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  1. Michael Knowles Demolishing Professors and Spoiled, Virtue-Signaling Crybabies, A Mentally Ill Swedish Child, The Deadly Sins of Leftism, and Candace Owens.2019/10/16
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  2. Google’s Hidden Dictatorship.2019/10/15
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  3. Electric Armageddon: Civil-Military Preparedness For An Electromagnetic Pulse Catastrophe.2019/10/14
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  4. 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death and Life. Audio book excerpt. Audio MP32019/10/13
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  5. George Washington and Benedict Arnold: A Tale of Two Patriots.2019/10/12
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  6. Biden’s Ukrainian Corruption and Comedian Steven Scott2019/10/11
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  7. Dinesh D’Souza’s Death Of A Nation 20182019/10/10
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  8. Prager University Part 37.2019/10/09
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  9. How the Constitution Has Been Twisted to Undermine the Free Market | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano2019/10/08
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  10. John Stossel- Big Tech, Live Free at Sea, Lessons from Africa, Life is Getting Better, Dennis Prager- Meat is OK Now.2019/10/07
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  11. ACU Sunday Series. 5 Selections.2019/10/06

    ACU Sunday Series. 5 Selections.
    The Story of Reality Responding to Same-Sex Marriage The Bible and Homosexuality Sodom and Gomorrah – What Was Their Sin? David and Goliath
  12. The Soviet Story. Our audio version of this film documentary. Audio MP32019/10/05
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  13. The Future of Aircraft Carriers.2019/10/04
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  14. John Bolton- The Grave and Growing Threat of North Korea, Michelle Malkin- Deadly Costs of Open Borders and Spoiled Green Students.2019/10/03
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  15. Ann Coulter, Mr Reagan. Trump or Biden? Who is Corrupt? Whistleblower, Ukraine, Trump Impeachment.  2019/10/02
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  16. Fighting Cultural Marxists. Katie Hopkins, David Horowitz2019/10/01
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  17. Cliff-Falling Walruses, Polar Bears, Green Killing Machines, Charles Krauthhammer, Andrew Klavan, NRA, My Dog’s a Democrat.2019/09/30
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  18. Darwinism on Trial. ACU Sunday Series.2019/09/29
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  19. Walter E Williams Playlist from Liberty Pen. Part 12019/09/28
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  20. Ann Coulter, Andrew Klavan, Bomb-Bomb Iran? Greta Thunberg, Recent UFO’s, Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using…2019/09/27
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  21. Goodbye, America by James Robbins. Dennis Prager and Tucker Carlson.2019/09/26
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  22. Newt's World. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)2019/09/25
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  23. Debunking Howard Zinn- Exposing Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America2019/09/24
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  24. Tucker Carlson. 7 Segments and Dennis Prager. The China Threat.2019/09/23
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  25. End-of-life-phenomena. ACU Sunday Series.2019/09/22
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  26. Moment of Battle: The Twenty Clashes That Changed the World and Five Incredible but Lesser Known Last Stands.2019/09/21
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  27. Young Americas Foundation Playlist “OnlyatYAF” Part 12019/09/20
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  28. Trial by Jury: Defense Against Tyranny.2019/09/19
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  29. Explicit- Paul Joseph Watson. Social Credit Score USA, Dave Chappelle on Jussie Smollett, Degeneracy, Pod People and L.A. Is a S***hole.2019/09/18
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  30. Claws of the Red Dragon2019/09/17
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  31. Prager University and Andrew Klavan Show Highlights2019/09/16
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  32. How to Spot Logical Fallacies in Debate. ACU Sunday Series. 2019/09/15
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  33. The Great Dr. Berlinski, Meyer and Gelernter. In one Interview! Mathematical Challenges to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.2019/09/14
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  34. Antifa Harass Family Farm At Public Market - Sarah Dye.2019/09/13
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  35. Big Tech’s Secrets- How Big Tech Manipulates Voters. A Must Listen. Big Tech’s Secrets- How Big Tech Manipulates Voters. A Must Listen. 2019/09/12
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  36. Ann Coulter- RED FLAG LAWS, WE DON'T TRUST YOU2019/09/11
