast by becoming a Patreon Supporter at $5/month. It is easy to sign up and helps assure continued weekly production of the show: http://patreon.com/thefitcast
  23. 474: Beyond the Pallof Press w/ John Pallof2018/02/25

    John Pallof joins Kevin to talk about common movement dysfunctions and interventions, compensation patterns to watch out for, a super fascinating discussion on concussion rehab and much more!
  24. 473: Competing Post Competition with Amanda Wheeler2018/02/20

    Amanda Wheeler from Mark Fisher Fitness and Formation Strength joins Kevin to talk group programming, programming systems, considerations for athletes after their competitive career ends and more!
  25. 472: The Price of Rapid Fat Loss w/ Geoff Girvitz and Graham Isador2018/02/05

    Geoff Girvitz and Graham Isador join Kevin to discuss Graham article "I Spent 80 Days Trying to Get Abs and It Ruined My Life" You can read the article on Vice .
  26. 471: Nutrition for a New Year w/ Brian St. Pierre2018/01/23

    Brian St. Pierre from Precision Nutrition comes on to talk about long tern nutrition strategies, nutrition coaching in a group setting, improved energy through nutrition and much more!
  27. 470: State of the Industry 2017 w/ Lou Schuler2018/01/15
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  28. 469: Drinking Hot Cocoa w/ Nancy Newell2018/01/07
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  29. 468: Nutrition Main Event w/ Jason Phillips2017/12/17
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  30. Episode 467: Clients for Life w/ Michael Keeler2017/12/11
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  31. Episode 466: Lift Like a Girl w/ Nia Shanks2017/12/03
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  32. Episode 465: (Live) The Final Blueprint w/ Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset2017/11/26
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  33. Episode 464: Reflecting with Mike Boyle2017/11/19
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  34. Episode 463: Live with Christian Thibaudeau and Dr. John Rusin2017/11/13
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  35. Episode 462: Hanging in the Clubhouse w/ Mark Fisher2017/11/06
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  36. Epsiode 461: STRONGER w/ Frank Nash2017/10/30
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  37. Episode 460: Georgia Dow Changes my Mind2017/10/23
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  38. Episode 459: Trainer Evolution w/ Jon Goodman2017/10/16
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  39. (FIXED) Episode 458: Chilling Outside w/ Max Shank2017/10/09
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  40. Episode 457: Purposeful Strength w/ Sarah Polacco2017/10/02
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  41. Episode 456: 10 Years of CSP w/ Eric Cressey and Pete Dupuis2017/09/25
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  42. Episode 455: Live from Long Beach w/ Jill Coleman and Krista Scott-Dixon (Part II)2017/09/18
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  43. Episode 454: Live from Long Beach w/ Jill Coleman and Krista Scott-Dixon (Part I)2017/09/11
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  44. Episode 453: The Story of the Unicorn w/ Michael Keeler2017/09/04
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  45. Episode 452: Even More Lean Habits w/ Georgie Fear and Roland Fisher2017/08/28
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  46. Episode 451: Entering the Iron Lioness Den w/ Steph Dykstra2017/08/21
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  47. Episode 450: The Next Step w/ Alwyn Cosgrove2017/08/14

    Alwyn Cosgrove returns to the show to talk about whats next in the fitness industry, considerations for opening your first gym, using your fitness in competitions and much more!
  48. Episode 449: Catching Up w/ Mike Roussell2017/08/07

    Mike Rouseell comes back on the show to share his knowledge on nutrition coaching, educating ourselves and our clients, the question he wish he got asked and much more!
  49. Episode 448: Why Me Want Eat w/ Krista Scott-Dixon2017/07/31

    Krista Scott-Dixon joins Kevin to talk about her new book "Why Me Want Eat," strategies for changing eating habits, considerations for athletics and much more!
  50. Episode 447: The Next Best w/ Dos Remedios and Josh Henkin2017/07/24

    Dos Remedies and Josh Henkin join Kevin to talk about the optimizing our training sessions, go to exercises to maximize mobility and strength, where the industry is going and more!
  51. Episode 446: LIVE from Providence w/ Coach Stevo and Pete Dupuis (Part 2)2017/07/17

