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  1. blur - Review - One Guy One Game2010/05/26

    The first of many audio review podcasts from one of the former TWU hosts. First up is Bizarre Creations fun new arcade racer blur.
  2. The Weekly Upload for December 22nd - Final Show2009/12/22
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  3. The Weekly Upload for December 9th, 2009 - Show #1052009/12/10
    A thousand apologies; we had some technical issues this week, but we're back. This episode is all about Ezio (Assassin's Creed 2) vs. Altair (the original Assassin's), crappy new releases and Jeff. Tune in for a super-sized episode with all three hosts back together again.
  4. The Weekly Upload for November 25th, 2009 - Show #1042009/11/25

    Kari is either in Mexico vacationing or avoiding the guys to play more Assassin's Creed 2, but either way this week is a sausage fest. Aaron and Ryan try to play catch up and break down some of the year's biggest titles including the aforementioned AC2, Borderlands and dive deep into DJ Hero. Also, we love Jeff.
  5. The Weekly Upload for August 4th, 2009 - Show #1002009/08/05
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  6. The Weekly Upload for July 28, 2009 - Show #992009/07/29
    Back from the second LR Meet and Greet Aaron and Kari give us a rundown of what went down in Indiana this last week. We also prepare for our 100th episode while talking about some arcade games. Splosion Man, Madballs and we wrap it up with some NCAA 2010 talk. New releases and your questions round out this episode.
  7. The Weekly Upload for July 7, 2009 - Show #982009/07/08
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  8. The Weekly Upload for June 24, 2009 - Show #972009/06/25
    Back for a quick week. We dive head first into Guitar Hero Smash Hits and Aaron is actually a bit in love with it. Kari finally plays FEAR 2 and has some very positive impressions. Ryan played Bionic Commando and does not have positive impressions. Rocket Riot is a surprise game on XBLA and we wrap up with new releases. TWU@loadingreality.com
  9. The Weekly Upload for June 10, 2009 - Show #962009/06/10
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  10. The Weekly Upload for June 3, 2009 - Show #952009/06/04
    All you need to know is that its E3 2009 time. We break down all 3 of the big conferences and drool over many games. Come, laugh, love, cry and enjoy 2 hours of gaming goodness.
  11. The Weekly Upload for May 26, 2009 - Show #942009/05/27
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  12. The Weekly Upload for May 20, 2009 - Show #932009/05/21
    A day late and a host short but we knock it out for you because we love you. Aaron and Ryan break down a few games including finally getting around to FEAR 2 and Wanted the video game. Ryan finds another gem in X-Blades which at least shows off some skin. A couple listener mail questions including the return of Dadditude and the new releases for the week.
  13. The Weekly Upload for April 29, 2009 - Show #922009/04/30
    We are back in full force as Kari returns from the land of the Gods. Aaron and her double team an exciting game on the DS where you tap and rub things until you are satisfied. Ryan sort of has a breakdown over the new 50 Cent game and Load Runner was a bust from the beginning. We wrap it up with new releases and a ton of Xfire Lag.. YAYYYY
  14. The Weekly Upload for April 14, 2009 - Show #912009/04/15
    With Kari in the land of the Gods (Hawaii) Aaron and Ryan double team this weeks episode. Guitar Hero Metallica is on the menu along with Mad World, Halo Wars, Dishwasher, Flock and much more. Listener mail is also squeezed in for your pleasure.
  15. The Weekly Upload for Mar 17, 2009 - Show #892009/03/18
    One of the top games of 2009 was released last week and Aaron dives head first into the zombie love that is Resident Evil 5. Does it live up to the love RE4 has gotten for years? The entire crew is also captivated by the latest arcade game Peggle. We announce that Peggle is our game of the year without question. We also dig into our mail bag and pull out a gem from a new listener.
  16. The Weekly Upload for Mar 10, 2009 - Show #882009/03/11
    We try something new and dive deep into Watchmen the movie. Aaron and Kari have slightly different angles on the movie so as per usual its funny as hell. Ryan plays the worst shooter he has ever played and seriously considers giving up gaming for good. A solid release list rounds out this weeks show.
  17. The Weekly Upload for Mar 03, 2009 - Show #872009/03/04
    This week it comes down to two heavyweights. Killzone 2 against Halo Wars. Perhaps they might not really go head to head but we have opinions on both of them. Ryan felt like throwing his PS3 controller through the wall but Aaron found it fairly fun. Kari dishes on Halo Wars and has a swell time. Join us for the laughter, the tears and the horrible sound of Aarons voice.
