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Berean Bible Church

  1. Dangers Within Preterism Pt 22019/03/10
    Preterism has attracted many salvation plans, because it rallies around eschatology instead of biblical theology.
  2. Dangers Within Preterism Pt 12019/03/03
    Preterism is an eschatology, one of many, it is not a denomination, but it seems to have become that. It has become a denomination where the only doctrine that matters is eschatology.
  3. Free Will?2019/02/24
    What is it that determines the will? If the will is not causative, then what is it that causes you to make a choice?
  4. Gleanings in Revelation 1-11 (Michael Sullivan)2019/02/17
    Revelation is about revealing, not hiding. What are some clear things found in 1-11?
  5. Follow Me (John 21:15-25)2019/02/10
    To follow Christ is to imitate Him, which is to imitate God. Believers, this is our calling. We are to follow Christ so that we might show Christ to the world.
  6. Fishing with Yeshua (John 21:1-14)2019/02/03
    The Apostles go fishing and have another encounter with the risen Christ while on the sea.
  7. Believing You May Have Life (John 20:30-31)2019/01/27
    Thomas believed after seeing, but blessed are those who believe without seeing.
  8. Yeshua, My Yahweh (John 20:19-29)2019/01/20
    When Thomas finally meets the risen Christ, his remarks are very telling.
  9. Mary Meets the Risen Christ (John 20:11-18)2019/01/13
    A look at the encounter of Mary when she arrives at the tomb and meets her risen Lord.
  10. The Empty Tomb (John 20:1-10)2019/01/06
    As the women came to the tomb, they found it empty. An examination of the events that followed.
  11. Spending Time with Yahweh2018/12/30
    Reading the Bible frequently and entirely is the ehortation, and here three men from the church discuss their private reading and study tools to help you get a plan going.
  12. Yahweh Became Man: Christmas Traditions Reviewed2018/12/23
    Many people scream that we have to keep Christ in Christmas, but when you look at Christmas traditions, how much of it is really Christ centric?
  13. Killing Yeshua Pt 2 (John 19:19-30)2018/12/16
    A look at the who, how and why of the steps involved with the burial of Yeshua.
  14. Killing Yeshua Pt 2 (John 19:19-30)2018/12/09
    A look at the crucifixion, what it was, how it took place in that culture, and why Christ went to the cross to begin with.
  15. Killing Yeshua (John 19:16-18)2018/12/02
    A look at the crucifixion, what it was, how it took place in that culture, and why Christ went to the cross to begin with.
  16. Was the Parousia Delayed? Responding to Christopher Hayes2018/11/25
    A brief critical response to the book 'When the Son of Man Didn't Come' by Christopher Hays showing how his explanation falls short of biblical standards.
  17. Pilate Judges Yeshua (John 19:1-16)2018/11/18
    Pilate tries to release Yeshua, but the crowds call for the release of a man who has committed murder in his struggle against Rome, while condemning a man falsely accused of being a danger to Rome.
  18. Grace Through Injustice (John 18:28-40)2018/11/11
    Does injustice bother you? Does it make you furious when law enforcement or courts of law are unjust? The trial of Christ that we are looking at was unjust, He was innocent, yet condemned to death.
  19. Putting Yahweh on Trial Pt 2 (John 18:24)2018/11/04
    When Yeshua was brought before the court, there was so much going on, and all of it was part of the plan of Yahweh as foretold by the prophets.
  20. Putting Yahweh on Trial (John 18:12-27)2018/10/28
    When Yeshua was brought before the court, there was so much going on, and all of it was part of the plan.
  21. Arresting Yahweh (John 18:1-11)2018/10/21
    The soldiers and leaders come to arrest Yeshua in the garden, and met up with a bit more than they were expecting.
  22. Eternal Punishment Pt 3: Immortality and Hell2018/10/14
    Does man have an immortal soul that will live on 'somewhere' after death? Does this view necessitate the teaching of eternal conscious torment in hell for the unrighteous?
  23. Eternal Punishment Pt 2: Luke 16 and Hell (Matthew 5:21-30)2018/10/07
    Does the story of Lazarus and the rich man teach us about the afterlife? A story about heaven and hell?
  24. Eternal Punishment Pt 1: Hell? No (Matthew 5:21-30)2018/09/30
    The doctrine of hell has many flavors, but what does the Bible say in comparison to what church tradition has propagated?
  25. From Babylon to Jubilees (Daniel 9:24-27)2018/09/23
    Michael Sullivan discusses Daniel
  26. Calling on Yahweh (Romans 10:11-13)2018/09/16
    This is the section of Romans that originally challenged me, causing me to switch from saying Jesus to calling Him Yeshua.
  27. Image Bearers2018/09/09
    God created man in his image - we are image bearers of Yahweh. What does that mean and how should we live accordingly?
  28. The Typology of Israel2018/09/02
    The Bible is full of types and antitypes, and if you fail to understand how that works, you miss out on quite a lot of significance in the story.
  29. Rethinking the Cross (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2018/08/26
    The symbol and meaning of the cross have been msunderstood and blurred by the modern church. Let's look at the ancient understandings.
  30. Yeshua Prays for Us! Pt 2 (John 17:23-26)2018/08/19
    Yeshua is praying for those who will believe in Him. This includes us! Yeshua is praying for us, and in this prayer we will see some amazing things.
