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Galactica Quorum

  1. Geek Quorum - Richard Hatch Tribute2017/02/09
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  2. Geek Quorum - Episode 142016/12/15
    It’s our 2016 Geek Gift Guide! We have suggestions for all the geeks in your life—or maybe just yourself! From kids items to cutting-edge high tech gadgets, there’s something for everyone. What are the things you are hoping to get this year?
  3. Geek Quorum - Episode 132016/10/31

    Join us as we reminisce about some of the earliest PC games, including Zork and Star Flight. Remember those charming CGA graphics?

    We also look at some of the biggest board games to be introduced at GenCon this year, like SeaFall, Mansions of Madness (2nd Edition), Star Trek: Ascendency, and RuneWars. What games are you looking forward to?
  4. Geek Quorum - Episode 122016/08/26

    We review and discuss Captain America: Civil War (aka Avengers 2.5). What makes the Captain America movies stand out from the other Marvel movies? And does the MCU have a villain problem?

    We also dish about the level of privacy we forfeit when using our phones and devices. And for our gaming segment we praise the work of Naughty Dog and their masterful Uncharted series.
  5. Geek Quorum - Episode 112016/06/11
    We love playing the X-Wing Tabletop Game from Fantasy Flight Games. In this episode we give an overview of the game’s appeal and the mechanics of how it's played. With the announcement of new ships in Wave 9 we give our thoughts on the state of the game and what we’d like to see added.
  6. Geek Quorum - Episode 102016/05/23

    Our review and discussion of The Force Awakens rolls on, as we take a critical look at the overabundant similarities to A New Hope.

    On the gaming side, we also share strategies for playing Star Wars Battlefront. We cover the gamut from tabletop games to a mini review of the Oculus Rift VR headset.

    Check out our online conversation on the new Talkshow app!
  7. Geek Quorum - Episode 92016/04/19

    After last episode’s prelude, we begin our full review of The Force Awakens, touching on characters new and old, and appreciating the balanced tone of the movie.

    Also we discuss news of a new Indiana Jones movie with an even older Harrison Ford, and breaking down the Rogue One trailer.
  8. Geek Quorum - Episode 82016/03/15

    The legendary franchise returns! Yes, after a long hiatus The Quorum is back to discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

    In this episode we begin our SW:TFA coverage by recounting when we first became Star Wars fans, the level of our fandom, and whether we had faith in the new movie.

    We also dish about the upcoming “Superhero fights other Superhero” movies.
  9. Galactica Quorum - Episode 982013/01/10

    The "Blood and Chrome" web series had languished in uncertainty for months, but it's suddenly upon us and we're delighted to be able to enjoy new Battlestar Galactica content.

    And so far, it's been a treat. At the point of this episode, we've seen the first four webisodes. We discuss the actors, the varying effectiveness of the green screen, and the mix of BSG and Caprica lore.
  10. Galactica Quorum - Episode 972012/01/03
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  11. Galactica Quorum - Episode 962011/01/02

    Caprica will not be getting a second season. We look at some of the reasons that the show failed to attract viewers, ranging from scheduling miscues to its soap opera foundation.

    Looking ahead to Blood and Chrome, is the BSG franchise played out?
  12. Galactica Quorum - Episode 952010/10/27
    In "Retribution" we learn two things: Caprica has a brief monsoon season, and Clarice takes no prisoners. We bemoan the fact that Barnabus went from badass to blabbering, and that Joseph is reduced to a note-taker.
  13. Galactica Quorum - Episode 942010/10/13
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  14. Galactica Quorum - Episode 932010/10/05
    Caprica returns for the second half of Season One. Will these ten episodes be a departure from the first ten? Will the fans return, and what level of success does it need for it to be renewed by Syfy? We make a couple predictions and cross our fingers.
  15. Galactica Quorum - Episode 922010/04/30
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  16. Galactica Quorum - Episode 912010/04/28

    "End Of Line" finally moves some key story points forward. The progression is nice, but there's still a long way to go.