  18. The Weekly Upload for Feb 25, 2009 - Show #862009/02/26
    Kari is stuck at work so Jake fills in. Rockstar has finally released the first DLC for the 360 and it is a homerun. Burnout Paradise has some new cars and they kick ass. Noby Noby Boy blows Aarons mind and not in a good way. We get cut short thanks to Xfire and technical issues.
  19. The Weekly Upload for Feb 17, 2009 - Show #852009/02/18
    2 shows in a row means we love you all. We dig into Flower for the PSN, Sonics Sega Genesis Collection, Loco Roco 2 and we enjoy some sexy bikini zombie slayer action. We round up this short but sweet show with new releases.
  20. The Weekly Upload for Feb 10, 2009 - Show #842009/02/11
    After a long break we are back at it with the entire crew. A massive amount of games have been played including Killzone 2, Halo Wars, Prince of Persia, Left 4 Dead, Banjo, Burnout Paradise DLC, WOW and much more.
    Send any questions you have to twu@loadingreality.com
  21. The Weekly Upload for Jan 20, 2009 - Show #832009/01/21
    Kari is off in a far away land so Aaron and Ryan hold down the fort once again. A few new games are talked about including Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Cuboid and Lord of the Rings Conquest. We also plow through the piles of listener mail all of you fine listeners have sent in over the last month. Send your questions to loadingreality@yahoo.com
  22. The Weekly Upload for Oct 28, 2008 - Show #762008/10/29
    Another packed show this week with a ton of games. Resistance 2 Beta impressions, More Fable II talk, Midnight Club LA, Far Cry 2, Rock Revolution and Guitar Hero World Tour. We also recap the fantastic Flag Tournament that Kari runs each and every year that happened this past weekend and dive into the massive games released list. We also answer your fantastic listener mail.
  23. The Weekly Upload for Oct 21, 2008 - Show #752008/10/22
    We are finally back, plenty to talk about this week. We launched a brand new LoadingReality.com and played a ton of games including. Little Big Planet, Fable II, Saints Row 2, Dead Space, Baja and much more. An epic list of new releases and also listener mail. Email us at loadingreality@yahoo.com
  24. The Weekly Upload for Sept 23, 2008 - Show #742008/09/24
    Two of the most anticipated games of the year saw a release in the last week, Rock Band 2 and Spore. We dive deep into both games to let you know if the wait was worth it. Burnout Paradise now has Bikes and they rock, Ryan dishes on all the additions out now FREE for this fantastic racer.
  25. The Weekly Upload for Sept 09, 2008 - Show #732008/09/10
    Pax 08 has come and gone and Kari was there for the entire weekend. She recaps each and every day including the panel she was on where hundreds of her fans basked in her beauty. Mercenaries 2 was finally released and Ryan attempts to look to the fun through the glitches. Castle Crashers is another game we have been waiting forever for and we are all in love.
  26. The Weekly Upload for Aug 28, 2008 - Show #722008/08/28
    Wow, what a week we had at LoadingReality.com - Someone felt the need to hack our site and force us to move everything and rebuild. We let you know the details of what happened. Aaron dives head first into Too Human along with Kari and they actually had fun with the game. More downloadable game talk with Galaga Legions and The Last Guy round out this crisis episode.
  27. The Weekly Upload for Aug 12, 2008 - Show #712008/08/12
    Back in full force and with better quality than ever. We dig into the wonderful world of downloadable games with Geo Wars 2, Braid and Pixel Junk Eden. Kari has positive things to say about 2 Wii games, we are not joking. Some Soul Calibur IV talk mixed with news and listener mail round out this episode.
  28. The Weekly Upload for July 29, 2008 - Show #702008/07/30
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  29. The Weekly Upload for July 22, 2008 - Show #692008/07/23

    Yes we are finally back on the air. The cast breaks down the big 3 from E3 and go over every major / minor announcement from the big show. Kari goes deep into Civ Revolution for the consoles, Aaron heads back to the ER with Trauma Center 2 and Ryan breaks down the big PS3 update that hit earlier this month. Jam packed show so sit back and enjoy.
