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Black Opera

  1. Zeronin2006/12/25

    Black opera in a next to zero mood.
  2. The Nothing =2006/12/25

    Atonal orchestration for strings & chorus.
    Beyond tonality atonality awaits. Reaching atonality over dissonances is better than serialism.
    There are no nice dissonances but there are fitting and unfitting ones.
  3. Lunatic ward (intro)2006/12/25

    Ultraphone surrealism beyond the border of future-classicism. This is for lunatics only.
  4. Crusade2006/12/25

    Medieval eternity on the edge of polytonality and with lots of nature & battle voices.
  5. Carpe Nihil2006/12/25

    Epic depressive avantgarde.
    Dark-age classicism with piano & choral voices.
  6. Childbed depression (finale)2006/12/25

    Experimental regarding structure. Non-repetitive regarding composition & instrumentalisation.
    Complex, as constant changing. A shower, ice-cold boiling.
Black Opera
Classical excerpts from "Local Sense Technology" (1999-2006) and "Art Prime" (2006-2016)

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