    We are LIVE from Providence, RI for part 2 of this special event with guests Pete Dupuis of Cressey Sports Performance and Steven Ledbetter of Betterish.co.
  52. Episode 445: LIVE from Providence w/ Coach Stevo and Pete Dupuis (Part 1)2017/07/11

    We are LIVE from Providence, RI for part 1 of this special event with guests Pete Dupuis of Cressey Sports Performance and Steven Ledbetter of Betterish.co.
  53. Episode 444: Rebound w/ Meghan Callaway2017/07/03

    Meghan Callaway joins Kevin to talk about women in the fitness industry, keeping training fun and competitive, rebounding from major trauma and more!
  54. Episode 443: Define Your Passion w/ Bedros Keuilian2017/06/26

    Bedros Keuilian comes on the show to talk about the future of the fitness industry, personal development, the fitness business, the question he wished he was asked and more!
  55. Episode 442: Total Performance w/ Taylor Lewis2017/06/19

    Taylor Lewis of the Academy of Total Performance and the Cystic Fibrosis Fitness Institute joins me to talk about training from general population to the pros, his work with CF patients, PRI implementation and more!
  56. Episode 441: JFass LIVE! (May 2017 Live Show Preview)2017/06/12

    Dr. Jonathan Fass joins Kevin for the first monthly Patreon Live show. In this episode we discuss providing the best possible client and patient experience, best practices for helping others succeed with their goals, the 2017 Pain Summit and more!
  57. Episode 440: Lift the Bar w/ Chris Burgess2017/06/05

    Chris Burgess from Lift the Bar joins Kevin to talk about his incredible journey in the fitness industry, how to be a better communicator and educator, tons of business information and much more!
  58. Episode 439: Future of Medicine w/ Dr. Spencer Nadolsky2017/05/29

    Dr. Spencer Nadolsky returns to the show to talk about his new gig with SteadyMD.com/lifting, how we can have better discussions with clients and coaches, the resurgence of ketogenic diets, sugar addiction BS and more!
  59. [FF] Episode 3: Georgia Dow (Mental Health and Coaching)2017/05/25

    Georgia Dow comes on The FitCast Focused to discus daily practices for mental health self care, old school vs new school coaching practices, how to better manage stress and more!
  60. Episode 438: Uncomfortable Experience w/ Georgia Dow2017/05/22

    Georgia Dow returns to the show to talk about getting better at being uncomfortable, how to have better conversations, mindfulness, situation specific solutions and much more!
  61. [FF] Episode 2: Steven Ledbestter (Getting Better at Getting Better at Things)2017/05/17

    The second of three Patreon Preview episodes of The FitCast Focused. Steven Ledbetter joins me to talk about how we can get better at getting better at things.
  62. Episode 437: Business Bench Pressing w/ Pete Dupuis2017/05/15

    Pete Dupuis comes on the show for maybe the best fitness business and career development talk I have ever heard. Do not miss this if you are int he industry or care about self development and management.
  63. (Patreon Preview) [FF] Episode 1: Leigh Peele (Evolution of Diet and Nutrition)2017/05/09

    Leigh Peele goes in depth on how she game plans for diet and nutrition including how to assess the needs of yourself and your clients.
  64. Episode 436: Plans w/ Karen McDowell Smith2017/05/08

    Karen McDowell Smith comes on the show to talk about her journey into the fitness world, becoming the first female SFG Master coach, planning for success and much more!
  65. Episode 435: From the Berry to the Apple w/ Rog Law2017/05/02

    Rog Law returns to the show to talk about moving to NYC to work at Mark Fisher Fitness, what he has observed as a new comer to MFF, his music rivalry with BPM and much more!
  66. The Big FitCast Announcement (May 1, 2017)2017/05/01

    Kevin discusses the big changes coming to The FitCast and the Patreon Content.
  67. Episode 434: Love Yourself w/ Erin Brown2017/04/24

    Erin Brown returns to the show to talk about Nasty Women Radio, where to start loving who you are, avoiding negative social loops, yoga and much more!
  68. Episode 433: Conscious Coaching w/ Brett Bartholomew2017/04/17

    Brett Bartholomew returns to the show to talk about his new book "Conscious Coaching."
  69. Episode 432: Excellent Adventure w/ Dr. Jonathan Fass and Leigh Peele2017/04/10

