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KPHealthCast Hosted Shows

  1. Chest Pain in Children2006/03/18
    Dr Kavin Desai Discusses chest pain in children.
    Peter Hendler host.
  2. What is Lupus?2006/03/18
    Dr Peter Hendler discusses Systemic Lupus
    Dr Kavin Desai host
  3. Asthma2006/03/18
    Dr Thomas Kreck discusses asthma
    Dr Kavin Desai host
  4. Asthma in Children2006/03/18
    Dr Shochet
    Dr Kavin Desai host
  5. Diabetes in Children2006/03/18
    Dr Franks
  6. Birth Control Pills in Teenagers2006/03/18
    Dr Witaschek discusses other uses of BCP in Teenagers
  7. Sports Injuries2006/03/18
    Dr. Neelesh Kenia discusses sports injuries. Hosted by Kavin Desai.
  8. Fertility2006/04/02
    Beth Tinder, N.P. discusses issues around difficulty getting pregnant. Hosted by Kavin Desai.
  9. Aggressive Skin Infections2006/04/02
    Dr. Arnd Herz speaks about the recent increase in aggressive skin infections caused by Staph. Hosted by Kavin Desai
  10. Healthy Eating2006/04/04
    Mala Seshagiri talks about Healthy Eating Hosted by Peter Hendler
  11. Visual Floaters2006/04/04
    Dr. Sung Choe talks about visual floaters, and flashes. Hosted by Peter Hendler
  12. Hyperthyroidism2006/04/21
    Dr Michael Getzell discusses hyperthyroidism Hosted by Peter Hendler
  13. Weight and BMI2006/04/21
    Mala Seshagiri talks about weight and BMI Hosted by Peter Hendler
  14. Bariatric Surgery2006/04/26
    Dr Rebecca O'Brien talks about Bariatric Surgery Hosted by Peter Hendler
  15. Gentle Skin Care2006/04/27
    Dr Tracy Tavel talks about Gentle Skin Care Hosted by Peter Hendler
  16. ADHD Treatment in Children2006/06/15
    Dr Ujwala Agharkar discusses medical treatment of ADHD in children Hosted by Peter Hendler
  17. Osteoporosis2006/06/15
    Dr Fred Hom discusses Osteoporosis Hosted by Peter Hendler
  18. Bunions2006/06/15
    Podiatric Dr Scott Tafuri discusses bunions Hosted by Peter Hendler
  19. Toilet Training2006/06/15
    Dr Kent Grelling discusses Toilet Training. Hosted by Kavin Desai
  20. Infant Immunizations2006/08/11
    Dr Irene Landaw discusses Infant Immunizations. Hosted by Dr Peter Hendler
  21. Childhood and Teen Immunizations2006/08/11
    Dr Irene Landaw discusses Childhood and Teen Immunizations. Hosted by Dr Peter Hendler
  22. Insomnia2006/08/17
    Pam Boyer discusses Insomnia Hosted by Dr Peter Hendler
  23. Mindfulness2006/08/17
    Pam Boyer Mindfulness Exercise. Hosted by Dr Peter Hendler
  24. Sigmoidoscopy Instructions in Spanish2006/10/20
    Dr Tze Mei Fong describes pre-sigmoidoscopy instructions in Spanish Hosted by Dr Peter Hendler
  25. Hypertension in Spanish2006/10/20
    Dr Tze Mei Fong describes hypertension information in Spanish. Hosted by Dr Peter Hendler
  26. Sleep Apnea2006/10/20
    Dr Douglas Tapper discusses Sleep Apnea. Hosted by Dr Peter Hendler
  27. Your One Year Old2006/11/03
    Stephanie Costa talks about your one year old. Hosted by Dr Kavin Desai
  28. Men's Health2006/12/15
    Paul Koch discusses men's health issues
  29. Keep Your Brain Healthy2007/02/16
    Dr Nancy Hoffman discusses keeping your brain healthy. Hosted by Dr Peter Hendler
  30. iPods and Hearing Loss2007/03/02
    Dr. Keith Matsuoka discusses hearing loss and mp3 players. Hosted by Dr Kavin Desai
  31. Breastfeeding and Returning to Work2007/03/03
    Breastfeeding with Linda Harrel and Karen Rranchino Hosted by Dr Kavin Desai
  32. Spiritual Care2007/03/09
    Spiritual Care Rev. Kelly Childress. Hosted by Dr Peter Hendler
  33. Metabolic Syndrome in Mexican Children2007/06/13
    Metabolic Syndrome in Mexican Children Dr Yolanda Gutierrez. Hosted by Dr Kavin Desai
  34. Laparoscopic Surgery2007/07/13
    Laparoscopic Surgery by Dr Christine Chu. Hosted by Dr Peter HEndler
  35. Gall Bladder Disease2007/08/06
    Gall Bladder Disease by Dr Michael Peterson
  36. Baby Friendly Hospital2007/09/14
    Deborah Honeck interviews Lori Duppuis-Clifford RN on the Hayward Baby
    Friendly Hospital
  37. Medications in the Elderly2007/09/21
    Dr Peter Hendler interviews Pharmacist Rolly Kali-Rai on Medications in the Elderly
  38. Eating Right Before And In Early Pregnancy2008/05/16
    Yolanda M. Gutierrez, PhD and Juliette Carney, M.S. discuss the importance of good nutrition before and during pregnancy. Topics covered include: good nutrition prior to becoming pregnant, weight gain during pregnancy, the risks associated with obesity during pregnancy, nutrient guidelines and the effect that nutrition has on the future health of the growing fetus.
  39. Skin Rejuvinaton With Fraxel Laser2009/03/23

    Dr Akhil Wadhere discussed the new skin repair and rejuvination procedures with Fraxel Laser treatments
  40. IVF Overview2009/04/10

    Dr Tracy Telles discusses In Vitro Fertilization
  41. Fraxel Laser for Dermatology2009/03/13

    Dr Akhil Wadhera discusses Fraxel Laser for Dermatology
  42. Workers Compensation2009/09/18

    Delores Spalasso discusses Workers Compensation
  43. Hip Replacement Surgery2009/11/13

    Kathy Chavez PT discusses Hip Replacement Surgery
  44. Menoppause2009/12/18

    Dr Jayanti Jha discusses Menoppause
  45. Immunization in Infants2010/09/27

    Dr Irene Landow and educatior Patty Donohue discuss myths and facts on immunization of infants. Dr Hendler hosts
  46. Immunization in Children and Teens2010/09/27

    Dr Irene Landow and educatior Patty Donohue discuss myths and facts on immunization of children and teens. Dr Hendler hosts
  47. Grief: An Overview2010/09/27

    Stephanie Echahus LCSW and bereavement coordinator and director of Kaiser Hospice Program in Hayward/Fremont, discusses Grief. Hosted by Dr Desai
KPHealthCast Hosted Shows
Health related podcasts from the folks at Kaiser Permanente
in Hayward, Fremont, and Union City

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