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Improv Cabaret: Behind the Scenes

  1. More news!2008/10/15
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  2. More news!2008/09/08
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  3. More news!2008/07/15
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  4. More news!2008/06/26
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  5. More news!2008/06/09
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  6. More news!2008/06/08
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  7. More news!2008/06/07
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  8. More news!2008/06/07
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  9. More news!2008/06/06
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  10. More news!2008/06/05
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  11. More news!2008/06/04
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  12. More news!2008/06/02
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  13. More news!2008/05/30
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  14. More news!2008/04/14
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  15. More news!2008/04/13
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  16. More news!2008/04/13
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  17. More news!2008/04/13
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  18. More news!2008/04/01
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  19. More news!2008/03/29
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  20. More news!2008/02/12
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  21. More news!2008/01/31
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  22. improvcabaret.com 3-23-06 Old recording of me and Chase2007/10/27
    Chase and I discuss what we will do during the Crane's Roost Comedy thing. Then we try out some ideas.










    Creativitity : marketing

    The Orlando Arts Blog : arts

    Texting While Driving : personal
  23. More news!2007/10/21
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  24. More news!2007/10/03
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  25. More news!2007/09/29
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  26. More news!2007/09/15
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  27. More news!2007/09/14
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  28. More news!2007/08/19
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  29. More news!2007/08/19
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  30. More news!2007/08/18
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  31. 8-12-07 Mark at Eight at Nine2007/08/13
  32. More news!2007/08/12
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  33. More news!2007/08/12
    Oh this is a good one, honey.
  34. Mark Baratelli: 7-30-072007/07/31
    SAK Monday night workshop

