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The Instance: World of Warcraft Podcast! (Gaming)

  1. The Instance 522 - War Mode On2018/05/04
    That prepatch is close and we get a taste. War Mode sounds amazing and we are all kind of in on this new way of doing PVP. Where did Brode go? Why that stock dip? And so much more!
  2. The Instance 521 - Get More Dark Iron2018/04/20
    Join Scott, Turps and Garrett today as they talk about why Dark Iron Dwarves are rad. Why arcane torrent is getting nerfed. Giving Blizzard Balance to your friends. Voice coming back to WoW. Why BfA mounts seem so crazy. More around blizzard, and more!
  3. The Instance 520 - Blizzcome 20182018/04/13
    Blizzcon tickets are coming and we have a date. Why it's hard to get around the con and see it all! More on why that mobile stuff is complicated for WoW players. Is WOW the biggest selling entertainment product of all time? WCIII goes all wide screen. Witchwood is out! Cain is on deck! Not enough story in OW, and your emails!
  4. The Instance 519 - Drop That Date2018/04/06
    We have a release date folks! And we know what the collectors edition is gonna look like and cost. No Trolls for you on launch day. What we heard at PAX this week. Where you'll get all your Azerite. No more remote AH. The rest of Blizzard and more!
  5. The Instance 518 - The Song of Storms2018/03/30
    Stormsong Valley is open and it looks incredible! Warcrat Chronicle is out in it's 3rd volume, and brings things pretty current! Family Guy gets it's wow on this weekend. Blood Elves get yellow eyes! How professions get leveled in BFA. Recaps on this week's happenings in OW, HS, and Heroes. Your emails and more!
  6. The Instance 517 - Babius Interuptus2018/03/16
    Turps is in the US for GDC, and Patrick is in full baby mode, but here we are anyway! Let's take a deeper look at the allied races and what blizzard has planned for them in the future. Artifact weapons are going away but also not entirely...we explain. Personal Loot is here to stay. Island Expeditions go into full test mode! Around Blizzard and more!
  7. The Instance 516 - Click The Horse in Your Bag2018/03/02
    What is up with that Zandalari moonkin form?? Seething Shore is seething with battleground goodness. Duncan Jones had trouble with Warcraft. A look around blizzard and more!
  8. The Instance 515 - It Burns2018/02/16
    There are some interesting new insights into the future of Alliance and Horde that we get into today. Item squish is in effect. No more first aid? Looks like it. Year of the Dog gets WoW as well. Is Twitch helping or hurting? All that and more with Scott and Turpster!
  9. Instance 514 - Alpha Males2018/02/09
    An alpha landed and we played it so we are gonna talk about it! Lots about allied races, pre-orders, etc. It's all that and more with Scott and Turps on The Instance!
  10. The Instance 513 - This time, with more antlers2018/02/02
    LOTS to talk about this week with the new patch and the expansion up for sale. What does it all mean for you today? Find out with me and special returning guest, Garrett Winezurple!
  11. 512 - Kristian Nairn's Chicken Checkbook2018/01/19
    Our episode with Kristian Nairn, aka Hodor and house dj master! He's still playing WoW and has all kinds of thoughts on the state of things! Enjoy! Scott Patrick and Turps are here too!
  12. 511 - Who's gonna save WoW for history?2018/01/12
    Druid alts for no good reason. Tuesday is patch day. Unlock those races but know what you need to do. Should warcraft be free? How big is your classes unit? Your emails and loads more!
  13. 510 - Forward Momentum2017/12/29
    Our end of year listener call-in episode! We talk the past, present, and FUTURE of World of Warcraft! Happy New Year!
  14. 509 - Deep Dungeons2017/12/15
    Garrett joins Scott today for some talk about what makes dungeon runs so great, and why WoW lost one to the HS team! We know what happens to your weapons now. Antorus 3rd boss is a jerk. What's happening around blizzard! Your emails and more!
  15. 508 - Antorus for Us2017/12/01
    Antorus is live and full of terrors. Can we talk about the sword? Raid Markers have a birthday. Lots of PTR goodness this week. A look around the rest of blizzard, and some great emails to boot!
  16. 507 - Wrynn Body Spray2017/11/24
    We take a break from news this Thanksgiving weekend and sit down with Scott and Turpster and talk about the new expansion in terms of lore and character trajectory. Enjoy!
  17. 506 - The Battle for Talking About Azeroth2017/11/10
    Our post-Blizzcon episode where we dig deep into The Battle For Azeroth!
  18. 505 - The Instance at Blizzcon, with Chris Robinson! 2017/11/05
    Our live panel from the Blizzcon Epic Stage! Enjoy!
  19. 504 - The Instance: Boxes in Boxes2017/10/20
    When you know you have the boss on farm. Gettin that Yak years down the road. Vanilla WoW gets a big setback for some. Blizzcon happenings. Junkrat hits the scene. Loot boxes and how Blizzard fits in all that. Appearing Offline is here and more!
  20. 503 - The Instance: Doing his dark work2017/10/12
    All the WoW stuff you can stand today on this episode of The Instance!
  21. 502 - The Instance: Happy Birthday, Panda Town2017/09/30
    Raiding! Beast Master is the right way. Mages get their due. The Battlenet app is out. Pandas celebrate 5 years. Offline Mode may never come. What would a mobile MMORTS from Blizz looks like? Diablo no show this year. Kaplan talks toxic players. Your emails and more!
