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  1. ASO Radio: Episode #1302013/08/13

    Wow, we did it! Fourteen years of ASO Radio C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-D, completed! Yahoo! All right! PaRappa The Rapper, you gotta believe! Ten seasons finished! Yeah, yeah, yay, woo, wooo!

    ...And here's to another fourteen years yet to be. We hope you all shall join us on our continuing adventures in anime talk radio broadcasting.
  2. ASO Radio: Episode #1292013/08/04

    Are you prepared for a rocking summer-time episode of ASO Radio? Good, glad to hear it, because we have one that's ready for you!

    Nz17 is going to take you on spin through some anime reviews "shotgun style," and then we serve up a mighty fine video game review of a compilation of games for PSP.
  3. Anifanatikku: Evoland2013/06/05

    Developer: Shiro GamesPublisher: Shiro GamesType: Personal Computer GameFormat: Digital DownloadLength: 2 - 6 hoursContent rating: MildReview rating: 6 out of 10Written by: Kenneth "Link1986" Russey

    Read more in the full Evoland story at Anifanatikku.
  4. Anifanatikku: News Update2013/06/01

    We now have a new video game section on AniFanatikku! These are reviews that have been posted to various parts of the site and the Internet at large in the past, but now they have a proper home collected here as a group on AniFan. I hope you enjoy what we've posted, and please look forward to reading more in the future.

  5. Anifanatikku: Jolly Rover2013/05/20

    Developer: Brawsome

    Read more in the full Jolly Rover story at Anifanatikku.
  6. Anifanatikku: Disgaea Infinate2013/05/20

    Developer: Nippon Ichi Software

    Read more in the full Disgaea Infinate story at Anifanatikku.
  7. Anifanatikku: Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Taisen ~Kimi Aru ga Tame~ (Sakura Wars, import)2013/05/20

    Developer: Neverland

    Read more in the full Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Taisen ~Kimi Aru ga Tame~ (Sakura Wars, import) story at Anifanatikku.
  8. Anifanatikku: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward2013/05/20

    Publisher: Chunsoft

    Read more in the full Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward story at Anifanatikku.
  9. Macrobo V: News Update2012/12/10
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  10. Macrobo V: News Update2012/05/14
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  11. ASO Radio: Episode #1282012/03/02
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  12. Macrobo V: News Update2012/02/10
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  13. Macrobo V: News Update2012/02/05
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  14. Macrobo V: News Update2012/02/04

    1 ha$ b33n hax0r3d.
  15. Macrobo V: News Update2012/01/24
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  16. Macrobo V: News Update2012/01/24
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  17. Macrobo V: News Update2011/03/07
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  18. Macrobo V: News Update2011/03/01
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  19. Macrobo V: News Update2011/02/25
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  20. Macrobo V: News Update2011/02/16
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  21. Macrobo V: News Update2011/02/13
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  22. Macrobo V: News Update2011/02/10
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  23. Macrobo V: News Update2011/02/09
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  24. Macrobo V: News Update2011/02/08
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  25. Macrobo V: News Update2011/02/05
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