    Was it an effective mid-season cliffhanger? Does anyone care whether Amanda lives or dies? Or believe that the U-87 is toast? The call to Daniel--from whom? And is he relevant now that his company royally frakked up the robot project?
  17. Galactica Quorum - Episode 902010/04/11

    Daniel was putting Zoe through tests in "Ghosts In The Machine," but we're the one feeling tortured--whether it was the abundance of screentime for bratty Zoe or the head-scratching misadventures of Joseph in New Cap City, it was a trying viewing experience.

    New Cap City has turned into a disappointment, but we still would like to know--where's Tamara?
  18. Galactica Quorum - Episode 892010/03/24

    Amanda's character continues her bizarre descent in "The Imperfections Of Memory." We ponder over her strange visions and the unusual relationships she has with Clarice and Daniel.

    News of a new BSG spinoff has us undeniably excited. Meanwhile we try to forecast what changes may be in store for Caprica, now that the show has supposedly taken a new, firmer direction.
  19. Galactica Quorum - Episode 882010/03/16

    "Know Thy Enemy" was a typical "setup" episode--but setup for what? Not a lot happened, but the introduction of Vergis and Barnabus seems to signal a shift in the story. But what of the other storylines, especially the most interesting one: Tamara?

    Instead, we are left to roll our eyes over the creepy tech guy, and Clarice's slapstick spywork.
  20. Galactica Quorum - Episode 872010/03/11
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  21. Galactica Quorum - Episode 862010/03/03
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  22. Galactica Quorum - Episode 852010/02/21
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  23. Galactica Quorum - Episode 842010/02/05

    We knew "Rebirth" couldn't match the amazing "33" as a series opener, but we still had hopes for more. It's a character show, and we examine the various choices they make.

    We look ahead to what this type of show will be, and whether it has mass appeal--all the while, still pining for the show we wish they had made, about the first Cylon war.
  24. Galactica Quorum - Episode 832010/01/30
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  25. Galactica Quorum - Episode 822009/12/11

    We interview Doug McLean, the Art Director for BSG and Caprica. Doug tells us what goes into making the Battlestar universe look so believable, from sets to CG. He also gives a preview of what the design style of Caprica will be like.

    Thanks for talking with us, Doug!
  26. Galactica Quorum - Episode 812009/10/02
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  27. Galactica Quorum - Video Podcast 22009/08/28

    Dragon*Con 2008 - Part 1: BSG at D*C . As we get ready for this year's Dragon*Con, here's a look back at last year's event with a series of video podcasts.

    In this first segment, we cover the BSG presence at D*C 2008: the Q&As, the autograph signings, and the Colonial Fleet party.
  28. Galactica Quorum - Episode 802009/08/17
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  29. Galactica Quorum - Episode 792009/08/03

    The post-mortem on the BSG finale continues. We grapple with the nature of the Angels and the Lords of Kobol connection. To aid the analysis we revisit a conversation with Katee Sackhoff.

    We ask, where does BSG fit in the SciFi pantheon, finale and all? We then switch gears to Caprica.
  30. Galactica Quorum - Episode 782009/07/08

    This is our live panel discussion at Balticon 2009. We're joined by best-selling horror/scifi author Scott Sigler to discuss the BSG finale and gauge people's reactions to the show's ending.

    We had several participants from the audience give their opinions, and we also polled them about whether they had interest in "Caprica" or "The Plan." The results were surprising!
  31. Galactica Quorum - Episode 772009/05/21
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  32. Galactica Quorum - Episode 762009/05/07

    We talk again with Alec Peters from Propworx, who gives us a preview of what's happening at the second BSG prop auction, occurring May 7-10.

    If you are in Southern California, check it out! And if not, be sure to visit battlestarprops.com for details. Don't miss out on your chance to score some BSG memorabilia!
  33. Galactica Quorum - Episode 752009/04/30

    After taking some time to contemplate the final episode, we convene for a full discussion of some of the major (and controversial) developments. Was it a satisfying conclusion?