  31. Yeshua Prays for Us! Pt 1 (John 17:20-22)2018/08/12
    Yeshua is praying for those who will believe in Him. This includes us! Yeshua is praying for us, and in this prayer we will see some amazing things.
  32. Holy Father, Keep Them (John 17:11-19)2018/08/05
    Jewish tradition declared that God had consecrated (sanctified) Israel, separating them from the rest of the world, by giving them His Law. Here God was consecrating His Church by giving them His Son, the Word.
  33. Yeshua Doesn't Pray for the World (John 17:6-11)2018/07/29
    Yeshua doesn't give eternal life to all without exception? He only gives eternal life to 'the given.' The Lord Yeshua has sovereign authority to give life and He gives life to those to whom the Father has given to Him.
  34. The Given (John 17:1-5)2018/07/22
    Yeshua doesn't give eternal life to all without exception? He only gives eternal life to 'the given.' The Lord Yeshua has sovereign authority to give life and He gives life to those to whom the Father has given to Him.
  35. Take Heart, I Have Overcome the World (John 16:23-33)2018/07/15
    Christ has been, up to this part, instructing and warning his disciples, now he is seeking to give them some comfort in all of this.
  36. Where is My Hope? (Titus 2:13)2018/07/08
    One of the most common responses when someones espouses preterism, is that it takes away the Christian's hope. But does it take it away, or fulfill it?
  37. The Imminent "Not Yet" of the Kingdom and Parousia2018/07/01
    Many, if not most, modern teachers use an already/not yet understanding to explain Bible prophecy. But if the not yet is imminent to the original heaeres, what then?
  38. What is a "Little While"? (John 16:16-22)2018/06/24
    Timing statements in the Bible seem to have no affect on how people interpret the timing of prophesied events, but should they? What does Yeshua mean when He says a "little while" in this section?
  39. Spirit Guidance Pt 2 (John 16:13)2018/06/17
    How does the Spirit guide Christians, and if Christians have the Spirit, why is there still so much division and different teachings on Scripture?
  40. Spirit Guidance Pt 1 (John 16:5-12)2018/06/10
    How does the Spirit guide Christians, and is the Spirit needed to properly and fully understand the biblical text?
  41. Convicting the World (John 16:4-11)2018/06/03
    Yeshua says the Spirit will come to convict the world, but how does that look in action?
  42. Don't Get Burned (John 15:5-6)2018/05/27
    Yeshua says to his disciples that they are to abode or burn, but what does he mean by burn?
  43. The Cost of Discipleship (John 15:26-16:4a)2018/05/20
    Why does God allow Christians to suffer? What is its purpose in our lives? I'm sure we could find several reasons why God has his people suffer.
  44. The World Hates You (John 15:18-25)2018/05/13
    Why does the world hate us? It's because we are not like them. Like Yeshua we are not of the world.
  45. You Did Not Choose Me (John 15:12-17)2018/05/06
    The Scriptures are abundantly clear that God both chooses us for salvation and also sovereignly determines our spiritual abilities and station in life.
  46. Heaven and Earth Passed Away2018/04/29
    2 Peter speaks of the Apostles awaiting the arrival of a New Heavens and New Earth, and elsewhere we are told of the passing of heaven and Earth. What would these statements mean to the first century hearers who this was originally written to?
  47. Abiding In His Love (John 15:7-11)2018/04/15
    The more you abide in the presence of Christ, the more fruitful you become. The more you focus on Christ, the more fruitful you become. The more you focus on yourself, the less fruitful you become.
  48. The Salvation of All Israel (Romans 11:25-26)2018/04/08
    Yeshua identifies Himself, not Judah/Israel, as the genuine 'True Vine.' So what happened to old Israel, physical Israel, the unfaithful vine?
  49. Abiding or Burning? (John 15:1-6)2018/04/01
    Those who don't abide in Christ are burned. What does that mean? Hell?
  50. I AM the True Vine (John 15:1)2018/03/25
    What would Christ's hearers have understood it to me when he claimed to be the vine?
  51. Inspiration and the Second Coming2018/03/18
    What does the Bible say about Christ's second coming, and if it is inspired, can it be trusted?
  52. The Father is Greater Than I (John 14:28)2018/03/11
    Some people are prone to say 'Jesus never claimed to be on the same level as Almighty God.' Anyone who says that doesn't know the Bible.
  53. Love Obeys (John 14:22-31)2018/03/04
    Who is it that loves the Lord? It is the person who has and obeys the Lord's commands.
  54. Yeshua Promises the Spirit (John 14:15-21)2018/02/25
    Despite what some commentators might says, loving Christ and keeping His commandments are NOT the conditions for the gift of the Spirit. The Spirit is promised to ALL believers not to a special group of believers who have met certain conditions.
  55. Yeshua Wasn't Talking to You! (John 14:12-14)2018/02/18
    All of the New Testament was written before AD 70. So since all of the Bible was finished, being written two thousand years ago, how can any of it be written to you? It cannot!
  56. A Blank Check for Prayer? (John 14:8-14)2018/02/11
    What could Christ mean when he said 'if you ask me anything in my name, I will do it' to his disciples?
  57. The Only Way to Heaven (John 14:1-7)2018/02/04
    Is there any other way or means to salvation expect through Yeshua of Nazareth? NO! There is no way except Yeshua
  58. A New Commandment (John 13:31-38)2018/01/28
    What exactly is this 'new commandment' and is it really new?
