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Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco

  1. Cat vs. Baby Wrestling2011/04/21
    Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Cat Heavyweight Champion vs. Human Baby!
  2. Legalize Kitty Cats2011/04/21
    Legalize Kitty Cats At 295 5th Avenue fights for YOUR rights to have a cat at 295 5th Avenue.
  3. Cranberry Sauce2010/11/22
    An important Thanksgiving message.
  4. Purell Hand Sanitizer2010/07/15
    Purell Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria. But what happens to the other .1%?
  5. How 2 Read2012/04/09
    Your Local Library presents this musical message about reading.
  6. Gary Teaches Guitar 2902012/04/09
    For Easter, Gary and Grizmor explore string-skipping and eternal salvation.
  7. Gary Teaches Guitar 2892012/03/12
    Gary invites a rival guitar tutorialist to teach sweep picking.
  8. Gary Teaches Guitar 2882012/02/14
    After a recap of What Has Come Before, Gary and Grizmor explore Jazz Improvization.
  9. Gary Teaches Guitar 2872011/11/02
    A special guest star drops in for a little chat and chase.
  10. Gary Teaches Guitar 2852011/09/23
    Grizmor's daughter sits in on space lute.
  11. Gary Teaches Guitar 2842011/08/15
    Gary and Grizmor feud over 1) the common area 2) the whole tone scale.
  12. Gary Teaches Guitar 2832011/07/06
    Gary's educational web series about musical technique and friendship.
  13. Nice Brothers: Nice PM Meeting2009/11/11
    The Nice Brothers get animated in the style of 9AM Meeting: http://ny.channel101.com/show.php?show=200
  14. 101 Plaza2009/09/30
    Go behind the scenes of the Nice Brothers with its head writer Jenn Pineapple.
  15. Nice Brothers: Bollywood2009/09/30
    The Brothers head to India to chat up the ladies International-style!
  16. NSFW - Bloomberg for Mayor Commercials2009/09/15
    It's election season. We endorse Mike Bloomberg. Not safe for work.
  17. Nice Brothers: Nice Friends2009/09/15
    A completely original short film not at all inspired by this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZjcf8gyRZY
  18. Nice Brothers: Chattin' Up the Basketballs2009/07/11
    The Nice Brothers turn to the master instructor of basketball skills: VHS!
  19. The Skinny2009/05/10
    She doesn't do lunch.
  20. Nice Brothers: Chattin' Up the Time-Space Continuum2009/05/08
    The brothers find a time portal and teach a cave chump to be a cave man.
  21. Nice Brothers: Chattin' Up the Babies2009/04/22
    The brothers teach a baby chump to be a baby man.
  22. Nice Brothers: Chattin' Up the Office2009/03/07
    The brothers get a job.
  23. Nice Brothers: Chattin' Up the Ladies2009/02/08
    The brothers teach a chump to pick up the ladies.
  24. Extreme Dominated Psyche Out2009/01/20
    A behind-the-scenes look at what happens when three idiots are given free reign to make a hidden camera pilot for MTV.
  25. Beer Commercial2008/11/17
    The November 2008 Channel101 NY screening was sponsored by Beer.
  26. Uber Luber's Hair Nightmare2008/09/23
    America's favorite Death Metal Duo in a music video.
  27. Pizza-man: Conceptual Nightmare2008/09/01
    Pizza-man faces an existential dilemma.
  28. The 13th Story2008/05/07
    A tale of mystery and adventure awaits on the 13th Story.
  29. Cake2008/04/09
    Ed bakes a delicious cake.
  30. Parmesan Party2008/03/09
    Adam orders Parmesan cheese for his meal at a fancy restaurant. Created as part of a Food Vs. Film party.
  31. Armsstrong2007/11/12
    Just like Jekyl and Hyde, except with Louis Armstrong and Neil Armstrong. And Neil is on a date.
  32. Peanut Butter Factory2007/05/01
    Adam loves Peanut Butter; Paul likes counting numbers. What will happen when they win a golden ticket to the Peanut Butter Factory? A mystery will happen.
  33. Men Out of Work2006/12/13
    Times are tough! These three construction workers gotta find a new job.
  34. Depressions2007/03/26
    Jack struggles to find work while his wife battles to keep the Electric Company from cutting off their power. Also, the mob!
  35. Hands Up!2006/11/20
    Old School Revenge, Finale: Lauren's fate is revealed, and Dovid makes a last dash at the Bulldozer! Also, a fun song.
  36. Hairless and Careless2006/11/13
    Old School Revenge, Chapter 12: An evening of crazy TV, plot twists, and the return of the World's Worst Guesstimator!
  37. Classroom III2006/11/06
    Old School Revenge, Chapter 11: David and Bulldozer face off for dominance of the desk!
  38. Cola-cola2006/10/30
    Old School Revenge, Chapter 10: Ed's gotta have that Cola-cola!