    There are many elements to discuss, and for this episode we begin with the main points of contention: Starbuck's angelic destiny, "God," and Cavil's suicide.
  34. Galactica Quorum - Episode 742009/04/11
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  35. Galactica Quorum - Episode 732009/03/27

    BSG is finished....and here are our immediate, live reactions after viewing the series finale, "Daybreak, Part 2."

    More in-depth analysis and coverage are to come, including feedback and opinion from listeners. What did you think?
  36. Galactica Quorum - Episode 722009/03/19

    The beginning of the end starts slowly in "Daybreak, Part 1." Although we lament another episode treading familiar ground, we still remain faithful that the final two hours will deliver.

    Did the flashbacks serve a purpose? And can they still wrap things up in time? Will some mysteries, like Starbuck's past and the nature of the Head characters, remain unresolved?
  37. Galactica Quorum - Episode 712009/03/13
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  38. Galactica Quorum - Episode 702009/03/08

    After a slow build-up, "Someone To Watch Over Me" ended with a powerful crescendo. We discuss Boomer's dark nature and whether she was ever redeemable. Next we delve into the implications of Starbuck's piano-playing father and the song they play.

    With only two episodes remaining we revisit the rapidly approaching finale and the possible fates for Galactica and the key characters.
  39. Galactica Quorum - Episode 692009/02/26
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  40. Galactica Quorum - Episode 682009/02/25
    We interview Michael Hogan at the BSG Prop Auction! Michael talks about playing Col. Tigh, the iconic eye patch, and whether he (the actor) has finally come to grips with his character being a Cylon. Thanks to Michael for the interview, and the beer!
  41. Galactica Quorum - Episode 672009/02/20

    In "No Exit" long-awaited answers are finally delivered in a flurry of reveals. We scrutinize how well the mysteries fit into the past, and find them to be a more than satisfactory fit. We turn our attention to the remaining puzzles: Starbuck, and the Head characters.

    Were the revelations too much too fast? And what of the previously unknown Model Seven?
  42. Galactica Quorum - Episode 662009/02/18

    We interview Richard Hatch, who gives unique insight into the character of Tom Zarek. Whatever you thought of the character before, you may have a different impression once you hear his motivation and perspective, directly from the actor that played him.

    Thank you, Richard, for talking with us!
  43. Galactica Quorum - Episode 652009/02/13

    The mutiny story arc comes to a gripping conclusion with "Blood On The Scales." Not just the outcome of the coup storyline, but the resolution of Gaeta's character.

    If the heart-quickening mutiny wasn't enough, we also examine other storylines tucked in the episode: What happened to Anders? Was Romo's appearance worthwhile? And what is happening to Galactica?
  44. Galactica Quorum - Episode 642009/02/06
    The bloody mutiny in "The Oath" made for a taut, tension-filled episode. Besides cheering the return of Starbuck's ass-kicking ways, we appreciated Gaeta's orchestrations while lamenting his lost morality. We wonder, who left is redeemable?
  45. Galactica Quorum - Episode 632009/01/30

    After the powerful, moving brilliance of the last episode, "A Disquiet Follows My Soul" was a letdown, although we had varying reasons why we felt that way. For one in the Quorum, it hinted at an all-too familiar plot path. For another, it was another setup episode.

    And the Nicky resolution? Cop out! Plus, why Gaeta's role is a bad thing on a couple levels.
  46. Galactica Quorum - Episode 622009/01/26
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  47. Galactica Quorum - Episode 612009/01/21
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  48. Galactica Quorum - Episode 602009/01/16
    In our second Townhall podcast we discuss the conclusion of the Gaeta webisodes. We then revisit Fifth Cylon theories one final time before stating our predictions, hopes, and expectations for BSG's last ten episodes.
  49. Galactica Quorum - Episode 592009/01/07
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  50. Galactica Quorum - Episode 582008/12/22

    We discuss the first three parts of the new "The Face Of The Enemy" webisodes. We break apart the individual segments and discuss the reveal about Gaeta's character.