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  37. Democrat climate plan: "Panic, kill your children and give up your rights!” And Prager U Video- Climate Alarmism Isn't Rational2019/09/10
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  38. Dinesh D'Souza - Road to Majority, YAFTV Playlist, Red Flag- Oppose a Disease at its Beginning.2019/09/09
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  39. Dennis Prager- Making the Ten Commandments, Is our Universe just an Accident? Faith Crisis: What Do We Do When We Feel Nothing? And How to Face an Addiction to Pornography. ACU Sunday Series.2019/09/08
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  40. Part 1 of 2. Thunder Below!: The USS Barb Revolutionizes Submarine Warfare in World War II by Eugene B. Fluckey 2019/09/07
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  41. Part 2 of 2. Thunder Below!: The USS Barb Revolutionizes Submarine Warfare in World War II by Eugene B. Fluckey 2019/09/06
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  42. The Commerce Clause gone wild. The Most Abused Clause in the Constitution.2019/09/05
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  43. Can Blockchain Save the World?2019/09/04
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  44. The Sacred City – Documentary.2019/09/03
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  45. New Deal or Raw Deal?: How FDR's Economic Legacy Has Damaged America by Burton W. Folsom Jr.2019/09/02
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  46. Film Documentary. A Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. ACU Sunday Series2019/09/01
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  47. Dennis Prager -Is College Worth It? The Scientific Method Corrupted, Giving Up Darwin and The Multiverse is religion, not science.2019/08/31
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  48. Ann Coulter. Two Articles-NYT Fraud and Mexican DUIs, The Left’s Chernobyl BS, Stealing Elections State by State and Do Democrats Hate God and Country.2019/08/30
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  49. Liberty Pen Selections. Thomas Sowell, Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson, Mark Steyn, Victor Davis Hansen, Walter E Williams, 2019/08/29
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  50. Mr Reagan- I Personally Cost Gillette $8 Billion! and The Problem with Black Culture.2019/08/28
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  51. Stossel, Trump's Deregulation, Save Lives- Sell Organs, ‘One Child Nation’, Debunking Howard Zinn and Another Hilarious Remy Parody.2019/08/27
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  52. Plain, Honest Men The Making of the American Constitution.2019/08/26
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  53. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design by Jonathan Wells. ACU Sunday Series.2019/08/25
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  54. Documentary. Homelands by Katie Hopkins.2019/08/24
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  55. Shadow Strike: Inside Israel's Secret Mission to Eliminate Syrian Nuclear Power2019/08/23
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  56. Book- Ball of Collusion- The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency.2019/08/22
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  57. Prager University Part 36.2019/08/21
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  58. Mankind’s Deadliest Predator, The "Judicial Supremacy" Myth, CA 'Motor Voter' Fraud and Book- Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land.2019/08/20
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  59. On Marxism in America, the Communist China Threat, Unconventional Warfare & Hong Kong—Joshua Philipp.2019/08/19
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  60. The Incredible Story of Redemption Out of the Gay Lifestyle in the Book “A Change of Affection.”2019/08/18
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  61. Abraham Lincoln. Newt Gingrich Immortals Series. Stuff You've Never Heard. Guaranteed!2019/08/17
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  62. The Most Prolific Illegal Mass Murderer, Should Trump Defy the Courts?, and Red Flag Gun Laws.2019/08/16
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  63. ACU News Alert! Google Uses Police to Harass Whistleblower. Fears Google Hitmen. 2019/08/14
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  64. John Stossel- Free Stuff 2020, Government Bullies Steal Houses, No Filming on Farms, Minimum Wage Hurts Beginners etc...2019/08/14
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  65. Preparing For Genocide- The Suidlanders of South Africa.2019/08/13
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  66. Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America by David Horowitz2019/08/12
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  67. Religion: Bound by Loving Ties. Jeffrey R. Holland. ACU Sunday Series. 2019/08/11
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  68. Hilarious Soycialists of America, Obscure Presidents and Feminism Is Toxic - Karen Straughan2019/08/10
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  69. Andrew Napolitano. YouTube Playlist from Liberty Pen.2019/08/09
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  70. Big Tech, Voter Manipulation and Political Bias and Big Tech Must Be Broken Up2019/08/08