  30. The Weekly Upload for June 30, 2008 - Show #682008/07/01
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  31. The Weekly Upload for June 24, 2008 - Show #672008/06/25
    We are finally able to get our hands on Spore, or at least part of it with the new creature creator. We dive into the Penny Arcade game and the brand spanking new Guitar Hero On Tour for the Nintendo DS. Ryan is a bit tied up tonight so Brandon from the 360 Full-Circle fills in and of all things his phone becomes the star of the show. Sit back and enjoy this epic?? show!
  32. The Weekly Upload for June 17, 2008 - Show #662008/06/18
    Metal Gear Solid 4 is finally here. Find out just how strange the game turned out to be and exactly how many times Aaron has dreamed of Snake since Thursday. Some news and new releases round out this shorter week.
  33. The Weekly Upload for June 10, 2008 - Show #652008/06/11
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  34. The Weekly Upload for June 03, 2008 - Show #642008/06/03
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  35. The Weekly Upload for May 20, 2008 - Show #632008/05/21
    After 63 episodes we are finally able to land an interview with the one and only Major Nelson from the Xbox 360 Team. Kari sits down with him and throws some questions at him which came from our community over at LoadingReality.com Ryan also returns with a bucket load of games to talk about. Sit back, relax and enjoy Kari's Epic Interview with Sir Major Nelson.
  36. The Weekly Upload for May 13, 2008 - Show #622008/05/13
    The crew digs deep into Mario Kart Wii and let you know if it is worth another trip around the mushroom kingdom. The Haze demo his the PS3 this week and we still have the nasty taste in our mouth. Some news and a listener question or two wrap up the first show Ryan has missed. We welcome Dave to the show who fills in for the sick host.
  37. The Weekly Upload for May 06, 2008 - Show #612008/05/07
    Well as you can guess this week we are hitting Grand Theft Auto 4 hard. 2 out of the 3 of us LOVE the game. Try and guess who is not so thrilled by what they have seen so far. We recap the great week we had with our new website launch over at LoadingReality.com and invite or DEMAND all of you to register on the site. Enjoy!
  38. The Weekly Upload for Apr 29, 2008 - Show #602008/04/29
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  39. The Weekly Upload for Apr 15, 2008 - Show #592008/04/15
    The new set of Halo 3 maps are here and they just might be the best map pack ever. Bully impresses Ryan and he gushes about this new classic game. Ikaruga lands on the Xbox Live Arcade and Aaron just about faints. Dark Sector is a solid game along with Ninja Gaiden on the DS. We also finally pick a winner in our Big Daddy contest as Jake fills in for the resting Kari.
  40. The Weekly Upload for Apr 08, 2008 - Show #582008/04/08
    We dig deep into our stuffed mailbag to answer all the questions you fine listeners have sent in over the last 3 weeks. We also attempted to talk about Dark Sector, Bully on the 360 and Hot Shots Golf for the PS3 but that segment lives on only in our hearts as it was lost forever. Sit back and enjoy a show driven by the listeners.
  41. Can I Haz Podcast? - Apr 1, 2058 Show #572008/04/01
    Home cider making is a part of tradition going back hundreds of
    years. We can go to the store today and buy apple cider from the
    cooler, but there's nothing better than fresh homemade cider from
    your own apples. It's great as a cool refreshing drink or a warm
    spicey treat on a cold day. And THAT is how you make apple cider, noobz.
  42. The Weekly Upload for Mar 25, 2008 - Show #562008/03/26
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  43. The Weekly Upload for Mar 11, 2008 - Show #552008/03/12
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  44. The Weekly Upload for Mar 04, 2008 - Show #542008/03/05
    We are back on the job. Ryan dives deep into Frontlines Fuel of War, Aaron brings us the dirt on Patapon, Audiosurf and Space Invaders Extreme. The new Call of Duty 4 patch is taken apart and not all is good. Xbox Live Arcade may have just released its best game yet, N+. Plenty of news and tons of listener mail round out this episode.
  45. The Weekly Upload for Feb 19, 2008 - Show #532008/02/20
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  46. The Weekly Upload for Feb 12, 2008 - Show #522008/02/13
    Devil May Cry landed last week and it lives up to just about everything Aaron dreamed of. Kari gets a fantastic gift in the form of a Wii and now has a massive crush on Mario Galaxy. Ryan gives Frontlines Fuel of War one more shot with the new online demo and changes his mind about this upcoming shooter. Plenty of listener mail and a brand new custom intro song round out this episode.
