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  1. iapm82: A Potpourri Of Knitting2013/03/31
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  2. iapm81: Sit n Knit2013/02/04
    In this episode, we interview the proprietress of Sit ‘n Knit in Melrose, MA. She’s got some great yarn (and my favorite needles), and Guido and I both bought treats! We talked about the dude who sells knitting for what it’s worth – check out this guy… Ravelry Thread of the Week Events: Men’s Spring Knitting … Continue reading "iapm81: Sit n Knit"
  3. IAPM80: Gather Here2013/01/20
    In this episode, we interview the owner of Gather Here in Cambridge, MA. Guido and I also delight you (we utterly delight you, I said) with tales of our current knitting projects: Quercus, Color Affection, and Baby Surprise Jacket. Guido’s all aquiver over his yarn from Green Mountain Spinnery, so you should check them out … Continue reading "IAPM80: Gather Here"
  4. IAPM79: 2012 In Review2013/01/06
    Hey listeners! Are you ready for an all new 2.0 version of “It’s a Purl, Man”? The show has a brand new sound and a brand new co-host, ME (Jessica)! This week, it’s 2012 in review from a knitter’s perspective, some information about upcoming events that you NEED to know, and a bit of a … Continue reading "IAPM79: 2012 In Review"
  5. IAPM78: Leslie Ann2012/07/23
      On this weeks show I get to talk with Leslie Ann the new author of Cast On, Bind Off. Leslie Ann is a teacher who has just published her first book, and it’s a lot of book on a topic that comes into play with every knitting project. If you are interested in hearing … Continue reading "IAPM78: Leslie Ann"
  6. IAPM77: Busy Week2012/05/26
    This episode was put together in a On this episode created in a very busy crafty week. Tuesday included a trip to see Brenda Dayne of Cast-On at WEBS. Wednesday included a talk by Tara Swiger about her new book and marketing craft hosted by Gather Here. Friday rounded out the week with a talk by Clara … Continue reading "IAPM77: Busy Week"
  7. IAPM76: Extreme Double Knitting2012/05/07
    In this episode I sit down with my close friend Alasdair Pot-Quinn to talk about knitting and his new book Extreme Double Knitting. We also talk a little about some of my favorite things like zefrank and Knittings Review
  8. IAPM75: Stitches East 20102010/10/26
    On today’s show Kimberly Reynolds and I talk shop about Stitches East. She is a super social media mover and shaker working for XRX(which BTW has finally started to make their website user friendly). She is very excited about the upcoming events. Also, I am offering up an awesome haloween inspired project bag from my … Continue reading "IAPM75: Stitches East 2010"
  9. IAPM74: Crashing Trunk Shows2010/10/03
    Brave New Knits Julie Turjoman Craft Work Knit Ann Weaver Events NY Sheep and Wool Oct 16-17th Rhinebeck, NY Stiches East Oct 28-31st Hartford, CT Fiber Festival of New England Nov 6-7th West Springfield, MA Vogue Knitting Live! Jan 21-23rd New York, NY
  10. IAPM73: It’s about time2010/04/06
    Catching up and sharing the many events I have been working on. Make Mine Local Designer Showcase FiberCamp Boston Annie Modesitt’s online classes After The camp page TNNA Survey Gale Zucker Photo fun at Juniper Moon Farm FiberCrawl Maryland Sheep and Wool After Party
  11. IAPM72: Rhinebeck and more2009/11/07
    Joanne Seiff, author of Knit Green and Fiber Gathering, joins me on the show to talk about Rhinebeck, fiber events, and the complicated landscape of bring green. She is very knowledgeable about both fiber and the environment and breaks it all down for us in her writing. Many, many thanks to my friend Alanna at … Continue reading "IAPM72: Rhinebeck and more"
  12. IAPM71: Itty Bitty Toys2009/10/15
    On Todays show I have a great discussion with Susan B Anderson about her new book “Itty Bitty Toys“. She shares her influences and thoughts about the book as well as her other projects. In the Yarn-a-lot I talk about my joy of finally making it to Creative Fibers in Windsor, CT (near Hartford). I … Continue reading "IAPM71: Itty Bitty Toys"
  13. IAPM70 – Reaching Into The Back Of The Stash2009/10/07
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  14. IAPM69 – Yarn Bombing2009/09/27
    On today’s show Mandy Moore and Leanne Praine talk about there newly released book Yarn Bombing. It’s a guide to kntting graffiti and the very public world of knitting.