    This is our first glimpse of the Rag Tag Fleet since the cliffhanger on the devastated Earth, so we attempt to interpret what it could mean for Season Five.
  51. Galactica Quorum - Episode 572008/12/11
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  52. Galactica Quorum - Episode 562008/11/14

    With little BSG news lately, we turn our eye to other sci-fi shows. In this wide-ranging discussion we cover Heroes, Sarah Connor, Buffy, Knight Rider, and even... Alf?

    This was recorded a few weeks ago, but our complaints with Heroes still hold true. Have you given up on Heroes?
  53. Galactica Quorum - Episode 552008/10/21
    We interview Edward James Olmos at Dragon*Con! We also play some segments from one of the Q&A panels the cast did at the convention. Thanks to Eddie for talking with us!
  54. Galactica Quorum - Episode 542008/10/10
    The fall TV season has begun and we take a look at some of our favorite returning sci-fi shows. We discuss the two-hour premiere of "Heroes" -- has it improved from last season? Next, we consider the "Sarah Connor Chronicles" and wonder about its direction.
  55. Galactica Quorum - Episode 532008/09/21

    We interview Tahmoh Penikett at DragonCon! Tahmoh talks about some of Helo's memorable scenes, and addresses the infamous Cylon virus controversy.

    He also mentions his latest role on Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse." A big thanks to Tahmoh for taking the time to sit down with us!
  56. Galactica Quorum - Episode 522008/09/10
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  57. Galactica Quorum - Episode 512008/08/07
    In our first Townhall Podcast, we expand the Quorum to include a couple of our regular listeners, who offer new takes and fresh opinions to various show mysteries. We brainstorm over Earth (Terra?) and what its tie to our Earth may be, and question the nature and purpose of the Final Five.
  58. Galactica Quorum - Episode 502008/07/24

    We interview Mark Sheppard at the Shore Leave convention in Baltimore! Mark talks about BSG from the perspective of playing Romo Lampkin on the show, as well being a huge fan. There's even a post-mortem about "Bionic Woman."

    Thanks to Mark for taking the time to talk with us!
  59. Galactica Quorum - Episode 492008/07/12
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  60. Galactica Quorum - Episode 482008/06/22
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  61. Galactica Quorum - Episode 472008/06/12
    The events in "The Hub" had monumental implications for the Cylons, although the episode itself fell just a bit short. We discuss Roslin's latest trippy experience and the Eight's infatuation with Helo. Have we really seen the last of Boomer and Cavil?
  62. Galactica Quorum - Episode 462008/06/05
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  63. Galactica Quorum - Episode 452008/06/01
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  64. Galactica Quorum - Episode 442008/05/23
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  65. Galactica Quorum - Episode 432008/05/16
    We felt "Faith" was another strong episode. We discuss Roslin's open mind about spiritual possibilities, attempt to interpret the Hybrid's message, ponder why the Eights are a herd of pod people, and discuss what has become of Gaeta's character.
  66. Galactica Quorum - Episode 422008/05/07
    BSG rebounds with "The Road Less Traveled," an episode that not coincidentally focused on the Demetrius. The Quorum weighs in on the mutiny, the extensive yet whiny crew, and just what Athena is doing on the mission. Plus, we debate Baltar's motives.
  67. Galactica Quorum - Episode 412008/05/02

    After the previous brilliant episode, "Escape Velocity" was a letdown. The episode title was ironic, since the show never seemed to take off, but we try to interpret what seemed to be setup storylines.

