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  1. OTL #635: Chicago beer in 2018, IL Election Data, A helping hand to a local musician2018/12/16
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  2. OTL #634: Dometi does great work, Local holiday ugly sweater dance, The Secret History of Dwain Story2018/12/08

    Mike Stephen learns about the new newsy side gig of WGN Radio's very own Dometi Pongo , previews a local holiday ugly sweater dance party , and discovers the Secret History of the late Chicago folk artist Dwain Story with local music historian Steve Krakow (aka: Plastic Crimewave ). The local music this week is brought to you by Stutter .
  3. OTL #633: How pigs helped shape Chicago, A new Fooditor 99 edition, Food deserts in Chicagoland2018/12/01
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  4. OTL #632: Spot Angels app helps find street parking, Update on aldermen impact on fair housing, The Secret History of Daniel Scanlan2018/11/24

    Mike Stephen learns how the new Spot Angels app can help us find street parking, gets an update on the influence of aldermen on discriminatory housing practices , and discovers the Secret History of the late Chicago jazz artist Daniel Scanlan with local music historian Steve Krakow (aka: Plastic Crimewave ). The local music this week is brought to you by Holly.
  5. OTL #631: The Hip-Hop hustle with Epik1, IL is the Mecca of black politics, Local solar system ambassador on Mars updates2018/11/17

    Mike Stephen welcomes local Hip-Hop artist and DJ Epik1 into the studio to perform live, discusses why Illinois has a good track record of electing African-American politicians with Edward McClelland of Chicago Magazine , and gets an update on our efforts to learn more about Mars from Mark Benson, our local solar system ambassador.
  6. OTL #630: Jack Zimmerman’s storytelling, First run for political office, The Secret History of The Service2018/11/10
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  7. OTL #629: The Relevance of Religion in 20182018/11/03
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  8. OTL #628: Chicago is the worst at recycling,The Reader gets a new editor, The Secret History of the Wildwood Pickers2018/10/27
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  9. OTL #627: The legacy of fair housing, Shifting household wealth in Chicago, The Walls of Harrow House2018/10/20
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  10. OTL #626: Combatting climate change in IL, The City podcast, The Secret History of Otis Rush2018/10/13
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  11. OTL #625: Violence Interruption, Chicago Home Movie Day, Mayoral transportation platform2018/10/06

    Mike Stephen learns about the incredible story of violence interrupter Angalia Bianca and her new book called In Deep: How I Survived Gangs, Heroin, and Prison to Become a Chicago Violence Interrupter , previews the upcoming Chicago Home Movie Day 2018 , and discusses a 2019 mayoral transportation platform with local transportation guru Steven Vance .
  12. OTL #624: Dear Black Voter, Banned Books Week, The Secret History of The Spoils of War2018/09/29
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  13. OTL #623: Why is diner coffee so bad?, Helping homeless women, Logan Square Chi Hack Night2018/09/22

    Mike Stephen explores why diner coffee can be so bad with Chicago Tribune food reporter Nick Kindelsperger, learns how Deborah's Place assists homeless women in Chicago, and gets the lowdown on how open data can make Chicago a better place with Eric Sherman, creator of the Logan Square Chi Hack Night . The local music this week brought to you by Swatches .
  14. OTL #622: The Secret History of Megon McDonough, Girls Rock Chicago, Photo-Curio performs live2018/09/16

    Mike Stephen kicks off a local music-themed show by giving some love to the new show Instagram page , learns the Secret History of folk-rocker Megon McDonough with the great Steve Krakow (aka: Plastic Crimewave ), discusses the important work of Girls Rock Chicago , and welcomes the local band Photo-Curio into the studio to rock out on the air.
  15. OTL #621: The parallels between 1968 and 2018, Finding your roots, The return of Derek Erdman2018/09/08

    Mike Stephen discusses the parallels between the sociopolitical climate of 1968 and 2018 with journalist Mick Dumke , learns about finding the roots of the Black Chicago experience with The Triibe's editor in chief Tiffany Walden, and welcomes artist Derek Erdman back to Chicago to get the skinny on his new show. The local music this week brought to us by Brian Sangmeister .
  16. OTL #620: Knocking on doors for votes, WFOV-LP serves Flint, The Secret History of Larry Sturm2018/09/01
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  17. OTL #619: The story of tied houses in Chicago2018/08/25
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  18. OTL #618: Expressway moratorium, Civic engagement with your neighbors, The Secret History of Kristin Lems2018/08/19

    Mike Stephen discusses the possibility of enacting a moratorium on the expansion of expressways in Chicagoland with Ron Burke of the Active Transportation Alliance , previews a community-building event called the CivicLab Harambee with Tom Tresser, and learns the Secret History of Evanston activist folk singer Kristin Lems . The local music this week flows from J P J .
  19. OTL #617: Saucy Porka expands, Park District life hacks, The Tim Gleason Band plays live2018/08/11

    Mike Stephen drops by the new Saucy Porka restaurant in Hyde Park and chats with owner and chef Amy Le about what it's like as a restaurant owner in the city, learns about some tips and tricks to navigating the Chicago Park District's signup process, and rocks out to live music from Tim Gleason and Kathleen Riordan in the studio.
  20. OTL #616: Cycle of Injustice, First time run for alderman, The Secret History of Marvin Smith2018/08/04
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  21. OTL #615: Disparities in school funding and school discipline, A tribute to Val of Val’s Halla Records2018/07/28

    Mike Stephen chews through the CPS funding data with Jessica Kursman of UIC's Voorhees Center , explores the impact of discipline policies in Illinois public schools with Kalin Belsha of the Chicago Reporter , and tips his hat to the late local music legend Val Camilletti of Val's Halla Records in Oak Park. The local music this week is powered by Rum Velvet.
  22. OTL #614: Ald. Waguespack on Chicago leadership, IL Railway Museum, The Secret History of The Riptides2018/07/21

    Mike Stephen talks with Chicago Alderman Scott Waguespack about his views on the city's leadership, learns about the Illinois Railway Museum , and visits the lair of Steve Krakow (aka Plastic Crimewave ) to discover the Secret History of 60s garage-rockers The Riptides . Local music this week courtesy of Sun Cop .
  23. OTL #613: Aldermanic impact on affordable housing, Closed Loop Forum, Tacos y Tamales Fest2018/07/14
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  24. OTL #612: Chicago Voyagers, The Secret History of Matt “Guitar” Murphy, WRWO-FM serves Ottawa, IL2018/07/07
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  25. OTL #611: Connecting Chicago communities, The Mattachine Podcast, Getting excited about local science2018/06/30
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