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The ForceCast: Star Wars News and Commentary

  1. The ForceCast: September 12th - Top 5 AOTC Moments2021/09/11
    The ForceCast is BACK!!! This week, Ryan and Brian discuss Kenobi and the status of filming. Then, the guys discuss Visions and the upcoming release.Finally, the guys end the episode discussing their top 5 moments from Attack Of The Clones.
  2. Jedi Journals: September 20212021/09/08
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  3. IndyCast: Episode 3112021/08/22
    In this episode Laird chats with Jennifer Kenline from Travelmation, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with a Raider's Rant, Ron pays tribute to J.W. Rinzler, stuntman Eddie Braun chats with Joe Stuber, Chris A & Indiana Mic talk The Phantom Train of Doom, we have an expanded archive update and lots more!
  4. IndyCast Special 58: The Magic of John Williams - Jaws 22021/08/09
    Just when you thought it was safe to put on your headphones again, Laird and Ron immerse in the music and trivia of 1978's Jaws 2. Focusing as always on the magic of the Maestro John Williams, our duo hosts explore the similarities and differences in music scores. Join them for a deep dive listen to one of Williams' often overlooked masterpieces. [In Stereo]
  5. Jedi Journals: August 20212021/08/04
    Chris and Jay have a very important announcement this month, Dennis joins to discuss the 30th Anniversary of the Dark Horse comic series Dark Empire, and some news about an ailing author that got some help from the community. All this plus the latest comic, book and magazine news on the August edition of Jedi Journals.
  6. IndyCast: Episode 3102021/07/25
    In this episode we have a report direct from the Glasgow set of Indy 5, more casting news, trivia, reviews, special guests and more of your great emails!
  7. ForceCast+ - The Bad Batch Episode 112021/07/16
    Ryan and Daniel are back to discuss The Bad Batch Episode 11, titled "Devil's Deal"
  8. ForceCast+ - The Bad Batch Mid-Season Recap2021/07/16
    Ryan and Daniel, breakdown the Bad Batch episodes 5-10 in a broad way. They discuss themes of the show, key moments, cameos, and more!
  9. Jedi Journals: July 20212021/07/07
    The return of a Clone Wars villain and the latest news on the variant High Republic novels, plus reviews of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater Good and the second volume of the Darth Vader Trade Paperback, "Into The Fire." All this plus comic, book and magazine news on the July edition of Jedi Journals.
  10. ForceCast Rewind: July 24th, 20042021/07/05
    Former Lucasfilm Head Of Fan Relations, Steve Sansweet, joins Ryan to discuss the importance of a name.
  11. IndyCast Special: Raiders of the Lost Ark Commentary2021/06/27
    With Raiders of the Lost Ark celebrating its 40th Anniversary this June, the IndyCast's Joe Stuber and Keith Voss are here with a full length movie commentary featuring trivia, anecdotes and lots more!
  12. IndyCast: Episode 3092021/06/13
    In this special episode of the IndyCast celebrating Raiders of the Lost Ark's 40th Anniversary, the IndyCast team hit Club Obi Wan to discuss the films impact and legacy plus we have a comprehensive report direct from set of Indy 5 with Chris A live from Bamburgh Castle!
  13. Jedi Journals: June 20212021/06/09
    A new comic series is revealed, Star Wars: Kanan - The Last Padawan & Star Wars: Victory's Price get reviewed, the 40th Anniversary Special Edition title for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back finally gets released, and a story of a book that was, then wasn't, then was, and then wasn't once more...all on the June episode of Jedi Journals!
  14. ForceCast+ - The Bad Batch Series Premiere2021/06/08
    FINALLY! Right on time, Daniel and Ryan break down the Bad Batch Premiere. What did they like? What stood out? They discuss that and more!
  15. IndyCast: Episode 3082021/05/23
    This episode we have more Indy 5 casting news, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with a Raiders Rant, we celebrate 2 IndyCast anniversaries, discover how you can own Indy's fedora, we have a Lost Delta update, more trivia, and more of your great emails!