    We discuss Tigh and Chief's deteriorating mental states, ponder Roslin's fate, and state the case for Tory being evil (and not just "misunderstood").
  68. Galactica Quorum - Episode 402008/04/24
    We felt "The Ties That Bind" was a landmark episode, excellent in execution and full of events that will shape the remaining season. We discuss Tory's transformation into a villainess, the Cylon civil war, and try to ignore the smell on the Demetrius.
  69. Galactica Quorum - Episode 392008/04/17

    There were many enigmatic clues in "Six Of One" and we try to interpret them. We discuss the reference to the Original Programmers, Six's bloody revolution, Head Baltar, and Starbuck's promising mission.

    Plus, we ask Katee Sackhoff questions at a SciFi teleconference, and catch up on voicemails and emails.
  70. Galactica Quorum - Minicast 62008/04/15
    We were a bit late recording this week, so to fill the gap here's a minicast with some "deleted scenes" from our last podcast. Sorry for the delay...A full episode with listener voicemail and emails will be coming soon!
  71. Galactica Quorum - Episode 382008/04/06
    BSG is back! Season Four finally is here and we have a lively (and heated) discussion about the premiere. We tussle over Baltar's religious harem and mock Lee's aspirations of government service. Plus, we have the requisite Final Five speculation.
  72. Galactica Quorum - Episode 372008/04/01
    With Season Four imminent, we state our final predictions: Which of the Five will crack first? What'll become of some of the secondary characters? Can the two religions truly reconcile? Plus, a very interesting theory about how the Final Five resurrect.
  73. Galactica Quorum - Episode 362008/03/26

    With Season Four right around the corner, we state our predictions and theories about the Final Five and how the show will end. We catch up a some voicemails and email, and also we pose the question: Why was Simon never developed as a character?

    Caprica is greenlit! But will it satisfy your BSG craving?
  74. Galactica Quorum - Promo 12008/03/20
    Here's our promo! Feel free to use this on your website or podcast. If you do use it, please let us know so we can mention your site/podcast as well.
  75. Galactica Quorum - Episode 352008/02/26
    We interview James Callis at the Farpoint convention in Baltimore! James talks about the complex character that is Gaius Baltar and the approach he takes playing him (and the alter-ego, Head Baltar). Thanks to James for taking the time to talk with us!
  76. Galactica Quorum - Episode 342008/02/15
    We review and discuss "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," as the venerable sci-fi franchise launches as a weekly TV series. While critiquing the show we compare a few similar elements and themes that it shares with BSG (and "Firefly" too).
  77. Galactica Quorum - Episode 332008/01/28

    We attempt to decode Season Four clues from a recent cast photo that appeared in Entertainment Weekly, and speculate what may lie ahead for the characters. Also discussed is the bonus material from the Razor DVD.

    Additionally we bring up "Torchwood," "Dr. Who," and the latest XBox 360 games that we're playing.
  78. Galactica Quorum - Episode 322008/01/09
    We interview Aleks Paunovic, who's appeared on BSG as an actor and fight coordinator. While on a short break from filming his latest movie, "Personal Effects," he tells us how he became involved with the show, plus tidbits about the fight choreography.
  79. Galactica Quorum - Episode 312007/12/18

    A revealing cut scene from "Razor" sparks a discussion about the Hybrid, the last of the Final Five, and the direction of Season 4. Will the "Ship of Light" from the Original Series show up in some form? Also mentioned, the "Razor" writer's meeting podcasts.