  15. IAPM68 – Summer TNNA 2009 Spectacular2009/08/12
    This show is chock full of interviews from the Summer TNNA 2009. If that isn’t enough, check out the live feed post here. Many thanks to Buffalo Gold for taking me in and letting me go to the show. Interviews Chrissy Gardiner of Gardiner Yarn Works talks about her designs and new book Toe-Up! Patterns … Continue reading "IAPM68 – Summer TNNA 2009 Spectacular"
  16. IAPM67: Colorful People and Pets2009/07/27
    On todays episode My friend Deb reviews Pet Projects and Kristin Nicholas talks about some fun going ons at her farm. I also play a promo for a fun new podcast called Kiping it real.
  17. IAPM66: Pirates and Designers2009/07/08
    In this Episode my friend Jen shares some insite into the Design Copyright discussion. Jen also posted more about it here. I would love to hear you thoughts on this issue. Sadly, this show is very short. I am having a hard time finding my voice as I switch from an older computer setup to … Continue reading "IAPM66: Pirates and Designers"
  18. IAPM65:TNNA Updates with link love2009/06/22
    I went to TNNA and all I brought you back is this lousy post… OK, this post and and two podcasts. Todays show is a quick overview of my weekend… secrets revealed… First, all the time below is GMT, so please subtract 4 hours for the real time. I put all the pieces together into … Continue reading "IAPM65:TNNA Updates with link love"
  19. IAPM64: Spinning through May2009/06/10
    On the show I do some catching up with yall… and I have a great interview with Jacey Boggs of Insubordiknit. She talks about living through this economy as a spinner and her fun spinning DVD called Sit And Spin. My friends and I will be sharing our experience at TNNA here: http://drop.io/TNNAupdate I will … Continue reading "IAPM64: Spinning through May"
  20. IAPM63: IAN MAX2009/05/04
    I am in DC with IAN MAX…
  21. IAPM61:Walking and Talking2009/04/25
    On todays episode I do a little catching up… I announce the winners of the Annie Get Your Needles giveaway. I review It Itches and Knitting for Good. I open a drawing to Get the word out about @GuidoS Dreamy Maryland Sheep and Wool After Party. If you post to a blog or twitter an … Continue reading "IAPM61:Walking and Talking"
  22. Late night Beseaching2009/04/24
    Come check out the fun at @GuidoS Dreamy MS&W After Party I know this is last minute, and that is why I am asking all of you to help me… We need people to know this party is happening and to register this weekend ASAP. I am sure that you can blog/twitter/facebook/call someone you know … Continue reading "Late night Beseaching"
  23. IAPM61:Casting On Tweets2009/03/10
    Prelude – Alanna Nelson is the force behind Tactile Travel and is planning to cast on for a trip to NH sheep and wool in the spring. Act 1 – Melesa Sundquist blogs about her life, knitting, and free form bras at her blog Stances and Stitches Music Break 1 – The Midnight Fog by … Continue reading "IAPM61:Casting On Tweets"
  24. IAPM60:Kim is my first name2009/02/22
    Kim Werker joins me on the show to talk about her dream and where that has brought her. She is a major player in the online crocheting and fiber communities. She has written books and edited major magazines. But she still thirsts for more. ack… I totally appluad her for her ability to calmly move … Continue reading "IAPM60:Kim is my first name"
  25. IAPM59:Annie get your Needles2009/02/15
    Annie Modesitt talks to me about her books, her life and then I make her cry. Akward… Warning this show is very real and in your face which is the only way I think Annie knows how to be. So if you don’t want to connect with someone real, please move on. Go buy her … Continue reading "IAPM59:Annie get your Needles"
  26. IAPM58: Stoked about 20092009/02/07
    Back on the mic, I am so excited about all the projects I am working on this year. I hope to hear from listeners about what they are up to and let me know if you would like to do a FiberCamp in your neck of the woods… Many thanks to those of you who … Continue reading "IAPM58: Stoked about 2009"
  27. IAPM57:Boston Handmade Downtown2008/12/12
