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  1. Go Vegan Radio #6272018/10/03
    As you get ready for LA REGGAE VEGAN FEST, listen to a fascinating interview with LORETTA GREEN – WILLIAMS, creator of Caribeme Magazine, about the roots of reggae, Rasta culture, Jamaica, ganga…AND that ITAL IS VEGAN! LA REGGAE VEGAN FEST speaker ANTENEH ROBA, M.D. from Ethiopia and president of the International Fund for Africa, talks [...]
  2. Go Vegan Radio #6262018/09/26
    LA REGGAE VEGAN FEST – the Key to Saving Jamaica? + guest CARO LaFAURIE, owner of Equelecua Vegan Cuban Cafe in Inglewood, one of the many food vendors at LA REGGAE VEGAN FEST + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE, a speaker at LA REGGAE VEGAN FEST – Buy Discount Tickets Now at www.LAreggaeVEGANfest.com
  3. Go Vegan Radio #6252018/08/04
    Guests LEE CAMP of “Redacted Tonight” and VANESSA MARSOT, LA Reggae Vegan Fest Vendor, Celebrating the Grand Opening of Ellora Wellness in Altadena, California ( www.ellorawellness.com ) + BOB’s Bothersome Observations on Unawakened “Awakened” Talk Show Hosts
  4. Go Vegan Radio #6242018/07/27
    The Most Important Program on the Environment that You Will Ever Hear! The Climate Solution Is Here! The Answer to Most Major Environmental Threats Is Here! Hear this Astonishing Interview with the Lead Researcher of the Most Comprehensive Environmental Study Ever, 5 Years in the Making, and Just Released by the Queens College of Oxford [...]
  5. Go Vegan Radio #6232018/07/10
    It’s 4th of July fireworks from BOB as he accuses HSUS-loving DxE of being a tool of animal exploitation, as its ridiculous “distractivism” dupes even Glenn Greenwald & Democracy Now + The scandalous HSUS testifies in front of the California legislature, admitting that its “Prevent Cruelty CA” / Proposition 12 scam-paign is just what its [...]
  6. Go Vegan Radio #6222018/06/07
    Must Listen! Monumental Environmental News! “Avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet, according to the scientists behind the most comprehensive analysis to date of the damage farming does to the planet…” + BOB Talks about Calling People “Animals” + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE [...]
  7. Go Vegan Radio #6212018/05/16
    BOB’s Mother’s Day Show with a Special Message for Moms + guest psychologist CLARE MANN, author of the new book “VYSTOPIA: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non Vegan World” + LA REGGAE VEGAN FEST (please share → facebook.com/ReggaeVeganFest ) + yet another study that shows why a company like Health IQ offers lower [...]
  8. Go Vegan Radio #6202018/05/06
    BOB Talks about LA Reggae Vegan Fest, “Prevent Cruelty”, & Barbara Bush + Interview with the (not-yet Vegan, hmmm) host of “Try Vegan with Mario”, MARIO FABBRI + commentary with Professors GARY FRANCIONE & ANNA CHARLTON – “How Vegan Should Vendors Be at LA Reggae Vegan Fest?” + What Is the #1 Killer of Americans [...]
  9. Go Vegan Radio #6192018/04/20
    Interview with “America’s Healthy Heart Doc” cardiologist JOEL KAHN who just opened his second Vegan restaurant in the Detroit area + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE including a discussion of the “cruelty free” label + peace activist BOB rants on Bomb Control, Gun Control, the Vegan Shooter, and – Does Putin Have the Right to Nuke America [...]
  10. Go Vegan Radio #6182018/04/04
    BOB asks you to prevent cruelty by burning the signatures you collected for the cruel scam “Prevent Cruelty CA” + PARENTS: look at what RD SUSAN LEVIN, director of nutrition education for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, wants labeled “CARCINOGENIC” + JAN SMITOWICZ discusses his new book “Rebel Hell – Disabled Vegan Goes to [...]