    Plus, we dish on the mid-season finale of "Heroes."
  80. Galactica Quorum - Episode 302007/12/04
    The Quorum sets its sights on "Bionic Woman" and roasts it mercilessly. Jen calls in to join in on the beatdown. "Heroes" fares slightly better but we're still waiting for it to regain its first season form. We close with some viewer mail about BSG.
  81. Galactica Quorum - Episode 292007/11/26
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  82. Galactica Quorum - Episode 282007/11/19
    The Razor minisodes conclude and we ponder why Lee was specifically requested to be on the Galactica. And what became of the facility? We're running a contest! Full details are on our website. We conclude with gripes about "Bionic Woman" and "Heroes."
  83. Galactica Quorum - Minicast 52007/11/16
    We were doing tests of telephone recording and ended up talking about "Heroes" and "Bionic Woman." Rather than throw it out, we turned it into a bonus minicast. Now that the proof of concept works, we'll be doing more phoners in the future!
  84. Galactica Quorum - Minicast 42007/11/11
    We talk about the minute details of Razor Minisode #6, sidetracking into a short discussion about continuity errors in TV and film.
  85. Galactica Quorum - Minicast 32007/11/06
    We discuss Adama's grim discovery in Razor Minisode #5. Padding out this minicast we also comment on the news that Season Four won't be coming until April 2008.
  86. Galactica Quorum - Minicast 22007/10/27
    In our second minicast devoted to the Razor minisodes, we remain completely charmed by the effects and reappearance of Original Series designs. Minisode #4 again found us cheering as Adama kicked some Old School Cylon butt.
  87. Galactica Quorum - Episode 272007/10/24
    Sci-fi and "geek" TV shows are in abundance this fall, so we devote an entire show to talking about what's out there, and how good they are. Included in the discussion is "Chuck," "Journeyman," "Pushing Daisies," "Big Bang Theory," and "Torchwood." Also, we review a recent episode of "Heroes."
  88. Galactica Quorum - Minicast 12007/10/22
    We review Razor minisode #3 in this mini-podcast... We cheer the outstanding special effects and acknowledge the many nods to the original series. Like the minisode, this podcast is just a quickie, and not a full episode, although one is coming soon!
  89. Galactica Quorum - Episode 262007/10/15
    Finally some new BSG material to talk about. It's only a two minute webisode, but we'll take it. We discuss the casting and production design and speculate what it might be leading up to. We also talk about "Heroes" and break down "Bionic Woman."
  90. Galactica Quorum - Episode 252007/10/02
    After a brief summer hiatus the full Quorum returns! We consider whether the "head" characters are real, and discuss the state of science fiction on network TV. We give a how-to guide for a BSG costume, and we discuss the Season 2 premiere of "Heroes."
  91. Galactica Quorum - Episode 242007/08/08
    We debate Admiral Cain and postulate the type of series finale that BSG will have. We also revisit "Heroes" and "Stargate," and have early impressions of "The Bionic Woman." Also noted is that our podcast is a finalist for a 2007 Podcast Award!
  92. Galactica Quorum - Video Podcast 12007/07/30
    We didn't just interview Aaron Douglas at Shore Leave in Baltimore, we also met up with some cool vendors and sci-fi fans. We put together some of our interviews with convention attendees for our first video podcast!
  93. Galactica Quorum - Episode 232007/07/19
    We interview Aaron Douglas at the Shore Leave Convention in Baltimore! Thanks to Aaron for taking the time to talk with us. We hope everyone enjoys it. Note that we have a new voicemail number!
  94. Galactica Quorum - Episode 222007/07/12
    It's Happy Hour! We were at an event having some drinks and figured, why not record a show? In this unconventional episode we dizzily discuss the show "Eureka" and our good intentions to discuss "Firefly." Plus, sci-fi props and the upcoming Shore Leave convention in Baltimore.
  95. Galactica Quorum - Episode 212007/06/28
    In Offseason Show #3 we discuss the news that Season Four will be BSG's last, and rank the previous cliffhangers. We have an extended discussion about the season and finale of another of our favorite shows: "Heroes."
  96. Galactica Quorum - Episode 202007/06/07
    For Offseason Show #2 we discuss the finer points of cylon reproduction and some new Sci-Fi podcast commentaries. In our science fiction segment we give recognize "Star Wars" and "Stargate SG-1."
