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  1. How to Communicate Your Brand Story with Simple Marketing 2020/07/30
  2. How to Get Started in Influencer Marketing 2020/07/28
  3. How to Be Ready for What's Next2020/07/23
  4. The Agency Growth Secrets Behind Design Pickle 2020/07/22
  5. Integrating Creativity in Business 2020/07/21

    Duct Tape Marketing Podcast with Sarah J. Bray
  6. Why Direct Marketing Is More Effective Than Ever 2020/07/16
  7. Unleash Your Potential2020/07/15
  8. The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast with Steven Herz 2020/07/10
  9. Why Startup Communities are Essential 2020/07/09
  10. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast with Meredith Fineman2020/07/08
  11. Google Analytics for Small Businesses2020/07/01

    John Talks about using Google Analytics for your small business and certain things he feels should be used and focused on.
  12. What Should I Be Doing2020/06/30

    Sydni Craig-Hart joins John to talk about her business, Smart Simple Marketing, and she shares what its like being a 4th generation entrepreneur who works side-by-side with her husband. Listen to here more about client challenges and what she's telling people who reach out asking, "What should I be doing?"
  13. Do You Have What it Takes to Become an Entrepreneur?2020/06/25

    Gino Wickman is the creator of Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and is here to share his new book, Entrepreneurial Leap. hear about tools to use and what other things can help you succeed in being an entrepreneur.
  14. How to Outsource Small Business Work 2020/06/24

    Nathan Hirsch is the cofounder of OutSourceSchool and he shares how outsourcing can really help you get things off your plate.
  15. How to Thrive by Building a Community and a Strong Personal Brand2020/06/23

    John Jantsch interviews Ramon Ray, founder and CEO of Smart Hustle Media and author of The Celebrity CEO.
  16. How to Build a Business as an Introvert2020/06/22

    Kim Beasley shares her book, Creative Introverted Entrepreneur, with Duct Tape Marketing.
  17. How to Embrace a Competitors Mindset to Grow Your Business 2020/06/19

    Join John as he talks with Jake Thompson about Compete Every Day, the business and the book.
  18. How to Embrace a More Diverse Approach to Marketing2020/06/18
  19. The Entrepreneurs Guide to Translating Accounting 2020/06/17

    Spencer Sheinin joins us on Duct Tape Marketing Podcast to talk about his book Entreprenumbers: The Surprisingly Simple Path to Financial Clarity.
  20. Why Cold Calling Goes Wrong2020/06/16

    Join John as he talks to David Walter about his new book, The Million Dollar Rebuttal: Cold Calling is Not a Numbers Game!
  21. How to Add Affiliate Marketing to Your Content2020/06/11

    Today we have Matt McWilliams on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast to share his expertise on affiliates and strategic partners.
  22. The Guide to Great Podcast Guesting2020/06/10

    Last week John shared 7 Reasons Why a Podcast Can Help You Grow Your Business. Today is part two, learn about guest podcasting and ways to be successful with it.
  23. How to Have a Successful Consulting Practice During Uncertainty2020/06/09

    The CEO of Consulting Success, Michael Zipursky, shares his new book, Act Now: How Successful Consultants Thrive During Chaos and Uncertainty.
  24. Create Your Own Journey2020/06/04

    John interviews Laura Gassner Otting as we continue to talk about growth in your entrepreneurship journey.
  25. 7 Reasons Why a Podcast Can Help You Grow Your Business2020/06/03

    John Jantsch talks about 7 reasons your business can and should do podcasting.
  26. Building Good Relationships Is the Goal of Great Networking 2020/06/02

    John talks to Ivan Misner about networking on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast.
  27. How to Get the Best Out of Your Virtual Meetings2020/05/28

    Mike Fraidenburg comes to talk with us about his new book that came out in the new year, Mastering Online Meetings.
  28. Focusing on the Customer to Grow Your Business2020/05/27

    Simon Severino joins us on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast.
  29. How to Create Your Referral Engine2020/05/26

    John wants to share with you the benefits of doing referrals for your business and ways to make it work for you.
  30. How to Define Your Path Towards Wellness2020/05/21

    Today on Duct Tape Marketing Podcast John interviews Dr. Nancy Trimboli who has a new book coming out, Stealth Health.
  31. How to Improve Your Customers Journey2020/05/19

    John Jantsch talks about treating your customers or clients as members.
  32. Tips of the Trade with Seth Godin 2020/05/14
  33. How to Bring In-Person Events Online 2020/05/13

    Today's podcast on Duct Tape Marketing is with Liam Austin, cofounder of Entrepreneurs HQ and Virtual Summit Academy.
  34. How to Build a Brand People Love2020/05/12

    In today's podcast John interviews Emily Heyward who has a new book coming out June 9th, Obsessed: Building a Brand People Love from Day One.
  35. How to Create Online Course Business Success2020/05/07

    In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Danny Iny, founder, and CEO of Mirasee and author of his latest book Teach Your Gift: How Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Speakers, and Experts Create Online Courses Business Success in 2020 and Beyond.