  22. 501 - The Instance: One Thousand Years2017/09/22
    Topping off the hunter and workin on yer mage! Flying and THEN do it. Argus tells some tales. Blizzcon mounts are awesome. A thousand years of war. And more!
  23. 500 - The Instance: I am my scars2017/09/08
    We continue to love 7.3, and find some surprising things about ourselves in its corners. We also talk about what Blizzards new Arena in LA could mean. Story controversies continue with Illidan, and even story in Overwatch! Are legendaries working? How to get and sell Blizzard stock, and more!
  24. 499 - The Instance: Seven Point Three2017/09/01
    Today was all about 7.3, and what we think of it! A few other odds and ends as well! Tune in and check it out!
  25. The Instance Gamescom 2017 Edition2017/08/23
    Our Gamescom coverage of what Blizzard might do there. New WoW expansion? Maybe. Get all the juicy details from Scott and Patrick today!
  26. 498 - The Instance: Gamescom Cometh2017/08/18
    Our pre-Gamescom coverage of what Blizzard might do there. New WoW expansion? Maybe. Get all the juicy details from Scott and Patrick today!
  27. 497 - The Instance: Beyond The Burger Story2017/08/04
    We kick it off with how T's recent visit of Blizzard went. Ion had a bunch of new stuff to say about 7.3 in WoW. Catchup mechanics and why we like them. Raid Finder gets less touristy. Garrosh stinks up the Nexus. Hearthstone is aimed in a good direction with Throne. Doomfist is all up in it in OW. Diablo discussion worth hearing and more!
  28. 496 - The Instance: 7.3 Story is off the chain2017/07/14
    Our lore breakdown of what is coming in 7.3. Warning: There be spoilers ahead, matey.
  29. 495 - The Instance: Argus smells like burning2017/07/07
    Garrett joins Scott Turpster and Patrick for a HUGE week in news, with a big look at WoW 7.3, and everything that means. We also take a peak at Stukov, Knights of The Frozen Throne, the Necromancer, and Doomfist! Big show so tuck in!
  30. Nerdtacular 2017 Games Panel2017/07/03
    Our big video game panel from N17, including guests Greg Street and Russell Brower, and MANY more.
  31. 494 - The Instance: Mail Bagging!2017/06/23
    Better loot, a date with death, and YOUR emails today, on a very feedback based episode of The Instance!
  32. 493 - The Instance: How We PVP2017/06/09
    On this episode of The Instance, WoW PVP, and what it might need to do to continue being a thing, and more!
  33. 492 - The Instance: Jaina Proudmoore2017/06/02
    Our lore episode about the great Jaina Proudmoore.
  34. 491 - The Instance: Payload Delivered2017/05/26
    Overwatch turns ONE this week, and we are here to see how that went, and how it should go moving forward!
  35. 490 - The Instance: The Spicy Guys2017/05/19
    A deep Diablo dive today as we celebrate five years of Diablo III. We look back and forward on this great franchise. Also, Patrick is all in for 7.2 and Destiny is gonna be on your launchers!
  36. A quick Instance PSA2017/05/12
    A quick Instance PSA
  37. 489 - The Instance: King Varian Wrynn2017/05/04
    We take a deep look at the beloved Alliance leader and king, Varian Wrynn.
  38. 488 - The Instance: No April like this April2017/04/21
    Scott and Patrick break down all the recent Blizzard news!
  39. 487 - The Instance: Catching up with Russell2017/04/07
    Catching up with Russell Brower, sound and music lord at Blizzard Entertainment. Loads of great stuff about WoW and music in general at Blizzard.
  40. 486 - The Instance: Space Goats, Coast to Coast2017/03/24
    We give you the complete rundown of what to expect Tuesday from patch 7.2, and the tomb of Sargaras. We go deep into the story of 7.2 as well. What CCG's learn from HS, and what you might pay for a necromancer this summer and more!
  41. 485 - The Instance: LORE 04, Thrall2017/03/20
    Another Lore focused episode, where we focus on Thrall and his storied history! Enjoy!
  42. 484 - The Instance: This player vs that player2017/03/10
    Holinka has stuff to say about the latest in WoW PVP. Turns out paid raid clears are a big no-no at Blizzard. Probius has his one eye on you. Orisa is four-legged awesome. Why are HS prices going up? Lots more with Scott, Dills, and Patrick!
  43. 483 - The Instance: Community Matters2017/03/05
    Let's talk about community for a while.
  44. 482 - The Instance: Show me your cards2017/02/24
    On this episode of The Instance, a special focus on Hearthstone, and what the future holds for the most popular digital CCG in the world.
  45. 481 - The Instance: Year over Year2017/02/10
    On this episode of The Instance, Blizzard made bank last quarter. Get your primal flame on. WoW Tokens are for more things now. Lucio enters the Nexus. Roadhog and Winston getting some love. PVP thoughts from listeners, and more!
  46. 480 - The Instance: So Competative 2017/02/03
    A special episode where Scott and Patrick look at the future of Blizzard's "competition in every game" plans, and how that might affect players like you.
  47. 479 - The Instance: LORE 03, The Tomb of Sargeras2017/01/27
    We take on another LORE episode, this time focusing on the Tomb of Sargeras and more!
