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American Conservative University Podcast

  1. Censored in America by John Stossel, Red Ice and Who's Really Behind It.2018/11/13
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  2. Klavan on the Culture. 13 Short Segments. 2018/11/12
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  3. Great Minds with Michael Medved. The Return of the God Hypothesis and What is life? ACU Sunday Series. 2018/11/11
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  4. Ann Coulter on Florida Senate Election Chaos. Also Mark Levin and Marco Rubio2018/11/11

    Ann Coulter on Florida Senate Election Chaos. Also Mark Levin and Marco Rubio

    Conservative Citizen

    Published on Nov 9, 2018

    Ann Coulter on The Larry O'Connor Show (11/9/2018)

    LEVIN: Interview with Sen. Marco Rubio about the ballot recount situation in Florida.


    American Patriot

    Published on Nov 10, 2018
  5. Florida Fraud. Dennis Prager, Glenn Beck and Ben Shapiro Weigh In. 2018/11/10
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  6. Dr. Burt Folsom speaks to The Young American Foundation. Part 1 of 2. 2018/11/08
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  7. Part 2 of 2. Dr. Burt Folsom speaks to The Young American Foundation. 2018/11/08
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  8. Audiobook Selection. Unbroken- A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand. 2018/11/07
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  9. Great Last Minute GOP Ads, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris.2018/11/05
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  10. Mark Levin, Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich. Midterms. What’s at Stake.2018/11/05
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  11. The Near Death Experience (NDE). 2018/11/04
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  12. Beware of Stolen Elections, BOOM In Personal Income! Midterms: Tight-Tight-Tight! Blexit, Trump's Plan to End Birthright Citizenship. Dick Morris, Andrew Klavan, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro.2018/11/02
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  13. The Terrible Truth About Birthright Citizenship. Stefan Molyneux.2018/11/02
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  14. Andrew Klavan Show Special- Can The Right Win The Culture War? Show 3207.2018/11/01
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  15. Birthright Citizenship for Illegal Aliens by Mark Levin.2018/10/31
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  16. Prager University Part 32.2018/10/31
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  17. Trumps Birthright, Facebook Crosses the Line, Trump and Hitler and Dennis Prager being Dennis.2018/10/31
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  18. Black Americans LOVINGLY Welcome in the Right. Dan Bongino and Andrew Klavan.2018/10/30
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  19. Ann Coulter. Media Mocking Caravan Concerns and Blaming Trump.2018/10/30
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  20. Mark Levin and Newt Gingrich on the Midterm Elections.2018/10/29
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  21. Documentary. America- Imagine the World Without Her. Dinesh D'Souza2018/10/29
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  22. God's Fine-Tuning of the Universe. ACU Sunday Series. Show 3203.2018/10/28
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  23. Documentary- Google and Facebook Censorship Manipulation Undermine Democracy. 2018/10/27
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  24. The Truth About the Honduran Caravan! Stefan Molyneux.2018/10/25
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  25. The Facebook Purge Continues. Tom Woods.2018/10/25
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  26. Dennis Prager Talks to John Zmirak on the Conquistador Invasion.2018/10/24
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  27. Migrant Caravan = Invasion. Glenn Beck.2018/10/24
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  28. Leaving The Left, My Walk Away Story, Help! My Kid's A Socialist, Family Guy becomes a Millennial and Torchbearer Film Trailer. Show 3199. 2018/10/23
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  29. Robert Spencer -The Left Moves Fast to Silence the Right. Mastercard, Visa, GoFundMe, Patreon and all the Silicon Giants. Show 3198.2018/10/22
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  30. Debate Highlights- 'Does atheism poison everything' with Dr. David Berlinski. Show 3197.2018/10/21

    Show 3197. Debate Highlights- 'Does atheism poison everything' with Dr. David Berlinski. ACU Sunday Series.