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  71. Ann Coulter-How We Became the World’s Suckers on Immigration and Stories and Stats- How Guns Save Lives.2019/08/07
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  72. Part 1- Dennis Prager Deconstructs the Democrat Debates.2019/08/06
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  73. Part 2 Dennis Prager Deconstructs the Democrat Debates.2019/08/06
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  74. The Honorable John Bolton LIVE from YAF's 41st NCSC2019/08/05
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  75. David Berlinski—Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions. ACU Sunday Series. 2019/08/04
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  76. Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans: The Battle That Shaped America’s Destiny.2019/08/03
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  77. Dennis Prager. Erasing America, Too Late for Sex in the City, Ilan Omar’s Shady Past and Pacifist Germany.2019/08/02
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  78. Collapse- 90% Of The U.S. Population Will Die Within 6 Months, Prepping for beginners and 6 Immutable Prepper Laws.2019/08/01
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  79. Ann Coulter vs. Media Myths on Immigration, Crime, Costs and Fraud. Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and Howie Carr.2019/07/31
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  80. Dennis Prager, Dr. Robert Epstein and Ted Cruz on Big Tech Voter Manipulation.2019/07/30
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  81. The Andrew Klavan Show Highlights.2019/07/29
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  82. Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed, Scientific Proof of God and Near Death Experiences in Surgery. ACU Sunday Series.2019/07/28
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  83. Audiobook- Breaking Stalin's Nose by Eugene Yelchin.2019/07/27
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  84. The Brilliant Disaster: JFK, Castro, and America's Doomed Invasion of Cuba's Bay of Pigs.2019/07/26
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  85. Was Jesus A Socialist? And Book- False Positive: A Year of Error, Omission, and Political Correctness in the New England Journal of Medicine.2019/07/25
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  86. Dismal American Attempts at Socialism in History. The Telegraph, The Transcontinental Railroad etc… Dr. Burt Folsom.2019/07/24
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  87. Ted Cruz’s Jihad on Big Tech Censorship- YAY!, Red China On The Move and The Magnificent Milky Way.2019/07/23
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  88. Tens of Thousands Killed by Illegals, Illegal  Stole $361,000 from Welfare, Tucker Carlson, Tech Tyranny, Amazon's High-Tech Book Burning2019/07/22
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  89. Dr. Stephen Meyer. Fine-Tuning and the Origin of the Universe also DNA and Information.2019/07/21
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  90. Newts World  The Immortals- Benjamin Franklin and Lecture- Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.2019/07/19
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  91. Dan Bongino- How to Fight Back, JFK Conservative and Andrew Klavan2019/07/18
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  92. Explicit. Karen Straughan. Anti-Feminist and Men’s Rights Advocate. Men Not Marrying, the Disposable Male and consigning Feminism to the Dustbin of History.2019/07/17
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  93. Prager University Part 35 and YAF Playlist.2019/07/16
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  94. Glenn Beck Special- The Declaration of Independence.2019/07/15
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  95. Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth. ACU Sunday Series. 2019/07/14
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  96. The 10 Big Lies About America. An interview with the author. Audio MP32019/07/13
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  97. New Deal or Raw Deal? Learning From the New Deal: How FDR's Economic Legacy has Damaged America. Audio MP32019/07/12
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  98. Custer's Trials -A Life on the Frontier of a New America2019/07/11
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  99. Ann Coulter on the Thomas Jefferson Slander and Dennis Prager America: The Greatest Nation on Earth and A Fine Time to Become an American.2019/07/10
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  100. America’s Cold Civil War, Tucker Carlson-Google Hacking 2020 Election, Net Neutrality Red Cross Campaign for New Platelet Donors and More!2019/07/09
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  101. Stolen Sovereignty- Trump must Defy the Courts, Bearmageddon!, FreedomToons The Actual Dem Debates, and Back Alleys Debunked2019/07/08
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  102. What atheism and evolution believers have brought to world? by Dr. David Berlinski, Who gives to Charity and Platelet Blood Donations.2019/07/07
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  103. Michael Crichton excerpts on DDT, Science as a religion...2019/07/06