  16. The ForceCast: May 14th - There's Nothing Wrong With Episode I Puppet Yoda2021/05/14
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!This week, Ryan and Daniel catch up on all the latest news. Ewan speaks, Diego Luna is caught filming, and Celebration moves up.Then, Jovial Jay joins Ryan to discuss the state of Star Wars books.
  17. Jedi Journals: May 20212021/05/05
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  18. IndyCast Special 57: The Magic of John Williams2021/05/03
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  19. IndyCast: Episode 3072021/04/24
    This episode we have some big Indy 5 casting news, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with a Raiders Rant, Joe and Keith speak with artist Russell Walks and voice over actor Frank Welker, we have a Lost Delta update, more trivia, a Young Indiana Jones Chronicles review and Double T’s returns with part two of his Crystal Skull review!
  20. The ForceCast Interview Series: Kevin Kiner2021/04/21
    Composer of The Clone Wars, Rebels, and now The Bad Batch, Kevin Kiner, joins Ryan to talk about his career in Star Wars.
  21. Jedi Journals: April 20212021/04/07
    It's a busy show this month as Star Wars Volume 2 - Operation Starlight, Star Wars: The High Republic - Light of the Jedi & Star Wars: A Test of Courage all get reviewed. Plus, a plethora of book news that's sure to keep you busy for the rest of 2021 and beyond all on the April episode of Jedi Journals!
  22. IndyCast: Episode 3062021/03/28
    This episode Indy gets the 4K treatment, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with a Raiders Rant, Joe and Keith speak with artist Dave Dorman, Disney artist Rob Pratt visits the Lost Delta, Ron gets trivial, Chris A has a Young Indy sneak peek and Double T's returns with part one of his Crystal Skull review.
  23. IndyCast Special 56: The Magic of John Williams2021/03/22
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  24. Star Wars: Idylls Of The Force Behind The Scenes Special2021/03/18
    Join Ryan as he chats with Tim, Alex, and Nate about the creation and recording of the first two episodes of Star Wars: Idylls Of The Force!
  25. Star Wars: Idylls Of The Force Episode 1: The Trap At Trialis2021/03/12
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  26. Star Wars: Idylls Of The Force: Episode 2: The Ghosts On Trialis2021/03/12
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  27. Star Wars: Idylls Of The Force Official Teaser2021/03/05
    Coming 3/12 to TFN and The ForceCast:The Clone War rages on in the first installment of Idylls of the Force, an ongoing series of lost tales set within the Star Wars saga. Produced by the core creators of Indiana Jones and the Bridge to Yesterday, these fan made audio adventures will create a dialogue with George Lucas’ mythos by speaking back to it in its own language.
  28. Jedi Journals: March 20212021/03/03
    A new comic series announced, a 19-year-old story gets reviewed, Chris & Jay speak of the past, present & future of collecting Star Wars comic books, new book titles revealed and a classic magazine becomes one with the Force. All on the March episode of Jedi Journals!
  29. The ForceCast: February 24th - Mailbag2021/02/25
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!This week, Ryan and Daniel open the mailbag and discuss what you want to discuss. The topics range from Daniel's reaction to The Mandalorian to The Bad Batch and everything in between!
  30. IndyCast: Episode 3052021/02/20
    This episode Indy 5 gets some well-deserved love, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with a Raiders Rant, Joe and Keith go crazy with Bob Camp and Paul Kupperberg, Ron is back with at with more trivia, Chris A and Indiana Mic look back at the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and we have more of your great emails.
  31. ForceCast Special: The Adventures Of The Zolan Dart2021/02/11
    For Star Wars Podcast day, Ryan and Daniel are joined by their friends Savanna Oudit and Brian Ballance from The Dorky Diva to discuss their audio drama, The Adventures Of The Zolan Dart. The duo joins them to discuss behind the scenes stories, the origin of the project, and more!
  32. IndyCast Special 55: The Magic of John Williams2021/02/08
    Laird & Ron return to wish John Williams a very happy 89th birthday! And they are celebrating with tracks from the past 60 years of the Maestro's music. Plus news of new releases, one of which is free to download for everyone! [In Stereo]
  33. Finding Your Death Star: Lou Mongello2021/02/03
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  34. Jedi Journals: February 20212021/02/03
    From A Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back & Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Volume 1 reviewed, exciting new titles revealed, Star Wars Insider celebrates its milestone 200th issue and so much more all on the February episode of Jedi Journals!