  48. 478 - The Instance: Make Dungeons Matter Again2017/01/20
    7.2 has some really cool stuff in store! PVP Brawls sound...interesting. Kara gets split in two. We enter the Tomb and soon. Flying is back! More vanilla server drama. Wei Wang is out! Valeera enters the Nexus. HS team talks more. Season 9 goes solo. Overwatch likes skins. Town Cryer and more!
  49. 477 - The Instance: Looks like a thumb2017/01/06
    On this episode of The Instance, killin that Cow King. Nighthold approaches, and that means a raid schedule. Where did that stealth sound come from? Zul'Jin in the HIZZOUSE! More cows in HS. Diablo goes retro for a while. Overwatch makes you lucky. Your emails and more! Oh, and it looks like a thumb.
  50. 476 - The Instance: The Year That Was2016/12/30
    On this episode of The Instance, we sum up Blizzard in 2016, and look forward to what the new year might hold, and more!
  51. 475 - The Instance: Elysium minus Matt Damon2016/12/09
    Ion had more things to say, and we like to talk about those things. We go DEEP into the Elysium news. Micro holidays are here! Kosak is off to play some HS. Happy 12 years! Browder moves down the hall! Also Rag is coming! Overwatch won! How to handle legacies, and how to move regions in WoW!
  52. 472 - The Instance: Hozen Paradise 2016/12/02
    On this episode of The Instance, how mean are the Mean Streets? Bad luck in Legion NERFED! Bans for raiders handed out. What's that first person engine job about? Strap in for Rag in heroes next week! Symmetra is getting some serious love. Some more thoughts on Legacy Servers. Your calls and emails and more!
  53. 471 - The Instance: 12 Years Young2016/11/18
    On this episode of The Instance, Make sure you hear what Chris has to say. Private groups sound nice. Happy 12, WoW! What happens in Argus? Some big reworks coming. Trails of Valor up for all. Heroes has some good stuff going on. Diablo 1 on the PTR. Sombra and Arcade kicking it in OW and more!
  54. 470 - The Instance: The Chris Metzen Interview2016/11/15
    The Chris Metzen Interview - Scott sits down with Chris and talks about the past, the present, and the future.
  55. 469 - The Instance: Lore Episode 22016/11/11
    Our second big lore episode! The Old Gods get some attention, and we try and figure out all these whispers!
  56. 468 - The Instance: The Angry Instance2016/11/08
    Our Blizzcon 2016 Live episode!
  57. 467 - The Instance: Blizzcon Attunement2016/10/28
    On this episode of The Instance, bed ridden means HS ridden. Weird Al is your dude. No classic server stuff at Blizzcon. Cooking with Wow! 7.1 round up! Our blizzcon predictions and more!
  58. 466 - The Instance: A Change in The Guard2016/10/14
    On this episode of The Instance, Chilton is out and Ion is in. What might Tom be moving to? Blizzcon schedule becomes clear. Where are we in Legion? Is Suramar too much of a hassle? OW gets a little scary. Your feedback and more!
  59. 465 - The Instance: The Holinka Files2016/10/11
    A mid-week PVP interview with Holinka! Originally aired on the RallyPoint podcast. Enjoy!
  60. 464 - The Instance: Demons need Hunting2016/10/07
    More of our time in Azeroth. 7.1 has lots of little goodies in it. Huntin them demons. Wing 2 is out for LFR peeps. Still no band! Samuro enters the nexus. Loads more plus your emails and calls!
  61. 463 - The Instance: Lore Special 012016/10/04
    Our first of hopefully many lore specials for World of Warcraft and The Instance. Join Scott and Turpster and we set at the feet of knowledge and tackle the titans in this episode.
  62. 462 - The Instance: The World is your Quest2016/09/30
    So we are a month in, and LOVING every part of Legion. Patrick not happy with PVP or the economy. More people leaving. Someone has to be first in the nightmare and more!
  63. 461 - The Instance: The Heart of The Thing2016/09/16
    Blizzard loses a big one. It's a new day in Legion! 7.1 has stuff in it! Bonfire lit a bonfire. Extras with your movie purchase. Blizzcon goodies become clear. Heroes goes to war. Your feedback and more!
  64. 460 - The Instance: Nailed it2016/09/02
    On this episode of The Instance, A BIG Legion post-release show with lots of good stuff! Get in here!
  65. SPECIAL - The Instance: Rally Point and Greg Street2016/08/31
    SPECIAL - The Instance: Rally Point and Greg Street
  66. 459 - The Instance: The Naval Table2016/08/26
    The post launch schedule for legion is there and ready. What we know about 7.1 ahead of launch. DVD getting a deleted scene. Alts and invasions are in. All this Sombra stuff. Your emails and more!
  67. 458 - The Instance: The Long Way Around2016/08/19
    On this episode of The Instance, Karazhan is back! Khadgar wants to take you on a trip. Invasions were bugged! More audio drama please! We get to all the gamescom announcements! Your feedback and more!
  68. 457 - The Instance: Invading Our Lives!2016/08/12
    That patch is HUGE and we go DEEP! Everything from Demon Hunters to PVP on hit deaths! Full house today!
  69. 456 - The Instance: The Adventures of Dhadgar2016/08/05
    ZOOMING still a thing. What we've been up to in the post-patch world. Blizzard did well this quarter. Illidan gets his stage time. Streaming this stuff on Facebook. How does the Tomb sound. PTR Auriel! Special Event coming for HS. Overwatch gets all up in the summer games and more!