    Jessica Burko (the force behind Boston Handmade) and some of the exhibitors at Boston Handmade Downtown (located here) sit down with me to talk about the holidays and fiber fun. Jen of Blue Alvarez, Lynn of Cozy Cottage Creations, and Sedruola of Sedruola’s Yarn Obsession all have some interesting insight on making stuff for people … Continue reading "IAPM57:Boston Handmade Downtown"
  28. IAPM56:Mr. Gobbles2008/11/25
    Today’s episode has an interview with Beverly of Ewe’ll Love it in NH. I also talk about my Knit One Save One Project, my pattern is coming soon. Finally I tell you a thanksgiving story about me and my sister and the Macy’s parade, here is the photo: MUSIC: Yoga Master by Lee Coulter
  29. IAPM55:One Take Wonder2008/11/18
    On today’s show I do some catching up. I recorded the whole thing in one take and only added some music a the end. The last couple of weeks have been a lot of fun and I have been knitting and crocheting up a storm. My brother got me started working on the Knit One … Continue reading "IAPM55:One Take Wonder"
  30. IAPM54:S.A.D.2008/10/22
    So… show notes will come up later.. but for the moment I am having technical difficulties and am going to spend my time trying to get the links working again so that this end up in the feed… so this post is going to be updated tonight with all sort of good stuff about the … Continue reading "IAPM54:S.A.D."
  31. IAPM53: Local Yarn Shops at NENA 20082008/08/18
    The ladies from Creative Warehouse and their Kuku knitted dolls Many thanks to Jan Anderson super yarn rep of “All About Yarn” for inviting me to NENA. She is a gracious host and very proud of the yarn companies that she reps. Also, many thanks to the folks at Blue Heron for giving me a … Continue reading "IAPM53: Local Yarn Shops at NENA 2008"
  32. iapm52:WWKIP20082008/06/27
    Here is what WWKIP 2008 looked like in Boston: Behold, David Sedaris’s willy warmer This is swatchy Watch out for these guys when knitting in public Check out the birds dirty work Finally, I saw this later that day at Foxwoods and had to share: Here are some links from the show: Boston Hand Made … Continue reading "iapm52:WWKIP2008"
  33. iapm51:MA Sheep & Wool 20082008/05/14
    Today’s show is all about the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Show. My three Guest will be participating in the event which happens over memorial day weekend in Cummington, MA. It’s a great show and if you are in the new england or New York area it is a great way to spend the day. My … Continue reading "iapm51:MA Sheep & Wool 2008"
  34. iapm50:Baby Boogy2008/04/23
    First, many thanks to my special guest/co-host Susan B. Anderson. She is the wonderful author of Itty Bitty Hats and Itty Bitty Nursery. She is also one of the first people in the knitting world to trust me with a book review, even after listening to the show. I love her books and can’t get … Continue reading "iapm50:Baby Boogy"
  35. iapm49:Dorchester2008/04/13
    On today’s show I sit down with Annissa at Stitch House Dorchester. Her store is the newest kid on the block in Boston. It’s a great space and a lot closer than I thought. The song I played is Don’t Loose Touch by Against Me. Finally, I am working with others on starting a Friday … Continue reading "iapm49:Dorchester"
  36. iapm48:Sheep and Goat Retirment Home2008/04/08
    This episode is about Google Maps and Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm. Susan, from Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm, explains how a sheep CSA works and tells us about the vibrant agricultural community on the Vineyard. Also, Go to the Inaugural: Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Fest April 19, 2008 at the New Ag Hall in W. Tisbury The … Continue reading "iapm48:Sheep and Goat Retirment Home"
  37. iapm47:Knitini and other Drinks2008/04/01
    Todays episode is a little bit of rambling on my part about Pawsox stitch and pitch and wecansolveit.org. Tink and Wink sit down to talk about there shop Yarn’s in the Farms. Music today was provided by Dust Rhinos (Jedi Drinking Test) more show notes later.