    To watch the entire debate visit-

  31. Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager. Collateral Damage, Google isn’t Evil? and Republicans’ Food.2018/10/21
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  32. Pat Buchanan, Newt Gingrich, Ben Shapiro and Rush Limbaugh Discuss the 2018 Midterm Elections.2018/10/20
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  33. The Andrew Klavan Show.  Witches Brew, Fauxahontas, UN Climate Change, Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg Documentary. Show 3196.2018/10/19
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  34. Dennis Prager, Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter. Midterm Election Assaults2018/10/18
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  35. Laura Ingraham, Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris Midterm Elections.2018/10/17
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  37. Andrew Klavan Violence and Leftism go hand in hand. 2018/10/15
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  38. Newt Gingrich and Ann Coulter Discuss the 2018 Midterm Elections.2018/10/15
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  39. The Silencing of James Woods, THE PURGE, ZOMBIE SMARTPHONE APOCALYPSE, CENSORED, Mocking Mike Pence and Banana -Free Trade Havana Parody. Show 3192. 2018/10/15
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  40. Ted Cruz Throws Down! | Louder With Crowder2018/10/15
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  41. Documentary- Journey toward creation. Show 3191.2018/10/14
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  42. John Stossel, Brittany Hughes and Ben Shapiro. Women Can Lie, Self-Hating Slaves, Leaving the Left, Socialism Fails, and UN Catastrophe. Show 3190. 2018/10/12
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  43. Dennis Prager, Andrew Klavan, Who Needs Feminism?, The Bloodiest Eleven Months Of The War, Why is the Tech Industry So Far Left? and Venezuela- A Humanitarian Crisis. Show 3189.2018/10/11
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  44. Emergency Bias Response Teams on Campus and How to become a Conservative Leader. Show 3188. 2018/10/10
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  45. Victor Davis Hanson America and the World, 2017-18. Show 3187. 2018/10/09
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  46. The Great Indoctrination Scheme Series Parts 2 & 3. Leftist Education is Not About Learning . Also, Pushing Identity Politics and Sex Surveys To Kids. Show 3186.2018/10/08
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  47. Ben Steins documentary- Expelled No Intelligence Allowed. Full Movie. Show 3185. 2018/10/07
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  48. Gods Battalions The Case for the Crusades By Rodney Stark chap 3. Show 3185.2018/10/05
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  49. Debate Highlights-Medicare Is a Bank Without Security Guards. Show 3184.2018/10/04
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  50. FreedomToons- The Good Guy with a Gun Myth, Debunking John Oliver, Call-out Culture, Dinesh D'Souza Redemption, Vaping, Ben Shapiro and Kanye West  REK Dr. Mac. Show 3183.2018/10/03
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  51. Hillary: The Movie (2008). Show 3182.2018/10/02
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  52. The Killing Fields of South Africa Documentary. Show 3181.2018/10/01
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  53. Saving Your Life by D. Todd Christofferson. ACU Sunday Series. Show 3180.2018/09/30
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  54. Newt Gingrich. What If? History That Could've Been. Korea, Bay of Pigs, Eisenhower and Patton, Hitler, the U.S. and Great Britain, Louisiana Purchase and the Iranian Revolution. Show 3179.2018/09/28
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  55. Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck on Postmodernism. Show 3178.2018/09/27
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  56. Dennis Prager Deconstructs Obamas Speech full of Leftist Generalizations, Fraud and Deceit. Show 3177. 2018/09/26
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  57. The Real History of The Crusades. Show 3176. 2018/09/25
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  58. The Tenth Amendment Center Short Excerpts. Show 3175.2018/09/24
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  59. Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager. How Do You Make Good People? Show 3174.2018/09/23
