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Ruanime Podcast

  1. Return of Podcast Master Ruanime2009/02/18

    Ruanime is back and tonight show is about:

    Google claim internet is skynet

    What new with the group

    Rants about Pop Culture

    Gundam 00 review

    Mr Smiles Game Review and much more!!!!!!!
  2. The Buzz on Maggi2008/05/01

    there it is...the newest rant of ranz&draco
    this tyme the truth has been reveled.
    wen draco comes thru he will provide links and such so that u can see where we get our sources from.
  3. Draco and Ranz 2008/02/19
    There's this girl on youtube. She makes a lot of vids and in each and every one of them, she just sits there....and stares. This is me and Ranz talking about Magi. Listen and enjoy.
  4. The Underground Podcast Episode 12006/12/20
    Check out the site at : http://theunderground.jconserv.net/

    In this episode :
    Main Focus : How did this site get started?

    *Interview with Draco ( The site admin)
    *Short Chat about Anime
    *Short Chat about Video Game
    *Interview with Jin( He is the backup admin)
    * His views on Final Fantasy 12
Ruanime Podcast
This podcast for my friend site and we talk about everything from Anime , Manga , Video games and etc!!!

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