  38. iapm46-Two Year Pod-O-Versary2008/03/18
    My special guest Sarah (Haptotope) joins me for a little two year gittyness. I have been working really hard to get this out, I have also been working really hard to get some much needed excercise in so I don’t get mcuh time at night to work on this and need to get some … Continue reading "iapm46-Two Year Pod-O-Versary"
  39. Saturday Evening Live 03-08-08 17:00EST2008/03/04
    I’m going to have a two year podcast birthday party next week and you are all invited. I have a special guest coming over to my house to celebrate with me. We will be talking about knitting, design, india, chopped bicycles, tree knitting, and abuse of a serger. The anniversary show is going to be … Continue reading "Saturday Evening Live 03-08-08 17:00EST"
  40. iapm45-The Live One2008/03/01
    Jackie at Wild and WoollyOn todays show I feature an interview with Jackie of Wild and Woolly. Today’s show was broadcast live and it was a lot of fun, I hope that people join me as I try this again next Saturday, time is going to be TBD. Yarn-a-lot z of znits podcast Sherril of … Continue reading "iapm45-The Live One"
  41. Comming Up2008/01/28
    Next weeks show will feature an interview with Jackie, the shop owner of Wild and Woolly in Lexington, MA. Jackie is an awesome force of nature who has been running her shop for for over 30 years. She has a lot of opinions and stories… and you will get to hear them next week. This … Continue reading "Comming Up"
  42. IAPM 44: Loom with a View2008/01/23
    On today’s show: I yarn-a-lot about my current projects and 2008. I play a recording by Queer Joe and share info about the Men’s Knitting Retreat. Then I sit down and talk with Betsy of A Loom With A View in Newburyport, MA. Finally I rant a little about my Fat Nano and stuff. Here … Continue reading "IAPM 44: Loom with a View"
  43. IAPM43:The Circle Due2007/12/05
    This episode concludes the interview with Allison of Circles Knitting Salon. This episode continues to explore her knitting store dream and what has become of it since she started the store. The annual Bazaar Bizarre is Dec. 9th. Nicole the Geek has started a group for It’s a Purl Man listeners on Ravelry Pam of … Continue reading "IAPM43:The Circle Due"
  44. IAPM42: The Circle2007/11/28
    This episode is the first half of a story told by Allison about her knitting store dreams. Alison is a pillar of knitting in the Boston area. She runs Circles, teaches knitting at her store and during the knit-outs, is a mother of a fantastic and funny little girl, and is always a welcome presence … Continue reading "IAPM42: The Circle"
  45. Fair warning2007/11/26
    When I started podcasting I was inspired by the many radio shows I listen to on NPR. In many ways I still want to be the Ira Glass of the knitting podcast revolution. I have always tried to find something that connects us all as knitters to each other. Behind the yarn, needles, projects, and … Continue reading "Fair warning"
  46. IAPM41: Back From Vacation2007/11/12
    Hey all… I have a new show… Alasdair joins me on the show to talk a little about Double Knitting and I flub my way through a wrap up of the last couple months. MUSIC End of the world is by The Crabs Lost my way is by Matthew Ebel UPDATED NOTES: Alasdair is working … Continue reading "IAPM41: Back From Vacation"
  47. iapm40:Never invest in Yarn Futures2007/08/21
    Patience, by lovely friend who is on team chuppah… joins me in a little literary episode(live from her yarn den). We review Cast On, Bet’s Off and Casts Off by the Yarn Harlot. The rest of the show goes real political. We ponder what the election holds for us Knitters and what we, as knitters, … Continue reading "iapm40:Never invest in Yarn Futures"
  48. IAPM39: Fiber Revival2007/08/13
    In todays episode I hang out with Julia and do a little catching up. After my usual rambling we talk about her upcoming event, The Fiber Revival. It’s a event that is going to happen next week!!! Go check it out. The winner of the Charmed Knits Book is Phyllis. Music: How The Wind Must … Continue reading "IAPM39: Fiber Revival"
  49. IAPM38: Muggle Madness2007/07/13
