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FUMC of Clinton, MS Podcast

  1. Free to Fish2009/06/29
    Mitchell Hedgepeth: Free to Fish
  2. Resolving Conflict2009/06/29

    Clint Ware: Resolving Conflict

    Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

    Clint gives us some very practical advice and suggestions for living peacefully with everyone in our lives. He has a multi-part plan for facing conflict and making peace that will bring us closer to each other in a way that honors God.
  3. Only One Thing is Needed2009/06/15
    Only One Thing is Needed

    Charles Pope is the guest speaker for the services at First United Methodist this week. His message, based on Luke 10, is about Mary and Martha, and truly worshipping at the feet of Jesus. We hope you will be blessed by this message.
  4. Knowing God's Will Through Transformation2009/06/14
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  5. Breaking Free from Temptation2009/06/07
    Clint Ware: Breaking Free from Temptation

    This is week five of the sermon series, "Fireproofing Your Relationships." The message is about resisting temptation with God's help. Clint reminds us that we will never be tempted beyond what we can bear, and that sometimes the best choice is to simply get away from tempting situations. We hope you will be blessed by this week's message.
  6. Relational Parasites2009/06/03
    Mitchell Hedgepeth: Relational Parasites
  7. Relational Parasites2009/06/01
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  8. Love For a Lifetime2009/05/24

    Clint Ware: Love for a Liftime

    Week Three of the series "Fireproofing Your Relationships"

    The message this week is about the seasons of marriage, and how to make the best of your relationship in each of four seasons; romance, reality, resentment, and renewal.
  9. He Said She Said2009/05/20

    Mitchell Hedgepeth: "He Said, She Said"
    Our series on "Fireproofing Your Relationship" brings a message this week about the differences between how men and women think and act.
  10. He First Loved Us2009/05/10

    Clint Ware: He First Loved Us
    The first sermon in our series on Fireproofing relationships was about our relationship with God, because that is where love starts. In a marriage or any relationship, we cannot give what we do not have. This message is about getting the love we need from God first so we can share it with others.
  11. A Relational God2009/05/03

    A Relational God
    Today's message from Clint Ware is about how God intends us to be in a relationship with him. It's about how much he loves us and wants to be in a relationship with us, in order for us to be with him in heaven.
  12. Walking on High Hills2009/04/26
    Walking on High Hills

    Cinde Lucas of Overflow Ministries was the speaker at the Connection and the 8:45 service at First United Methodist Church of Clinton today. Please enjoy her inspiring message on overcoming trouble in this world, and visit her website at www.cindelucas.com .
  13. Life is Good2009/04/19
    The scripture reading today is from Acts, chapter 4. The early church lived together in small groups and shared their purpose, place, and possessions with one another. Our challenge is to live together in unity. Mitchell Hedgepeth preaches at the Connection today, with a message about sharing.

    Life is Good; Mitchell Hedgepeth
  14. He is Risen2009/04/19
    Mitchell Hedgepeth's Easter message

  15. What Is Easter All About?2009/04/12
    Clint Ware - What Is Easter All About?

    What is Easter All About? - Is It Sin?
    What is Easter All About? -Is It Death?
    What is Easter All About? - Is It the Resurrection?
    Love - That’s What Easter Is All About.
  16. The Deadly Sin of Lust2009/03/30
    Mitchell Hedgepeth: Lust, the Secret Sin

    Mitchell Hedgepeth concludes the sermon series on the Seven Deadly Sins with this message on the sin of lust. John 4:16-18 is the text for this message. It is the end of a conversation that Jesus had with the woman at the well, and it points out that Jesus knows all about the sin that we think is kept secretly in our hearts.
  17. The Sin of Gluttony2009/03/28
    Mitchell Hedgepeth: The Sin of Gluttony

    Pastor Hedgepeth's sermon this week focuses on a sin that many of us find difficult to classify as deadly. This reluctance to see it that way can make it even more deadly.
  18. The Sin of Gluttony2009/03/23

    Gluttony -- excessive hunger, which can’t satisfy our God-shaped emptiness -- is the subject of week six of the sermon series, “The Seven Deadly Sins”. Clint Ware explains how we can be free of this sin.

  19. The Deadly Sin of Avarice2009/03/17
    Clint Ware's message on Avarice, Week 5 of the Seven Deadly Sins sermon series

  20. No Audio Sermon2009/03/09
    Due to a computer malfunction, the Connection sermon is not available for March 8, 2009. We invite you to listen to previous week's messages and return next week for Clint's sermon on the deadly sin of greed.
  21. Two Pictures2009/03/02
    Mitchell Hedgepeth's sermon warns against the deadly sins of anger and envy.

    Two Pictures
  22. The Most Wanted List2009/03/02
    Dr Terry Teykl visits FUMC Clinton with a message about praying for the lost.

    The Most Wanted List
  23. Envy - The Sin of the Evil Eye2009/03/02
    Clint Ware's message about envy shows us in scripture that God values us, meets our needs, and perfectly provides for us. If we trust in him, we have no reason to look at other people with envy

    Envy - The Sin of the Evil Eye
  24. Envy- The Sin of the Evil Eye: Video2009/03/02
    Clint Ware's message about envy shows us in scripture that God values us, meets our needs, and perfectly provides for us. If we trust in him, we have no reason to look at other people with envy.

  25. Pride: The Sin of the Swelled Head2009/02/15
    Clint Ware: The Sin of the Swelled Head

    Clint Ware's message about the deadly sin of pride reminds us that God not only hates sin, but that we must humble ourselves so he doesn't have to.
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