  47. The Weekly Upload for Feb 05, 2008 - Show #512008/02/06
    Rez HD crashes onto Xbox Live Arcade and we are bouncing with excitement. Aaron also lets Kari and Ryan in on a bit of Rez history that slaps this episode with an AO rating. Spiderman Friend or Foe might actually be playable, Conflict Denied Ops just plain sucks. We dive into our massive listener mail back and round out the show with a bit of gaming news.
  48. The Weekly Upload for Jan 29, 2008 - Show #502008/01/30
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  49. The Weekly Upload for Jan 22, 2008 - Show #492008/01/22
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  50. The Weekly Upload for Jan 15, 2008 - Show #482008/01/16
    We're back! We return with some actual PC gaming talk as Kari dives deep into Civilization IV and Scene It!. Aaron breaks down Zak and Wiki and wonders why it is getting the love from hard core gamers. Ryan finally plays Warhawk along with NFL Tour and Kane and Lynch. Plenty of news, a brand new contest you will not want to miss and a massive amount of listener mail rounds out this episode.
  51. The Weekly Upload for Nov 06, 2007 - Show #402007/11/07
    Kari is back on the job and her and Ryan talk about Guitar Hero 3. Rock Band makes up with Aaron and he once again is in love with the game. Aaron also scored a few precious moment with Super Mario Galaxy and he has added it to the long list of GOTY contenders. We have made it to 40 and have no plans to slow it down. Thank you for the support!
  52. The Weekly Upload for Oct 31, 2007 - Show #392007/11/01
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  53. The Weekly Upload for Oct 17, 2007 - Show #382007/10/18
    One game has dominated our week and that game is The Orange Box. It loves us and we love it back. Sega Rally Revo tries to dethrone DiRT but falls just short. Bioware went from YAY to NOOO this week. 40 gig PS3 on they way in the USA at possibly the magic price point. A ton of listener questions round out this long ass episode.
  54. The Weekly Upload for Oct 09, 2007 - Show #372007/10/09
    Kari brings us her first hand impressions of Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band from the World Cyber Games. Find out how she did in the Halo 3 tournament.The DS has another great game in Zelda Phantom Hourglass. PGR4 may be overshadowed by Halo 3 on the 360 but it certain deserves more. Flatout represents yet another solid racer on the 360 that will be overshadowed and a boatload of demos hit LIVE.
  55. The Weekly Upload for Oct 03, 2007 - Show #362007/10/04
    KP, Xbox.com's Content Manager joins us for the entire show to let us know what it is like to work next to Major Nelson and Trixie all day. Halo 3 still dominates our gaming hours but Kari finds a great place to use the DS. Fatal Inertia is a pile of crap and Kari learns a new skill.
  56. The Weekly Upload for Sep 26, 2007 - Show #352007/09/28
    What else is there to talk about this week other than Halo 3. We break down every part of the game and Kari takes us straight into the Bungie release party. Find out just how drunk the Bungie team got on the party bus. However there is more than Halo 3 to talk about as TGS spits out some good little nuggets.
  57. The Weekly Upload for Sep 18, 2007 - Show #342007/09/19
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  58. The Weekly Upload for Sep 11, 2007 - Show #332007/09/11
    Two big games landed last week and both are a bit of a letdown. Medal of Honor Airborne and Stranglehold had much promise but what went wrong. The new 360 Chat Pad is out and Ryan lets us know if it is worth the 30 bucks. Crackdown 2 will be awesome, in our dreams. Sony may drop a 400 dollar PS3 this holiday and the 360 Rock Band bundle will be gimped.
  59. The Weekly Upload for Sep 05, 2007 - Show #322007/09/05
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  60. The Weekly Upload for Aug 29, 2007 - Show #312007/08/29
    We dive head first into the Call of Duty 4 Beta and give you all the details of this awesome upcoming game. Kari went to PAX 07 and spills the details. Aaron has found yet another PS2 game to get excited over, Persona 3. Plenty more Bioshock talk and other gaming news complete with our first hate review on iTunes.
  61. The Weekly Upload for Aug 15, 2007 - Show #302007/08/15
    Bioshock rocks our world, Stranglehold surprises us, Beautiful Katamari is same ole same ole and Xbox Live Support Sucks! The Halo 3 marketing giant has kicked off and find out when you will be able to take GT5 for a spin on your PS3.