  11. Go Vegan Radio #6172018/03/08
    Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Rock “Animal Rights movement” – what’s being said about the “animal rights conference”, Alex Hershaft, Wayne Pacelle, Nick Cooney, Nathan Runkle, & Mercy For Animals + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE on women in leadership roles in the animal movement, closed circuit TV in slaughterhouses, and the rise of Veganism in [...]
  12. Go Vegan Radio #6162018/02/14
    BOB Slams the Obscene Scandalous HSUS Like You’ve Never Heard + Professor GARY FRANCIONE on Sexism in the Animal Rights Movement + ALARMING Discussion with ERIC WEISMAN of Evolution Vegan Dog & Cat Food about EUTHANASIA DRUG IN DOG FOOD + Special Low Rates on Life Insurance for VEGANS: HealthIQ.com/GVR
  13. Go Vegan Radio #6152018/01/30
    Must Hear! Riveting Discussion Among DxE Founder WAYNE HSIUNG, Professor GARY FRANCIONE, & BOB LINDEN + the Purpose of a Chicken + more Voicemail Tributes for Beloved Iconic Vegan Coby Siegenthaler, Recently Deceased + Special Low Rates on Life Insurance for Vegans at HealthIQ.com/GVR
  14. Go Vegan Radio #614 (Corrected Audio!)2018/01/26
    Tributes to Beloved Iconic Vegan Nonagenarian Coby Siegenthaler, Recently Deceased + BOB Slams the Scam “Prevent Cruelty California” – the “Cage-Free” Egg Hoax that Prevents NO Cruelty + Guest FRANCES McCORMACK Discusses the Recipes Page at HowDoIGoVegan.com + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE + Moby and the CIA, Farewell FARM, and News about Paul Shapiro, [...]
  15. Go Vegan Radio #6132018/01/14
    Why is BOB talking about the NFL Playoffs? + guest STEVEN SHORE, organizer of “The Real Truth About Health”, a 10-day event you can see for FREE online or in person + commentary with Professors GARY FRANCIONE & ANNA CHARLTON + Suffocating, Sinking Oceans + Special Low Rates on Life Insurance FOR VEGANS: HealthIQ.com/GVR
  16. Go Vegan Radio #6122018/01/07
    WILL TUTTLE, author of the #1 Amazon best seller “World Peace Diet”, in a wide-ranging discussion including his Vegan adventures in India & China + Mind Blowing Climate Change Revelations from environmentalist Vegan MIKE HUDAK + Important News for Vegans with Family Responsibilities – Life Insurance Agency Offers Special Low Rates for Vegans: HealthIQ.com/GVR – [...]
  17. Go Vegan Radio #6112017/12/23
    MUST, MUST LISTEN! Interview: Confessions of a “Humane” Pig Farmer – GUSTAF SODDERFELDT, Now Vegan + HOLIDAY HAM WARNING + New Book Released by Professors GARY FRANCIONE & ANNA CHARLTON + Did Go Vegan Radio’s Hidden Microphone Go Undercover at Animal Charity Evaluators’ Awards Dinner? Note: After years of using the recording date as the [...]
  18. 19 November 2017 (Corrected Audio)2017/12/15
    Talking Turkey & Family Values on this Thanksgiving Show + How Vegan Were Native Americans? + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE NOTE: This is a corrected version of the Nov 19th show, the original audio file had technical issues, including a super high-speed interview with Gary Francione and a long duration of silence. Support the show [...]
  19. 11 November 20172017/11/20
    How to Use RadioBobby as Thanksgiving Vegan Activism + Breaking News on Climate Change + Protecting Animals in California From the Cruelty of the Humane Society of the US + Why Are We Discussing Formula 1 Car Racing? + commentary with Professors GARY FRANCIONE & ANNA CHARLTON Support the show via Patreon or Paypal Donation [...]
  20. 30 October 20172017/11/07
    There’s Not Much Scarier than a Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden Halloween Show – Listen If You Dare + Are You Really a Truther if You’re Not Vegan? + hear weekly commentary from Professor GARY FRANCIONE Support the show via Patreon or Paypal Donation (tax deductible 501c3 nonprofit – Federal EIN 46-3622958).