  70. 455 - The Instance: Wipe out the whole village 2016/07/29
    On this episode of The Instance, we go DEEP into what you can expect on day one of Legion on August 30th. More Harbingers. Hearthstone gets really funky and more!
  71. 454 - The Instance: Harbingers & Patches2016/07/22
    The patch came and we have a lot to say about it. Scott is feeling very frosty. Gul'dan origins are interesting! Goodie bag revealed! Chronicles Vol. 2 is out! Ana has our hearts. Your feedback and more!
  72. 453 - The Instance: The Demons Have Come To The Thing!2016/07/15
    On this episode of The Instance, it's our big Legion Pre-Launch special! We take a long loving look at what you can expect to hit as early as this coming Tuesday! Oh, and stuff happened in all blizzard games worth talking about so hop in!
  73. 452 - The Instance: PVP For Everyone2016/07/01
    We go deep into Legion PVP and find out what the team has in store. Class trials and action cams are all the rage in the beta. Looking for WoW themed beer? Good, cause China has you covered. Overwatch get's it's ranked mode on. A load of your feedback and more!
  74. 451 - The Instance: Legion Could be Legendary2016/06/17
    We talk a bit more about that movie that came out. There was one really important thing missing. Ion gave us another big Q&A about Legion. How do you feel about one-button authentication? Medivh seems ok! ElderScrolls gets in on the HS action. Diablo getting harder and deeper. Overwatch had a HUGE launch number. Your calls and emails and more!
  75. 450 - The Instance: SPOILER ALERT movie episode2016/06/03
    IMPORTANT! A SPECIAL MOVIE EPISODE of The Instance is here. Turpster has seen the movie twice, and we go DEEEEP into spoiler territory on this episode about the Warcraft movie! So be WARNED! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!
  76. 449 - The Instance: Launch Week2016/05/30
    On this episode of The Instance, the movie is out in 20 markets and doing pretty well. Gamers seem to like it too! XP boosts in heroes for the 1 year anniversary. Hello Hell Billie. Diablo has a real chance at GamesCom. A look at the Overwatch launch week that was, and more!
  77. 448 - The Instance: Legion Landing2016/05/22
    Warlords is all part of the package now. Talent and Spec changes in Legion. Movie Update! Chromie in the wild and we have thoughts. On the eve of Overwatch and more!
  78. 447 - The Instance: The more we hear, the more we like!2016/05/15
    We take a nice long look at the Watcherdev breakdown of the current state of Legion, and what that means for you in August. Bunch of movie clips got leaked! Login rewards explained for the movie tie-in. Chromie is way fun! Season 6 is well underway. Get ready for The Dragon on the 16th! Your calls and more!
  79. 446 - The Instance: Your own private little server2016/05/01
    There's a new gold cap! Blizzard responds to the private server thing. Big movie details at PAX in Boston. Tracer is out for everyone. There are old gods among us now in HS. Are you ready for Season 6 in Diablo 3? Overwatch has some dates! Your emails and calls and more! and more!
  80. 445 - The Instance: Hot Summer Date2016/04/22
    On this episode of The Instance, Blizzcon tickets went fast! August 30th is still technically summer. Significant alpha updates. Get your tap on in Legion! New trailer for the movie is dub-steppy. Tracer enters the Nexus. Hearthstone gets nerfed and buffed! Those Mercy wings are awesome. Open beta ends on the 25th for Overwatch. Your feedback and more!
  81. 444 - The Instance: Overwatch Special with Michael Chu2016/04/12
    An interview with Michael Chu, senior game designer on Overwatch! Give it a listen!
  82. 443 - The Instance: Server Down!2016/04/08
    On this episode of The Instance, We have dates for Blizzcon! Nostalrius is no more. Should people be shocked when Blizz shuts them down? Mythic gets the PLUS treatment. Overwatch ranked play explained. Where are you, 76? Your emails and and more!
  83. 442 - The Instance: Old Gods First2016/03/25
    On this episode of The Instance, Why did HS get N'Zoth first? More TV spots for Warcraft. D2 and WIII updates explained. Leaked Blizzcon dates. Alpha voice testing begins. Best of luck to Mickey! Big Patch dropping in Heroes this week. Overwatch just gets better. Your emails, calls and more!
  84. 441 - The Instance: Patching All The Things2016/03/18
    We're going to miss Jonathan. Warcraft III and Diablo II get patches for some reason. New Warcraft movie tv spot is tight. Sad day for Everquest Next. Getting to 100 on a dance pad. Xul is great! Dehaka is coming! The Lost Cavern will scratch a special kind of itch for some. Tracer leaked! Hearthstone recipes are amazing. Overwatch Overload. Your emails too!
  85. 440 - The Instance: All the Thrall2016/03/04
    On this episode of The Instance, movie pics surface. We tackle a TON of your emails. Xul likes you and you'll like him. Overwatch BREAKS IT DOWN and more!
  86. 438 - The Instance: Recommended Specs2016/02/19
    On this episode of The Instance, we have Legion system specs and they are higher! Two players unlocked EVERYTHING. Get your own Warcraft movie props. Heroes gets all charity like. How the Turret meta in Overwatch got smashed yesterday, and what it means when Blizzard says nothing is random!
  87. 438 - The Instance: Taquito Grill2016/02/12
    On this episode of The Instance, so how did that earnings call go? WoW numbers are not being reported anymore. Maybe you get some free WoW with movie tickets. More on Formats. The OW beta is back and we have a lot to say about what changed and what stayed the same. Your calls and emails and more!