  59. The Betrayer (John 13:21-30)2018/01/21
    We know Judas is the betrayer, but his fellow disciples, who served alongside him for years never suspected it.
  60. Scripture Will Be Fulfilled (John 13:18-20)2018/01/14
    If Judas did what he did so Scripture could be fulfilled as the verses say, could his actions have been avoided?
  61. Jesus: Firstborn & Begotten Son of God2017/12/31
    Do the terms firstborn and begotten mean Christ had a creation/birth/origin date? Is He the first created of Yahweh as some imply, or do these terms have another meaning?
  62. Christ and Christmas (Luke 1:26-38)2017/12/24
    What exactly do people mean when they say Christ is the reason for the season? What is the significance of Dec. 25th?
  63. Why Yeshua Washes Feet (John 13:12-17)2017/12/17
    The upper room discourse contains this washing of feet event, what all does this signify and why does Yeshua perform this task?
  64. Yeshua Washes Feet (John 13:2-11)2017/12/10
    The upper room discourse contains this washing of feet event, what all does this signify?
  65. The Last Supper (John 13:1)2017/12/03
    There is much debate and confusion over what meal Christ was having here, compared to the synoptic gospels. Is there a contradiction?
  66. End of the World? (Hebrews 1:10-14)2017/11/26
    Does the Bible speak of the end of the world? Everyone seems to think so, but could they be wrong?
  67. Scared to Confess Him (John 12:43-50) Pt 22017/11/19
    Members of the Sanhedrin were probably in a position to put a stop to the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of our Lord, but they didn't and they didn't even confess Him.
  68. Faith Alone or Faith Plus Works? (John 12:37-42) Pt 22017/11/12
    Faith alone or works included, the age old discussion continues as long as people miss the point.
  69. Unbelieving Believers (John 12:37-42)2017/11/05
    How can Lazarus say no one believed then turn around and say that indeed some did believe?
  70. Lifted Up and Drawing All Men (John 12:27-36)2017/10/29
    What does it mean for Christ to be lifted up, and who are these 'all men' that are lifted up?
  71. Dying to Live (John 12:20-26)2017/10/22
    The "others" are different from Israel. When Yahweh gathered together the tribes of Israel, He also gathered in non-Israelites, Gentiles, you and me.
  72. The Tragic Entry (John 12:12-19)2017/10/15
    So, as Yeshua was riding along the road, the crowds were shouting, "Save us! Save us now!" Save them from what?
  73. Why the Waste? (John 12:1-11)2017/10/08
    Mary pours very expensive perfume on Christ, why would she waste so much money in that manner?
  74. Resurrection Ramifications (John 11:45-57)2017/10/01
    How would the witnesses to the raising of Lazarus have understood the significance of such a miracle?
  75. Dead Man Rising (John 11:34-44)2017/09/24
    Lazarus has been dead 4 days - whats the significance? And how big of a deal is the resurrection of Lazarus for his audience?
  76. I AM the Resurrection (John 11:17-33)2017/09/17
    Christ claims to be the resurrection, but what does that mean to his hearers?
  77. Lazarus Has Died! (John 11:1-16)2017/09/10
    Lazarus, the only one mentioned in Scripture as being love by Christ; so why did Christ wait to go to him when he was sick?
  78. You Are Gods! Pt 2 - Psalm 82 and the Divinity of Christ (John 10:31-42)2017/09/03
    How does Christ use of, and his contemporaries understanding of the council mentioned in Psalm 82 affect the interpretation of the verses? How does he use Psalm 82 to argue for his divinity?
  79. You Are Gods! Pt 1 - Psalm 82 and the Divine Council (John 10:31-42)2017/08/27
    If Psalm 82 is about human judges as most commentators claim, then why would Christ quote it as proof of his divinity?
  80. His Sheep Never Perish (John 10:22-30)2017/08/20
    How can Christ say His sheep never perish, if they have the free will to leave the fold at any time?
  81. The Revelation (Pt 2): The Judgment of Israel2017/08/13
    While most assume Revelation is about the end of planet Earth, it actually never speaks on such a topic. So what does it teach?
  82. The Revelation (Pt 1): Soon Coming of Christ2017/08/06
    For a book written specifically to reveal, it sure is one that people have missed the message of. When was it written, and why?
  83. I AM the Shepherd (John 10:11-21)2017/07/30
    Christ says He is the Shepherd, yet the Bible tells us Yahweh is the Shepherd - what are we to make of this claim?
  84. The Door to Abundant Life (John 10:7-10))2017/07/23
    The Bible says Christ came to give life more abundantly, but what are we to make of that promise?
  85. The Sovereign Shepherd (John 10:1-6))2017/07/16
    This is the first time in the Gospel of John that the topic of shepherding is addressed. This text is the closest thing in the Fourth Gospel to a parable.
  86. A Future Bodily Return (Acts 1:9-11)2017/07/09
    Most futurists would use Acts 1:11 as a proof text to say that Christ has not yet returned in His second coming, but is that what it tells us?
  87. Rethinking Jesus (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2017/07/02
    How archaeological discoveries have altered the thinking on the Bible and the historic Jesus.