  21. 16 October 20172017/10/25
    Hear about Allegations of Fraud against Peter Singer and Animal Charity Evaluators + guest PRESTON M SMITH, fine artist, talks about art, creativity, and how going Vegan has affected his work & he offers a special discount to our listeners + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE, examining death threats against a “sustainable meat” butcher, and [...]
  22. Ian McDonald2017/10/12
    Here’s a newly-released, fascinating, comprehensive interview from May of 2017 with BOB talking to IAN McDONALD of the Vegan Option in the UK about his outstanding historical documentary series “Vegetarianism: the Story So Far” available for free via podcast at: TheVeganOption.org/vegetarian-history Stay tuned for more – Go Vegan Radio is returning with a regular weekly [...]
  23. 04 September 20172017/09/07
    Animal Charity Evaluators & MFA’s Nick Cooney Respond to Allegations of Duping Public & Conflicts of Interest Made by SHARK’s STU CHAIFETZ, Who Returns to Address Them + FDA Warns GMO “Impossible Burger” May Not Be Safe + “Impossible Burger” & Hampton Creek Test on Animals + Hampton Creek “Lab Meat” + Hurricane Harvey & [...]
  24. 14 August 20172017/08/17
    Shocking Scandal Rocks “Animal Rights Movement”! Revelations from STU CHAIFETZ, SHARK Lead Investigator of Animal Charity Evaluators, Mercy for Animals, Humane League, Good Food Institute, Animal Equality – Conflicts of Interest? …Manipulation of Research? Hear What Is Said about Nick Cooney, Peter Singer! + When Will Climate Change Hit the US? PLEASE NOTE: We are [...]
  25. 01 August 20172017/08/17
    BOB’s Special Message to Attendees of the “Animal Rights CONference” + the “Animal Rights Movement’s” New Animal-Research Connections + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE: “Is Daiya Cheese Still Vegan?” PLEASE NOTE: We are aware of the sound quality issue and are working on it.
  26. 03 July 20172017/07/19
    Did the AMA Really Recommend Vegan Food for Hospitals + Huge Iceberg Breaking Off Antarctica + Who is Boaty McBoatface? + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE
  27. 12 June 20172017/06/14
    Does Anyone Have Integrity Anymore? What Has Happened to Forks Over Knives, Farm Sanctuary, FARM, HSUS, Mercy For Animals, and Others – Now Actively Promoting “Meat” Eating? + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE
  28. 29 May 20172017/06/06
    BOB nominates Alex Hershaft of FARM for “Meat Industry Innovator of the Decade” for organizing the animal rights conference against animals, this year featuring “reducitarian” scam artist Brian Kateman: “You can change the world by ordering a smaller steak”, along with organizations being paid millions of dollars to campaign for horrific cage-free eggs and chicken [...]
  29. 23 May 20172017/06/05
    “Impossible Burger”: Genetically Engineered? + Barbecued Cancer: the 5 Worst “Foods” to Grill + Chelsea Manning Released: What Was Revealed through WikiLeaks? + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE
  30. 15 May 20172017/05/16
    Unbelievable! Listen! HSUS Backs Legislation FOR SMALLER CAGES for DOGS Used for Research, Breeding, & Puppy Mills! WTF? + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE Patreon makes it possible for you to support our important and unique work by subscription for as little as $1 a month.
  31. 09 May 20172017/05/14
    SHOCKING!!! “Animal Rights Movement” Is Dead “Meat”! This past year, millions and millions of dollars have been pocketed by sell-out groups (over $12 million split among the Humane Society of the US, Mercy for Animals, the Humane League, and Compassion Over Killing, and there’s so much more) buying their allegiance from the animals to the [...]
  32. 25 April 20172017/04/27
    Must Listen!!! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SHOW ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE & THE ENVIRONMENT THAT YOU WILL EVER HEAR!!! Please Share!!! Patreon makes it possible for you to support our important and unique work by subscription for as little as $1 a month.
  33. 17 April 20172017/04/22
    As Earth Day approaches, BOB totally trashes and buries in the landfill the irresponsible fake environmental movement that completely ignores the #1 cause of Climate Change and the ONLY solution before it’s too late, with harsh criticism for 350.org, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and the climate march to nowhere. BOB has special ridicule for the [...]