    Michael Crichton excerpts on DDT, Science as a religion, Second hand smoke, global warming debate excerpt with Philip Scott, and a excerpt from Dinesh D'Souza on Dieism.

    This is an encore presentation of ACU Show 331.
  104. Trump Should Go Nuclear and Defy the Courts, Antifascists go Full Fascist, Keynes vs Hayek Rap Battle, North Korea- Hell on Earth.2019/07/05
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  105. CIVIL WAR 2 in America - WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis.2019/07/04
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  106. Dennis Prager Analyzing Clips from Democratic Debate. Important Show.2019/07/03
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  107. Feminist Myths Destroyed by Karen Straughan. Louder With Crowder and Tom Woods.2019/07/02
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  108. Stossel Defending Capitalism, Designer Babies, The Best and Worst Ideas, Hilarious Remy Raps on Dems Debate and Bernie.2019/07/01
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  109. Phillip E. Johnson on Darwinism. ACU Sunday Series. 2019/06/30
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  110. Taxation in America Part 12019/06/29

    Taxation in America Part 1

    Part 1 of 3. From Tax Rebellion to 90% Tax rates.

    ACU includes part 1 and 2 of this history program. For part 3 purchase from the Michael Medved History Store.

    Visit Michael Medveds history website at http://www.medvedhistorystore.com/

    All of the Michael Medved History Series are highly recommended by ACU.
  111. Taxation in America Part 22019/06/28
  112. Dennis Prager. Google’s Gag Rules and PragerU Fascists.2019/06/27
  113. Do Democrats Get Americans into Wars in Order to Lose?2019/06/26
  114. Dennis Prager, Larry Elder Father Reconciliation and Article- Why So Many Mass Shootings?2019/06/25
  115. Newt Gingrich  China – How We Got It Wrong.2019/06/24
  116. Ben Stein- No Intelligence Allowed, Debate Highlights- Were Nazis Evolutionists? and Richard Dawkins.2019/06/23
  117. Obligatory Sex. Prager talks to author Allison Armstrong. 2019/06/22
  119. 5 Years in Prison for Selling Llama Poop- Ludicrous Laws, Lara Logan, D-Day, David Horowitz and Glenn Beck.2019/06/20
  120. Dennis Prager. How Google Manipulates its Search Results to Influence Elections and D-Day.2019/06/19
  121. The High Cost of Bad Science.2019/06/18
  122. Prager University, Venezuela Article, The Intellectual Dark Web, Being Tough, Discipline = Freedom, Alexandria Occasional Cortex.2019/06/17
  123. 18 Explosive Origins of Life Refute Darwinian Evolution.2019/06/16
  124. How Actual F-35A Pilots Assess the Aircraft.2019/06/14
  125. Stossel on Money and Citizen Journalists, Court-Packing Dems, Nuclear Power, Milton Friedman and Remy Parody.2019/06/13
  126. Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder and Glenn Beck.2019/06/12
  127. Dr. Walter E. Williams Book- American Contempt for Liberty.2019/06/11
  128. In Money We Trust ? Documentary.2019/06/10
  129. A Yearning for Home, Finding Hope Through the Resurrection of Christ, How To Grow Closer To God, The Miracle of Forgiveness. ACU Sunday Series. 2019/06/09
  130. Leftist Lies about Jefferson and Slavery, Gillette Trans Parody, Dennis Prager and Angel Flight Song.2019/06/07
  131. Book- Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence.2019/06/06
  132. Big Tech Is Big Brother, Ronald Reagan, The YouTube Boiling Frog Effect and P.I.G. to Vietnam.2019/06/05
  133. The FBI’s Brazen Coup Attempt, Victor Davis Hanson on Trump, Reparations in History and Article-Intellectual Poverty on the Left.2019/06/04
  134. USAF Demonstrates Bunker Buster Bomb to Iran, Young Zombie Drug Addicts, Sex Trafficking of North Korean Women, IQ Rates are Dropping.2019/06/03
  135. The Ben Shapiro Show. William Lane Craig. Sunday Special.2019/06/02
  136. Evolutionless Series. Part 1.2019/06/01
  137. Dead Wrong with Johan Norberg.2019/05/31
  138. Prager University Part 34.2019/05/30
  139. L.A= Rats, Typhus and Garbage, Dems = Socialism, Releasing Murderers and Ann Coulter Article2019/05/29
  140. Conservatives Have Better Sex Lives than Liberals, CNN’s Collapse, TOP 5 LIBERAL HOAXES OF 2019!... So Far and Don’t Kowtow to Bullies.2019/05/28
  141. Ann Coulter - U.S. Isn't Becoming Europe. We're Becoming Rome, 12 Shocking Facts About North Korean Soldiers and Who sold the solid fuel missiles to North Korea?2019/05/27
  142. Jay Richards: The Privileged Planet2019/05/26
  143. Being There- Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters.2019/05/25
  144. Jordan B. Peterson on 12 Rules for Life. Speech.2019/05/24
  145. Massive GOP Losses Due to Voter Fraud.2019/05/23
  146. The Second World Wars with Victor Davis Hansen | Water2019/05/22
  147. Headlines With a Voice. Trump to Invoke Insurrection Act.2019/05/21
  148. Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution.2019/05/20
  149. Darwin Devolves- The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution by Michael Behe.2019/05/19
  150. Scientist James Tour- The Mystery of the Origin of Life2019/05/18
  151. The Future, Big Tech Attacks, The Hysterical Cult and FreedomToons.2019/05/17
  152. Victor Davis Hanson on “The Case For Trump”2019/05/16
  153. South African Civil War Foreshadowing US Civil War? And Dennis Prager on Nuclear Options.2019/05/15
  154. Killer Robots, Space Weapons and The Future of Warfare also, What Civil War 2.0 Looks Like.2019/05/14