  88. The Faithfulness of God (Stephen Temple)2017/06/25
    When it comes to salvation and the covenant, Yahweh was indeed faithful in his promises to both Israel and the pagan nations.
  89. I Am the One (John 9:8-41)2017/06/18
    The man born blind who was healed by Jesus has to give an account to the leaders.
  90. The Light Brings Sight (John 9:1-7)2017/06/11
    Looking at some of the often overlooked but key points in the story of Yeshua healing the man blind from birth.
  91. Satan, Watchers, Nephilim and Demons2017/06/04
    On overview of what the Bible says about the spiritual world, Satan, the Watchers, the Nephilim and Demons.
  92. The Sun Will Be Darkened (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2017/05/28
    A brief introduction to the symbolism of cosmic destruction within judgment and apocalyptic Scripture.
  93. Abraham Rejoices in Yeshua (John 8:45-59)2017/05/21
    What Yahweh said to Abram was not 'count the stars,' but to 'recount or tell' the stars. There was a story in the stars, and Yahweh wanted Abram to take note of it.
  94. The Fatherhood of Satan (John 8:39-44)2017/05/14
    What does Yeshua mean by saying that 'they are of their father the devil'? How is Satan their father?
  95. Yahweh's Vineyard (Matthew 21:33-46)2017/05/07
    The parable of the vineyard was understood by the hearers, yet seemed to have no effect on their hearts.
  96. Slaves to Sin (John 8:33-38)2017/04/23
    The most important thing we need to understand about this text is that the audience changes in verse 33.
  97. Resurrection When? (Acts 24:14-15)2017/04/16
    Today is about the resurrection of Christ. And this resurrection was foretold back in the time of Moses some 1600 years before it happened.
  98. Dissecting the Sign of Jonah (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2017/04/09
    Jesus speaks of the sign of Jonah, but is it possible we've missed His point?
  99. Christian or Disciple? (John 8:30-32)2017/04/02
    What is the difference, if any, between a Christian and a Disciple?
  100. Who Is Yeshua? (John 8:21-29)2017/03/26
    Your eternal destiny depends on how you answer that question. A correct belief in Yeshua is what separates the saved from the damned.
  101. I AM the Light (John 8:12-20)2017/03/19
    What is Yeshua claiming by saying that He is the Light of the world?
  102. Caught in the Act? (John 7:53-8:11)2017/03/12
    The story of the adulterous women caught in the act, why is it in brackets in the Bible?
  103. No Eternal Punishment (Romans 8:1-4)2017/03/05
    What does Paul mean when he says that the requirements of the Law are fulfilled in us?
  104. Who Are the Thirsty? (John 7:37-52)2017/02/26
    Christ said, If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink - but who are the thirsty?
  105. Confusion About Yeshua's Identity (John 7:25-36)2017/02/19
    The various sects of people at the time had different ideas of who or what the Messiah would be, and this cause much confusion when Yeshua showed up on the scene doing things unexpected within their tradition.
  106. A Heirarchy of Commands (John 7:14-24)2017/02/12
    Why do some of the 613 commands given in the Tanakh seem to contradict one another?
  107. Avoiding an Ambush (John 7:1-13)2017/02/05
    Why does Yeshua go secretly into Jerusalem? Is He afraid of the Jewish authorities?
  108. Yeshua's Seeker Sensitive Teaching (John 6:59-71)2017/01/29
    The modern message of the seeker sensitive church seems quite different from the message of Yeshua during his ministry
  109. Eating Flesh and Drinking Blood? (John 6:48-58)2017/01/22
    Why did Yeshua use such a repelling analogy? Why talk about eating flesh and drinking blood?
  110. The Narrow Road (Matthew 7:13-14; 24-27)2017/01/15
    Is the narrow road speaking of those that enter heaven, or something else?