    Todays show is a gab-a-thon about a very special series of knitting books, that’s right… Harry Potter. Alison Hansel, author of Charmed Knits and the Blue Blog, and Jane Jacobs, owner and head knitter wrangler at Porter Square Books, join me in a fun discussion about knitting, Potter, and being obsessed with both. Contest: Comment … Continue reading "IAPM38: Muggle Madness"
  50. iapm37:Brightly Colored2007/06/20
    On todays show ,Omly Omly does the Yarn-a-lot. I share a little about how much I love Tom Bihn and his little pouches. My friends are traveling around the world, if you are in Sol Korea and are willing to show Lucy around, please drop me a line. Susan is going to be touring in … Continue reading "iapm37:Brightly Colored"
  51. IAPM36:Dyeing on the Farm2007/06/04
    On today’s show, I get a little yarn-a-lot assist from Kris, I plug Knitters Uncensored (love it), and I do an interview with Carol Martin of farm house yarn. The Music at the end is Apple Sauce verses Sour Cream by the Levees Also, WWKIP in Copley on Saturday… I can’t wait to be all … Continue reading "IAPM36:Dyeing on the Farm"
  52. iapm35:Spin Control2007/05/28
    Today we hear from Dee‘s kids about stash management. Two of my New England podcasting friends share some of there thoughts (CC CHAMPAN & Chris from The Finacial Aid Podcast). I have three knitting podcast promos, WOW, from Stitch Stud and His Bride, Knitting Time Together, & SubKnit. I got to hang our with the … Continue reading "iapm35:Spin Control"
  53. iapm34:Button over Boston2007/05/10
    OK.. I have to get to work, but I wanted to put this episode out with my interview with Susan from Windsor Buttons in lovely downtown Boston. More notes later… Oh yeah, this is not 33a, I decided it should get it’s own number
  54. iapm33:Mom&Farm2007/05/06
    My mom joins me on the podcast today. It’s not Mothers day yet, but hey… it is a honor to get her to show up in Boston seeing as she spends most of her time in Chile. Most days she can be found in her B&B / MUSEUM in Cobquecura with her many guests. Andrea … Continue reading "iapm33:Mom&Farm"
  55. April 12007/04/01
    Well… I’d like to say I fooled you, but I don’t think it is a suprise when us Podcasters take a week off…
  56. iapm32:Harlot in the Park2007/03/25
    So… Kimberly and I represented all day and this show is about found on this amazing day in NYC!!! I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the day and new friends who gave me so much to share with everyone. If I missed you in this show, if I forgot your name, if … Continue reading "iapm32:Harlot in the Park"
  57. Episode 31: One Year2007/03/18
    It’s been a whole year… wow… Thanks to Willy, Dee, and Kim for their voiemail messgages. If you would like to leave me a message please call 206-984-4286. Todays show details the Schedule for Thursday Big day. If you would like to join me in my attempt to get onto the Today Show, please let … Continue reading "Episode 31: One Year"
  58. POSTER DESIGN HELP2007/03/15
    Please help me in my plight to collect submissions for a 6 foot wide by 4 foot tall poster. It is going to be full color and laminated. Kimberly and I will be carrying it down to the today show to REPRESENT on the national morning news. If you are so inclined here is what … Continue reading "POSTER DESIGN HELP"
  59. State of the Knit Blog 20072007/03/11
    Colleen The Subway Knitter joins me to talk about the state of the blog. In the Yarn-a-lot we talk about the Boston Knitting Guild, my dream of a night time guild in Boston, the KnitSmiths, Gringa Tejedora, Santa Cruz Hat. Todays song is I want to hear what you have got to say by The … Continue reading "State of the Knit Blog 2007"
  60. Episode 29 – Friendly Fiber2007/03/06
    My friend Diana joins me on the show to talk about knitting, the cutest kid in knitted gear in all of Cambridge, and review Amy Singer’s new Book ‘No Sheep For You‘. I am looking for a little feedback about what people think about knitting guilds, and what they would like out of a knitting … Continue reading "Episode 29 – Friendly Fiber"
  61. Episode 28: Socks!2007/02/17
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  62. EP 28 is on the way2007/02/17
