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  1. Sit Up and Step 'n Side2007/11/26
    It's been a while I know...so let's not make excuses or promises....let's just enjoy the music!

    Kill The Alarm - Sit Up

    Death Cab for Cutie - Title and Registration

    Plain White T's - Bruises

    Stroke 9 - The One

    Download the show directly here
  2. Rockin' into Summer2007/06/05
    Supersuckers - Rock n Roll Records

    Danko Jones - Baby Hates Me

    Cool Waters Band - 2 Car Garage

    Her & Kings County - Freedom & Ride
    CD Baby

    Leave me a comment: (646) 502-4598
  3. Road Trip2007/01/31
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  4. Celebrating Lee Coulter's new CD2006/11/21
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  5. Jeff Steps n Side2006/11/05
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  6. A major shows some love for podcasting!2006/10/16
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  7. New Promo2006/10/15
    Fellow podcaster:
    Please feel free to download our promo (at right) and play it on your own show. Drop us a line, and we'll do the same.
  8. First timer2006/10/09
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  9. Original concept cover2006/10/07

    This is the CD cover that I created for one of Jeff and I's collaborative mixed CD.
    It was our love of music and art that has inspired us to create this podcast.
  10. Welcome2006/09/28
    Welcome to the Step 'N Side weblog. I plan on starting up a Podcast with my friend Jeff real soon. Hopefully we can play some great music, promote some up and coming bands, and make some friends. I was inspired to start this by a friend Larry Florman. His band "Brother Love" has been getting attention on podcasts around the world. I hope to spread the word of some great music, so stay tuned.
Step 'n Side
Explore podsafe music with us and learn about some up and coming bands. We'll share info about artists and events. Stop by and connect.

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