  111. The Bible: A Supernatural Book (Ezekiel 26:2-14)2017/01/01
  112. The When, Where and Why of Christ's Birth (Luke 2:1-11)2016/12/25
  113. The Bread That Gives Life (John 6:35-43)2016/12/18
  114. The Gift of the Elect (John 6:35-37)2016/12/11
  115. The Work of God (John 6:22-34)2016/12/04
  116. That Demon Ain't No Angel (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2016/11/27
  117. Teleporting? (John 6:16-21)2016/11/20
  118. Divine Dining (John 6:1-15)2016/11/13
  119. The Father's Testimony (John 5:31-47)2016/11/06
  120. An Hour is Coming! (John 5:25-30)2016/10/30
  121. Making Himself Equal with Yahweh (John 5:18-24)2016/10/23
  122. A Controversial Healing (John 5:1-17)2016/10/16
  123. A Father's Faith (John 4:43-54)2016/10/02
  124. God is Spirit (John 4:24)2016/09/25
  125. Not My People - Become My People (John 4:27-42)2016/09/18
  126. Worship in Spirit and Truth (John 4:16-26)2016/09/11
  127. A Samaritan Women at a Well (John 4:5-15)2016/08/28
  128. Samaria: History of Hatred (John 4:1-4)2016/08/21
  129. Cast Out the Bondwomen (Galatian 4:21-31)2016/08/14
  130. Finding Joy in Ecclesiastes (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2016/08/07
  131. The Christology of John (John 3:31-36)2016/07/31
  132. The Joy of Humility (John 3:22-30)2016/07/24
  133. Lovers of Darkness (John 3:17-21)2016/07/17
  134. John 3:16 in Context2016/07/10
  135. Yeshua and the Serpent (John 3:9-15)2016/07/03
  136. Born of Water and the Spirit (John 3:4-8)2016/06/26
  137. You Must Be Born from Above (John 3:1-3)2016/06/19
  138. What Must I Do to Be Saved? Pt 2 (Acts 11)2016/06/12
  139. Keeping the Bible in its Context (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2016/06/05
  140. The Rebuilt Temple (John 2:12-25)2016/05/29
  141. Creation in Cana (John 2:1-11)2016/05/22
  142. Stairway to Heaven (John 1:43-51)2016/05/15
  143. Follow the Rabbi (John 1:35-42)2016/05/08
  144. What Must I Do to Be Saved? Pt 1 (Acts 15)2016/05/01
  145. The Lamb of God (John 1:29-34)2016/04/17
  146. John the Baptist: The Voice (John 1:19-28)2016/04/10
  147. Trust Him (Heb. 11:6)2016/04/03
  148. Daniel on Resurrection2016/03/27
  149. The New Sinai (John 1:14-18)2016/03/20
  150. The Kenosis of Yahweh (John 1:14a Pt 2)2016/03/13
  151. Yahweh Became a Human (John 1:14a)2016/03/06
  152. Rejected By His Own (John 1:9-13)2016/02/28
  153. John: The Witness (John 1:6-8)2016/02/21
  154. Yeshua: The Creator (John 1:3-5)2016/02/14
  155. Yeshua is Yahweh (John 1:1-2)2016/02/07
  156. Yeshua: The Eternal Word (John 1:1)2016/01/31
  157. Gospel of John - Introduction2016/01/24
  158. Resurrection Body (Rom 8:18-23)2016/01/17
  159. Authorship of Fourth Gospel?2016/01/10
  160. They Knew God? (Romans 1:19-23)2016/01/03
  161. Is Yahweh Still Reigning?2015/12/27
  162. Astronomy & the Birth of Christ2015/12/20
  163. Is Islam a Religion of Peace?2015/12/13
  164. Still Waiting for the Second Coming?2015/12/06
  165. Forgiveness: A Reason for Thanksgiving (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2015/11/29
  166. A Christian Response to Syrian Refugees (Matt 5:44-45)2015/11/22
  167. Eternal Security and Hebrews 6 and 102015/11/15
  168. Eternally Secure (Jude 24-25)2015/11/08
  169. Waiting for Eternal Life (Jude 21b-23)2015/11/01
  170. Keep Yourself in God's Love (Jude 21a)2015/10/25
  171. The Antidote for Apostasy (Jude 20)2015/10/18
  172. End Time Mockers! (Jude 17-19)2015/10/11
  173. The Grumblers! (Jude 16)2015/10/04
  174. Enoch Prophesied Christ's Return (Jude 14-15)2015/09/27
  175. Analogies of Apostates (Jude 12-13)2015/09/20
  176. Is Enoch Scripture? (Jude 12-15a)2015/09/13
  177. Woe to Apostates!(Jude 11)2015/09/06
  178. The Apostates vs Michael (Jude 8-10)2015/08/30
  179. What the Bible Says About Hell (Jude 7b)2015/08/23
  180. The Thick Darkness Where God Was (Glenn L. Hill)2015/08/16
  181. Revealing a Real Bible Code (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2015/08/09
  182. The Bible on Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage - Jude 7a2015/08/02
  183. Judgment of Sodom - Jude 72015/07/26
  184. Yeshua the Rabbi - John 3:1-22015/07/19
  185. The Angels' Fall - Jude 6b2015/07/12
  186. What is an Angel? - Jude 6a2015/07/05
  187. Remember Israel! - Jude 52015/06/28
  188. A Father's Duty (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2015/06/21