    Dr. Jonathan Fass and Leigh Peele return to the show to discuss their latest thoughts in the fields of nutrition, rehab and training.
  70. Episode 431: Now What? w/ Dan John2017/04/03

    Kevin begins the episode discussing some upcoming changes to the Patreon support and exclusive content. Dan John returns to discuss our role in health care, showing up, community, programming, preparing for the journey, his new book “Now What?” And much more!
  71. Episode 430: Progressing the Industry w/ Lindsey Heiserman2017/03/27

    Lindsey Heiserman come on to discuss her article on the PrecisionNutrition.com Blog, behavioral coaching, women in the industry and much more!
  72. Episode 429: What's Next w/ Dr. John Berardi (Part II)2017/03/20

    Part II of my interview with Dr. John Berardi. JB answers some questions from the audience and has helps me answer my big question from 2016.
  73. Episode 428: What's Next w/ Dr. John Berardi (Part I)2017/03/14

    Dr. John Berardi returns to discuss the "Pause Button Mentality" of dieting, career paths, where the fitness industry and it's demands are going and much more!
  74. Episode 427: Better Today w/ Coach Stevo2017/03/06
    Coach Stevo of Habitry and the Bettercast returns to the show to discuss how we can improve ourselves and the way that we help others.
  75. Episode 426: You and Your Hormones w/ Ali Gilbert2017/02/27
    Ali Gilbert comes on the show to talk about hormones, how you can monitor them, common treatments and much more!
  76. Episode 425: The Bigness Project w/ Jen Sinkler and Kourtney Thomas2017/02/20
    Jen Sinkler and Kourtney Thomas join me to talk about hypertrophy training, programming, recovery, mindset, and much more!
  77. Episode 424: Past, Present and Future w/ Craig Ballantyne2017/02/13
    Craig Ballantyne returns to the show to talk about how his programming mindset has evolved since the start of Turbulence Training, when the industry is going, thoughts on millennials, advice on maximizing your potential and much more!
  78. Episode 423: Live Stories w/ Jill Coleman2017/02/06
    Jill Coleman is back on the show to discuss fitness and nutrition while traveling, balancing nutrition, building personal brand, some of her favorite recent books and much more!
  79. Episode 422: Pro Coaching w/ Krista Scott Doxion2017/01/30
    Krista Scott Dixon of Precision Nutrition returns to the show to discuss coaching empathy, changing client negative self talk, what to do for clients that have "no time," better goal setting and more! Also I talk briefly about my departure from MBSC and CFSC.
  80. Episode 421: Physical Autonomy w/ Ryan Hurst2017/01/23
    Ryan Hurst of GMB Fitness joins Kevin to talk about physical autonomy, how his background as a gymnast and martial artist influenced his methodologies, body control movement implementation and much more!
  81. Episode 420: New Beginnings with Mark Fisher2017/01/16
    Mark Fisher returns to talk about his favorite books of 2016, lessons learned int he last year, opening up a second facility in NYC, business of fitness, self development and much more! Also I briefly talk about my departure from MBSC and CFSC.
  82. Episode 419: Achieve w/ Jason and Lauren Pak2017/01/09
    Jason and Lauren Pak of Achieve Fitness Boston join Kevin to discuss their journey into the industry and to how the got to where they are today as gym operators. Along the way we discuss how they are helping put their clients into the best possible position for success.
  83. Episode 418: As Is w/ Erin Brown2017/01/02
    Erin Brown joins Kevin to talk about empathy, learning how to communicate with those you are trying to help, finding happiness where you are at and much more!
  84. Episode 417: MovementREV w/ Anna Hartman2016/12/26
    Anna Hartman of MovementREV joins Kevin to talk about warming up for performance, breathing, rock mats, resting postures, dealing with the stresses of travel and much more!
  85. Episode 416: Turning the Tables w/ Kevin Larrabee2016/12/19