  34. 10 April 20172017/04/18
    Your Browser History is for Sale! What Can You Do? + The Meaninglessness of Non-Vegan “Vegetarianism” + Climate Change News + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE
  35. 03 April 20172017/04/17
    More important than Earth Day or useless marches – April is “GO VEGAN to STOP CLIMATE CHANGE Month” + Richard Branson tells New Zealand farmers to grow cannabis instead of cows + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE – would becoming a lawyer help animals?
  36. 27 March 20172017/04/05
    No Whey! Guest GEOFF PALMER, CEO of Clean Machine, talks about a new Vegan superfood, “Lentein”, that took this year’s Natural Products Expo by storm, that should interest everyone – including bodybuilders who regularly threaten their health with carcinogenic whey + BOB introduces strategies to get the CIA to GO VEGAN + 2016: Hottest Year [...]
  37. 20 March 20172017/04/04
    BOB Returns from the Natural Products Expo with a Review of New Exciting Vegan Products – Hear Interviews from the Anaheim Convention Center + IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Those with Age-Related Macular-Degeneration Vision Issues + Climate Change Health Threats + Cheese Kills
  38. 06 March 20172017/03/27
    BOB rips apart a nonsensical irrational Sierra Club magazine article “Toward a Moral Case for Eating Meat” + Heart-Healthiest Foods + commentary with Professors GARY FRANCIONE and ANNA CHARLTON
  39. 27 February 20172017/03/21
    How Climate Change Will Affect Global Food Supply + the One Story that Gets Less Media Coverage than Pizza-gate + BOB’s New “Water-gate” + guest JEHINA MALIK, the first IFBB professional bodybuilder VEGAN SINCE BIRTH + weekly commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE – is being vegan elitist?
  40. 21 February 20172017/03/20
    Our Presidents’ Day Show – with a salute to the great American virtue of truth (avoidance, that is) + Comparing the Impact on Climate Change of Animal Agriculture to the Keystone Pipeline (and Ignoring that Obama Approved the Equivalent of 10 Keystones Since 2010) + commentary with Professors GART FRANCIONE & ANNA CHARLTON – Remembering [...]
  41. 24 January 20172017/03/17
    Shocking!!! You won’t believe what – or who – is in commercial “pet food” AND the “food” fed to the animals you eat and whose secretions and excretions you consume – ERIC WEISMAN of Evolution vegan dog and cat food tells us all about it. (Sorry for the delay in podcast releases, we’re posting more [...]
  42. 17 January 20172017/02/01
    BOB bids a not-so-fond farewell to Ringling Brothers and proclaims that from now on, GO VEGAN RADIO WITH BOB LINDEN will be known as “the greatest show on earth” + how much of your donation money to the Humane Society of the US went to Ringling Brothers’ pockets? + guest MIKE HUDAK, PhD, introduces us [...]
  43. 09 January 20172017/01/20
    Lots of Climate Change Talk on This Week’s Show – listeners want BOB to raise funds to go to Sundance where Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” sequel will debut (and conveniently avoid the truth again, no doubt) + thoughts on the death of Sea World orca prisoner Tilikum and that prison’s “sustainable seafood” + commentary with [...]
  44. 26 December 20162016/12/30
    BOB appeals for donations to Go Vegan Radio from people who appreciate our weekly Climate Change coverage and presentation of the only solution for it, before it’s too late – and this week – BOB debunks a Nobel Prize – winning denier, and then asserts that it doesn’t matter if one is “alarmist” or “denier”, [...]
  45. 19 December 20162016/12/25
    Helping the Homeless & Their Companion Animals – an interview with KAREN HAMZA of Angel Hanz for the Homeless +Wine Not Vegan? Finding Organic Vegan Wine – with VERONIQUE RASKIN of the Organic Wine Company + commentary with Professors GARY FRANCIONE & ANNA CHARLTON
  46. 12 December 20162016/12/23
    EVERYONE MUST LISTEN TO THIS – All Parents, All Medical Professionals, All Fish-Eaters, All Psychopaths Pushing for a Syrian No-Fly Zone & Confrontation with Russia! Please Share! This Program Is Banned in Japan! The US Nuclear Industry Does NOT Want You to Hear It, Because YOU Will Shut It Down! Guest Dr. HELEN CALDICOTT, the [...]