    FYI – I will post a new show later today, it’s really good and fun, with Kathy… It’s so cool that she spent time with me doing the show. :) Soon…
  63. Episode 27: I Heart You & Italy2007/02/14
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  64. Episode 26: Going old School2007/02/09
    I am accompanied on this episode by the fantastic Stitchy McYarnPants. We take a trip in her Museum of Kitschy Stitches to find some of the origins of the male patterns. She has promised to add images of the exhibits on her site. Some background, I have the following categories of male sweater patterns: Mud … Continue reading "Episode 26: Going old School"
  65. Episode 25 – Stitches East: the one with the LYSs2007/02/01
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  66. Episode 24a: Stiches East – The one with the Guys2007/01/20
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  67. Episode 23: Bazaar Bizarre2006/12/17
    On todays show I take you to a craft fair for fun people and rave about my nieghbor Jojo… She and her little dog rock Music today was provided by Adam Brodsky Talked to these people at the Bazaar Bizarre Simone at CHICK-A-DEE Evalicouis of The Boston Derby Dames Jessica who does faux-taxidermy Alison of … Continue reading "Episode 23: Bazaar Bizarre"
  68. Damn it all2006/12/16
    So I was wonderin why it was getting so quiet on the site. And today I fgured it out… Itunes was not updating and people did not realize that I have done the last two shows. I have been having a techinical glitch and I want to strangle my computer and all… So to all … Continue reading "Damn it all"
  69. NOHO KNITS PART 22006/12/14
    In today’s show I show everyone why sound recording matters to me so much by recording on string out on the streets of Somerville/Cambridge. (I am sure that I corssed the border somewhere) I also have a great time with Linda at Northampton Wools. She fills me in on the knitting scene and how she … Continue reading "NOHO KNITS PART 2"
  70. NOHO KNITS PART 12006/12/04
    I take the Yarn Crawl on the road today and visit Northhampton. I sit down to talk to the owners of WEBS. Here are some links to some things that we talk about on the show: Lexi Barnes – hot bags made in MA Vermont Organic Fiber – Environmentally happy yarn made in VT ECO … Continue reading "NOHO KNITS PART 1"
  71. Completely different2006/11/24
    This is what happens when my little cousin gets what he wants. More importantly, Ian likes my knitting and is interested in learning a little himself I think. Sweet… more obsession to share in my family. IAN says: that is not true! geeze.
  72. Episode 20: Talking for Twenty2006/11/15
    This week I talk for tewnty or more and still I forget things that I want to share. Like the charity drawing/contest, I am planning on knitting something up for this and it’s local, and still I forget. please drop by her site and if you have the time in the next week whip up a shrug. … Continue reading "Episode 20: Talking for Twenty"
  73. Episode 19: Knitting Out Loud Boston2006/11/05
    This week I am in Baltimore, next week I will go back to normal, I promise… Tommorrow I will update the links. :)
  74. Stalling2006/10/31
    Like most podcasters… I find my real-life slowing me down. I am working on getting the next episode together. It just seems that every day brings new challenges for me in my work, family, and even with my car. So I am trying to get back on track and am hoping to have a new … Continue reading "Stalling"
  75. Episode 18: Hooked On Spinning2006/10/17
    Please excuse the confusion, in the show I say this is episode 17, but it is not. Anyhow… 10 week holiday knitting to go. So I am giving books away. This week share your gift giving to guys and I will enter you into a drawing. GUESTS: Kim Werker wrote Get Hooked and spend her … Continue reading "Episode 18: Hooked On Spinning"
  76. Boo2006/10/16
    So I was a little busy taking a scary haunted hay ride yesterday. This weekend was all about friends and family and now I am flat out. So the show should be up tonight. If you would like to be in the drawing, please post your knitting charity pledge.
