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Hearth of Riyuu

  1. HoR Episode VI2007/01/22
    A few things are done this episode. We have a review, some catchy jingles, some perverted and abusive news, and the announcement of my new and final segment addition.

    Email: Haloce14@gmail.com
  2. HoR Unplugged Episode II2007/01/19
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  3. HoR Episode V2007/01/18
    Well this is a short horrible episode I must say for myself. I do have to say though that most of the problem is because I haven't had a quiet environment to record. I appologize, but here is a new episode nonetheless.

    email: haloce14@gmail.com
    blog: zokushearth.blogger.com
  4. HoR Episode IV2007/01/15
    Short simple episode of all Jet Set Radio Future!!!
  5. HoR Unplugged Episode I2007/01/15
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  6. Hearth of Riyuu Episode III2007/01/12
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  7. Hearth of Riyuu Episode II2007/01/10
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  8. Untitled Podcast I2007/01/09
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Hearth of Riyuu
Thanks for showing interest in Hearth of Riyuu. This is a somewhat comical representation of news and reviews with songs thrown in.

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