  35. ForceCast Rewind: October 30th, 20122021/01/27
    Welcome to ForceCast Rewind!Rewind is a new monthly special, where we tell a narrative story about a past event pertaining to the franchise. This month, Clayton Sandell, currently with ABC News, joins us to discuss October 30th, 2012.
  36. IndyCast: Episode 3042021/01/24
    This episode Indiana Mic chats with artist Mark Raats, a new Indy video game is announced, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is puzzled, Joe and Keith get Cracked, we have trivia, an IJ in the UK update and more of your great emails!
  37. The ForceCast: January 20th - A New Year Of Hope2021/01/20
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!This week, Ryan and Daniel tackle the news of Lucasfilm Games coming out with new announcements, Bill Burr's accent, residents being angered over the Andor, and more!Then, they talk about what they are looking forward to most in 2021.
  38. Jedi Journals: January 20212021/01/06
    A new era of Star Wars is upon us! Star Wars: The High Republic comes racing into view with the launch of a historic multi-year project rollout and we've got all the details for you this month. Listen in for a review of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters Volume 1, our thoughts on Lucasfilm's menu of upcoming titles, new releases and a whole lot more on the January 2021 episode of Jedi Journals!
  39. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 162020/12/31
    Ryan and Daniel are back to argue and discuss The Mandalorian Chapter 16!
  40. IndyCast: Episode 3032020/12/20
    In our final episode for the year, I catch up with the director of the Richard Amsel documentary and Kal from the Adventurer's Summit and we have lots of Holiday surprises from the IndyCast team in this chockablock show!
  41. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 14 and 152020/12/17
    Ryan and Daniel are back to break down Chapters 14 and 15 of The Mandalorian. Boba is back! Fennec is back! Tython? Bill Burr? All that and more!
  42. The ForceCast: December 17th - Finally, The Future.2020/12/17
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan and Daniel break down all the announcements from the Disney Investor's Day presentation and give their thoughts on the future of Star Wars.
  43. IndyCast Special 54: The Magic of John Williams2020/12/13
    Laird and Ron wish you all a safe and happy holidays! We finally listen to and share our views on John Williams in Vienna! Plus all the John Williams news and our annual holiday gift guide! [In Stereo]
  44. Jedi Journals: December 20202020/12/09
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  45. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 132020/11/29
  46. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 122020/11/25
    Ryan and Brad break down the 4th episode of season 2! Snoke? Dark Troopers? Where is Ahsoka? All that and more!
  47. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 112020/11/18
    Ryan is joined by 2 esteemed panelists to break down the third episode in season 2 of The Mandalorian!
  48. IndyCast: Episode 3022020/11/16
    It's our 13th birthday so join us and celebrate with giveaways, we look back at the life of Sean Connery, talk with Mad magazine's Dick DeBartolo, we tackle the White Witch and lots more!
  49. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 102020/11/13
    Ryan and Brad Jost break down Chapter 10 of The Mandalorian!
  50. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 92020/11/09
    ForceCast+ has returned!!This week, Ryan and Brad break down The Mandalorian Chapter 9. They discuss the big reveals, the feeling of season 2, and everything in between!
  51. Jedi Journals: November 20202020/11/04
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  52. The ForceCast: October 28th- Final Mailbag Of 20202020/10/28
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan and Brandon open the mailbag and break down all of your questions and topics. They span from EA to Mando to theaters and more!
  53. IndyCast: Episode 3012020/10/19
    This episode we hear why David Koepp left Indy 5, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with a Raiders Rant, we visit the Lost Delta, Joe Stuber talks with author Mike Weiss, Ron is back with more trivia, IJ in the UK returns, Indiana Mic talks Indy outfits and Morgan and Rich tackle the White Witch!