  88. 437 - The Instance: That's a wild format2016/02/05
    On this episode of The Instance, Duncan Jones interview coming soon! TV spots and interviews: Early movie stuff starting to happen. There's a doomhammer in Skyrim now. Get toys now! Li-Ming is the bomb! The lunar festival is live in the Nexusw. What the hell are FORMATS in HS? Back to Overwatch soon. Your feedback and more!
  89. 436 - The Instance: The greyest of manes2016/01/22
    On this episode of The Instance, The alpha came back. PVP in WoW today vs tomorrow. Genn Greymane looks nice and squishy. Wizards and Necromancers in the house. 2.4 hit Diablo and it feels great. Overwatch gets back to business in February. Your calls and emails and more!
  90. 435 - The Instance: Hit the road running2016/01/08
    Some scary stuff might be happening in the next lore bits. Blizz gets MLG! Patrick has an all in moment with a Blizzard game. Still time before betas come back from holiday breaks. Your calls and more! Oh, and special guest, Garrett W.!
  91. 434 - The Instance: You're A Real Class Hall2015/12/11
    Let's dig deep into the alpha with a full crew today. What will the launch event look like? Diablo invades Azeroth? Explore with us! Beta ends, and new stuff is free. And lots more!
  92. 433 - The Instance: The Panda 20/202015/12/04
    We dive deep into the latest Legion alpha. All the class halls are here. Brightpaw clock is ticking. Ghome hunters are in! Good raid ideas. Is ESO any good now?
  93. 432 - The Instance: Yolo'Cho Bannana Hair2015/11/20
    On this episode of The Instance, Did you miss Fel Reavers? Got good news for you then. A recap of everything we know about Legion. Cho'Gall is great and terrible. League of Explorers first impressions. Overwatch beta weekend happens today! LoV impressions and more!
  94. 431 - The Instance: The Blizzcon Episode and Cory Stockon2015/11/09
    We cover the ENTIRE con, as well as have a couple guests on as well! Oh, and at the end, a conversation with Cory Stockton regarding Legion!
  95. 430 - The Instance: Overwatch Overwatch Overwatch2015/10/30
    This episode is entirely about Overwatch. Enjoy.
  96. 429 - The Instance: Lay off the cheetos, dude.2015/10/23
    On this episode of The Instance, eSports is a big deal now for Blizzard. Blizzcon has a band. Artanis is badass. Warsong Commanders got nerfed and hard. The 27th is happening very soon! A load of calls and emails and more!
  97. 428 - The Instance: Slaughterhouse of the Rising Sun 2015/10/16
    On this episode of The Instance, Michele Morrow joins us! A quick check on missing Blizzcon stuff. PTR getting some stuff for WoW. You want that Grove mount? Heroes getting ready to take Goblins off the shelf. Overwatch has a date with all of us and we are happy about it. More details about how the game plays, and some other juicy bits. Your calls and emails and more!
  98. 427 - The Instance: The More Lore Tour2015/10/09
    On this episode of The Instance, Blizzcon schedule thoughts! Buy more services! And then it is ALL your emails and calls about everything, on a very listener-centric episode of The Instance and more!
  99. 426 - The Instance: Take that job and shove it!2015/09/25
    On this episode of The Instance, How much are YOU playing right now? I don't WANT this job. Pet bonus! Mage Portals in Legion! Greece has sub problems. Virtual Goodies announced. Random House and Blizzard make a deal. New Overwatching happening. Beta release confirmed still for fall. Dat intro doe! Your calls and more!
  100. 425 - The Instance: Harpoon Me2015/09/11
    On this episode of The Instance, We get some news regarding legion from Dragoncon of all things. Your athenticator gets an upgrade. Rexxar and Misha, in the Nexus at last. No Starcraft Heroes event this year. Esports websites are all the rage. Diablo gets new life with this pretty rad patch. Your calls and more!
  101. 424 - The Instance: Clicking the Cube2015/08/28
    On this episode of The Instance, Greg still says things. Blizzard goes big time. Interesting theory about Legion. How infernal are your shrines. Get the pig! To hard getting to the top again. Why T got 70k in gold. 2.3 makes Diablo fans very happy. Did you open epic packs all week? Your emails and calls and more!
  102. 423 - The Instance: Macro Transactions2015/08/21
    On this episode of The Instance, the movie and the game are not tied together. Get your virtual tickets now. We know all about dat goodie bag, yo. 6.6.6 hits Sept 1st. Some PVP tidbits. Grand Tournament on August 24th. Heroes gets all Monky. Diablo Patch has to be next week. You calls and emails and more!
  103. 422 - The Instance: Artifact Your Life2015/08/14
    On this episode of The Instance, we dive much deeper in to what we know about Legion so far. What is a FlyBaby? You finally get your moose on. New cards coming out today in HS. Kharazim is really really fun. Lets all go to vegas! Wanna work on Diablo? Your calls and emails and more!
  104. 421 - The Instance: We are "Legion"2015/08/06
    Our live episode covering the Legion reveal from Gamescom!
  105. 420 - The Instance: Live from Nerdtacular 20152015/08/03
    Our LIVE Nerdtacular 2015 Instance episode! With Scott, Turpster, Patrick, Randy, Chris Metzen, and Russell Brower!