    10am: Orlando Fringe website meeting

    3pm: Improv Cabaret rehearsal

    My thoughts on audio posting

    Thoughts on rehearsing Improv Cabaret

    Shows and workshops coming up


  35. improvcabaret.com 4-28-07 NYC update2007/07/14
  36. improvcabaret.com 4-26-07 Second Annie Open Call2007/07/14
    Info (Show/Hide)
  37. improvcabaret.com 4-24-07 New York City2007/07/05
    Auditions stories
  38. improvcabaret.com 4-22-072007/06/18
    Walking in the middle of Broadway at noon in a street fair. The streets around my apartment are shut off and people are grilling corn, selling food and cheap clothes and it's a beautiful spring day. I narrate all the stuff I see.
  39. improvcabaret.com 4-22-07 Defeated2007/06/18
    8:30am I feel defeated from Thursday's round of auditions and today is Saturday. Friday I stayed inside all day. Confidence is in the crapper. Going to audition anyway.
  40. Improvcabaret.com 4/19/07 CATS tour audition2007/05/08
    Fast forward past the middle of this file to hear me in the actual
    audition room. I sing New York, New York and Oh What a Beautiful
  41. improvcabaret.com 4-19-07 three auditions2007/05/08
    Info (Show/Hide)
  42. improvcabaret.com 4/16/07 EMC Card2007/05/08
    Got my EMC card, lunch before audition at Olive Garden, yesterday I
    interviewed one of the producers of Podcampnyc yesterday, might be
    filming my friend's catering event.
  43. improvcabaret.com 4-14-07 WFMU Jersey trip2007/04/23
    improvcabaret.com, trip to WFMU indie radio station, homeless man and many police cars, conversation about being creative and lazy at Starbucks in the West Village, maybe my stuff isn't as good as i thought it was.
  44. improvcabaret.com 4-10-07 World of Disney callback2007/04/23
    improvcabaret.com, Callback at World of Disney store, Shuffle might be returned, Acting is not my favorite thing to do, Why did I come to New York, everyone hates their job, World of Coke building.
  45. Improvcabaret.com 4-10-07 Buying the new Shuffle at 1am2007/04/23
    improvcabaret.com. 1am, walking back home from the Apple store. I bought a Shuffle, though I considered something more expensive. Checking out was the best part of the shopping experience. Receipt was emailed to me. Again, complaining about my insurance company and their fax drama. Apple customer service is creative.
  46. improvcabaret.com 4-9-07 Walking to the Apple store at 11pm2007/04/23
    Walk the length of Central Park to the Apple store at 11pm to buy a new Shuffle. Designed an ad for a new Fringe artist client. Working on the Orlando Fringe Festival myspace profile. I am a ball of nerves and ideas.
  47. IC 4-9-07 Faxing is stupid2007/04/23
  48. IC 3-30-07 New York City History Museum2007/04/23
  49. IC 3-28-07 Annie Tour Callback2007/04/23
  50. IC 3-26-07 Central Park2007/04/12
  51. IC 3-26-07: Norwegian Call sucks2007/04/12
    Norwegian Cruise Lines audition sucked. Walking around town. I need to get coached again. I need a new song. I need a bag for my dress shoes. 5 hour interview recording went well. More...
  52. IC 3-23-07: Three Auditions2007/04/12
    Info (Show/Hide)
  53. IC 1-?-07 Recap of Day2007/04/12
    A recap of May's Orlando rehearsals and performances. Got a callback for The Producers. Worked on a Fringe project then I could not work on a Fringe project. Gay Podcasters Meetup.
  54. IC 3-18-07 Totally Frustrating Voice Lesson2007/04/12
    Info (Show/Hide)
  55. IC 3-17-07 Flying Day!2007/04/12
    Info (Show/Hide)
  56. IC 3-15-07 Molly Maids and Stanley Steemer meet2007/04/12
    Info (Show/Hide)
  57. IC 1-8-07 VIDEO of a photoshoot!2007/03/22
    The photographer for some mysterious project put on by PUSH came to my house and took photos of me for said project. The photographer said the photos may or may not be used in the marketing of '07 Fringe and may or may not end up in a book.
  58. IC 3-14-07 Grateful2007/03/20
    Info (Show/Hide)
  59. IC 3-12-07 Part Two2007/03/20
    The move is done. The apartment is empty. Watching my cat walk around my empty apartment made me very sad and reminded me of when I first got her in 2005. I didn't have any furniture then. I don't see an empty apartment, I see my apartment as it was in 2005.
  60. IC 3-12-07 (Furniture) Moving Day2007/03/20
    Info (Show/Hide)
  61. IC 3-9-07 imakepodcasts.com talk2007/03/20
    Info (Show/Hide)
  62. IC 3-8-07 Photo Shoot for PUSH (pushhere.com)2007/03/20
    Info (Show/Hide)
  63. IC 3-7-07 NYC Sublet is a go!2007/03/19
    My NYC sublet is a done deal. I move from the cat-sitting house on
    March 25 to the sublet until May 7. Still don't know Cabaret Festival