  155. Dennis Prager. Alison Armstrong. Respect and Connection, The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened and Senator Mike Lee Our Lost Declaration.2019/05/13
  156. Stephen Meyer: God and the Origin of the Universe.2019/05/12
  157. North Korean Military Proliferation in the Middle East and Africa.2019/05/11
  158. Beautiful Women Prefer Conservative Men, Nike Parody, U S Kids Chanting Cut Off Their Heads! Ben Shapiro, Glow Kids, Sex Trafficking at Border and Blacklisted.2019/05/10
  159. Newt’s World Podcast. Russia - Death by Poison.2019/05/09
  160. The terrible fraud of 'transgender medicine'2019/05/08
  161. 5G, The Internet of Things (IoT), Surveillance Capitalism, Chinese Hacking, The U.S. Economy, Russian Interference, Socialism. Kevin Freman. 2019/05/07
  162. Newt Gingrich, Heather Mac Donald, Peter Robinson on Uncommon Knowledge.2019/05/06
  163. Dennis Prager Three Misconceptions about the Bible, Can Parents Kill Their Children? And Slavery.2019/05/05
  164. The Violence of Lies, Cuckmercials, Trans Awareness to Kids, Biden’s Son Ukraine Payoffs, U.S. Military, Facebook Purges, Dark Money, NRA.2019/05/04
  165. BANNED BY FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM and Socialism: A Warning from the Dead | Glenn TV Special.2019/05/03
  166. John Stossel, Dick Morris, Glenn Beck, MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes.2019/05/02
  167. Ben Shapiro The Government is the Bully.2019/05/01
  168. Heaven on Earth: The Rise, Fall, and Afterlife of Socialism, 10 Ways to Debunk Transgenderism and Same Sex Marriage, Abortion Preached to Kids and Mormon Exceptionalism by AEI2019/04/30
  169. Dem Voter Fraud Will Trigger 2nd American Civil War. The Illegal Alien Vote, The Felon Vote, Defeating the Electoral College, Blocking ID Laws, The 16 Yr. Old Vote,  Dead Voters and Plain Old Cheating.2019/04/29
  170. Darwin Devolves- The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution by Michael Behe2019/04/28
  171. JFK, Conservative by Ira Stoll2019/04/27
  172. Houston’s Drag Queen Storytime Molester, War on Christians and Awesome AZ Reforms. Armstrong and Getty, Glenn Beck and Paul Joseph Watson. 2019/04/26
  173. Stossel- Mental Hospitals, Venezuela IS Socialism, Enough Crony Capitalism! State Bullies, The Breakfast and Tax Myths and Funny Parody.  2019/04/25
  174. Article- What If We Bought Food the Way We Buy Healthcare? and The Opioid Crisis Parts 1 and 2.2019/04/24
  175. Arthur Brooks. Say No To Contempt, Disagree Better- Not Less, Be an Authoritative Leader2019/04/23
  176. Jordan Peterson. The Horrors of Communism and Socialism Explained, Fascism, Marxism, Communism and Socialist Intellectuals.2019/04/22
  177. Eric Metaxas: The Miracle of the Universe.2019/04/21
  178. Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager The Case Against Abortion.2019/04/20
  179. Black students gang rape white students in Maryland..No big deal plus 4 more selections.2019/04/19
  180. What a Second American Civil War Looks Like.2019/04/18
  181. The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.2019/04/17
  182. Hugh Hewitt, John Bolton, Tactile, yes Tactile Nukes, Massive Voter Fraud California Style, Zero to Castro and Civil War 22019/04/16
  183. Glenn Beck Chalkboard Lesson and The History of the Future with Blake J. Harris2019/04/15
  184. Scripture Selections. 3 Hrs.  ACU Sunday Series.2019/04/14
  185. Thomas Sowell on the Myths of Economic Inequality.2019/04/13
  186. CPAC 2019 - Is the Best Missile Defense Really the Best Offense?2019/04/12
  187. Newt's World- The Global Race to Develop and Deploy 5G and The National Security Implications. Newt Gingrich.2019/04/11
  188. Let's fight in South Africa.2019/04/10
  189. Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.2019/04/09
  190. Tucker Carlson, Dennis Prager. The Student Debt Crisis and the Overrated College Pedigree.2019/04/08
  191. Dr Stephen Meyer Dr. David Berlinski, Dr. Michael Behe. Evidence for Design.2019/04/07
  192. Roosevelts Disastrous New Deal and How You Have Been Misled.  2019/04/06
  193. Book- Our Wits' End: Why We're Becoming Less Intelligent and What it Means for the Future - Dr. Edward Dutton2019/04/05
  194. Our Children and the Dangers of Social Media.2019/04/04
  195. Andrew Klavan The Crisis of Values, Dick Morris, EMP Attack, Killing the Electoral College, The Early Socialist Party and Emergency Food Supply.2019/04/03
  196. Documentary- Seattle is Dying.2019/04/02
  197. Shred That Fake Social Contract, Funny Russian Collusion Bit and the Unknown U.S. Funding of Abortions in Other Countries.2019/03/31
  198. Why We Need a Savior. ACU Sunday Series.2019/03/31
  199. Dennis Prager. Write an Article- Get a Bodyguard, The Vast College Administrator Army and the Movie- Unplanned about Planned Parenthood.2019/03/30
  200. Ben Shapiro. The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great.2019/03/29
  201. The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It.2019/03/28
  202. Smartphones Super-Duper Bad for Kids!!!2019/03/27
  203. Biden’s Corrupt Ties to China, The Child Bride at Philly Mosque, Gun Homicides are not on the Rise, Dems Abolishing Electoral College, Did the President Betray His Country?2019/03/26
  204. Book-The Case for Trump by Victor Davis Hanson.2019/03/25
  205. 4 Selections on Intelligent Design. ACU Sunday Series.2019/03/24