  106. 419 - The Instance: The Mercenary Man2015/07/24
    On this episode of The Instance, we dive deep into Mercenary Mode. Why cats matter. Warcraft footage. Frost joining the team. HS has a new expansion coming. Leroic undies in Heroes. Your calls and emails and more!
  107. 418 - The Instance: Teasing No Teaser2015/07/10
    On this episode of The Instance, What's up at SDCC. Skys of Azeroth! The Chronicle. Christie Golden has a new book soon. Cryptic HH news continues. Big time bannings in Heroes. Raynor is cheap! Who is Soldier 76? Your phone calls and more!
  108. 417 - The Instance: No More RAIDS!2015/07/03
    On this episode of The Instance, Shipyards and what we think now. Hellfire is...interesting. The Butcher is...really fun. Battling for eternity. D3 Wizard datamined in heroes. Your emails and calls and more!
  109. 416 - The Instance: Gul'dan is a real jerk!2015/06/26
    On this episode of The Instance, 6.2 landed in WoW and we talk a lot about it! Timewalking in time. Master plan works again, hail jebus. What is the Banana Brawl? Malthael rides in style. Diablo has cubes again. Bastion likes birds and mowing down his enemies, and more!
  110. 415 - The Instance: Cory Stockton is in the Garrison2015/06/25
    Scott sits down with Cory Stockton, lead content designer for World of Warcraft, and talk about 6.2, shipyards, and how you deal with angry players with real concerns.
  111. 414 - The Instance: Come Fly With Me...sort of.2015/06/12
  112. 413 - The Instance: The Rule of Threes2015/06/05
  113. 412 - The Instance: A Different Kind of Similar Thing2015/05/22
  114. 411 - The Instance: The Little Dip2015/05/15
  115. 410 - The Instance: The Ebb and Flow2015/05/08
  116. 409 - The Instance: Summer is better?2015/04/24
  117. 408 - The Instance: Traditional Mages, live on stage2015/04/17
  118. 407 - The Instance: Pladimir Vutin2015/04/10
  119. 406 - The Instance: Finger on the button!2015/04/04
  120. 405 - The Instance: 10 Percent Means Something2015/03/20
  121. 404 - The Instance: The Lich Queen2015/03/13
  122. 403 - The Instance: Warcraftier2015/03/06
  123. 402 - The Instance: Six Point One2015/02/20
  124. 401 - The Instance: Blizzmiibos2015/02/13
  125. 400 - The Instance: Just stick an apostrophe in it2015/02/06
  126. 399 - The Instance: You're the Commander Now2015/01/31
  127. 398 - The Instance: Thrall throws the ball to Cho'gall2015/01/23
  128. 397 - The Instance: The Two Headed Menace2015/01/16
  129. 396 - The Instance: Hanging with Herb Oremuch2015/01/02
  130. 395 - The Instance: Money is Money2014/12/19
  131. 394 - The Instance: Molten Chore2014/12/12
  132. 393 - The Instance: Goblins on Gnomes2014/12/10
  133. 392 - The Instance: Get out of your garrison!2014/12/05
  134. 391 - The Instance: Thanks for all the fish2014/11/21
  135. 390 - The Instance: Warlords of DDOS2014/11/14
  136. 389 - The Instance: Watch Over Me, OverWatch2014/11/09
  137. 388 - The Instance: See you at Blizzcon2014/10/31
  138. 387 - The Instance: Cory Stockton's Sand Castle2014/10/22
  139. 386 - The Instance: A plushy2014/10/17
  140. 385 - The Instance: 2 hour mystery gaps!2014/10/10
  141. 384 - The Instance: Portal Storming With The Alliance2014/10/03
  142. 383 - The Instance: Maraad can be my wingman anytime2014/09/27
  143. 382 - The Instance: Doctor Barber2014/09/19
  144. 381 - The Instance: The Full Metzen2014/09/17
  145. 380 - The Instance: The Dark Portal Thing2014/08/30
  146. 379 - The Instance: You can almost smell this expansion now2014/08/22
  147. 378 - The Instance: We will never be slaves2014/08/15
  148. 377 - The Instance: 10 Years Slash Played2014/08/08
  149. 376 - The Instance: Transparancy Equals Scrutiny2014/08/01
  150. 375 - The Instance: Textures be damned2014/07/18
  151. 374 - The Instance: Blue Goat Group2014/07/11
  152. 373 - The Instance: Hairy Chest Tech2014/06/27
  153. 372 - The Instance: This changes EVERYTHING2014/06/20
  154. 371 - The Instance: Alpha Males2014/06/06
  155. 370 - The Instance: Balance that druid2014/06/01
  156. 369 - The Instance: Orcs like to accessorize2014/05/23
  157. 368 - The Instance: Warcrimes, with Christie Golden & Micky Neilson2014/05/13
  158. 367 - The Instance: Modding it up in style2014/05/09
  159. 366 - The Instance: Monk Thing of OP'ness2014/05/02
  160. 365 - The Instance: Your Garrison and You!2014/04/25
  161. 364 - The Instance: Get to the chopper!2014/04/11
  162. 363 - The Instance: Click a Dude2014/04/04
  163. 362 - The Instance: Take the High Road2014/03/21
  164. 361 - The Instance: The Light Bringer2014/03/14
  165. 360 - The Instance: Double Your Life2014/03/07
