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Be Unstoppable: The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

  1. A Rolling Thought Gathers Mass2017/12/13
    Try to catch the part of yourself that can't wait to pick up negativity and then learn how to set it down before you get caught up in its momentum. You will find that to set it down requires that you first set yourself down.
  2. The Hidden Nature of True Spiritual Work2017/12/13
    When you are with someone who is negative and they stir a negative reaction in you, once you understand that they have no awareness of their state, much less see the possibility of stepping into wholeness, you can choose to quietly die to that dark nature within yourself, which is to the mutual benefit of both of you.
  3. Share in the Secret Beauty of a Falling Leaf2017/12/13
    Part of our possibility of growing into another order of being, of having a relationship with what is more celestial than earthly in nature, is that we're capable of seeing the world around us through eyes that are not just connected to our response to what we see but are connected to the reality behind what is seen.
  4. Making the Crooked Places Straight2017/12/13
    There exists in you a level of being that can know the spirit that is about to speak before it speaks it. This is the meaning of the scripture, "I go before you to make the crooked places straight." This higher order of "I" is present before the will of a lower "I" is about to act. When you see through its eyes you will not want to enact that which would punish yourself or others.
  5. Let Humility and Gratitude Lift You2017/12/13
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Be Unstoppable: The Essential Laws of Fearless Living
Resolve any problem for good, outsmart fear, find your purpose, love your life.

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