  206. Dick Morris. Immigrants Steal Census! The Kamala Harris Affair, Beto the Psychopath, Trump Signs College Order, Beto Drunk Driving, The Dossier, Napoleon, Ben Stein.2019/03/23
  207. Blue Collar Logic- Trickle Down Beto Dirt Bags, Zero to Castro Abortion Enthusiast Transgender Athletes and Bernie & The Leftists2019/03/22
  208. Ann Coulter, Brittany Hughes and Paul Joseph Watson.  Trump, Ignoring Thousands of Christians Killed and the Collapse of Western Civilization.2019/03/21
  209. Prager University Part 33.2019/03/20
  210. Parody by Miles McInnes: The Crybaby White South Africans Prepare for Their Coming Holocaust.  2019/03/19
  211. Glenn Beck - Venezuela, in the heart of darkness, Censorship is Only Getting Worse? Hate Crime Hoaxes?  And CPAC 2019 - Deficit Hawks: Tackle the Debt Before it Tackles You2019/03/18
  212. Christian Answers to Atheist Questions. ACU Sunday Series.2019/03/17
  213. Ann Coulter’s War on Trump2019/03/16
  214. CPAC 2019 - Judge Jeanine Pirro, Mark Levin, The Gathering China Storm, and Murderous Baby Killing Left.2019/03/15
  215. Glenn Beck. Newt Gingrich. We're One Election Away From Losing The USA, The Rich and Socialist, Who is Rep. Ilhan Omar?, Gingrich and Second C*v*l War. 8 Selections.2019/03/14
  216. Highlights of CPAC 2019 and the Threat of Big Tech to America. Dennis Prager, Sebastian Gorka, Lt. Col. Ollie North and Senator Mike Lee.2019/03/13
  217. The Heritage Foundation Playlist.2019/03/12
  218. 50 Insane Facts About North Korea You Didn't Know and 4 other selections.2019/03/11
  219. The Way. ACU Sunday Series.2019/03/10
  220. Opioids. The History, Science and Treatment. Flu Kills. Vaccines Don’t.2019/03/09
  221. Fighting Big Tech, The Left Destroying Electoral College, Huge Shift Against Abortion, Asset Seizure, Newt Gingrich and John Stossel.2019/03/08
  222. The World's Most Persecuted Minority- Christians and Book Sword and Scimitar2019/03/07
  223. American Spring: Lexington, Concord, and the Road to Revolution by Walter R. Borneman.2019/03/06
  224. Studies Show Conservatives Far Happier than Lefties and 5 other selections.2019/03/05
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  339. Part 2 of 2. Dr. Burt Folsom speaks to The Young American Foundation. 2018/11/08
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  343. The Near Death Experience (NDE). 2018/11/04
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  358. The Facebook Purge Continues. Tom Woods.2018/10/25
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  360. Migrant Caravan = Invasion. Glenn Beck.2018/10/24
  361. Leaving The Left, My Walk Away Story, Help! My Kid's A Socialist, Family Guy becomes a Millennial and Torchbearer Film Trailer. Show 3199. 2018/10/23
  362. Robert Spencer -The Left Moves Fast to Silence the Right. Mastercard, Visa, GoFundMe, Patreon and all the Silicon Giants. Show 3198.2018/10/22
  363. Debate Highlights- 'Does atheism poison everything' with Dr. David Berlinski. Show 3197.2018/10/21
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  372. The Silencing of James Woods, THE PURGE, ZOMBIE SMARTPHONE APOCALYPSE, CENSORED, Mocking Mike Pence and Banana -Free Trade Havana Parody. Show 3192. 2018/10/15
  373. Ted Cruz Throws Down! | Louder With Crowder2018/10/15
  374. Documentary- Journey toward creation. Show 3191.2018/10/14
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  377. Emergency Bias Response Teams on Campus and How to become a Conservative Leader. Show 3188. 2018/10/10
  378. Victor Davis Hanson America and the World, 2017-18. Show 3187. 2018/10/09
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  390. The Real History of The Crusades. Show 3176. 2018/09/25
  391. The Tenth Amendment Center Short Excerpts. Show 3175.2018/09/24
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  393. What Happens When Democrats Run Your State? Show 3173.2018/09/21
  394. Why Cognitive Inequality Matters. Show 3172.2018/09/20
  395. The New Hate Crime- Misogyny, Suing Google, Twitter and Facebook, Regulation Nation- A Strategy to Fight Back by Civil Disobedience. Show 3171.2018/09/19
  396. Net Neutrality, Left or Liberal?, Who Is Dennis Prager?, What Was the Cold War?, The Strange Death of Comedy etc. Show 3170.2018/09/18
  397. Stossel on Gouging, Electric Scooters and Kavanaugh. Questions Liberals Can't Answer. Also, Debate Highlights- Can the Free Market End Global Poverty? Show 3169.2018/09/17
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  399. Book- The Uniqueness of Western Civilization | Ricardo Duchesne and Stefan Molyneux. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3167. 2018/09/14
  400. Message To Trump- Pass Law Against Censorship & Political Discrimination. Also Landing in the Digital Gulag. Show 3166.2018/09/13
  401. God's Battalions. The Case for the Crusades By Rodney Stark. Show 3165.2018/09/12
  402. Debate Highlights- 15 Million Americans Would Be Better Off Without Welfare. Show 3164.2018/09/11
  403. Why Marriage, Why Family By D. Todd Christofferson. ACU Sunday Series. Show 3163.2018/09/09
  404. Nike Hates America Dennis Prager Stefan Molyneux  and Tim Pool. Show 3162. 2018/09/08
  405. The Crisis of ’08: Truth vs. Propaganda. Show 3161.2018/09/08
  406. The Truth About The Native American Genocide. Show 3160. 2018/09/07