  77. Holiday Knitting Approaches2006/10/12
    So not to spook you, but… Next week is ten weeks from Christmas. This can me: It’s time to get you projects going It’s time to pick some holiday projects It’s time to buy some knitting gifts for friends It’s time to buy yourself some nice knitting gifts to sneak into the pile of gifts … Continue reading "Holiday Knitting Approaches"
  78. Episode 17: Brooklyn2006/10/02
    PURL-WISE PORTRAITS: KNITTERS THAT STAND OUT NAME(AGE) Jared (24) OCCUPATION: Artist in NYC and an admissions officer at a college YEARS KNITTING: Learned as a child from his mother. Got serious about it two years ago. CLAIM TO FAME: Brooklyn Tweed FAVORITE LYS: Online shops CURENT UFO: He has many projects on the needles but … Continue reading "Episode 17: Brooklyn"
  79. Knitting Out Loud NYC2006/09/24
    Let me start by saying, I love Dee. She is an awesome force and I can’t wait to interview her… again… So I went to the NYC Knit Out and Crochet Too last weekend. Check out the new video podcast Lets Knit 2gether Going to New York by The Michael E. Thomas Band New York … Continue reading "Knitting Out Loud NYC"
  80. Show Notes2006/09/17
    In order to improve the show I need a little more time. I will am now officially on a Bi-weekly schedule until I can get a little more time. So with a little time and love the show will begin to blossom. So as a teaser here are some of the shows coming up: Pocamp: … Continue reading "Show Notes"
  81. Boston Knit Out PSA2006/09/14
    Hoora… The Boston Knit Out is comming. Come out and play Boston Knit Out & Crochet Too 2006, on the Boston Common, Sept 24. Have a listen to the PSA.
  82. Episode 15 – Felt Like a change2006/09/11
    I am still glowing from being the belle at the ball at Podcamp. People love guys knitting, who knew. This show represents a little change in format, I am now making the show shorter for your convience. Let me know what you think. Also, don’t forget to flash your knitting bags… :) Download the show … Continue reading "Episode 15 – Felt Like a change"
  83. tightly knit podcasters2006/09/10
    I am at podcamp this weekend. I am learning about how to make my show better. The people here are great and really excited about knitting , I think I have made a few converts. The biggest lesson pushed here is that you should communicate with your audience. So I wanted to let you know … Continue reading "tightly knit podcasters"
  84. Non-Knitting Matters2006/09/07
    Hey all… Sorry about the lack of show this week. I have been trying to put the show together, but have too many other things that need to get done at work and for the Boston Knit Out (you’re all coming, right?) Anyhow, I realized that I hadn’t said anything and was feeling like a … Continue reading "Non-Knitting Matters"
  85. Episode 142006/08/27
    No witty stuff today, just business… Trying to get back in the saddle Yarn-A-Lot Project Snuggle Grumperina disects Knitting Nature Yarn Crawl Stop at A Good Yarn Music, as always from music.podshow.com Ridin West Hold On Look What Happened Link to the SHOW(14)
  86. The Not so rainy Show (13)2006/08/13
    This extra long episode has been brought to you by Procrastination. Because now I have so much to say and so little time to get it out there. More links and notes to come, but I thought you might want this show now Please send in your knitting jokes to 2skiens-at-itsapurlman.com for you chance to … Continue reading "The Not so rainy Show (13)"
  87. Hold on a minute2006/08/07
    Hey all… No show today. Sorry. I could give you the laundry list, but will spare you. Basically, I have one to many thins on my needles of life and am slowly clearing these things up. I really love doing the show and will get back on a regular schedule soon, but please bear with … Continue reading "Hold on a minute"
  88. More episodes soon2006/07/25
    I am going to come out of my break to do a very special Birthday episode. OK, my birthday is on Wednesday and I won’t do the show until at least Saturday. So that means that by the time you hear the show you should be able to hear a new found sense of maturity … Continue reading "More episodes soon"
  89. Knit Together Boys2006/06/25
    This week David, my brother joins me as we discuss knitting. I am teaching him a little about how to knit. His first hat is going to be a simple stockinate project. I am so proud. Also, we worked on a little intor music… Weekly Yarn-a-lot Herbert Niebling Lace Pattern Project Online Knitting The Knitting … Continue reading "Knit Together Boys"
  90. I am the new Yoga2006/06/18
    In todays episode: Sublime by SuperEgo Weekly Yarn-a-Lot (new name, what do you think?) I discuss the amazing showing at wwkipday Boston, stealing yarn, knitting granny art??, 3.25 Stars, World Record Scarf NH Interview 3 – Elihu Farm What I Need by Juniper’s Daughter Yarn Crawl 3 – Spark Craft Studios Best Friends by All … Continue reading "I am the new Yoga"
  91. Head is on fire2006/06/12
    I think I have allergies. I slept most of yesterday and today and I can’t seem to get my head to stop pounding. So this week I think I will break the podcast down into three segments to be released throughout the week. Back to bed for me.