    Brian Patrick Murphy guest hosts this week to turn the tables on Kevin to discuss the influences of the guests, the journey weaved through The FitCast, his vision for the fitness industry, where the show began, where it is going and more!
  86. Episode 415: Positive End to 2016 w/ Georgia Dow2016/12/12
    Georgia Dow returns to talk about SAD, avoiding over shopping, holiday stress, strategies to address mental stress and more!
  87. Episode 414: The Long Road w/ Tony Gentilcore2016/12/05
    Tony returns to talk about things we should be doing in the gym but aren't, opening up a new facility, balancing the facets of being a fitness professional, programming considerations and more!
  88. Episode 413: Ninja Gaiden II w/ Geoff Hemingway and Harold Gibbons2016/11/28
    Geoff Hemingway and Harold Gibbons of Mark Fisher Fitness join Kevin to talk about changing your lives and the lives of others. And we discuss what makes MFF so special.
  89. Episode 412: Searching for Solutions w/ Coach Stevo2016/11/22
    Coach Stevo is back for what may be my favorite episodes of the year. All about what the latest research is telling us when it comes to behavior change, communities, helping people and more!
  90. Episode 411: The Retreat with Artemis and Lisa2016/11/14
    Artemis Scantalides and Lisa Lewis are both here to talk about the psychology of fitness, the fitness industry, programming, training women and much more!
  91. Episode 410: The Journey w/ Molly Galbraith2016/11/07
    Molly Galbraith returns to the show to talk about effectively communicating with the people you are trying to help, fat loss experts, loving our bodies, the future of Girls Gone Strong and more!
  92. Episode 409: Life and Prep w/ Julia Ladewski2016/11/02
    Julia Ladewski joins Kevin to talk about competing in physique and strength competitions, goal setting, strategies for adherence, programming, and much more!
  93. Episode 408: Integrity in Fitness w/ Chris Flo2016/10/24
    Chris Flo joins Kevin to talk about Animal Flow, implementing more movement and mobility into your life, finding your path in the fitness industry, and much more!
  94. Episode 407: Recover Like a Pro with Dr. John Rusin2016/10/17
    Dr. John Rusin joins Kevin to talk recovery, hypertrophy, programming, pain free training, separating yourself from the rest of the fitness field and more!
  95. Episode 406: The Psychology of Fitness w/ Lisa Lewis (Part II)2016/10/10
    Lisa Lewis is back to go in depth on the psychology of fitness and nutrition including behavior change, the mental obstacles in the way, and much more!
  96. Episode 405: Knowledge Accountability w/ Brian Patrick Murphy2016/10/06
    Brian Patrick Murphy returns to talk about strategies for maximum success, utilizing an overwhelming amount of knowledge, game plans to help ourselves and others, and much more!
  97. Episode 404: Sunday Coffee and Movement with Kevin Carr2016/09/27
    Kevin Carr returns to the show to talk about prioritizing mobility, programming, staying fit while traveling, the evolution of MBSC, recent books, and more!
  98. Episode 403: The Psycology of Fitness w/ Lisa Lewis2016/09/19
    Lisa Lewis comes on to talk about the psychological boundaries in the way of us reaching our goals and strategies to overcome them.
  99. Episode 402: A Gripping Conversation with Max Shank2016/09/12
    Max Shank joins Kevin for an in-depth discussion on programming for strength, taking care of yourself, strength endurance, finding your priorities, and more!
  100. Episode 401: Essentialism w/ Greg McKeown2016/09/05
    Greg McKeown, author of "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less" joins Kevin for an incredible discussion on one of Kevin's favorite books. Must listen for everyone no matter what you do in life.
  101. Episode 400: Past, Present and Future w/ Dan John2016/08/29
    Dan John returns for Episode 400. For life and training, this is required listening for everyone.
