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Mark Pines Nursing Podcast

  1. MHN: Grief and Loss2008/06/12
    A brief but very informative discussion on Grief and Loss.

    You can play it HERE

    Have fun peeps!

  2. MHN: Abuse2008/06/11
    Brief discussion on Abuse and Violence.

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  3. Answers and Rationales for Quiz 1 Part 22008/06/07
    Continuation of the answers and rationales for quiz 1. This covers items 11 to 20.

    Enjoy hahahaha

    Play it here

  4. Answers and Rationales for Quiz 1 Part 12008/06/07
    This episode will talk about the answers and rationales for items 1 to 10.

    Hehehe ang haba e.

    Enjoy. Sana tama kayo sa mga sagot ninyo.

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  5. MHN: First Quiz!!!2008/06/07
    This quiz will encompass all the previous podcast episodes before this post. So I advise you to download all of the podcast episodes before answering this one.

    Answers and Rationales to follow.

    Enjoy!! Hehehe

    To download your quiz

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  6. MHN: Anger2008/06/07
    Ikaw ba ay madalas magalit? Mga pasyente mo magagalitin? Nasapak ka na ba ng pasyente habang kinukunan mo ng BP?

    Eto ang episode para sayo. Download na!

    To play the audio file

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  7. MHN: Suicide2008/06/07
    Very informative discussion on Suicide especially made for nursing students.

    To commit suicide errrr to play the audio file

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  8. MHN: Mental Retardation2008/06/07
    Mental Retardation and key points to remember.

    Make sure you understood the concept. This is the easiest concept.

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  9. MHN: Bulimia Nervosa2008/06/07
    A brief discussion on Bulimia Nervosa
    Download it now.

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  10. MHN: Anorexia Nervosa2008/06/07
    A brief lecture on Anorexia Nervosa

    Feel free to ask any questions regarding my audio.

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  11. Mental Health Nursing: Assessment Part 22008/06/07
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  12. How to Develop Critical Thinking2008/06/07
    Due to consistent public demand on me to answer the question and my assurance that I will make an online discussion about the topic, at last I have posted this podcast solely for those who wants to improve their critical thinking. How? Then listen.

    Learn and Enjoy.

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  13. Mental Health Nursing: Assessment Part 12008/06/07
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  14. Mental Health Nursing Series 12008/06/07
    I have overhauled my podcast site because now it is out of beta stage. I will make the topics more shorter so you can quickly download the media for your consumption.

    This Mental health nursing Series 1 will cover Definition of Terms, DSM-IV TR and neurotransmitters.

    Click Here to play the audio file

  15. Mental Health Nursing: Course Outline2008/06/07
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  16. Introduction to Mark Pines Nursing Podcast2008/06/07
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Mark Pines Nursing Podcast
This podcast-blog is all about free supplemental nursing education for nursing students in the Philippines. More power to all of you Filipino nursing students and I hope we will be collegues someday. See you all in the field, and with luck, in the US.

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