  189. The Creepers - Jude 42015/06/14
  190. Truth Wars - Jude 2-32015/06/07
  191. Called, Loved and Kept Pt 2 - Jude 1c2015/05/31
  192. Called, Loved and Kept - Jude 1b2015/05/24
  193. Introduction to Jude - Jude 1a2015/05/17
  194. The New Covenant Pt 2 - Heb 8:7-13 (John Clark)2015/05/10
  195. Spiritual Warfare Pt 6 - Gen 6:1-42015/05/03
  196. Christ's Coming in Corinthians2015/04/19
  197. Church Eldership (Pt 2) - 1 Timothy 3:1-72015/04/12
  198. Resurrection Sunday2015/04/05
  199. Church Eldership (Pt 1) - 1 Timothy 3:1-72015/03/29
  200. The Purpose of Pain - Hebrews 11:32-402015/03/15
  201. Thank You Tychicus - Eph 6:21-242015/03/15
  202. Pertinence of Prayer - Eph 6:17-202015/03/08
  203. Armor of God - Eph 6:13-172015/03/01
  204. Finding Contentment - Phil 4:10-192015/02/22
  205. Spiritual Warfare Pt 5 - Eph 6:10-122015/02/15
  206. Spiritual Warfare Pt 4 - Eph 6:10-122015/02/08
  207. Spiritual Warfare Pt 3 - Eph 6:10-122015/02/01
  208. Spiritual Warfare Pt 2 - Eph 6:10-122015/01/25
  209. Spiritual Warfare Pt 1 - Eph 6:10-122015/01/18
  210. Spirit Filled Labor Relations? - Eph 6:5-92015/01/11
  211. Whose Slave Are You? - Eph 6:52015/01/04
  212. WWJD - The Regular Bible Reading Mandate (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2014/12/28
  213. We Are Living in the "Last Days"2014/12/21
  214. A Father's Responsibility - Eph 6:42014/12/14
  215. Children Obey Your Parents - Eph 6:1-32014/12/07
  216. The Rapture - 1 Thess. 4:13-182014/11/30
  217. The Husbands Pattern for Love - Eph 5:26-332014/11/23
  218. Christian Zionism2014/11/16
  219. Husbands "Agapao" Your Wife! - Eph. 5:252014/11/09
  220. Wives Hupotasso! - Eph. 5:22-242014/11/02
  221. Mutual Submission? - Eph. 5:212014/10/26
  222. Singing and Thanksgiving - Eph. 5:19-202014/10/19
  223. Under the Influence - Eph. 5:18-192014/10/12
  224. Illusion of Divine Indifference (Glenn L. Hill)2014/10/05
  225. Christians and Alcohol - Eph. 5:182014/09/28
  226. Walk Carefully - Eph. 5:15-172014/09/21
  227. Walk as Children of Light - Eph. 5:7-142014/09/14
  228. Losing Our Inheritance? - Eph. 5:3-72014/09/07
  229. Imitating Yahweh - Eph. 5:1-22014/08/31
  230. Forgiving Like Yahweh - Eph. 4:31-322014/08/24
  231. Grieving Yahweh - Eph. 4:302014/08/17
  232. Satan - Just One of Many Princely Rulers? (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2014/08/10
  233. Watch Your Mouth! - Eph. 4:292014/08/03
  234. Restoration of All Things - Acts 3:19-21 (John Clark)2014/07/27
  235. Stop Stealing, Start Sharing - Eph. 4:282014/07/20
  236. Don't Let the Sun Go Down - Eph. 4:26b2014/07/13
  237. Be Angry? - Eph. 4:26-272014/07/06
  238. Speak the Truth, Unless... - Eph. 4:25b2014/06/29
  239. Speak the Truth - Eph. 4:252014/06/22
  240. Old Man/New Man - Eph. 4:20-242014/06/15
  241. Paul Teaches Calvinism - Eph. 4:17-192014/06/08
  242. Growing In Unity - Eph. 4:14-162014/06/01
  243. Having The Attitude of Christ - Phil. 2:3-112014/05/25
  244. A Critique of the Hebrew Roots Movement Pt. 22014/05/18
  245. A Critique of the Hebrew Roots Movement Pt. 12014/05/11
  246. The Coming Four Blood Moons Pt. 22014/05/04
  247. The Ministry Behind the Shut Door - Matt. 6:6 (Glenn L. Hill)2014/04/27
  248. Until We All Attain - Eph. 4:11-132014/04/13
  249. Where's My Gift - Eph. 4:7-102014/04/06
  250. The Basis of Christian Unity - Eph. 4:4-62014/03/30
  251. The Walk of the Called - Eph. 4:1-32014/03/23
  252. The New Covenant - Heb. 8:6-13 (John Clark)2014/03/09
  253. Grounded in Love - Eph. 3:17b-212014/03/09
  254. A Prayer for Power - Eph. 3:14-17a2014/03/02
  255. The Mystery Revealed - Eph. 3:7-132014/02/23
  256. The Mystery Revealed - Eph. 3:1-62014/02/16
  257. The New Temple - Eph. 2:19-222014/02/09
  258. Who Are The Gentiles? Pt 2 - Eph. 2:17-182014/02/02
  259. Who Are The Gentiles? - Eph. 2:17-182014/01/26
  260. Abolishing The Mosaic Law - Eph. 2:14-182014/01/19
  261. But Now - Eph. 2:11-132014/01/12
  262. The Coming Four Blood Moons Pt 12014/01/05
  263. The Priority of Scripture - Col. 3:1-22013/12/29
  264. No Room in the Holiday Inn - Luke 2:1-82013/12/22
  265. His Workmanship - Eph. 2:102013/12/15
  266. The Gift Of Yahweh - Eph. 2:7-92013/12/08
  267. The Father's Two Sons - Luke 15:11-322013/12/01
  268. Alive With Christ - Eph. 2:4-62013/11/24