  407. Dick Morris Reports. Trump Defunds Palestinians, Cracks Down on Turkey, Awesome Trumpcare, Democrats Radicalizing, Incomes up!, EU Helpless, Hillary’s Emails in Beijing!, Legalized Jail-break, and A Victory Against Voter Fraud. Show 3159.2018/09/06
  408. Explicit. Author of the Book- Stand By Your Manhood. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3158.2018/09/05
  409. Ann Coulter on the Slow-Motion Genocide In South Africa & What You Can Do About It. Show 3157.2018/09/04
  410. The Case Against Homework and Race to Nowhere. Show 3156.2018/09/03
  411. The Pope and the Sex Abuse Coverup. Show 3155. 2018/09/02
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  414. Stossel on Bernie, U.S. is NOT Imperial, U.S. Hyperinflation, South Africa, Roman Empire and Immigration. Show 3152.2018/08/30
  415. Documentary. Testing Tolerance: Swedes are saying ‘enough’, to immigrants, no-go zones, sharia law & gang rapes. Show 3151.2018/08/29
  416. Stossel: How Government Caused 'The Boy Crisis’, Free-Market Social Security, The End of Tipping?, Plastic Straw Myths, Jordan Peterson vs. “Social Justice Warriors” and Funny Satirical Songs from Remy. Show 3150.2018/08/28
  417. Ann Coulter Discusses Her New Book 'Resistance Is Futile'. Show 3149. 2018/08/27
  418. ACU Sunday Series. Becoming Provident Providers, Our True Identity, The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Show 3148.2018/08/26
  419. Newt Gingrich on Trump,  Trump’s Immigration Policy, Why Socialism Cannot Be Reformed and How the FED was the First Step Towards Socialism. Show 3147.2018/08/25
  420. The End of South Africa. Prepare Yourself. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3146.2018/08/24
  421. What Do Public Schools Teach About Islam? Conservative Podcasts. Show 3145. 2018/08/23
  422. Comedian Dave Smith Warms Up a Debate on Constitutional Originalism. Highlights. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3144.2018/08/22
  423. Documentary- BloodLands. How Long Will The White Farmers Of South Africa Survive? Show 3143.2018/08/21
  424. Tom Woods. Socialists and Other Ingrates. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3142.2018/08/20
  425. Fathers  The Highest of Masculine Roles- Husband and Father. ACU Sunday Series. Show 3141. 2018/08/19
  426. Pushing Sex on Young Children in School. Conservative Podcasts. Show 31402018/08/18
  427. Turkey, Iran; Russia, China and  US’s position in the world and book- The History of Jihad. Show 3139.2018/08/17
  428. Debate- Is Bitcoin the Future of Money? Peter Schiff vs. Erik Voorhees. Show 3138.2018/08/16
  429. Muslim children terror camp  Feinstein and The Spy Who Loved Her- Long Time. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3137.2018/08/15
  430. Neo Nazis are Really Leftists, The Courageous Kanye West. Milo Yiannopoulos. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3136.2018/08/14
  431. PhilosophyInsights YouTube Channel. The Family Court - Where Fathers are the Victim, The Wussification of America, How the Welfare State Destroyed the Roman Empire, The Invisible Foot of Government and  Walter Williams. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3135 2018/08/13
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  433. The Purge. First They Came For Alex Jones... ACU Special Edition. 2018/08/11
  434. Documentary -The Blockchain and Us, Also, Blockchain and World Poverty and Blockchain Solutions to Mischief and Poverty. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3133. 2018/08/10
  435. Civil War, How Women Weaken Nations (and why men let them) and How the West Lost Its Culture. Show 3132 2018/08/09
  436. Show 3131 Dennis Prager. Deep Hate2018/08/08
  437. Show 3130 Brittany Hughes, Walking Away From The Left and Dead Wrong with Johan Norberg.2018/08/07
  438. Show 3129 Book- The Russia Hoax  The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump.2018/08/06
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  440. Show 3127 Explicit. San Francisco is a S Hole, The Vandalization of Star Wars, The Truth About Migrants, Is The Second Civil War Coming?  2018/08/03
  441. Show 3126 The Daily Signal YouTube Playlist.2018/08/02
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  444. Show 3123 Death of a Nation, Facebook gets Slaughtered, Newt Gingrich on FBI abuses and Mike Rowe on Work.2018/07/30
  445. Show 3122 Unlearning the LIES About Israel & Palestine with David Brog2018/07/29
  446. Show 3121 Family Guy. Brian the Dog vs SJWs and the Anti-PC NYU Professor Michael Rectenwald.2018/07/27
  447. Show 3120 Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times.2018/07/26
  448. Show 3119 The Looming Threat from China2018/07/25
  449. Show 3118 Family Guy on Transgenders, also Transgenderism: A Mental Illness is Not a Civil Right by Dr. Michelle Cretella. Conservative Podcasts. 2018/07/24
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  458. Show 3109 Official Documentary on South Africa by Lauren Southern.2018/07/13
  459. Show 3108 Advice for Pro-Abortion Women, Islamic Population Projections, FBI et al, Gravely Misuse Powers, The 4 Groups that Benefit from Illegal Immigration, Government Shut Downs- Good or Bad and the Truth About 75,000 Murders of White Christians in Sou2018/07/12
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  749. Show 1924 BBC Documentary North Korea and Kim Jong Un2017/09/08
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  951. Show 1719 Brigitte Gabriel, Bill Mayer on Islam.2017/02/07