    dates. If they are in April, that would suck. People found out about
    my move from my blog. Two responses on my blog for getting help with
    my cat. Hiring movers stresses me out.
  64. IC 3-6-07 Reflections on me and the move2007/03/10
    moving news, show marketing, my joblessness, NYC
  65. IC 3-5-07 Movin' to New York2007/03/10
    I'm moving (for a few weeks anyways) to NYC for auditions.
  66. IC 2-20-07 Audition2007/02/21
    I snuck my phone into my audition and recorded me singing. I added the bumpers because you never know where audio ends up online.
  67. IC 2-19-07 Recording of a radio appearance2007/02/21
    I appeared on Scottie Campbell's "Life in Stages" Orlando theater radio show! So much fun. I recorded it with my laptop as it was being broadcast. Here are some highlights.
  68. IC 2-19-07 Second Musical Improv Workshop2007/02/21
    7am gym, new Improv Cabaret checking account, friend adders for all my
    podcasts, my second musical improv workshop was a success, freelance
    work for fringe artists, I might be on a radio show tonight,
    interviewing the Orlando Visual Fringe producer, Starlight audition,
    Associate Producer interview Feb 21, Podcast Plays due Feb 22, t-shirt
    design, more calendar contents
  69. IC 2-14-07 NYC Fringe App is mailed2007/02/20
    I did not enjoy the application process to get into the NYC Fringe. I make a better impression online than in print through the mail. Design client meeting: t-shirt project comes before the posters. DVD anger. I'm going to the Orlando Addys. Fringe bulletins.
  70. IC 2-14-07 NYC Fringe App Mailing Day2007/02/20
    Last night I got my bag packed, my errand sheet prepared, so today, my
    morning is totally organized to get this application printed and
    mailed. My dvd drama. Return receipt requested. Minuteman Press is
    awesome. I was going to bring you into Minuteman Press but decided
    against it.
  71. IC 2-13-07 NYC Fringe Application SUCKS2007/02/20
  72. IC 2-7-07 Dirty South Festival trip2007/02/20
    Info (Show/Hide)
  73. IC 2-6-07 Not looking forward to dirty South2007/02/20
    After what I think were poor shows in Miami and Charleston, I am not looking forward to performing at Dirty South. Then I run into a friend in the Target parking lot who is training to be a fire fighter.
  74. IC 2-5-07: Why am I going to these festivals?2007/02/20
    Info (Show/Hide)
  75. IC 1-31-07 Mad Cow and St Francis House2007/02/05
    Info (Show/Hide)
  76. IC United Arts Hearing 1-23-072007/01/30
    I recorded the experience and spliced together my answers to their questions.
  77. IC More Orlando Fringe stuff than Improv Cabaret2007/01/30
    After-Charleston-festival sort-of let-down, back to reality, I learned a lot, the festival was well-run, Orlando Fringe artist conferences: myspace, presented as a graphic designer for the artists, flyers done cheap, more but I got too lazy to finish these show notes.
  78. IC Grant hearing and Artist Conferences2007/01/30
    Info (Show/Hide)
  79. IC 1-21-07 Charleston: the wrap up2007/01/30
    Everything that happened the whole weekend.
  80. IC 1-19-07 Charleston: 15 minutes to places2007/01/30
    15 minutes to showtime, 4 people in the audience, no tickets sold- 14 comps apparently, I don't like to focus on the audience size, weiner tape belongs on balls not walls, backstage drag queen dressing room area, the venue is packed...with chairs. Here we go!
  81. IC 1-19-07 Charleston: seeing the venue for the first time2007/01/30
    5pm in Charleston. Saw the venue for the first time, met the producer, largest disco ball in the world, leopard carpet, me driving=not good, driving on 17 was boring and so we had a giggle fest, we had a compression problem during the tech rehearsal, hot mic, cute but unique venue, we're going to go to the bathroom, and that's how you mke butter.
  82. IC 1-19-07 On the road to Charleston: gas station2007/01/30
    1pm on the road to Charleston in Georgia, Anthony has been snoring, gas is cheaper in GA than in Orlando, I've been organizing all my "to-dos" and post-its onto one huge list, I will follow Denna's advice she heard on Oprah, me driving on the highway is impossible
  83. IC 1-19-07 Charleston: Getting on the road2007/01/30
    On the road to Charleston with Denna, my recent blogging history, me and Denna reading each other's posts from last night, picking up the rental car, me spitting, me actually picking up the rental car in the office
  84. Learning 1-17-072007/01/30
    Info (Show/Hide)
  85. Florida Creatives 1-15-07 Part Two2007/01/30