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  60. What Happens When Democrats Run Your State? Show 3173.2018/09/21
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  61. Why Cognitive Inequality Matters. Show 3172.2018/09/20
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  62. The New Hate Crime- Misogyny, Suing Google, Twitter and Facebook, Regulation Nation- A Strategy to Fight Back by Civil Disobedience. Show 3171.2018/09/19
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  63. Net Neutrality, Left or Liberal?, Who Is Dennis Prager?, What Was the Cold War?, The Strange Death of Comedy etc. Show 3170.2018/09/18
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  64. Stossel on Gouging, Electric Scooters and Kavanaugh. Questions Liberals Can't Answer. Also, Debate Highlights- Can the Free Market End Global Poverty? Show 3169.2018/09/17
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  65. The Big Bang to the Rise of Civilization.  Audiobook Excerpt. ACU Sunday Series. Show 3168. 2018/09/16
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  66. Book- The Uniqueness of Western Civilization | Ricardo Duchesne and Stefan Molyneux. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3167. 2018/09/14
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  67. Message To Trump- Pass Law Against Censorship & Political Discrimination. Also Landing in the Digital Gulag. Show 3166.2018/09/13
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  68. God's Battalions. The Case for the Crusades By Rodney Stark. Show 3165.2018/09/12
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  69. Debate Highlights- 15 Million Americans Would Be Better Off Without Welfare. Show 3164.2018/09/11
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  70. Why Marriage, Why Family By D. Todd Christofferson. ACU Sunday Series. Show 3163.2018/09/09
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  71. Nike Hates America Dennis Prager Stefan Molyneux  and Tim Pool. Show 3162. 2018/09/08
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  72. The Crisis of ’08: Truth vs. Propaganda. Show 3161.2018/09/08
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  73. The Truth About The Native American Genocide. Show 3160. 2018/09/07
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  74. Dick Morris Reports. Trump Defunds Palestinians, Cracks Down on Turkey, Awesome Trumpcare, Democrats Radicalizing, Incomes up!, EU Helpless, Hillary’s Emails in Beijing!, Legalized Jail-break, and A Victory Against Voter Fraud. Show 3159.2018/09/06
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  75. Explicit. Author of the Book- Stand By Your Manhood. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3158.2018/09/05
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  76. Ann Coulter on the Slow-Motion Genocide In South Africa & What You Can Do About It. Show 3157.2018/09/04
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  77. The Case Against Homework and Race to Nowhere. Show 3156.2018/09/03
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  78. The Pope and the Sex Abuse Coverup. Show 3155. 2018/09/02
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  79. Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Dennis Prager, Gregg Jarrett from Fox News and Michelle Malkin. Show 3154. 2018/09/01
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  80. Dennis Prager. Book. Get Out Now- Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It’s Too Late, The Opposite of Judeo-Christian Values and Visa and Mastercard Shutting Down Conservatives. Show 3153.2018/08/31
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  81. Stossel on Bernie, U.S. is NOT Imperial, U.S. Hyperinflation, South Africa, Roman Empire and Immigration. Show 3152.2018/08/30
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  82. Documentary. Testing Tolerance: Swedes are saying ‘enough’, to immigrants, no-go zones, sharia law & gang rapes. Show 3151.2018/08/29
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  83. Stossel: How Government Caused 'The Boy Crisis’, Free-Market Social Security, The End of Tipping?, Plastic Straw Myths, Jordan Peterson vs. “Social Justice Warriors” and Funny Satirical Songs from Remy. Show 3150.2018/08/28
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  84. Ann Coulter Discusses Her New Book 'Resistance Is Futile'. Show 3149. 2018/08/27
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  85. ACU Sunday Series. Becoming Provident Providers, Our True Identity, The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Show 3148.2018/08/26