  97. Galactica Quorum - Episode 192007/05/17
    It's the Off Season but we have some goodies including some cut scenes and alternate takes from the Crossroads episodes, voice mail, a recap of the RDM's "Frak Party" podcast, and a review of SciFi's "Painkiller Jane."
  98. Galactica Quorum - Episode 182007/04/13
    We discuss emails, news and topics that we didn't have time to cover in our last episode. Dimitry has an essay entitled "Where Is The Battlestar Galactica?" And, we lay out our plans for the offseason.
  99. Galactica Quorum - Episode 172007/03/28
    It will be a long summer and fall for BSG fans with all the twists and surprises that "Crossroads Pt 2" left us with. The Season 3 finale ended with several shocking developments... we discuss the revealed Cylons, Baltar's trial, and Starbuck's return.
  100. Galactica Quorum - Episode 162007/03/22
    There were many developments in "Crossroads Part 1" and none loomed larger than Baltar's trial. We dissect the proceedings, Roslin's vision, Tigh's breakdown, Baltar's fan club, and Lee's haters club (that would be us).
  101. Galactica Quorum - Episode 152007/03/14
    It may have been titled "The Son Also Rises" but it was Romo Lampkin that impressed us. We also discuss Lee's predictable turn as the insubordinate son, whether Adama should be involved at all, and another bonus scene that should have been in the show.
  102. Galactica Quorum - Episode 142007/03/08
    We discuss "Maelstrom" and pay our respects to Starbuck, but we have to wonder: was her character too far gone for us to care? And is she really dead?
  103. Galactica Quorum - Episode 132007/03/01
    The Quorum was divided on "Dirty Hands" ... We weighed the merits of the Chief's storyline versus the complete inconsistencies in Adama's and Roslin's characterization, plus Baltar's sudden interest in sticking up for the little guy, and we came to a new consensus.
  104. Galactica Quorum - Episode 122007/02/22
    We gathered to watch and discuss "A Day In The Life" together, but afterwards we couldn't help wondering about the direction of the show. Voiced concerns were: the uneven balance of characterization versus story, Chief's recent behavior, and the lack of an external threat, Cylon or otherwise.
  105. Galactica Quorum - Episode 112007/02/14
    After puzzling about whether we had actually missed an episode last week, we recover to discuss "The Woman King." Topics include the attitudes toward the Sagittarons, Helo's never-ending moral crusades, Six's lack of inhibitions, and Dr. Mike "I discriminate against Mutants too" Roberts.
  106. Galactica Quorum - Episode 102007/02/11
    There was no new episode on Super Bowl Sunday, so we open the mailbag and hear listener theories, including thoughts about the Final Five, Gaeta's Cylon potentiality, the 13th Tribe, and a classic "Who Would Win" scenario.
  107. Galactica Quorum - Episode 92007/01/31
    Apollo gets drunk, Baltar gets dunked. We discuss "Taking A Break..." including Galactica's hot new nightspot, and the "bonus" scene with Roslin and Caprica.
  108. Galactica Quorum - Episode 82007/01/24
    Season Three resumes with "Rapture." We discuss Boomer's fall to the Dark Side, Baltar's role as the Chosen One (or is he?) and his pending return to Galactica. And we can't resist speculating: who does D'Anna recognize in her vision of the Final Five?
  109. Galactica Quorum - Episode 72007/01/19
    A quickie show before the 2nd half of Season 3 begins... We answer a couple questions and speculate about a few more.
  110. Galactica Quorum - Episode 62007/01/08
    Our first podcast of the new year delves into the stuff from the Bottom of Page 2. We discuss some the topics left behind from Brian's notes that didn't make it into previous shows for one reason or another, but were still fresh enough to not throw out.
  111. Galactica Quorum - Episode 52006/12/28
  112. Galactica Quorum - Episode 42006/12/20
  113. Galactica Quorum - Episode 32006/12/12
  114. Galactica Quorum - Episode 22006/12/05
  115. Galactica Quorum - Episode 12006/11/21
Galactica Quorum - a Battlestar Galactica fan podcast
Rewatch Battlestar Galactica--like it was the first time! Begun in 2006, the Galactica Quorum discussed, analyzed, and speculated about all aspects of the SyFy channel series Battlestar Galactica in a casual roundtable format. Listen as the Quorum absorbed each episode and season, as it happened!

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