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TypePad Books Podcast

  1. Jennifer Ouellette, The Physics of the Buffyverse2007/04/02
    Listen to our conversation with Jennifer Ouellette.
  2. Brendan Halpin, Dear Catastrophe Waitress2007/03/20
    This month, we talk to Brendan Halpin, author of two memoirs and three books of fiction. His latest, Dear Catastrophe Waitress, is a simmering romance between two scarred souls who have each been on the wrong side of a hit...
  3. Brian Bailey, The Blogging Church2007/03/06
    We recently talked to Brian Bailey about his own experience as a blogger (at Leave It Behind), what led him to write The Blogging Church, a book about creating blogs for religious ministries, and what surprised him the most about the creative process.
  4. Amy Stewart, Flower Confidential2007/02/16
    This month author Amy Stewart joins Six Apart's Harold Check to discuss her new book, Flower Confidential, which was just released by Algonquin Books. It tells the inside story of the global flower business, from breeders to growers to brokers...
  5. Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, Citizen Marketers2007/01/23
    This month, Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba join Anil Dash, Six Apart VP and resident evangelist, to talk about their new book, Citizen Marketers, and how the Internet is changing the way people interact with companies and organizations. They classify...
  6. Kimberly Wrenn and Mary Watkins, Threadbared2006/12/12
    This month, authors Kimberly Wrenn and Mary Watkins join guest-host Jesse Thorn, the man behind the popular Sound of Young America radio show. The trio discuss Threadbared, Wrenn and Watkins' brilliant new book that satirizes several decades worth of dubious...
  7. Steven Johnson, The Ghost Map2006/11/13
    This month, author Steven Johnson joins TypePad’s Michael Sippey and Anil Dash to discuss "The Ghost Map" and the scientific mystery story surrounding a devastating 1854 outbreak of cholera in London. Other topics include Outside.In’s take on local conversations and...
  8. Debbie Weil, The Corporate Blogging Book2006/10/17
    Debbie Weil, author of The Corporate Blogging Book, talked with us about why businesses are blogging and who's doing it well, as well as offering some advice to businesses just getting started with blogs. Download the podcast
  9. Shari Caudron, Who are You People?2006/09/28
    Shari Caudron is the author of Who Are You People, a Personal Journey into the Heart of Fanatical Passion in America, and blogs at whoareyoupeople.typepad.com. Download the podcast
  10. Seth Godin, Small is the New Big2006/08/28
    Seth Godin is a TypePad blogger and author of the new book Small is the New Big. Download the podcast
TypePad Books Podcast
TypePad, the premier blogging service for professionals and small business, talks to a different author each month. Each writer shares insights about their most recent book as well as how they use TypePad to stay connected to their readers and their fellow authors.

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