  54. Finding Your Death Star: Brandon Wainerdi2020/10/07
    Finding Your Death Star - A term uttered in the movie Fanboys that represents Luke Skywalker and his journey from farmboy to rebellion hero.This month, Brandon Wainerdi from Talking Bay 94 joins Ryan to discuss his journey with both Star Wars and starting his show. They discuss how Star Wars changed his life and set him on a path that was different than his parents before him.
  55. Jedi Journals: October 20202020/10/07
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  56. The ForceCast: October 2nd - Hasbro Did...Good?2020/10/02
    The ForceCast is BACK!This week, Ryan and Daniel open by discussing Disney laying off 28,000 employees and what it could mean for the future of the company.Then, they break down the Mando season 2 trailer and give their thoughts and predictions before ending the show discussing the Hasbro reveals from Pulsecon.
  57. IndyCast: Episode 3002020/09/20
    It's our 300th episode and we celebrate with some special messages and a roundtable featuring all the IndyCast team! And in a first for the show you can also watch a special video edition on our Facebook page! So join us as we look back at 300 episodes, look ahead and share our love of Indiana Jones!
  58. The ForceCast: September 15th - Mando Season 2 Preview2020/09/15
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan discusses the Mandalorian Season 2 trailer.Then, Daniel joins him to discuss the EW cover story, and Daisy Ridley's comments on Rey.
  59. Jedi Journals: September 20202020/09/09
    Business is really starting to pick up with literature releases getting back on track. Listen in for some interesting recent acquisitions, a full review of the Star Wars: Lando mini series, some really cool new titles that are just out or coming soon and more on the September episode of Jedi Journals!
  60. IndyCast Special 53: The Magic of John Williams2020/09/07
    We're off to Neverland with 1991's Hook! This magic score may not be enough to save the movie from itself, but that only makes it more fun to find out what makes it tick-tock. Will Hook capture Ron and Laird before they can escape? Listen to another epic film/music analysis treatment as the dual celebrate another blockbuster. [In Stereo]
  61. The ForceCast: August 25th - Top Luke Moments2020/08/25
    This week on the ForceCast, Ryan and Daniel discuss the lack of a virtual celebration, the news of a new LEGO Holiday Special, and where the franchise goes from here.Then, they break down their favorite Luke Skywalker moments.
  62. IndyCast: Episode 2992020/08/17
    This episode there are some amazing Indy collectibles up for auction, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with a Raiders Rant, we have more trivia, a Lost Delta update, IJ in the UK talks British quad posters, an Indy outfit update and more of your great emails!
  63. Jedi Journals: August 20202020/08/05
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  64. The ForceCast: August 3rd - Summer Vacation Is Over2020/08/03
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan and Daniel return after a month off to discuss Bad Batch, Star Wars films being delayed, and what their fandom level is right now.
  65. IndyCast Special 52: The Magic of John Williams2020/08/03
    Laird and Ron tackle another John Williams scored summer blockbuster, War of the Worlds. Come join them as they celebrate 15-years of the Steven Spielberg-Tom Cruise dark adventure story. Before that, they go over some recent John Williams news with audio highlights and information, and finish with a 40 year blast from the past from Symphony Hall. [In Stereo]
  66. The ForceCast: July 8th - J.W. Rinzler2020/07/08
    The ForceCast is BACK! This week, Ryan and Daniel sit down with former Non-Fiction Editor for Lucasfilm, J.W. Rinzler.The trio discuss his career at Lucasfilm, the making of books, working with GL himself and his upcoming project, All Up.
  67. Jedi Journals: July 20202020/07/08
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  68. IndyCast: Episode 2982020/07/06
    This episode we hear some rumblings about Indy 5, our favourite adventurer is voted #1, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with a Raiders Rant, Joe and Keith celebrate a milestone, Ron is back with more trivia and lots more!
  69. IndyCast Special 51: The Magic of John Williams2020/06/29
    Summer Blockbuster Edition! Ron and Laird return for the annual tradition of looking at summer blockbusters featuring the music of John Williams. They go back to 1983 and what seemed to be the end of the Star Wars saga, Return of the Jedi. (Who knew they would think that after Revenge of the Sith again and now finally(?) with Rise of Skywalker.) Venture to Endor once again! [In Stereo]
  70. Finding Your Death Star: Dan Zehr2020/06/24
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  71. The ForceCast: June 18th - Ahmed Best2020/06/18
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan is joined by Ahmed Best to talk about his new show, Jedi Temple Challenge. They also talk Jar Jar, The Phantom Menace, and more!Then, Ryan and Daniel discuss Star Wars Squadrons and Celebration being cancelled.