  269. Dead Men Walking - Eph. 2:1-32013/11/17
  270. Our Surpassing Power - Eph. 1:18-232013/11/10
  271. Prayer and Providence - Eph. 1:15-172013/11/03
  272. Marked by Yahweh - Eph. 1:11-142013/10/27
  273. His Will is Always Done - Eph. 1:8-112013/10/20
  274. Redeemed By The Blood - Eph. 1:72013/10/13
  275. He Chose Us - Eph. 1:4-62013/10/06
  276. Blessed Be Yahweh - Eph. 1:32013/09/29
  277. Sha'ul's Salutation - Eph. 1:1-22013/09/22
  278. Introduction to Eph.2013/09/15
  279. The Afterlife - Pt 32013/09/08
  280. The Afterlife - Pt 22013/09/01
  281. The Afterlife - Pt 12013/08/25
  282. A Gospel Conversation (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2013/08/18
  283. Is Sanctification for Today? - 1 Thess. 4:1-72013/08/11
  284. The Coming Four Blood Moons2013/08/04
  285. Don't Let Them Take Your Bible?2013/07/28
  286. Did Yeshua Really Teach That? Pt 2 - Matt. 5:43-482013/07/21
  287. Did Yeshua Really Teach That? Pt 1 - Matt. 5:38-422013/07/14
  288. We Need a "Dependence Day" - Deut. 81-202013/07/07
  289. He Descended into Hell (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2013/06/30
  290. Spiritual Understanding - Acts 13:42-482013/06/23
  291. The Feast of Feast of Sukkot/Tabernacles2013/06/16
  292. The Feast of The Day of Atonement - Pt 22013/06/02
  293. The Feast of The Day of Atonement - Pt 12013/06/02
  294. The Feast of Trumpets2013/05/26
  295. The Feast of Shavuot2013/05/19
  296. The Feast of First Fruits2013/05/12
  297. The Feast of Unleavened Bread2013/05/05
  298. The Feast of Passover2013/04/28
  299. Who Is Israel?2013/04/21
  300. The Sabbath Rest - Lev. 23:1-32013/04/14
  301. Highlights in Rom.: Pt 3 - Rom. 12-162013/04/07
  302. The Bible on Resurrection2013/03/31
  303. Highlights in Rom. Pt 2 - Rom. 7-112013/03/24
  304. Highlights in Rom. Pt 1 - Rom. 1-62013/03/17
  305. The Mystery - Rom. 16:21-272013/03/10
  306. A Final Warning - Rom. 16:17-202013/03/06
  307. The Family in Rome - Rom. 16:1-162013/02/23
  308. Striving Together in Prayer - Rom. 15:30-332013/02/17
  309. Fulfilling Obligations - Rom. 15:22-292013/02/10
  310. Just A Reminder - Rom. 15:14-212013/02/04
  311. A Generation of Murder - Ex. 21:22-252013/01/27
  312. Imitate Christ’s Acceptance - Rom. 15:7-132013/01/20
  313. Walking Like Yeshua - Rom. 15:1-62013/01/15
  314. Don't Destroy the Weak - Rom. 14:14-232013/01/05
  315. Methods and Principles (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2013/01/01
  316. What's Important? - Luke 10: 38-422012/12/25
  317. The Weak are Stumbling - Rom. 14:132012/12/17
  318. Loving the Weak - Rom. 14:1-122012/12/09
  319. The Weak and the Strong - Rom. 14:12012/12/02
  320. The Second Coming in Matt. Pt. 2 - Matt. 3:1-122012/11/25
  321. The Second Coming in Matt. Pt 1 - Matt. 3:1-122012/11/24
  322. Pray for the Persecuted2012/11/25
  323. Knowing the Time - Rom. 13:11-142012/11/04
  324. The Reformation2012/10/28
  325. The Debt of Love - Rom. 13:8-102012/10/21
  326. Authority and Submission Pt 2 - Rom. 13:1-72012/10/14
  327. Authority and Submission Pt 1 - Rom. 13:1-72012/10/07
  328. Loving Enemies - Rom. 12:14-212012/10/02
  329. Body Life - Rom. 12:10-132012/09/24
  330. The Love That Hates - Rom. 12:92012/09/18
  331. The Synagogue - Rom. 12-15 Intro2012/09/09
  332. Daniel 12 and the Resurrection Pt 22012/08/26
  333. Daniel 12 and the Resurrection 12 Pt 12012/08/20
  334. Where’s the Charisma? Pt 3 - Rom. 12:6-82012/08/12
  335. The Battle is the Lord's - 1 Sam. 17 (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2012/08/12
  336. Where’s the Charisma? Pt 2 - Rom. 12:6-82012/07/30
  337. Where’s the Charisma? Pt 1 - Rom. 12:6-82012/07/24
  338. Unity Through Humility - Rom. 12:3-52012/07/15
  339. The Parable of the Pounds - Luke 19:11-27 (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2012/07/08
  340. How Are We Transformed? - Rom. 12:22012/07/01
  341. A Spiritual Sacrifice - Rom. 12:12012/06/24
  342. A Doxology of Theology - Rom. 11:33-362012/06/17
  343. A Deliverer from Zion - Rom. 11:26-322012/06/10
  344. All Israel Will Be Saved - Rom. 11:25-322012/06/03
  345. The Olive Tree - Rom. 11:16-242012/05/27
  346. Israel’s Fall Was Purposeful - Rom. 11:11-162012/05/21
  347. A Chosen Remnant Pt 2 - Rom. 11:5-102012/05/16
  348. A Chosen Remnant - Rom. 11:1-42012/05/07