  36. How to Serve Your Ideal Clients More Successfully2020/05/06

    In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, John Jantsch Discusses the art of serving your best clients better.
  37. What we are missing in the virtual world2020/05/05

    John Jantsch interviews Steve Blank on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast.
  38. Here's to Empathy in Business2020/04/28

    John Jantsch interviews Minter Dial on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast about his book Heartifical Empathy: Putting heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence.
  39. Elevate Your Brand Visually with Easy Design Editing2020/04/23

    On this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, John Jantsch interviews Payman Taei, founder of Hindsight Interactive and Visme.
  40. Shift Your Marketing for the 'New' Normal 2020/04/22

    John Jantsch interviews Mark Sanborn on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast about his book The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into Extrordinary.
  41. How to be a Leader for the Future and Co-Create2020/04/21

    Duct Tape Marketing's John Jantsch interviews Keith Ferrazzi and discusses his book, Leading without Authority: How the New Power of Co-Elevation can Breakdown Silos, Transform Teams, and Reinvent Collaboration.
  42. Reinvention in Your Business to Thrive2020/04/16
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  43. Investing in Yourself and Your Team to Grow Your Business2020/04/15
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  44. Driving Innovation with Business Testing2020/04/14
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  45. Uncovering New Possibilities in the World of Marketing2020/04/09

    Ben Shapiro is a marketing strategy consultant and the producer of several popular podcasts. Marketing is always changing, but with change comes possibility. Ben discusses his own career journey and provides advice for others who are trying to navigate and discover opportunities in today's marketing world.
  46. Knowing What to Fix Next in Your Business2020/04/08
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  47. Why Great Leaders Stay Curious (And How to Do It)2020/04/07
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  48. Are You Ready for the Era of Context Marketing?2020/04/02
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  49. Creating Promotional Products That Make an Impact2020/04/01
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  50. Building a Culture of Trust and Belonging2020/03/31
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  51. Finding Success and Whole-Life Wealth2020/03/26
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  52. Becoming Your Best Virtual You2020/03/25
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  53. The 5 Steps to Writing Persuasive Copy2020/03/24
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  54. Timeless Habits for Cultivating Success2020/03/19
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  55. Making the World a Better Place Through a Community of Changemakers2020/03/18

    Jayne Warrilow, global speaker and founder of two businesses, stops by the podcast to discuss her latest venture: Sacred Changemakers. Last year, Warrilow realized she had a higher calling and purpose beyond the bounds of her previous work. She founded Sacred Changemakers to help other leaders to find their purpose and use their platforms to serve a greater societal good.
  56. How to Make Partner Marketing Work for You2020/03/17

    Are you curious about partner marketing and how to make it work? Robert Glazer, founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, stops by the podcast to talk about the ins and outs of partner marketing. From what it is to how to make it work to the latest technology that's shaping the landscape, Glazer tells you all you need to know to create and run your own partner marketing program.
  57. How to Start Your Speaking Business2020/03/12
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  58. Cultivating Compelling Communications for Your Business2020/03/11

    Justin Brady is a communications and PR expert, writer, and podcast host. He stops by the podcast for what John Jantsch terms a " smorgasbord show" - where they talk about PR, communications, and related topics. If you're looking for tips to help get your business's name out there and win favorable press mentions, Brady has great advice.
  59. Changing Minds in Sales, Marketing, and Business2020/03/10
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  60. Creating Policy Changes to Benefit Small Businesses2020/03/05
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  61. Great Experiences Make for Loyal Customers2020/03/04
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  62. Embracing Individuality to Grow Your Community2020/03/03
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  63. Crafting Growth-Focused Content for Your Business2020/02/27
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  64. Creating Online Courses That Work for Your Students and Your Business2020/02/26
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  65. Focusing on Gratitude to Build Relationships2020/02/25
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  66. Storytelling Around Disruption and Innovation2020/02/20
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  67. Developing Important Entrepreneurial and Leadership Qualities2020/02/19

    Jack McGuinness is a co-founder and managing partner of Relationship Impact, a consulting firm focused on helping great leaders build great leadership teams. On this episode, McGuinness discusses his entrepreneurial journey, and he shares what he's learned about entrepreneurship and leadership, both from his personal experiences and his years helping other business leaders succeed.
  68. Using a Framework to Create Inventive Content2020/02/18
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  69. Creating a Podcast as Part of Your Prospecting Process2020/02/17
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  70. Spotting Inflection Points in Your Industry2020/02/13
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  71. Finding Happiness at Work2020/02/12
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  72. Navigating Small Business Legal Issues in the Digital World2020/02/11
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  73. Living Life By Your True Values2020/02/06