  72. The ForceCast: June 12th - Rogue Mailbag2020/06/12
    The ForceCast is BACK!! This week, Ryan and Daniel take your questions and topics from the mailbag.
  73. Jedi Journals: June 20202020/06/03
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  74. The ForceCast Author Series With Special Guest E.K. Johnston2020/06/02
    On this episode of the ForceCast Author Series, Steve is joined by author E.K. Johnston!They discuss her new book, "Star Wars: Queen's Peril", as well as The Clone Wars finale, Ahsoka, and more!
  75. IndyCast: Episode 2972020/05/25
    This week, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock looks back on the 12th anniversary of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the inevitable Chris Pratt deep-fake hits the internet, Ron is back with more trivia, Chris A & Indiana Mic join forces and we have lots more!
  76. The ForceCast: May 24th - Paul Hirsch On 40 Years Of Empire2020/05/24
    The ForceCast is BACK!This week, Ryan and Daniel speak to Paul Hirsch—the Oscar-Winning editor of The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars, and so much more. Paul tells the guys stories about editing Empire and what it means to reach the 40th anniversary.Then, the guys finish their series on their favorite moments of the saga, focusing on the Disney Era.
  77. The ForceCast Author Series - Phil Szostak2020/05/22
    On this episode of the ForceCast Author Series, Steve is joined by Lucasfilm's Creative Art Manager and author Phil Szostak!They discuss his latest book, "The Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker", the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, and a whole lot more!
  78. ForceCast+ - The Siege Of Mandalore2020/05/20
    Ryan, Daniel, and Brad break down the final arc of The Clone Wars.
  79. The ForceCast: May 12th - Master Filoni2020/05/12
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!This week, Daniel and Jon Hopkins discuss Dave Filoni, Taika Waititi and more!
  80. Jedi Journals: May 20202020/05/06
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  81. The ForceCast: May 4th - Katee Sackhoff2020/05/04
    Hang out with the ForceCast this May The Fourth!!!This week, Ryan and Daniel chat with Katee Sackhoff, the voice of Bo Katan. They discuss being stuck in Canada, workout videos, proposals, and of course the final season of The Clone Wars.Then, the guys discuss their favorite moments from the first 6 Star Wars films to celebrate Star Wars day.
  82. IndyCast: Episode 2962020/05/04
    This week, we look at some classic Indy shots, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with a Raider's Rant, Ron has more trivia, Joe and Keith wrap up the Dark Horse years, Laird announces the winner of Anne-Sophie Mutter's Across the Stars CD, Chris A and Indiana Mic are back and Morgan and Rich get ready for the White Witch, plus more of your great emails!
  83. The ForceCast: April 26th - From Russia With Love2020/04/26
    The ForceCast is BACK!! This week, Daniel and Abe are in the host chairs.Daniel dials up our friend Ksenia to discuss her becoming an official Star Wars artist! All of that plus more!
  84. IndyCast: Episode 2952020/04/20
    This week, Indy hits the small screen, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with a Raider's Rant, we plug our new YouTube series, Ron is back with more trivia, Joe and Keith are speak with Temple of Yearning artist Ethen Beavers, you have a chance to win the deluxe copy of Anne-Sophie Mutter’s Across the Stars and more of your great emails!
  85. The ForceCast: April 17th - The Rise Of The Mailbag2020/04/17
    The ForceCast is back!!This week, Ryan and Daniel take your questions and topics for the 9th edition of the Mailbag!
  86. IndyCast Special 50: The Magic of John Williams2020/04/13
    Ed joins Laird and Ron to celebrate the 50th edition of The Magic of John Williams! Plus a listen-back to a number of previous episodes and music we love. [In Stereo]Contest - Win a copy of Across the Stars: Deluxe edition on CD. Check out the Facebook page for details. Contest closes May 1!