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  86. Newt Gingrich on Trump,  Trump’s Immigration Policy, Why Socialism Cannot Be Reformed and How the FED was the First Step Towards Socialism. Show 3147.2018/08/25
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  87. The End of South Africa. Prepare Yourself. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3146.2018/08/24
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  88. What Do Public Schools Teach About Islam? Conservative Podcasts. Show 3145. 2018/08/23
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  89. Comedian Dave Smith Warms Up a Debate on Constitutional Originalism. Highlights. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3144.2018/08/22
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  90. Documentary- BloodLands. How Long Will The White Farmers Of South Africa Survive? Show 3143.2018/08/21
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  91. Tom Woods. Socialists and Other Ingrates. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3142.2018/08/20
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  92. Fathers  The Highest of Masculine Roles- Husband and Father. ACU Sunday Series. Show 3141. 2018/08/19
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  93. Pushing Sex on Young Children in School. Conservative Podcasts. Show 31402018/08/18
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  94. Turkey, Iran; Russia, China and  US’s position in the world and book- The History of Jihad. Show 3139.2018/08/17
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  95. Debate- Is Bitcoin the Future of Money? Peter Schiff vs. Erik Voorhees. Show 3138.2018/08/16
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  96. Muslim children terror camp  Feinstein and The Spy Who Loved Her- Long Time. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3137.2018/08/15
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  97. Neo Nazis are Really Leftists, The Courageous Kanye West. Milo Yiannopoulos. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3136.2018/08/14
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  98. PhilosophyInsights YouTube Channel. The Family Court - Where Fathers are the Victim, The Wussification of America, How the Welfare State Destroyed the Roman Empire, The Invisible Foot of Government and  Walter Williams. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3135 2018/08/13
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  99. Documentary. C.S. Lewis on Evolution and Intelligent Design. ACU Sunday Series. Show 3134.2018/08/12
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  100. The Purge. First They Came For Alex Jones... ACU Special Edition. 2018/08/11
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  101. Documentary -The Blockchain and Us, Also, Blockchain and World Poverty and Blockchain Solutions to Mischief and Poverty. Conservative Podcasts. Show 3133. 2018/08/10
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  102. Civil War, How Women Weaken Nations (and why men let them) and How the West Lost Its Culture. Show 3132 2018/08/09
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  103. Show 3131 Dennis Prager. Deep Hate2018/08/08
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  104. Show 3130 Brittany Hughes, Walking Away From The Left and Dead Wrong with Johan Norberg.2018/08/07
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  105. Show 3129 Book- The Russia Hoax  The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump.2018/08/06
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  106. Show 3128 Documentary. The Magician's Twin: C.S. Lewis and the Case against Scientism.2018/08/05
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  107. Show 3127 Explicit. San Francisco is a S Hole, The Vandalization of Star Wars, The Truth About Migrants, Is The Second Civil War Coming?  2018/08/03
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  108. Show 3126 The Daily Signal YouTube Playlist.2018/08/02
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  109. Show 3125 Mona Charen on her new book Sex Matters, Charles Krauthammer- A Failure to Recognize Evil and Ridiculous Cases of Prohibited Speech on University. Conservative Podcasts.2018/08/01
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  110. Show 3124 Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy. Also, The Strange Death of Europe.2018/07/31
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  111. Show 3123 Death of a Nation, Facebook gets Slaughtered, Newt Gingrich on FBI abuses and Mike Rowe on Work.2018/07/30
  112. Show 3122 Unlearning the LIES About Israel & Palestine with David Brog2018/07/29