    Florida Creatives meet-up at Crooked Bayou summation (floridacreatives.com), I met someone who works for TMZ.com, Ryan Price organized it, I sound like Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay's mother is a whore per Pink is the New Blog
  86. Video Talk: 1-15-072007/01/28
    Info (Show/Hide)
  87. Sicker 1-13-072007/01/28
    Even sicker, driving to SAK for shows so Robyn's friends could see me perform, making coffee and debating on going to Dirty South or not, wish I could play the piano, putting the video together
  88. Sick 1-12-072007/01/28
    I am sick but am driving to Sak to play for Robyn, Miami went well, the show is recorded on my laptop and video camera, sound check was not smooth in Miami, show was good, description of hotel in Miami, I left my clothes in the closet.
  89. Halleluiah 1-11-072007/01/24
    A fabulous rehearsal the night before we perform in Miami. Simple story, good songs, and a grand finale ending in a gospel number. Complete relief. Things that got us there: we've been rehearsing, I remembered my "diva" character and used it in the rehearsal, keep chugging through a song and don't give up. Someone called me and I ended the podcast.
  90. Bad News All Around: 1-9-072007/01/24
    Bad news: two things I can't talk about, a bad rehearsal and I am getting sick. I will possibly not go to Miami because of all this. Musically, the songs are all sounding the same. I have to be careful about what I put on my blog and podcast. This is the third try at recording a "pc" podcast.
  91. 1-6-072007/01/07
    Rehearsal lesson: I need my own space.
  92. 1-4-072007/01/05
    Phone interview for a Charleston newspaper. Went really well. I recorded it (with permission) so I will have it on this feed at some point. Shopping for shoes, shirt and belt for show. Got pants pressed. Ran errands like crazy today.
  93. 1-3-072007/01/05
    More news: Miami, Charleston and Dirty South news.
  94. 1-2-072007/01/05
    Happy New Year! More news.
  95. Update: News and more news2007/01/05
    Keep up, hombre. There's lots of junk to sort through.
  96. February Workshops all set...almost2007/01/04
    12-23-06: February improv workshops 99.9% set up, I like Fiely's myspace page, getting the Studio theater space story, the audience at improv festivals is apparently...other improvisors, James and Krisha are coming to see me and the show in Charleston, did not get into Seattle festival, 2 new youtube video songs
  97. Scheduling without Jim2007/01/03
    Info (Show/Hide)
  98. Accepted to Charleston Comedy Festival!2006/12/24
    12-7-06: United Arts grant completed and sent in, making a dvd is boring, Charleston Comedy Festival accepts me, Jim is not available for Charleston, finding an accompanist in the month of December, I did a press release about Charleston, improvcabaret.com
  99. 10-30-06 Sea World Audition2006/10/31
    I brought my cell phone into an audition. They had me improvise a monologue about Xmas in Egypt.
  100. Denna is hired2006/10/08
    I have a booker now! She's responsible for submitting for improv
    festivals, fringe festivals and cabaret/theaters once a week. Pianist
    search is complete and now we have to meet. Having the booker will
    help me focus on my podcasting with Creativitity.com.
  101. Miami Improv Festival app is in the mail2006/10/08
    Miami Improv Festival app is in the mail and it's pretty. The video is on my computer. Signed up for Unemployment.
  102. 10-3-06 Frustrated2006/10/05
    This is not easy
  103. Karoeke Moments2006/10/05
    I recorded myself singing kareoke last night on my cell and made a little show out of it.
  104. Back From the Podcast Expo2006/10/05
    Podcasting, the show, video, etc
  105. Preparing the Miami Improv Fest application2006/09/23
    9-22-06 All sorts of things went wrong today.
  106. 2007 Fringe Ideas2006/09/15
    The deadline to receive the discounted entry fee for Fringe 2007 is today. After a dinner with friends, I share some ideas I had.
  107. 8_30_06 Three Songs2006/08/31
    Red chair event, maupin emails me, three improvised songs from rehearsals and live performances
  108. Myspace blog ad idea2006/08/26
    Youtube is great for creative content producers to get noticed and Revvr is great for making money, but what about myspace blogs? Can we not make money from those? creativitity.com
  109. Audioblog and Hipcast suck2006/08/25
    I've tried to record more shows, but Hipcast and Audioblog keep cutting me off
  110. Driving to the show2006/08/20
    Babbling before a performance. You can tell I am nervous.
  111. Fourplay and talk radio2006/08/19
