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Be Unstoppable: The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

  1. The Beginning of Being a True Human Being2017/07/12
    A true human being is a "feeling" human being, not a "thinking" human being. Real life is an impersonal, complete feeling. We live in a stream of divine energy, and there is a difference between trying to be alive through thinking -- which produces the sensation of life -- and knowing that you are alive.
  2. Do What's True for You and Leave Everyone Else Alone2017/07/07
    Every human being brought into this world has a specific role, but we're in constant confusion because we think we're meant to be something other than what we are. Only God himself can show you what you are meant to be. Once you understand your role, whatever it is, you are meant to do it 100%, so that you may then be given another role.
  3. Don't Be Deceived by the Dark Side of Technology2017/07/04
    Technology seems to be empowering human beings when in fact it is enabling an unconscious part of us that is incapable of growth. Once this becomes clear you can start to recognize it isn't that technology is leading humanity, but instead we are being led by an unconscious nature that is developing technology to enable its authority over humanity.
  4. Don't Be a Role Maker, Be a Role Breaker2017/07/03
    We are masters at fooling others into thinking we have command of ourselves, but any attempt to appear as anything other than what we are is not only a lie but an act of fear. There is no real consolation in that kind of self-consciousness, as it is a default role that has been selected for us without our knowledge.
  5. You are Created to Be a Divine Artist2017/06/30
    Every human being is intended to be a kind of artist in the sense that we are created with the ability to be an instrument for transferring what is above to below. To be a real artist is to be present enough to the movement of a higher feeling within oneself which is then expressed as art in this world.
Be Unstoppable: The Essential Laws of Fearless Living
Resolve any problem for good, outsmart fear, find your purpose, love your life.

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