  39. Producer's Clearing Home II2006/10/18
    Old School Revenge, Chapter 9: This time the check goes to poor people.
  40. World's Worst Guesstimator2006/10/10
    Old School Revenge, Chapter 8: Another dad, another catchy theme song.
  41. That 1770s Show2006/10/04
    Old School Revenge, Chapter 7: A totally topical parody of the number one show on television.
  42. Papa Lou's Community College2006/09/27
    Old School Revenge, Chapter 6: Enjoy all the benefits of Papa Lou's Community College.
  43. Classroom II2006/09/20
    Old School Revenge, Chapter 5: David's conflict with Bulldozer continues, and a swingset disaster!
  44. Producer's Clearing Home2006/09/12
    Old School Revenge, Chapter 4: Someone special has won a prize!
  45. The Overdramatic Out-of-Work Soap Opera Star2006/09/05
    Old School Revenge, Chapter 3: The title and the premise are one and the same.
  46. Classroom I2006/08/21
    Old School Revenge, Chapter 2: Our epic hero, David, squares off against Bulldozer the Bully for the very first time.
  47. Playground USA2006/08/16
    Old School Revenge, Chapter 1: A PSA kicks off "Old School Revenge" with a helpful message about drugs.
  48. Dream Finale2006/07/24
    Our Dream Show, Chapter 8: Everything is tied up in a bizarre little package.
  49. Bus Sketch2006/07/17
    Our Dream Show, Chapter 7: The most controversial Spider Monkey sketch of them all! Starring Angie Wedekind.
  50. Candid Cameramen2006/07/10
    Our Dream Show, Chapter 6: A meta reality show. Shockingly, Ed did not win any awards for his performance herein.
  51. Pisano2006/07/02
    Our Dream Show, Chapter 5: A brief message from our friendly Italian stereotype sponsor.
  52. Mario2006/06/22
    Our Dream Show, Chapter 4: Imagine a dark, dreary room filled with a video game parody.
  53. SykeTV2006/06/06
    Our Dream Show, Chapter 3: Man with Beard is on a hidden camera show, or is he?
  54. Street Performers2006/06/06
    Our Dream Show, Chapter 2: The world's worst street performers, with a cliffhanger!
  55. Road Guidelines2006/05/09
    Our Dream Show, Chapter 1: The gang must plant a flower.
  56. Tenaskit2006/04/30
    Two fellas get totally schooled on the court.
  57. This is New York!2005/11/14
    Take a virtual comedy tour of New York with your host Anthony Da Guide.
  58. Going Up2005/04/06
    A sitcom in an elevator.
  59. Lightning Brains Episode 22005/04/02
    The professor finds the cure to brain damage; Lightning Brains meets a girl.
  60. Lightning Brains Episode 12005/02/04
    Lightning Brains saves a baby; mom makes cookies.
  61. Celebrity Sighting2005/01/18
    Shelly appears on a real tv show.
  62. Chaos Theory2004/11/23
    The truth behind chaos theory is revealed when Leland spills his french fries.
  63. When the Levee Breaks2004/11/17
    Kansas Joe plays a song.
  64. Gay with a Dinosaur2004/10/24
    Vince steals the Parchment of Noah; Clarence wants ice cream.
  65. Newsreel2006/05/15
    A World War II Era Newsreel from the Spider Monkey Archives
  66. The Fallen Sketches2006/04/24
    Stephen hosts a magical retrospective of the worst sketch comedy ever made.
  67. Blooper Reel2005/04/13
    Memories of the days when we were young.
  68. The Deal2005/04/18
    A deal goes bad.
  69. Stove-Cooked Stuffing2004/11/17
    The classic commercial teaches us an important lesson.
  70. Ten Commandments: Caught on Tape!2004/11/02
    Andrew catches people breaking God's Law - on tape!
  71. The Final Fiasco2003/04/17
    The series finale of the Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco TV show.
  72. It's About Time2003/04/17
    Brian Connor travels through time and sketches while a terminator-like robot is out to get him.
  73. A Wedding Story2002/12/04
    Just like Mamma Mia, except it's about love, not who the real father is - and it's not a musical.
  74. Old School Revenge2002/04/01
    Centered around a throwback classroom and a broken family.
  75. Our Dream Show2001/12/04
    Constant nightmares and network executives.
  76. Crouching Gladstone, Hidden What Guy2001/04/17
    Fast-paced sketches, multiple parodies, and an interweaving storyline.
  77. Silly Survivor Fiasco2000/10/19
    The Silly Survivor Fiasco was made way back in 2000 by the Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco.
Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco
The Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco is the sketch comedy show that blends animation with live video and re-mixed footage to produce the funniest shorts and full-length episodes in the area. Join Trevor, Stephen, Shelly, Ed, and the other guys whose names I forget, for a hilarious afternoon or evening!

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