  166. 359 - The Instance: It's like this, but on crack!2014/02/28
  167. 358 - The Instance: My garrison looks prettier than yours2014/02/14
  168. 357 - The Instance: 200k of your best friends2014/02/07
  169. 356 - The Instance: Dishes are done, dude2014/02/01
  170. 355 - The Instance: Welcome to Catch Up Island2014/01/24
  171. 354 - The Instance: Boosting Early2014/01/17
  172. 353 - The Instance: Crazy Chen2014/01/10
  173. 352 - The Instance: Make us Hard Trash2013/12/20
  174. 351 - The Instance: Spys Like Us2013/12/13
  175. 350 - The Instance: The Legend of NethroSunder2013/12/06
  176. The Instance: Greg Street2013/11/29
  177. 349 - The Instance: The Reaping2013/11/22
  178. 348 - The Instance: Pre-flight2013/11/15
  179. 347 - The Instance: Warlords of Blizzcon2013/11/10
  180. 346 - The Instance: There is no LFD2013/11/01
  181. 345 - The Instance: That crocolisk had a family2013/10/17
  182. 344 - The Instance: Tame a Rooster2013/10/11
  183. 343 - The Instance: Wiping With Style2013/10/04
  184. 342 - The Instance: Going Rogue2013/09/20
  185. 341 - The Instance: Time in Timeless Isle2013/09/13
  186. 340 - The Instance: Gerp the Paid For2013/09/06
  187. 339 - The Instance: Going Deep2013/08/30
  188. 338 - The Instance: Got to know when to fold em.2013/08/23
  189. 337 - The Instance: Hellscream needs to go2013/08/16
  190. 336 - The Instance: Cory Stockton on 5.42013/08/13
  191. 335 - The Instance: Alchemists Anonymous2013/08/02
  192. 334 - The Instance: The Rumpy-Pumpy2013/07/26
  193. 333 - The Instance: Hunters are rogues from a distance2013/07/19
  194. 332 - The Instance: Coke Pauldrons2013/07/12
  195. Nerdtacular 2013 Games Panel2013/07/09
  196. 331 - The Instance: Suck it, tailors!2013/06/28
  197. 330 - The Instance: Interview with Mike Stackpole2013/06/25
  198. 329 - The Instance: The Sha of Irritation2013/06/21
  199. 328 - The Instance: The Flexi-Episode2013/06/14
  200. 327 - The Instance: We work for scale now2013/06/07
  201. 326 - The Instance: Path of the Titan2013/06/01
  202. 325 - The Instance: My Lucky Dead Man2013/05/24
  203. 324 - SPECIAL INTERVIEW! Cryptozoic's HEX2013/05/21
  204. 323 - The Instance: So close we can taste it2013/05/18
  205. 322 - The Instance: A dip in the road2013/05/10
  206. 321 - The Instance: We blame the Witch Doctor2013/05/03
  207. 320 - The Instance: Hot Trash2013/04/26
  208. 319 - The Instance: Heroic Less2013/04/19
  209. 318 - The Instance: A date with Blizzcon2013/04/05
  210. 317 - The Instance: The Hearthstone Files2013/04/02
  211. 316 - The Instance: Two heads, six specs total2013/03/29
  212. 315 - The Instance: Home is where the Hearthstone is2013/03/22
  213. 314 - The Instance: Kristian Nairn!2013/03/18
  214. 313 - The Instance: Dingalong The Dragon Man2013/03/08
  215. 312 - The Instance: The one with Ghostcrawler2013/03/01
  216. 311 - The Instance: With guest, Danielle Mackey2013/02/26
  217. 310 - The Instance: A plain white room2013/02/22
  218. 309 - The Instance: Is there no justice?2013/02/15
  219. 308 - The Instance: The Dawn of Dragons2013/02/09
  220. 307 - The Instance: Thrall is ready for his closeup2013/02/01
  221. 306 - The Instance: Welcome to Joyland2013/01/19
  222. 305 - The Instance: Cleaning up the big cities2013/01/11
  223. 304 - The Instance: Welcome to the Thunderdome2013/01/04
  224. 303 - The Instance: Scenerio-HO HO!2012/12/21
  225. 302 - The Instance: Embrace the Tillers2012/12/14
  226. 301 - The Instance: Deep in the Dungeon2012/12/07
  227. 300 - The Instance: Ding!2012/11/30
  228. 299 - The Instance: Russell Brower2012/11/23
  229. 298 - The Instance: How secure is secure?2012/11/16
  230. 297 - The Instance: We all Scream for Hellscream2012/11/02
  231. BLizzGONE, hour three, RAIDING!2012/10/31
  232. BLizzGONE, hour two, StarCraft2012/10/29
  233. 296 - The Instance: BLizzGONE, hour one2012/10/27
  234. 295 - The Instance: Watch the World Burn2012/10/12
  235. 294 - The Instance: Best Monkey Tech2012/10/04
  236. 293 - The Instance: The Mists have Cleared2012/09/28
  237. 292 - The Instance: Cory Stockton2012/09/21
  238. 291 - The Instance: My Tight Little Area2012/09/14
  239. 290 - The Instance: What might have been2012/09/07
  240. 289 - The Instance: To Patch a Theif2012/08/31
  241. 288 - The Instance: Gone the way of the 40 man2012/08/24
  242. 287 - The Instance: Stop Motion Bewbs2012/08/17
  243. 286 - The Instance: Christie Golden & Chris Metzen2012/08/13
  244. 285 - The Instance: The Cycle2012/08/03
  245. 284 - The Instance: It's a date!2012/07/27
  246. 283 - The Instance: Who will make our movie2012/07/20
  247. 282 - The Instance: End Game2012/07/13
  248. 281 - The Instance: Chen Storm Stud2012/06/30