  87. The ForceCast: April 12th - The Skywalker Legacy2020/04/12
    The ForceCast is back!!This week, Ryan and Daniel discuss the documentary, The Skywalker Legacy.They discuss how it changed their view of the movie and the good and bad parts of the production.
  88. Jedi Journals: April 20202020/04/08
    New details on Star Wars: The High Republic emerge, more details for Star Wars: Shadow Fall are revealed and the Star Wars Vol. 13: Rogues and Rebels Trade Paperback gets reviewed. All comic books on hold for the foreseeable future? Listen in for the answer to that question and more on the April episode of Jedi Journals!
  89. IndyCast: Episode 2942020/04/06
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  90. The ForceCast: April 3rd - The Rise Of Kylo Ren2020/04/03
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!!This week, Ryan and Daniel discuss the news of Ahsoka being in The Mandalorian season 2, and catch up with the latest news. Then they have a pint of Palpatine! Finally, they discuss The Rise Of Kylo Ren comic series. Major spoilers ahead.
  91. IndyCast Special 49: The Magic of John Williams2020/03/30
    From Rural Ireland to Old Boston to the Oklahoma Territory with John Williams: To celebrate the release of La-La Land's expanded Far and Away soundtrack, Laird and Ron (Longo, not Howard) discuss the 1992 movie and music by the Maestro. Plus the latest news and another chance to win a copy of Across the Stars by Anne-Sophie Mutter and John Williams. [In Stereo]
  92. ForceCast Daily: March 22nd2020/03/22
    This is the final ForceCast Daily.
  93. IndyCast: Episode 2932020/03/22
    In these uncertain times, you can count on the IndyCast showing up just like a bad penny! This episode Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock reviews the latest Indy pop vinyl, Joe and Keith review the Tomb of the Gods, Indiana Mic and John Penman talk bullwhips and Ron has more Indy trivia!
  94. ForceCast Daily: March 21st2020/03/21
    If the Gungans and Naboo can come together, why can’t we?
  95. ForceCast Daily: March 20th2020/03/20
    Lou Mongello joins us to discuss the power of positivity.
  96. ForceCast Daily: March 19th2020/03/19
    Time for a lesson from FPJ.
  97. ForceCast Daily: March 18th2020/03/18
    Time to give some love to Ricky M.
  98. ForceCast Daily: March 17th2020/03/17
    Join us for day 2 as we look back at the official announcement of the prequel trilogy.
  99. ForceCast Daily: March 16th2020/03/16
    Welcome to ForceCast Daily.Join us over the next 7 days as we work to bring you more content in this unique time. Today’s topic: lessons of the saga.
  100. The ForceCast: March 11th - TROS Revisited2020/03/11
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!This week, Ryan and Brad preview the home release of The Rise Of Skywalker, and revisit the movie 3 months later. What did they like? Dislike? How has it grown on them? They answer all those questions and more!
  101. Jedi Journals: March 20202020/03/04
    "Project Luminous" is now The High Republic! Jay & Chris break down the huge news about the next chapter in Star Wars literature. The Clone Wars is back, The Rise of Skywalker novel is nearly out, Resistance Reborn & Doctor Aphra Vol. 7 get reviewed along with a run down of all the latest comics, books and magazines blasting their way into our galaxy on the March episode of Jedi Journals!
  102. IndyCast: Episode 2922020/03/02
    This epic episode we had some shock news regarding Indy 5, Mitch is back with a new segment, Ron and Laird have a mini Magic of John Williams special, we have a Lost Delta expedition roundup, Indiana Mic has a quick update, Chris A returns with IJ in the UK, Joe and Keith speak with Tomb of the Gods writer Rob Williams, and lots more!
  103. The ForceCast: February 26th - The High Republic2020/02/27
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  104. The ForceCast: February 20th - Kevin Kiner2020/02/19
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!! This week, Ryan is joined by Abe for a mailbag episode! We take your questions and topics and discuss.But before that, Kevin Kiner, composer of Clone Wars and Rebels, joins us to discuss scoring Clone Wars Season 7.