  47. 05 December 20162016/12/19
    BOB takes note that GO VEGAN RADIO WITH BOB LINDEN, the first vegan program ever to infiltrate “mainstream media”, is about to turn Sweet 16 (unsweetened by refined sugar or high fructose GMO corn syrup) + latest developments on “meat”/dairy/egg/fish – consumltion caused Climate Change * Professors GARY FRANCIONE & ANNA CHARLTON commentary on UK [...]
  48. 28 November 20162016/12/11
    Listen! Here’s a hot topic for family gatherings: Vaccines & Autism – Is There a Cover Up? Guest: KENT HECKENLIVELY, author of “Inoculated – How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism”
  49. 21 November 20162016/11/24
    Listen: Native American Culture – Was It VEGAN? Yes, it’s that time again – for expressions of gratitude through ritualistic bird-massacre animal sacrifice, with cranberry sauce, “from Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock – Thanks for Nothing” + Mercy For Animals’ Million Dollar Outrage + what did Alex Hershaft just say + commentary from professors GARY [...]
  50. 14 November 20162016/11/22
    Looking to look on the bright side, BOB has post-election commentary + news about what’s happening at the UN climate conference in Marrakesh + grossed out by “spirit cooking”?
  51. 07 November 20162016/11/22
    On the eve of the election, BOB looks at the death penalty, on the ballot in California + guest ERIC WEISMAN of Evolution Diet – vegan dog and cat food.
  52. 31 October 20162016/11/06
    Our Halloween Show, with our traditional message – GO VEGAN OR DIE! + The Blob that should scare you away from eating creatures from the sea + Nobody’s a Winner with Weiner + Cheese Bailout Note: Oct 31st’s show was initially in our feed for few hours with the previous weeks description and mp3 file. Be a Champion [...]
  53. 23 October 20162016/11/05
    Guest vegan “Peace Mom” CINDY SHEEHAN, who has run for Congress, Vice President, and Governor of California, offers her perspectives on today’s political scene + Professor GARY FRANCIONE on Jainism + BOB wants to take the “Bull” out of BS Be a Champion for Animals! Tax Deductible Donations from People Like YOU Keep Us on [...]
  54. 17 October 20162016/10/29
    BOB, a peace activist since the 60’s, expresses concern about corruption and current saber rattling + commentary from Professors GARY FRANCIONE and ANNA CHARLTON
  55. 09 October 20162016/10/15
    Help Us Help Haiti! Guest Haitian-born KING WAWA, vegan musician and humanitarian, updates us on the tragic conditions in Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew – and how you can help (kwhrp.org) + we talk about the impact the Clintons have had on earthquake recovery in Haiti and how their actions decimated Haitian rice [...]
  56. 18 September 20162016/10/04
    You MUST MUST LISTEN to this show for the amazing presentation from the World Vegan Summit & Expo from Professor DAVID NIBERT entitled “From Genghis Khan to Wall Street: Oppression of Other Animals, War, and Capitalism” + BOB is shocked that the horrendous California debacle, Proposition 2, has been reborn as Question 3, scamming voters [...]