  113. Show 3121 Family Guy. Brian the Dog vs SJWs and the Anti-PC NYU Professor Michael Rectenwald.2018/07/27
  114. Show 3120 Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times.2018/07/26
  115. Show 3119 The Looming Threat from China2018/07/25
  116. Show 3118 Family Guy on Transgenders, also Transgenderism: A Mental Illness is Not a Civil Right by Dr. Michelle Cretella. Conservative Podcasts. 2018/07/24
  117. Show  3117 Hero of the Crossing: How Anwar Sadat and the 1973 War Changed the World.2018/07/23
  118. Show 3116 Man's Search for Happiness. ACU Sunday Series.2018/07/22
  119. Show 3115 The Tenth Amendment Center Playlist ‘Special Reports’. Part 2.  Conservative Podcasts.2018/07/20
  120. Show 3114 An Even More Radical Case Against Schools. Conservative Podcasts. 2018/07/19
  121. Show 3113 Prager University part 31. Public Union: Public Enemy, American Media- Soviet Tactics, Intersectionality, America's 2nd War of Independence, Walt Disney, Control the Words- Control the Culture and More.2018/07/18
  122. Show 3112 Death of a Nation. Dinesh D’Souza with Dennis Prager and Joe Pags. Conservative Podcasts.2018/07/17
  123. Show 3111 80K Obamacare Deaths, 10 Biggest Campaign Promises Kept by Trump, South Korean Assassination Unit 684, 10 Top Psychopath Careers and More.2018/07/16
  124. Show 3110 The Constitution- A Heavenly Banner by Ezra Taft Benson. ACU Sunday Series. 2018/07/15
  125. Show 3109 Official Documentary on South Africa by Lauren Southern.2018/07/13
  126. Show 3108 Advice for Pro-Abortion Women, Islamic Population Projections, FBI et al, Gravely Misuse Powers, The 4 Groups that Benefit from Illegal Immigration, Government Shut Downs- Good or Bad and the Truth About 75,000 Murders of White Christians in Sou2018/07/12
  127. Show 3107 Comedian John Mulaney, Horse in a Hospital, ObamaCare at $200,000, Rand Paul Government Bullies, Charles Krauthammer and Murray Rothbard.2018/07/11
  128. Show 3106 The Tenth Amendment Center Playlist Special Reports. Conservative Podcasts.2018/07/10
  129. Show 3105 Lightning Answers to Libertarian Questions.2018/07/09
  130. Show 3104 Debate Highlights - Christopher Hitchens vs Dennis Prager, Dinesh D'Souza - God Or No God. Conservative Podcasts.2018/07/08
  131. Show 3103 The Walk Away Movement with Andrew Klavan.2018/07/06
  132. Show 3102 Rand Paul: Stupid Things the US Government is Wasting Money On2018/07/05
  133. Show 3101 The Tenth Amendment Center Playlist - In the Founders Words2018/07/04
  134. Show 3100 The Great Depression, World War II, and American Prosperity, Part I2018/07/02
  135. Show 3099 The Great Depression, World War II, and American Prosperity, Part II. Conservative Podcasts.2018/07/02
  136. Show 3098 The Fine Tuned Universe. 4 Segments.2018/07/01
  137. Show 3097 The Left turns Vicious. Conservative Podcasts.2018/06/28
  138. Show 3096 Part 1 of 2 The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades2018/06/27
  139. Show 3095 Part 2 of 2 The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades2018/06/27
  140. Show 3094 Women in Combat and the Author of Assault and Flattery2018/06/26
  141. Show 3093 The Muslim Refugee Rape Epidemic: Coming to America? | Michelle Malkin Investigates. Conservative Podcasts. 2018/06/25
  142. Show 3092 The Bible and Capital Punishment2018/06/24
  143. Show 3091 Stalins Rise to Power. Conservative Podcasts. 2018/06/23
  144. Show 3090 Audiobook Selection. Secret Empires- How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends. Conservative Podcasts. 2018/06/22
  145. Show 3089 American Enterprise Institute Playlist- Human Progress, American Retreat, Cohabitation, Bachelor's degrees, The Big Short2018/06/21
  146. Show 3088 "How Do You Kill 11 Million People?" by Andy Andrews2018/06/20
  147. Show 3087 Debate -The Government Should Cut Off All Funding to Colleges and Universities2018/06/19
  148. Show 3086 Stossel. Corruption, College Scam, Junk Science Prosecutions, Making the Opioid Crises Worse.2018/06/18
  149. Show 3085 Prager University Religion/Philosophy Playlist. Conservative Podcasts. 2018/06/17
  150. Show 3084 Environmental Scares: Yesterday and Today - Rupert Darwall. Conservative Podcasts. 2018/06/16
  151. Show 3083 The Fiery Angel: Art, Culture, Sex, Politics, and the Struggle for the Soul of the West. Conservative Podcasts. 2018/06/15
  152. Show 3082 AEI Playlist - 'In 60 Seconds’ and Book- The Capitalist Comeback. Conservative Podcasts.  2018/06/14
  153. Show 3081 Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel's Targeted Assassinations 2018/06/13