  105. IndyCast: Episode 2912020/02/17
    In our first regular episode for 2020, we hear some Indy 5 updates direct from Harrison Ford himself, your chance to vote for a unique Indy Lego set, the Indy Pop Vinyl makes a return, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock returns, Indiana Mic talks Indy fandom, Morgan and Rich return with another expanded Archive of Indiana Jones and lots more!
  106. IndyCast Special 48: The Magic of John Williams2020/02/10
    Laird and Ron risk disaster with a deep look at the recent La-La Land released Disaster Box Set including The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno and Earthquake. Plus, a listen-back feature on John Williams' amazing 25 Grammy wins. And the usual news roundup. [In Stereo]
  107. Jedi Journals: February 20202020/02/05
    A new comic mini series from The Clone Wars is announced, Doctor Aphra Vol. 6 gets reviewed, some book release dates are pushed back and there's a few magazines you'll want to hunt down this month. You'll find all of that and more on the February episode of Jedi Journals!
  108. The ForceCast: January 30th - What's Next2020/01/30
    The ForceCast is back.This week, Ryan and Daniel return and open by discussing some sad news. The show continues discussing the Kenobi news and what it means for the future.Finally, they play 5 voicemails that change the tone of the entire show.
  109. Jedi Journals: January 20202020/01/08
    It's a new year and that means new titles and new thoughts on a variety of different Star Wars mediums. Check out the latest books, comics & magazines to be on the hunt for and listen in for reflections on both The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker all on the January episode of Jedi Journals!
  110. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 82020/01/01
    Daniel, Steve, and Jon Hopkins break down the season finale of The Mandalorian.
  111. IndyCast Special 47: The Magic of John Williams2020/01/01
  112. The Final ForceCast Of The Decade2019/12/29
  113. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 72019/12/24
  114. The Rise Of Skywalker: Listener Feedback Special2019/12/24
  115. The ForceCast Author Series With Special Guest Samuel C. Spitale2019/12/24
  116. The ForceCast Author Series With Special Guest Claudia Gray2019/12/20
  117. The ForceCast: The Rise Of Skywalker First Reaction2019/12/19
  118. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 62019/12/17
  119. The ForceCast: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER IS HERE2019/12/15
  120. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 52019/12/08
  121. Everything Is Canon: Episode 12 - "Not So Much OCD"2019/12/07
  122. The ForceCast Author Series With Special Guest Simon Spurrier2019/12/04
  123. Jedi Journals: December 20192019/12/04
  124. IndyCast: Episode 2892019/12/02
  125. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 42019/12/01
  126. The ForceCast: November 27th - The Last Mailbag2019/11/27
  127. The ForceCast Author Series With Special Guest Kevin Shinick2019/11/25
  128. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 32019/11/24
  129. Everything Is Canon: Episode 11 - Tell Stories2019/11/22
  130. The ForceCast Author Series With Special Guest Rebecca Roanhorse2019/11/20
  131. IndyCast Special 46: The Magic of John Williams2019/11/18
  132. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Chapter 22019/11/17
  133. The ForceCast Author Series With Chelsea Monroe-Cassel And Marc Sumerak2019/11/15
  134. The ForceCast: November 13th - Greg Grunberg Returns2019/11/14
  135. ForceCast+ -The Mandalorian Chapter 12019/11/14
  136. The ForceCast Author Series With Special Guest Ryder Windham2019/11/13
  137. IndyCast: Episode 2882019/11/11
  138. Everything Is Canon: Episode 10 - Gettin My Creep On2019/11/08
  139. Jedi Journals: November 20192019/11/06
  140. ForceCast+ - The Mandalorian Preview2019/11/05
  141. The ForceCast: October 30th - The Mandalorian Cast And Crew2019/10/31
  142. IndyCast: Episode 2872019/10/28
  143. Everything Is Canon: Episode 09 - Not The UPS Guy2019/10/26
  144. The ForceCast: October 24th - The Final Trailer2019/10/24
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  146. The ForceCast: October 18th - The Mailbag Awakens2019/10/18
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