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Jeff Curto’s Camera Position – A Photography Podcast –

  1. Camera Position 15 : Moving “Camera Position” and Moving your Boundaries2006/04/29
    I’ve moved my Camera Position! I’ve abandoned Apple’s “easy but limited” iWeb software and moved over to a WordPress blog. Hopefully, the majority of listeners have made the switch with no problems. T
  2. Camera Position 14 : Strand’s “Family” Revisited2006/04/22
    In Camera Position #8, we looked at Paul Strand's "The Family, Luzzara, Italy, 1953". Listener Don Bricker wrote in to note that there are, in fact, two different images of this photograph. The idea t
  3. Camera Position 13 : Time and the Subject2006/04/15
    Photographers sometimes have a hard time separating their own emotional response they have to a subject from the image that they make of that subject. It's up to us as imagemakers not only to respond
  4. Camera Position 12 : Motivation and Inspiration2006/04/10
    Why do we do what we do as photographers? Where does our motivation come from? Why do some subjects interest us more than others? Episode number 12 of Camera Position briefly traces my 16-year examina
  5. Camera Position 11 : Weston and the Other 292006/03/30
    It took Edward Weston 29 prior attempts to get to the point where he made his well-known "Pepper #30" photograph. Musicians have to practice their scales, and so do photographers, trying a variety of
  6. Camera Position 10 : A Story Without Words2006/03/22
    Photographers have to be aware of the fact that viewers of their images can't know the whole story of how a photograph came to be. The image has to rely on its own visual authority to get the message
  7. Camera Position 09 : Composition and Idea2006/03/15
    The idea you want to communicate in a photograph is in direct relation to the way in which you choose to make that photograph. A photograph of Bernini’s beautiful Baroque fountain, situated in front o
  8. Camera Position 08 : Strand’s The Family2006/03/10
    Paul Strand's masterful 1953 portrait "The Family" acts as a backdrop for some thoughts on how interaction between the photographer and subject and among the subjects themselves creates visual and emo
  9. Camera Position 07 : Light, Idea and Emotion2006/03/03
    Ultimately, a photograph comes down to a common element: Light. Using two photographs of a vineyard, this podcast explores the quality, direction and visual impact of light.
  10. Camera Position 06 : Left, Right, Up, Down2006/02/23
    Eugene Atget's photograph of conical shrubs in Saint Cloud provides the visual resource for a discussion of how careful camera placement can affect a photograph.
  11. Camera Position 05 : Movement and Time2006/02/18
    With a photograph of pecore (sheep) as an example, Camera Position #5 examines the way movement and time affect a photographic image. In many ways, every photograph is about the past and about the pas
  12. Camera Position 04 : Patience and Seeing2006/02/11
    Using a photograph of Venice, Camera Position #4 explores the idea of how sometimes what you think you want in a photograph isn't the most interesting thing there. Sometimes the subject is right in fr
  13. Camera Position 03 : Paul Caponigro’s Two Leaves2006/02/08
    Camera Position #3 features a discussion about one of my all-time favorite photographs by one of my all-time favorite photographers, Paul Caponigro. The photograph, "Two Leaves, Brewster, NY, 1963" is
  14. Camera Position 02 : Light in Montepulciano2006/02/07
    Camera Position #2 is about a photograph I made in 1997 of the Tempio di San Biagio, a beautiful Renaissance church just outside the walls of the Tuscan hilltown of Montepulciano. It's all about the l
  15. Camera Position 01 : An Introduction through an Italian window2006/02/05
    This introductory podcast explains what I want to try to accomplish with this podcast and what I’ll be talking about as the shows progress. Camera Position is a podcast about the art of creative photo
Jeff Curto’s Camera Position – A Photography Podcast –
Camera Position is a podcast about the visual and creative processes in photography, not the technical.
Using images and the spoken word, my podcasts are about the “why” of photography from the point of view of the creative photographer.
Passion for subject, experience and image all wind together in these short commentaries about camera-based images and my life as a photographer.

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