  102. Episode 399: What's Next w/ Alwyn Cosgrove2016/08/22
    Alwyn Cosgrove returns to the show to talk about anniversaries, where the industry is going, what we are missing when trying to help people and much more.
  103. Episode 398: Purpose, Sleep, and a Plan w/ Georgia Dow2016/08/15
    Georgia Dow joins Kevin to go in depth on sleep issues, getting over fear, behavior change, finding purpose, helping through content, and more!
  104. Episode 397: Finding Your Inner Unicorn w/ Mark Fisher2016/08/08
    Mark Fisher returns to talk about finding your inner motivation, lessons learned in the fitness industry, how to motivate people that do not like fitness/nutrition, and much more!
  105. Episode 396: Evolution of Movement w/ Michael Mullin2016/08/01
    Michael Mullin comes on to talk about to discuss programming warm ups, PRI, the evolution of his teaching methods, and more!
  106. Episode 395: Coaches Coaching Coaches w/ Krista Scott-Dixon2016/07/25
    Krista Scott-Dixon returns to talk with Kevin about successful behavior change that actually works. Kevin has been working with her the last 10 weeks and they discuss what they have observed and discovered.
  107. Episode 394: Programming Adult Performance w/ Dos Remedios2016/07/18
    Dos Remedies comes back on to talk about programming for Adult Performance, the changing demands of the fitness population, Nike Fitness, the annual Long Beach Pub Crawl for Pups, and more!
  108. Episode 393: Figuring Out Nutrition w/ Ashley Palmer2016/07/11
    Ashley Palmer joins Kevin to talk about how she helps clients prep for success with their nutrition, eating habits, sleep, and more!
  109. Episode 392: Filtering the Information w/ Adam Bornstein2016/07/04
    Adam Bornstein comes on to talk about curating and filtering the flood of fitness and nutrition information we are constantly hit with, lessons learned from writing, trends in the industry, training, running a business you can be proud of and more!
  110. Episode 391: Two Years Later w/ Mike Reinold2016/06/27
    Mike Reinold joins Kevin to talk about opening up his facility, building programming for the general population, the rise of shoulder issues and injuries in young athletes, and more!
  111. Episode 390: Not Afraid to Lift w/ Artemis Scantalides2016/06/20
  112. Episode 389: What is Your Why? w/ Mike Boyle2016/06/13
  113. Episode 388: Getting Old and Strong w/ Greg Robins2016/06/06
  114. Episode 387: An Afternoon with Krista Scott-Dixon (Part II)2016/05/31
  115. Episode 386: An Afternoon with Krista Scott-Dixon (Part I)2016/05/23
  116. Episode 385: Gameplan for Precision Nutrition w/ Brian St. Pierre2016/05/16
  117. Episode 384: Inclusivity w/ Dave Dellanave2016/05/09
  118. Episode 383: More Lean Habits w/ Georgie Fear2016/05/02
  119. Episode 382: Taking Action w/ Brett Bartholomew2016/04/27
  120. FitCast Network Announcement2016/04/25
  121. Episode 381: Final Fantasy w/ John Romaniello2016/04/22
  122. Episode 380: The Gynecomastia Story w/ Lou Schuler2016/04/01
  123. Episode 379: Finding Answers w/ Rog Law2016/03/19
  124. Episode 378: Lean Habits w/ Georgie Fear2016/03/12
  125. Episode 377: Making Waves w/ Molly Galbraith2016/03/11
  126. Episode 376: The Perfect 7 with Max Shank2016/03/09
  127. Episode 375: Morning Session w/ Georgia Dow2016/03/02
  128. Episode 374: Ninja Meditation w/ Mark Fisher2016/02/24
  129. Episode 373: The Fat Loss Prescription w/ Spencer Nadolsky2016/02/17
  130. Episode 372: The Perfect Day Formula w/ Craig Ballantyne2016/02/10
  131. Episode 371: One Layer Deeper w/ Josh Hillis2016/02/05
  132. Episode 370: Episode 369: Your Best Year Ever Pt 2 w/ Jill Coleman2016/01/30
  133. Episode 369: Episode 369: Your Best Year Ever Pt 1 w/ Rog Law2016/01/28
  134. Episode 368: What Do You Want w/ Georgia Dow2016/01/13
  135. Episode 367: Unapologetically Powerful w/ Jen Sinkler and JVB2016/01/07
  136. Episode 366: Smarter, Not Harder w/ Josh Henkin2015/12/29