  57. 11 September 20162016/09/24
    Vegan cardiologist HEATHER SHENKMAN, M.D. talks heat health – shouldn’t all cardiologists be Vegan? + Professors GARY FRANCIONE & ANNA CHARLTON return from the UK to reveal widespread brainwashing about chickens
  58. 04 September 20162016/09/22
    Our Labor Day weekend show with guest CARL D. SCOTT, a vegan who used to labor as a slaughterhouse worker in New Zealand + BOB takes a politically-unpopular stand AGAINST jobs, and blames recent technical problems not on Russian hackers but on the strange new laptop USPS delivered that we’re using for broadcast
  59. 21 August 20162016/09/04
    Note: Please excuse the audio quality of Bob’s mic during the first half of the show More Climate Records Broken – Thanks to Humans’ Wrong Appetite for Flesh and Blood, “Meat”, Dairy, Eggs, and Fish + ANGEL FLINN Discusses the New York City Billboard Campaign “Be Fair Be Vegan“
  60. 14 August 20162016/09/02
    BOB Ridicules the Inaction of Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), Disrupting a Hillary Rally to Achieve Nothing + GARY FRANCIONE and ANNA CHARLTON commentary, and reaction to the World Vegan Summit & Expo by attendee’s who call in. Check out our sponsor: The Stanford Inn – a Vegan Resort on the Mendocino Coast!
  61. 07 August 20162016/08/23
    A look at highlights of the previous week’s World Vegan Summit & Expo with Professors GARY FRANCIONE and ANNA CHARLTON, and callers, with a discussion of intersectionality
  62. 24 July 20162016/08/14
    Guest Professor GARY STEINER of Bucknell University with a historical perspective on animals in western culture and thoughts on the political mood of the UC Berkeley campus when he was a student at the site of the World Vegan Summit & Expo + the lack of critical thinking in the “animal rights movement” in commentary [...]
  63. 17 July 20162016/07/27
    BOB calls for the resignations of Alex Hershaft and Michael Webermann of FARM, organizers of what they call an “animal rights conference”, for allowing the promotion of animal “meat” that becomes SuperMeat when fed the blood of unborn baby cows + guests this week include vendors whom you’ll meet at the World Vegan Summit & [...]
  64. 10 July 20162016/07/24
    Listen: “Animal Rights Movement” or Blood-Sucking “Meat” Lovers? + the Egg-Industry Hype Mercy For Animals Didn’t Want You to Believe – Until Now + Chef DANNY V, master of vegan Asian cuisine, who will be doing a food demonstration and having a vendor booth at the World Vegan Summit & Expo
  65. 03 July 20162016/07/20
    Hear a fascinating interview with Professor DAVID NIBERT, whose talk “From Genghis Khan to Wall Street: Oppression of Other Animals, War and Capitalism” is scheduled Friday afternoon July 29 at the World Vegan Summit & Expo + BOB discusses the strangest interview he’s ever heard, and it wasn’t on his show, but on a podcast [...]
  66. 26 June 20162016/07/11
    What do you think of the chants BOB has created for the first-ever “VEGAN (Because we Care!) Walk” Friday July 29 at noon from People’s Park in Berkeley to the World Vegan Summit & Expo on the Cal campus + $1,000,000 “Donation” at Work: Mercy For Animals Drops Opposition to “Cafe-Free” Egg Production to Campaign [...]
  67. 19 June 20162016/06/27
    Our Fathers Day show from Eureka, California where BOB officiated a marriage ceremony in the Redwood Forrest + the outrageous HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle confirms what BOB has been saying for years – it IS the “meat”, dairy, and egg industry, and it believes animals should be eaten and used + commentary with Professors GARY [...]
  68. 12 June 20162016/06/21
    Forget “cage-free”! Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden goes network-free this week, with an experimental show on our new platform. This means no more of those network commercials and breaks to endure for our live listening audience Sundays at 5pm pacific. This week BOB examines yet another horrendous betrayal by a leading “animal advocacy” organization [...]
  69. 05 June 20162016/06/17
    Who Are the Big-Money Super-Delegate Lobbyists Corrupting the (So-Called) Animal Rights Conference (AR-CON) Coming to LA? + Audio of Hillary Supporter Jerry Brown Reminding Us of Hillary’s Poultry-Industry Beginnings and the Associated Environmental Disaster + commentary with Professors GARY FRANCIONE and ANNA CHARLTON
  70. 29 May 20162016/06/07
    On our Memorial Day show, we look at the Memorial Day tradition that helps kill more Americans than all battles in all wars + guest BILL TARA, author, educator, pioneer in Macrobiotic health and the organic foods industry, who will be speaking at the World Vegan Summit & Expo + commentary from Professors GARY FRANCIONE [...]
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