  249. 280 - The Instance: The Blackest of Markets2012/06/22
  250. 279 - The Instance: An extra thumb2012/06/15
  251. 278 - The Instance: DeeBlow2012/06/01
  252. 277 - The Instance: I want a Dragon Turtle2012/05/25
  253. 276 - The Instance: Stay a while, and listen2012/05/18
  254. 275 - The Instance: 10.2 and Stable2012/05/11
  255. #274 - The Instance: MoP Finds it's Voice!2012/05/04
  256. #273 - The Instance: You pulled my pets2012/04/27
  257. #272 - The Instance: Red panda male tail2012/04/19
  258. #271 - The Instance: Wave 4 Complete!2012/04/06
  259. #270 - The Instance: Blinking in the Mists2012/03/30
  260. #269 - The Instance: The Mists have Cleared2012/03/19
  261. #268 - The Instance: High Tinkerer Fizzybitch2012/03/16
  262. #267 - The Instance: We feel so talented2012/03/09
  263. #266 - The Instance: It's a Thrallio!2012/03/02
  264. #265 - The Instance: No have candle2012/02/24
  265. #264 - The Instance: Big Yellow Rubber Chicken2012/02/17
  266. #263 - The Instance: Bring out the money hose2012/02/10
  267. #262 - The Instance: Now, 5% off the regular nerf!2012/02/03
  268. #261 - The Instance: Watch out for Weiner Stalks2012/01/27
  269. #260 - The Instance: Take the player, not the race!2012/01/20
  270. #259 - The Instance: World of Warhackery2012/01/06
  271. #258 - The Instance: The Cataclysmic Year2011/12/30
  272. #257 - The Instance: What's in a name?2011/12/16
  273. #256 - The Instance: Exploiting the obvious2011/12/09
  274. #255 - The Instance: The correct answer is 4.32011/12/02
  275. #254 - The Instance: This is how you Roll2011/11/25
  276. #253 - The Instance: Vivendi Gets VivSpendy2011/11/18
  277. #252 - The Instance: Mostly in China2011/11/11
  278. #251 - The Instance: The great Squish of 20112011/11/04
  279. #250 - The Instance: The Panda Reality Distortion Field2011/10/28
  280. #249 - The Instance: Let the Panda-monium begin!2011/10/23
  281. #248 - The Instance: The Final Countdown2011/10/14
  282. #247 - The Instance: Opening the Red Door2011/10/07
  283. #246 - The Instance: Your dongle is showing2011/09/30
  284. #245 - The Instance: Bloody Sock in the House!2011/09/23
  285. #244 - The Instance: Your old clothes are new again2011/09/16
  286. #243 - The Instance: Do the humans first2011/09/09
  287. #242 - The Instance: All’s ‘Faire’ in love and war2011/08/26
  288. #241 - The Instance: A Level 85 Bunk2011/08/19
  289. #240 - The Instance: Avoid The Void Storage2011/08/12
  290. #239 - The Instance: Auction Shmauction2011/08/05
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  292. #237 - The Instance: How to back a jacket potato2011/07/22
  293. #236 - The Instance: When Thrall Leaves His Tiny Tower2011/07/15
  294. #235 - The Instance: The lady with two voice actors2011/07/08
  295. #234 - The Instance: The Chinese WoW Time Machine2011/06/24
  296. #233 - The Instance: Let's get Legendary all up in here, yo!2011/06/10
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  299. #230 - The Instance: You get what you pay for2011/05/20
  300. #229 - The Instance: The Epic...Stash?2011/05/14
  301. #228 - The Instance: The Dungeon Diary2011/05/06
  302. #227 - The Instance: The lands, they be on fire!2011/04/30
  303. #226 - The Instance: Blizzard's Warcrafty Year2011/04/23
  304. #225 - The Instance: Quite the achievement2011/04/16
  305. #224 - The Instance: In the shadow of the fat man2011/04/09
  306. #223 - The Instance: Transparent2011/03/26
  307. #222 - The Instance: Pastor and Cake2011/03/19
  308. #221 - The Instance: We demand a Meat Quiver2011/03/12
  309. #220 - The Instance: In The Nightmare2011/03/05
  310. #219 - The Instance: The Savage Lava Dong2011/02/26
  311. #218 - The Instance: Lady Asswhisperer2011/02/19
  312. #217 - The Instance: Now I've gotta go...2011/02/12
  313. #216 - The Instance: Beard Balancing2011/02/04
  314. #215 - The Instance: Patchy Patch McPatch Patch2011/01/20
  315. #214 - The Instance: Blackrock Whatever It’s Called2011/01/11
  316. #213 - The Instance: Teddy Roosevelt Was An Orc2011/01/03
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  320. #210 - The Instance: “Got a bad case of the shattering”2010/11/23
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  334. #196 - The Instance: “The Rage! It Burns Us, Precious!”2010/08/09
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  338. #192 - The Instance: "I'm Just Going To Call It Kalimuhdor. Deal With It."2010/06/11
  339. #191 - The Instance: "The Ruby Sanctum has no eye"2010/06/01
  340. #190 - The Instance: "One Naked Wolf Lady Coming Right Up"2010/05/22
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