  137. Episode 365: Before We Go w/ Dan John2015/12/16
  138. Episode 364: Debate Intermission w/ Jonathan Fass2015/12/10
  139. Episode 362: What You Want w/ Leigh Peele2015/12/01
  140. Episode 361: Honeymoon w/ Brian Patrick Murphy2015/11/12
  141. Episode 363: Tony Gentilcore's New Adventure2015/11/03
  142. Episode 360: Strong w/ Lou Schuler2015/11/03
  143. Episode 359: Fast Five w/ Georgia Down2015/10/30
  144. Episode 358: Remodeled w/ Jessi Kneeland2015/10/20
  145. Episode 357: Roadtrip to a Better Life w/ Rog Law2015/10/12
  146. Episode 356: Episode 356: Make my Workout with Jen Sinkler and Jill Coleman2015/10/05
  147. Episode 355: Your Best Lift w/ Brian patrick Murphy2015/09/30
  148. Episode 354: Honesty Before Positivity w/ Mike Boyle2015/09/25
  149. Episode 353: Complete Program Design w/ Dos Remedios2015/09/09
  150. Episode 352: The Finish Line w/ Nick Winkleman2015/09/04
  151. Episode 351: Surviving the Storm w/ Artemis Scantalides2015/09/01
  152. Episode 350: Non Stop Fat Loss and Ice Cream w/ Dan John and Brendon Rearick2015/08/24
  153. Episode 349: Eat, Sleep, Armbar, Repeat w/ Georgia Dow2015/08/17
  154. Episode 348: A Better Way to Help w/ Brett Bartholomew2015/08/11
  155. Episode 347: The Evolving Diet with Brian St. Pierre2015/08/04
  156. Episode 346: Maximum Potential w/ Max Shank2015/07/29
  157. Episode 345: Build your Community and Habits w/ Coach Stevo2015/07/23
  158. Episode 344: Fitness Business Outsider w/ Pete Dupuis2015/07/13
  159. Episode 343: Trilogies w/ Georgia Dow2015/06/29
  160. Episode 342: Extra Time w/ Lori Lindsey2015/06/23
  161. Episode 341: In the Lab w/ Brad Schoenfeld2015/06/18
  162. Episode 340: Can You Go? w/ Dan John2015/06/08
  163. Episode 339: Strength Strategies w/ Kevin Carr2015/06/05
  164. Episode 338: Back to School w/ Jon Goodman2015/05/22
  165. Episode 337: Fit Body and Mind w/ Georgia Dow2015/05/19
  166. Episode 336: On Tour w/ Jill Coleman2015/05/10
  167. Episode 335: Nutrition Kryptonite w/ Brian St. Pierre2015/05/03
  168. Episode 333: Dry Needling Badass w/ Sue Falsone2015/04/07
  169. Episode 332: High Performance Parent w/ Eric Cressey2015/03/31
  170. Episode 331: The Ninja Inside w/ Mark Fisher2015/03/31
  171. Announcement on Future FitCast Content2015/03/26
  172. Episode 330: Examining Supplement Research2015/03/17
  173. Episode 329: Redefining Fitness w/ Brendon Rearick (Part III)2015/03/16
  174. Episode 328: Lift Weights Faster 2 w/ Jen Sinkler2015/03/06
  175. Episode 327: Redefining Fitness w/ Brendon Rearick (Part II)2015/03/03
  176. Episode 326: Redefining Fitness w/ Brendon Rearick (Part I)2015/02/27
  177. Episode 325: Applying it all with Connor Ryan2015/02/24
  178. Episode 324: Building the Base with Greg Robins2015/02/18
  179. Episode 323: Hormones and Pancakes with Jen Comas2015/02/06
  180. Episode 322: All the Motivation with Steven Ledbetter2015/01/20
  181. Epsiode 321: The Lean Muscle Diet with Alan Aragon and Lou Schuler2015/01/01
  182. Episode 320: Ultimate Athleticism w/ Max Shank2014/12/30
  183. Episode 319: Fat Loss Happens on Monday2014/12/22
  184. Episode 318: Intro to PRI w/Mike Mullin (Part II)2014/12/14
  185. Episode 317: Pain Science w/ Jon Fass (Part II)2014/12/12
  186. Episode 316: Breaking Binge Eating w/ Nia Shanks2014/12/05
  187. Episode 315: Joy of Lifting w/ Joy Victoria2014/11/24
  188. Episode 314: At the Weight Room w/ Tony Gentilcore2014/11/17
  189. Episode 313: Pain Science w/ Jon Fass2014/11/13
  190. Episode 312: Intro to PRI w/ Michael Mullin2014/11/02
  191. Episode 311: The Return of Leigh Peele (Part II)2014/10/26
  192. Episode 310: The Return of Leigh Peele (Part I)2014/10/13
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The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast
The FitCast is a weekly fitness and nutrition oriented show hosted by Kevin Larrabee. Each episode Kevin interviews the best experts in the field.

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