  349. Words That Bring Salvation - Acts 11:1-182012/04/15
  350. Making Israel Jealous - Rom. 10:14-212012/05/07
  351. Calling On The Lord - Rom. 10:11-132012/04/11
  352. Torah of the Heart - Rom. 10:5-112012/04/01
  353. Yahweh’s Chastening Hand - Acts 5:1-112012/03/25
  354. All Sufficient Grace - Eph. 2:82012/03/22
  355. The Parable of the Soils - Mark 4:1-202012/03/11
  356. A Calvinist Prays - Rom. 10:1-42012/03/04
  357. Jesus The Stone - Rom. 9:30-332012/02/29
  358. Only A Remnant! - Rom. 9:24-292012/02/20
  359. Sovereign Will - Rom. 9:19-242012/02/12
  360. Sovereign Mercy - Rom. 9:14-182012/02/05
  361. Selective Love - Rom. 9:7-132012/01/30
  362. Defining "Israel" - Rom. 9:62012/01/22
  363. Paul’s Love For Israel - Rom. 9:1-52012/01/15
  364. God Is For Us! - Rom. 8:31-392012/01/08
  365. A Believers Priority2012/01/01
  366. Worshiping The King - Matt. 2:1-112011/12/26
  367. Sovereignty and Responsibility - Rom. 8:28-302011/12/18
  368. The "Ordo Salutis" - Rom. 8:29-302011/12/11
  369. All Things? - Rom. 8:282011/12/04
  370. Prayer and Thanksgiving (Jeffrey T. McCormack)2011/11/27
  371. Weakness In Transition - Rom. 8:26-272011/11/20
  372. Creation Set Free Pt 4 - Rom. 8:18-252011/11/13
  373. Creation Set Free Pt 3 - Rom. 8:18-252011/11/06
  374. Creation Set Free Pt 2 - Rom. 8:18-252011/10/30
  375. Creation Set Free Pt 1 - Rom. 8:18-252011/10/23
  376. The Sons of God - Rom. 8:12-172011/10/16
  377. The Flesh/Spirit Contrast - Rom. 8:5-112011/10/09
  378. Condemned Without Christ! Pt 3 - Rom. 8:1-42011/10/02
  379. Condemnation! Pt 2 - Rom. 8:12011/09/25
  380. No Condemnation! Pt 1 - Rom. 8:1-42011/09/18
  381. The Wretched Man - Rom. 7:21-252011/09/11
  382. Did The Law Kill Me? - Rom. 7:13-202011/09/05
  383. Is The Law Sin? - Rom. 7:7-122011/08/21
  384. Encouragement (Glenn L. Hill)2011/08/15
  385. Dead to the Law - Rom. 7:1-62011/08/08
  386. You Gotta Serve Somebody - Rom. 6:15-232011/07/31
  387. United With Christ Pt 2 - Rom. 6:11-142011/07/24
  388. Union With Christ Pt 1 - Rom. 6:5-102011/07/17
  389. Baptized Into Christ Jesus - Rom. 6:1-42011/07/13
  390. The Secret of America's Greatness (Glenn L. Hill)2011/07/03
  391. In Adam or In Christ Pt 3 - Rom. 5:18-212011/06/26
  392. In Adam or In Christ Pt 2 - Rom. 5:15-172011/06/19
  393. In Adam or In Christ Pt 1 - Rom. 5:12-142011/06/12
  394. Assurance Brings Hope Pt 2 - Rom. 5:6-112011/05/29
  395. Assurance Brings Hope - Rom. 5:1-52011/05/23
  396. Living In The Meantime (Glenn L. Hill)2011/05/15
  397. What Makes A Marriage? - Gen. 2:22-242011/05/09
  398. Abraham’s Faith - Rom. 4:16-252011/05/01
  399. Pictures of Redemption - Lev. 232011/04/26
  400. Faith Or Circumcision? - Rom. 4:9-152011/04/18
  401. Father Abraham - Rom. 4:1-82011/04/10
  402. But What About James - Rom. 3:282011/04/04
  403. Justified By Faith Alone - Rom. 3:27-312011/03/27
  404. Earthquakes & End Times - Matt. 24:72011/03/20
  405. God’s Faithfulness Pt 2 - Rom. 3:24-262011/03/14
  406. God’s Faithfulness - Rom. 3:21-222011/03/06
  407. Special - The Journey with Dave Curtis2011/03/03
  408. Universal Sinfulness - Rom. 3:9-202011/02/27
  409. The Jewish Advantage - Rom. 3:1-82011/02/20
  410. Who is a Jew? - Rom. 2:25-292011/02/13
  411. National Hypocrisy - Rom. 2:17-242011/02/06
  412. Judgment Is Impartial - Rom. 2:11-162011/01/30
  413. Judgment According to Works - Rom. 2:5-102011/01/23
  414. The Kindness of God - Rom. 2:1-42011/01/16
  415. The Living Word of God - Heb. 4:122011/01/09
  416. The Sin of Homosexuality - Rom. 1:26-272010/12/19
  417. God Gave Them Over - Rom. 1:24-322010/12/12
  418. They Knew God - Rom. 1:18-252010/12/05
  419. Only Ten Percent? - Luke 17:12-192010/11/28
  420. The Wrath of God - Rom. 1:182010/11/21
  421. The Righteousness of God - Rom. 1:16-172010/11/14
  422. Paul's Travel Plans - Rom. 1:8-152010/11/07
  423. Jesus Is Lord! - Rom. 1:3-42010/10/31
  424. The Promised Gospel - Rom. 1:22010/10/24
  425. An Apostle by Calling - Rom. 1:1, 5-72010/10/17
  426. Introduction To Rom.2010/10/10
Berean Bible Church - Virginia
The purpose of Berean Bible Church is to influence people to grow in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, through expository teaching, discipleship, fellowship, and treating others as we would like to be treated.

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