  112. Back to the low tech phone version2006/08/18
  113. Interview Part one2006/08/15
  114. After a mediocre show2006/08/14
  115. Magazine interview2006/08/13
  116. My furniture secret2006/08/13
  117. Check_this_out_b**tches2006/08/11
  118. Default title2006/08/10
  119. Default title2006/08/10
  120. Default title2006/08/09
  121. Default title2006/08/09
  122. Quick quote- Mean Girls2006/08/08
  123. Jamesson's Post2006/08/08
  124. Default title2006/08/06
  125. Default title2006/08/06
  126. Default title2006/08/06
  127. Default title2006/08/04
  128. Default title2006/08/03
  129. Default title2006/08/03
  130. Default title2006/07/31
  131. Default title2006/07/30
  132. Default title2006/07/29
  133. Default title2006/07/28
  134. Default title2006/07/28
  135. Default title2006/07/27
  136. Default title2006/07/26
  137. Default title2006/07/24
  138. Default title2006/07/24
  139. Default title2006/07/22
  140. Default title2006/07/21
  141. Default title2006/07/20
  142. Default title2006/07/20
  143. Default title2006/07/19
  144. Default title2006/07/19
  145. Default title2006/07/18
  146. Default title2006/07/17
  147. Video Promo: Parliament House Performances2006/07/16
  148. Default title2006/07/16
  149. Default title2006/07/15
  150. Default title2006/07/14
  151. Default title2006/07/12
  152. Default title2006/07/10
  153. Default title2006/07/09
  154. 7-8-06 Learning is hard, but worth it2006/07/09
  155. 7-8-06 Long one..buckle up2006/07/08
  156. 7-7-06 Printed, stapled and delivered. Eventually.2006/07/07
  157. 7-6-06 How I got to the Parliament House run2006/07/07
  158. 5_30_06 Orlando Fringe Festival is over. Sad.2006/05/31
  159. I won Patron's Pick!2006/05/27
  160. Michael Wanzie is kind2006/05/27
  161. A look back at the Fringe experience2006/05/27
  162. Orlando Sentinel gets it2006/05/24
  163. 25 cent magazine idea flops2006/05/24
  164. My investment is recouped with first check2006/05/24
  165. Producers are shoving flyers in peoples' faces2006/05/23
  166. The Senitnel doesn't think it's improv2006/05/22
  167. Opening Day message2006/05/20
  168. 5-6-06 Welcome to the show!2006/05/07
  169. 5-6-06 You're My Friend2006/05/07
  170. 5-6-06 4th Grade Talent Show2006/05/07
  171. 5-6-06 I Move to New York City2006/05/07
  172. 5-6-06 Momma says goodbye2006/05/07
  173. 5-5-6 Flat tire rant2006/05/05
  174. 5-4-06 My review of the WPRK interview2006/05/05
  175. 5-4-06 Volunteer meeting, more marketing bitching2006/05/04
  176. 5-2-06 Marketing, Rehearsals and thoughts2006/05/03
  177. A Brand New Improvised Song2006/05/02
  178. The early years (rehearsals)2006/05/01
  179. I save the immigration day (rehearsals)2006/05/01
  180. I become a model (rehearsals)2006/05/01
  181. Show Update 4-30-062006/05/01
  182. Show Update 4-28-06 part two2006/05/01
  183. Show Update 4-28-06 part one2006/05/01
  184. Show Update 4-27-062006/05/01
  185. Show Update 4-18-062006/05/01
  186. Show Update2006/05/01
  187. Show Update2006/05/01
  188. Show Update2006/05/01
  189. Show Update2006/05/01
  190. Show Update2006/05/01
  191. Show Update2006/05/01
  192. Show Update2006/05/01
  193. Show Update2006/05/01
  194. Show Update2006/05/01
  195. Show Update2006/05/01
  196. Show Update2006/05/01
  197. Show Update2006/05/01
  198. Show Update2006/05/01
  199. Show Update2006/05/01
  200. Show Update2006/05/01
  201. Show Update2006/05/01
  202. Show Update2006/05/01
  203. Show Update2006/05/01
  204. S2006/05/01
  205. Show Update2006/05/01
  206. Show Update2006/05/01
  207. Show Update2006/05/01
  208. Show Update2006/05/01
  209. Show Update2006/05/01
  210. Show Update2006/05/01
  211. Show Update2006/05/01
  212. Show Update2006/05/01
  213. Show Update2006/05/01
  214. Show Update2006/05/01
  215. Show Update2006/05/01
  216. Show Update2006/05/01
  217. Show Update2006/05/01
  218. Show Update2006/05/01
  219. Show Update2006/05/01
  220. The podcast is set up in itunes2006/05/01
  221. Elaine Stritch talks about doing her cabaret2006/05/01
  222. Fringe Preview Show- 4-24-062006/04/26
Improv Cabaret: Behind the Scenes
IMPROVCABARET.COM: Mark Baratelli created a solo musical cabaret improv show at the 2006 Orlando Fringe Festival. It got positive reviews from the Orlando Sentinel and bloggingfringe.com. A local bar offered to have the show at their venue, and again, more fun. So now he's all "Hey let's take this show on the road!" Listen to Mark yack about the process of getting the show on it's feet, improv, Taco Bell, Atkins and marketing. Produced by CREATIVITITY.COM

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