  62. The Weekly Upload for Aug 07, 2007 - Show #292007/08/07
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  63. The Weekly Upload for July 24, 2007 - Show #282007/07/24
    Bomberman Live rocks and we tell you why. Peter Moore leaves MS and we cry a little. Silicon Knights vs Epic games, this should be good! A $399 PS3 on the way? Lets hope so! Call of Duty 4 has a release date and we hopefully calm down some Halo 3 fans in the area of online co-op. Kari is stuck at bungie so Aaron and Ryan tackle this weeks show alone.
  64. The Weekly Upload for July 16, 2007 - Show #272007/07/16
    Our complete E3 wrap up show including breakdowns of all 3 press conferences. From Halo 3 to Killzone 2 we break down what we saw on all the hot games from this years E3. Oh and we all seemed to be tired and in the mood to argue which is alway good.
  65. The Weekly Upload for July 10, 2007 - Show #262007/07/10
    In this week's episode Aaron gushes about Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the PS3, Ryan dumps on Call of Juarez and Kari brings us her instant impressions of Project Sylpheed. MS Extends the 360 warranty and the PS3 gets a price drop. We also give our E3 predictions and read listener mail.
  66. The Weekly Upload for July 02, 2007 - Show # 252007/07/02
    Aaron brings us his impressions of Resident Evil 4 on the Wii and lets us know if adding waggle was worth it. Also a very late invite to the Warhawk Beta allows him to give us the lowdown on the revived series. Kari falls in love with The Darkness but her 360 cant stand it. We are surprised by the Surfs Up demo and we break down the entire Guitar Hero 80's Edition track list.
  67. The Weekly Upload for June 26, 2007 - Show #242007/06/26
    Ryan breaks down two great new games, The Darkness and DiRT. Kari tells us why we should try out Earth Defense Force 2017. Ever wanted to know how long you have played each game? We tell you about a website that will track your every move on LIVE. Tons of pre E3 news and we top it off with a great first letter.
  68. The Weekly Upload for June 18, 2007 - Show #232007/06/18
    More Forza 2 talk and the custom paint jobs in the game. Microsoft paid a boatload of money for exclusive GTA4 content. Sony has a new official blog to counter Major Nelson. Aaron finally dives into FF12 and has fallen in love with it. Kari continues to play Pokemon and Guitar Hero 2. Plenty more news to get you set for E3 as a leaked MS list might give away the big announcements for the 360.
  69. The Weekly Upload for June 11, 2007 - Show #222007/06/11
    We are joined by a very special guest who has followed gaming for 30+ years. We break down the Overlord and Tenchu Z demo. More Shadowrun talk as Aaron finally gives it a shot. Itagaki seems very confident about Ninja Gaiden 2, Assassin's Creed gets dated and the PSP is going on a diet.
  70. The Weekly Upload for June 05, 2007 - Show #212007/06/05
    Shadowrun and Forza 2 are fantastic. Microsoft reveals Surface Computing and we break down the potential. Guitar Hero 3 is off to a very rocky start. Silent Hill 5 and RE5 to go PS3 only? Capcom wants nothing to do with the Sixaxis and Mark Reign lays into Sony fanboys and their gears of war wet dreams.
  71. The Weekly Upload for May 29, 2007 - Show #202007/05/29
    Special guest Laird of HaloUnYielding.com joins us for the entire show. Kari puts him through a hard hitting interview. Plenty of news, reviews of the new Pirates game and the Japan Elite Beat Agents. A ton of news caps this weeks episode.
  72. The Weekly Upload for May 22, 2007 - Show #192007/05/22
    Kari rejoins the show and we break down the Halo 3 beta in even more detail. Ryan dishes out some great tips for the new Crackdown DLC. Xbox Live is bringing down the hammer on those who mod their 360s and Gamefly gets cheaper for everyone willing to watch a few commercials. Tons of news completes this episode.
  73. The Weekly Upload for May 16, 2007 - Show #182007/05/16
    Jake fills in for Kari as she is hard at work on the Halo 3 beta. We break down every detail of the beta and drool over its greatness. Crackdown has a massive amount of DLC but it has a massive bug. Metal Gear Solid on the PS3 this year? Maybe not...Another Final Fantasy 4 remake? A number of games are announced for all platforms.
  74. The Weekly Upload for May 07, 2007 - Show #172007/05/07
    Spiderman 3 sucks on all fronts. Ryan reviews the Xbox 360 Elite. Gears has its best 4 maps, but they will cost you. More Pokemon talk as Kari joins the revolution. The next Splinter Cell is announced and the Home Beta goes live!