    Dr. John Demartini is a world-renowned specialist in human behavior, researcher, author, and global educator. He stops by the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast to discuss his book The Values Factor . How do we determine our true values? And how does doing so change the way we approach work and life? Dr. Demartini answers these questions and more in this episode.
  74. Creating the Right Morning Routine To Transform Your Day2020/02/05
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  75. Changing the Game as an Entrepreneur2020/02/04
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  76. Learning to Become a Leader in Business2020/02/03
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  77. What's Podcasting Got To Do With Marketing?2020/01/29
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  78. Using Personalized Video to Build Relationships2020/01/28
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  79. Building Stronger Connections with Colleagues and Clients2020/01/23
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  80. The Biggest Social Media Trends to Watch in 20202020/01/22
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  81. Business Lessons Learned on the Baseball Field2020/01/21
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  82. Using AI with Human Touch to Create Great Social Content2020/01/16
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  83. Incorporating Storytelling Into Your Sales Process2020/01/15
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  84. What Megatrends Will Shape Your Business?2020/01/14
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  85. Creating Shareable Content for Your Business2020/01/09
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  86. Advice for Today's Marketing Agency Owners2020/01/08
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  87. Building a Fanocracy Around Your Business2020/01/07

    When it comes to marketing your business, it's not really about the tactics, like social media or email marketing. At the end of the day, it's building a fandom that helps you win the day. Marketing expert and author David Meerman Scott stops by to discuss his latest book, "Fanocracy," and shares how any business can build a fanocracy that will keep customers coming back again and again.
  88. Small Business Marketing Insights for 20202019/12/23

    John Jantsch closes out the year by sharing his insights on where to focus your attention with your 2020 marketing strategy. What approaches will actually move the needle and win you new customers (or help you keep old ones) in the new year? John's got answers for you.
  89. Why Page Speed Matters on Your Website2019/12/18

    Lukas Haensch, former Google UX manager and founder of Pathmonk, stops by the podcast to discuss the importance of page speed. A slow-loading website might not be at the top of your list of issues to address, but it should be. Haensch discusses the potential damage a slow site can cause, and he shares how to quickly evaluate your website and eliminate any issues with load time.
  90. Using Story to Win on Social Media2019/12/17

    Early Twitter employee and digital media expert Claire Diaz-Ortiz stops by the podcast to discuss her latest book, Social Media Success for Every Brand . Diaz-Ortiz dives into the StoryBrand pillars and the complementary SHARE model to help business owners craft social media plans that actually boost engagement (and, ultimately, sales).
  91. How to Integrate Chat Into Your Marketing2019/12/11

    Mike Yan, CEO of chat marketing platform ManyChat, sits down with John to discuss all things chat. Yan sees chat becoming an even more integral part of every business's marketing efforts in the next handful of years, so he has helpful tips to help anyone get started with a chat marketing program.
  92. Paving the Path to a Purposeful Hustle2019/12/10
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  93. Make Pinterest Your Marketing Secret Weapon2019/12/05
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  94. How Meditation Can Change Your Life (and the World)2019/12/04
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  95. Staying True to Your Core While Growing Your Business2019/12/03
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  96. What Brands Need to Think, Do, and Say to Stand Out2019/11/27

    Ron Tite, founder and CEO of the advertising agency Church + State and author of Think Do Say , sits down with John Jantsch to discuss the secrets to standing out in a crowded marketing world. Hint: it's not about leaning into the latest gimmick, it's about being authentic in what you think, do, and say.
  97. How to Attract and Hire the Best Talent2019/11/26

    Dr. Sabrina Starling, author of How to Hire the Best and the founder of Tap the Potential, stops by the podcast to share the secrets to effective hiring for small businesses. When you can attract top-level talent, you're able to build a happy team that enjoys work/life balance while still growing a great company.
  98. When and How to Sell Your Business2019/11/20

    John chats with Chad Peterson, business broker and founder of Peterson Acquisitions. Peterson walks small business owners through everything they need to consider when thinking about selling their business - from reviewing financials and assessing value through to closing the deal.
  99. Investing in Small Businesses to Do Good for the Community2019/11/19

    John sits down with Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Deluxe, and the co-host and producer of Small Business Revolution. Brinkman discusses the importance of investing in local businesses, and shares tips for small business owners who may be struggling with their marketing or finances.
  100. How Leaders Can Create Inclusive Cultures2019/11/13

    Speaker, author, and diversity and inclusion expert Jennifer Brown stops by the podcast to discuss her latest book, How to Be an Inclusive Leader . She shares why inclusiveness has become a focus for many businesses, and provides leaders with a step-by-step guide to creating a workplace that embraces differences and empowers all of your employees to feel safe and do their best work.
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