  92. Episode 10 – Wren Ross2006/06/04
    EPISODE 10 – WREN ROSS DOWNLOAD Wren Ross Website Terry Gross, eat your heart out. This, the tenth episode… so exciting… is the interview show. I highlight one of Boston’s most creative and active knitters. Wren Ross is a delight to speak to who is constantly growing and changing, much like her knitting. FYI – … Continue reading "Episode 10 – Wren Ross"
  93. EPISODE 9 – Fantasy Fiber2006/05/28
    EPISODE 9 – FANTASY FIBER DOWNLOAD iTunes Help STORYTELLING Doria MUSIC Aint the Worst that you can find So Happy So Hungry Greensleeves PODCAST Knitty D and the City SHOP Decadent Fibers PICTURES Decadent Fiber Community Build
  94. Interlude or how I screwed up tonight2006/05/25
    INTERLUDE Hey all… Got a new mic for podcasting on location. Have a listen. The message and story is short, but the guilt will last forever..:) I am sorry to my long lost cousin and her new boy. They didn’t deserve what I did. I am also sorry to my pumkin. She has too put … Continue reading "Interlude or how I screwed up tonight"
  95. Episode 8 – Mothers day2006/05/14
    Episode 8 – Mothers Day Spending time with my mo, will do show notes ltommorrow. From the show MUSIC Mother Sure had a wonderful time Vamos Lento / sube al agua NH SHEEP & WOOL Alpaca’s in New England Journey Wheel – I bought a purple heart drop spindle for making sock yarn… yumm… YARN … Continue reading "Episode 8 – Mothers day"
  96. Episode 7 – Boston Yarn Crawl 12006/05/06
    BOSTON YARN CRAWL 1 SHOW Another week… another episode. This weeks begins a yarn crawl that will should last for a while. I am trying to interview the shop people from my LYS’s. Also, this episode has no music… weird… I go on for about half an hour… Links from the show From the Reviews: … Continue reading "Episode 7 – Boston Yarn Crawl 1"
  97. Episode 6 – Bad Week :P2006/04/30
    My bad week continues… I forgot to pick a winner for the Yarn Harlot book. I will do this on Monday and post the winners name and where they are from. Sorry, I can’t seem to stop sucking this week. ugh!!! EPISODE 6 – BAD WEEK :-P
  98. Alarm Fund Fundraising2006/04/28
    I need your help raising money for the fine I incurred setting off an alarm at Circles while preparing for a recording session. I am going to offer you guys the same deal that my local public radio show offers. If you guys donate money quickly, then I will not have to fundraise in my recording. Trust … Continue reading "Alarm Fund Fundraising"
  99. Episode 5.12006/04/24
    I am having feed issues, sorry about that. Itunes will not update the episode 5 link correctly until tommorrow so I am re-inserting episode 5 for your sake… I will take down this post as soon as Itunes corrects it’s self… The feed is now correct if you are using any other podcast subscription services … Continue reading "Episode 5.1"
  100. Episode 5 – Red Sock Masonic Yarn Harlot Worship2006/04/23
    Links are up. I really screwed up this time… By setting off the alarm at Circles I have created a fine against them. I don’t know how much it is exactly, but I believe that it will be $200 or more.So I am going to try and do a little fundraising. I am sorry to … Continue reading "Episode 5 – Red Sock Masonic Yarn Harlot Worship"
Podcasts – It's a Purl, Man
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