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  957. Show 1713 Dinesh D'Souza speaks for first time after Trump win! Great info. Worth Watching!2017/01/30
  958. Show 1712 The Last Stossel Show2017/01/27
  959. Show 1711 Ten Things Millennials Should Know About Socialism. Thomas J. DiLorenzo2017/01/26
  960. Show 1710 The Real Alexander Hamilton.2017/01/25
  961. Show 1709 Ben Shapiro on MLK, Wealth, Life better now, Trump and Celebrities, Moses 2017/01/24
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  971. Show 1699 Author Interview. Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East: 1776 to the Present2017/01/20
  972. Show 1698 Michael Oren discusses his book - Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present.2017/01/19
  973. Show 1697 The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower2017/01/18
  974. Show 1696 Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace and Top 10 Rules For Success2017/01/17
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  976. Show 1694 The Truth About Chile’s Augusto Pinochet and Gun Owners Persecution2017/01/13
  977. Show 1693 The Church of Scientology- A History of Violence2017/01/12
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  979. Show 1691 Reality Check with Brittany Hughes. Part 12017/01/09
  980. Show 1690 Reality Check with Brittany Hughes. Part 22017/01/09
  981. Show 1689 Enhanced Interrogation2017/01/06
  982. Show 1687 The Short Case for the Free Market2017/01/04
  983. Show 1685 Homeschooling Shouldn’t Intimidate You2017/01/02
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  986. Show 1682 The Eric Metaxas Show talks to Dr. Stephen Meyer2016/12/28
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  988. Show 1680 History of Saint Nicholas & Christmas Holiday Traditions2016/12/24
  989. Show 1679 Trump and China2016/12/23
  990. Show 1678 Tom Woods Venezuelan Socialism and Bitcoin2016/12/22
  991. Show 1677 Scientology - The ex Files2016/12/21
  992. Show 1676 Mark Levin Discusses Huey Long FDR Reagan Thatcher and Progressivism2016/12/20
  993. Show 1675 The Armstrong and Getty Show 2016 Year in Review2016/12/19
  994. Show 1674 Nullify Season 2- How to Stop the Federal Government2016/12/16
  995. Show 1672 Prager University Part 222016/12/14
  996. Show 1671 Prager University Part 212016/12/13
  997. Show 1670 The Real Fidel Castro, Not the Cutesy One Who Made Everyone Literate2016/12/10
  998. Show 1669 Audiobook- The Less You Know, The Better You Sleep: Russia's Road to Terror and Dictatorship under Yeltsin and Putin by David Satter 2016/12/09
  999. Show 1668 Joseph Ellis- Orchestrating the Second American Revolution2016/12/08
  1000. Show 1667 The Wonderful World of Stu. Presidential Polls and the Nazi Titanic2016/12/07
  1001. Show 1666 Reviving America- How Repealing Obamacare, Replacing the Tax Code and Reforming The Fed will Restore Hope and Prosperity by Steve Forbes2016/12/06
  1002. Show 1665 Stossel The Ruling Class2016/12/05
  1003. Show 1664 Paul Rahe- Past Republics and the Constitution2016/12/02
  1004. Show 1663 Dennis Prager on Fidel Castro2016/12/01
  1005. Show 1662 Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan on Fidel Castro2016/11/30
  1006. Show 1661 Glenn Beck History Series- Tesla and Edison2016/11/29
  1007. Show 1660 Stossel Nov 18 20162016/11/28
  1008. Show 1659 Dennis Prager talks to David Horowitz author of The Black Book of the American Left vol 72016/11/25
  1009. Show 1658 David Horowitz - The Black Book of the American Left2016/11/24
  1010. Show 1657 The Glenn Beck Radio Show. The End of Cash?2016/11/23
  1011. Show 1656 A Torch Kept Lit- Great Lives of the Twentieth Century2016/11/22
  1012. Show 1655 Alison Armstrong talks to Relationship Coach Jonathan Aslay.2016/11/21
  1013. Show 1654 NRO 15 National Review Online. 2016/11/18
  1014. Show 1653 Astrophysicist Hugh Ross discusses his book -Improbable Planet2016/11/17
  1015. Show 1652 The Silencing- How the Left is Killing Free Speech by Kirsten Powers 2016/11/16
  1016. Show 1651 Religious Freedom- The Four-Part Series By The Glenn Beck Program2016/11/15
  1017. Show 1650 Improbable Planet- How Earth Became Humanity’s Home.2016/11/14
  1018. Show 1649 Ben Shapiro- Toughen Up Spoiled Children2016/11/11
  1019. Show 1648 Stossel Rights At Risk2016/11/10
  1020. Show 1646 The Tom Woods Show- What Have We Learned from Wikileaks?2016/11/07
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  1022. Show 1643 Prager tackles the moral argument against voting for Trump2016/11/03
  1023. Show 1642 Audiobook Guilty as Sin- Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and 2016/11/02
  1024. Show 1639 Hillarys America Documentary from Dinesh D’Souza2016/10/31
  1025. Show 1638 Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich2016/10/30
  1026. Show 1637 Stossel on Hillary2016/10/29
  1027. Show 1635 Part 1 of 8. Audio book. To Destroy you is no Loss 2016/10/28
  1028. Show 1634 Part 2 of 8 Audio book To Destroy you is no Loss 2016/10/28
  1029. Show 1633 Part 3 of 8. Audio book. To Destroy you is no Loss 2016/10/28
  1030. Show 1632 Victor Davis Hanson On Grand Strategy, Immigration and more2016/10/27
  1031. Show 1631 Healthcare The Four-Part Series By The Glenn Beck Program2016/10/26
  1032. Show 1630 Audiobook Great Again- How to Fix Our Crippled America by Donald J. Trump2016/10/25
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