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  1. All treasures you have2011/10/27

    Song: All treasure you have
    Wado Chicchan
  2. Womb's Song2011/10/25

    The song of the veins of the womb. That's what we hear when the blood pressure changes in our favour or not...It'all around, pulsing by.....
  3. It is my son2011/10/21

  4. The Sea Shells2011/10/21

    THis song I;ve made when I was 16 years old with a friend of mine called Luiz, better known as Luisisnho. He already left this level but he is still around, with me playing songs for the wind. All of sudden this song came in my mind wen I've first plugged my gruitar

    SO here I share with you...
  5. Mantra Kinich Ahau2011/10/16

    The Galactic point of all Light in Universe. The communication between the suns of the galaxies....The inner magnetic chants, song from the misterious part of the attuned being...
  6. With no limits2011/07/02

    We are a plus for the planet
    we are here to understand the crystals
    they reflect our inner being
    they make us remind as the sun
    when for the first time, it shines
    with no limits
  7. The Change2011/06/29
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  8. 2012 shout2011/06/27
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  9. Blue-being2011/06/20
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  10. How to Evaporate2011/06/15

  11. More sunbeams to the earth2011/06/13

  12. Good Afternoon, Earth.2011/06/12
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  13. Collections of the Bear poem2011/06/10
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  14. Metaphysical Love poem2011/05/23
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  15. Awakening 20122010/05/05

  16. Central Column2007/01/20
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  17. If you have to run Robot2007/03/07

    This song was based on a ficticious vison I had of a human robot, as nowadays, really wake up as a robot someday...
    and could see the magic definetely..
    he could not feel the air
    couldn't breath conciously
    couldn't stretch himself
    then start to feel a sudden call of singing to freed himself...
  18. Manuscript2007/05/25
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  19. The Sea2007/08/25

    The sea is the land
    where the creature meet the purification
    the salt
    the essence
    of sugar has abandoned itself
    grains of thoughts of heaven
    become those splashing waves
    in the middle of the sea of the ocean of us..........
  20. White Hole 2007/07/26
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  21. Red Earth with flute2007/02/07
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  22. If I have to run, I expire2007/03/10

    Have you ever felt, count the stars you've been flying through...?
  23. interiorizing2007/01/07

    Where all the beings speak the language of the silence....where all the beings receive instantly the message of the divine....breaking through the other side of the forgotten field of expansion........
  24. Chuchichiti2010/05/05

    Sing the true
  25. Rain's choir2007/01/06
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  26. full moon of sun2007/10/02
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  27. Galactic Skywalker2007/02/09
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  28. Veins and pulses of Jah2007/09/15

    Pacal Votan
    Amuna Kur
  29. Cosmic "Mirrored"2007/02/07

  30. Capoeira uplifting2007/08/05

    Capoeira Angola with spontaneous voices....
  31. By you, on dreaming2007/07/26

    time to relax
    time to feel the nirvana within
    time to empower the crystal of our hearts
  32. Sky rock2007/02/07
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  33. Blue storm2007/01/14

    your with your kindness to touch the crystal....shoul get the common quartz and become yourself the next messenger of the crystal....all-codes-in material reflection divine's god resembling material...

  34. Miz Tli Tlan2007/01/06

    Come and sweat sweet being...do play all over my veins, be its river;Enchant the blue trees of our divine will;splash the last thoughts away from now;be the rocky shore of our new cosmic touch-feeling;illuminate our non-stop will to be free, wash us...

connected to the unconnectable;
plugged to the aerial;
changed by the bodyless;
mutated by the temperature;
artist by the wind;
singer by the soul;
composer by the precious rock;
human by the soothing breath...Life is a river you won't cross, you will be.....you are the river.

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