  75. The Weekly Upload for Apr 30, 2007 - Show #162007/04/30
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  76. The Weekly Upload for Apr 23, 2007 - Show #152007/04/24
    The Wii finally has another good game so we breakdown Super Paper Mario. Forza 2 talk along with some PGR4 nuggets. Kari and Aaron teach Ryan about Katamari. Aaron almost dies (litterally) and Kari has Butts on her mind!
  77. The Weekly Upload for Apr 15, 2007 - Show #142007/04/15
    We break down in detail the Halo 3 Multiplayer Vid_Doc and also discuss the upcoming beta. We scratch our heads trying to figure out the Guitar Hero 2 downloadable packs. More Dashboard update talk and a high profile Sony developers wishes blue ray was not included in the PS3.
  78. The Weekly Upload for Apr 09, 2007 - Show #132007/04/10
    We all have the caught the bug, the Guitar Hero 2 bug. The game is fantastic and we all gush over it. The 360 Dashboard is getting a few updates and we break them down. We also ask my PS3 ports of old 360 games look like crap. Gears of War Annex details tops off the show.
  79. The Weekly Upload for Apr 01, 2007 - Show #122007/04/01
    OMG New Halo 2 Maps, We breakdown the GTA 4 Trailer and throw out a wild idea as far as plot, Xbox 360 Elite chat and believe it or not Aaron knows NOTHING about The Simpsons. We also announce the winner of our Crackdown Giveaway.
  80. The Weekly Upload for Mar 25, 2007 - Show #112007/03/25
    Its good to be back! Aaron dishes about God of War 2. Kari dishes about Boom Boom Rocket and Ryan dishes about Tetris Evolved.. yep you read that right. Devil May Cry 4 will be on the 360 along with Ace Combat and Bungie.net has a great new look.
  81. The Weekly Upload for Mar 11, 2007 - Show #102007/03/12
    We recap all the news from GDC in detail. Kitty joins us for her first hand impressions of Nintendo's GDC showing. We also announce a Crackdown Giveaway which you can enter on our forums at LoadingReality.com
  82. The Weekly Upload for Mar 04, 2007 - Show #092007/03/05
    We interview TTL Dweezle. We also get you ready for next weeks GDC.
  83. The Weekly Upload for Feb 25, 2007 - Show #082007/02/25
    Xbox Live's Operations Manager e joins us for the entire show. January NPD numbers are in and we discuss all the data. Sony strips the PS3 down for the UK launch and we all gush over Crackdown!
  84. The Weekly Upload for Feb 18, 2007 - Show #072007/02/18
    Halo 3 Beta FAQ, Crackdown, Guitar Hero 2 , Mass Effect and we debut a new segment.
  85. The Weekly Upload for Feb 11, 2007 - Show #062007/02/11
    Kari tells us about Bungies recent LAN party. Aaron and Ryan get into it over just about everything as they cover tons of news this week.
  86. The Weekly Upload for Feb 04, 2007 - Show #052007/02/05
    We are joined for the entire show by Xbox MVP and Gamerchix co-founder PMS Kitty. We ask her the hard hitting questions that LoadingReality.com members have submitted in a very lengthy and entertaining interview. We also go over the vital gaming news from the past week. Enjoy!
  87. The Weekly Upload for Jan 28, 2007 - Show #042007/01/30
    We are joined by a very special guest. KP from bungie.net stops by for the entire show. Kari hits him up with all the tough questions and user submitted entries. We also run down the news of the past week and much more!
  88. The Weekly Upload for Jan 21, 2007 - Show #032007/01/21
    Plenty of gaming news along with 2 of our beloved reviewers from LoadingReality.com visit us to give their Lost Planet and Wario Ware reviews
  89. The Weekly Upload for Jan 14, 2007 - Show #022007/01/14
    Nasty weather threatens to cancel this weeks show but we pull it off at the last second. Plenty of gaming news to get everyone up to speed on and we finish it off with a nasty rant about the Gears of War patch.
  90. The Weekly Upload for Jan 07, 2007 - Show #012007/01/07
    Our first episode! We break down the news from the video game world from the past week. Kari, Aaron and Ryan also give their best and worst of 2006. They announce a Gears of War Tournament at LoadingReality.com and much much more!
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