  154. Show 3080 Dennis Prager. Google’s New Motto, The Watermelon Paris Climate Accord, Prison For Tommy Robinson and Dinesh D’Souza on His Presidential Pardon. Conservative Podcasts.2018/06/12
  155. Show 3079 Newt Gingrich Discusses His New Book 'Trump's America'. Conservative Podcasts.2018/06/11
  156. Show 3078 Documentary. Science Argues for the Existence of God! Conservative Podcasts.2018/06/10
  157. Show 3077 Zig Ziglar - How to Stay Motivated Developing the Qualities of Success. Conservative Podcasts. 2018/06/09
  158. Show 3076 Jordan Peterson, Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson and Remy. Antisocial Males, Psychopaths, 2nd Amendment Column, Facebook Breaks the Law and Funny Parody.2018/06/08
  159. THE UNTOLD HISTORY OF CHE GUEVARA. Conservative Podcasts.2018/06/07
  160. Show 3075 Selections from Philosophy Insights - Failed Marxist Predictions, Delusional University Students, The Oppression Narrative. Conservative Podcasts. 2018/06/06
  161. Show 3074 Newt Gringich “What If? Series. Conservative Podcasts.2018/06/05
  162. Show 3073 Audiobook.  On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society2018/06/04
  163. Show 3072 Dennis Prager. The Ten Commandments: What You Should Know2018/06/03
  164. Show 3071 Milton Friedman MasterEdit2018/06/02
  165. Show 3070 Comedian John Mulaney on College and Student Loan Debt Slavery2018/06/01
  166. Show 3069 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Global Warming2018/05/31
  167. Show 3068 Fake Science: Exposing the Left's Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts, and Dodgy Data2018/05/30
  168. Show 3067 Tucker Carlson. Barbaric White South African Murders, Mass Migration and the Coming Genocide.  2018/05/29
  169. Show 3066 Free Speech and Intelligence.2018/05/28
  170. Show 3065 ACU Sunday Series. Christian Music Selections and Billy Graham2018/05/27
  171. Show 3064 The Cultural Revolution: A People’s History, 1962-1976 Frank Dikötter, Author2018/05/26
  172. Show 3063 Thomas Sowell on the Vulgar Pride of Intellectuals2018/05/25
  173. Show 3062 Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations. Author Interview.2018/05/24
  174. Show 3061 Documentary- The Price of Peace from the Free to Choose Network2018/05/23
  175. Show 3060 Kibbe on Liberty Playlist2018/05/22
  176. Great 3059 Great Minds with Michael Medved.  Consensual Science and From Darwin to Hitler2018/05/21
  177. Show 3058 The Prager Show. Ultimate Issues Hour: God vs. the Multiverse2018/05/20
  178. Show 3057 America's Rising Judicial Tyranny2018/05/18
  179. Show 3056 Brittany Hughes with MRCT2018/05/17
  180. Show 3055 Dems ignore Venezuelan ‘lesson’ and Book, 'Suicide of The West' with Jonah Goldberg.2018/05/16
  181. Show 3054 The Ben Shapiro Show- The Iranian War2018/05/15
  182. Show 3053 Paul Joseph Watson Playlist 5 2018 Explicit 2018/05/14
  183. Show 3052 Atheist College Professor Dies and Sees Hell and Demons then Jesus and Angels - it changed his life2018/05/13
  184. Mark Levin on President Trump’s Withdrawal From the Iran Deal2018/05/12
  185. Show 3051 The Boy Scouts of America and Cryptocurrency2018/05/11
  186. Show 3050 Dennis Prager  North Korea, Iran and Russia and David Horowitz2018/05/10
  187. Show 3049 Reason TV Playlist. Stossel, Venezuela Indoctrinates YOU, Armed Teachers, Replication Crisis?, Choosing to Eat Poorly,  Wild Oregonian Town of Indians from India, Trump + Ayn Rand? North Korean Appeasement? Big Government Backed Bad Science2018/05/09
  188. Show 3048 Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends2018/05/08
  189. Show 3047 Dennis Prager. From Leftism to Sanity, Boy Scouts, Prom Dresses, Molesting Teachers Unions Exposed.   2018/05/07
  190. Show 3046 Audio Book part 1 of 2 Night by Elie Wiesel2018/05/06
  191. Show 3045 Audio Book part 2 of 2 Night by Elie Wiesel2018/05/06
  192. Show 3044 Tucker Carlson Playlist. Is College Worth it? Jordan Peterson, Ann Coulter, Obama’s Anti-Cigar Legacy, The Unemployed and Emasculated Man2018/05/05
  193. Show 3043 Understanding the Thinking of the Modern Left by Evan Sayet.2018/05/04
  194. Show 3042 Sexy Hot Conservatives. Paul Joseph Watson YouTube playlist2018/05/03
  195. Show 3041 The Malignant Narcissism of the Left and Defensive Gun Use2018/05/02
  196. Show 3040 Louder With Crowder TOXIC MASCULINITY' DEBUNKED! Dennis Prager and Gavin McInnes Guest2018/05/01
  197. Show 3039 Escaping Failed Institutions with Cryptocurrencies, Virtual Reality and a Mobile Device.2018/04/30
  198. Show 3038 Flight The Genius of Birds. Intelligent Design Series.2018/04/29
  199. Show 3037 Dennis Prager Discusses The Capitalist Comeback: The Trump Boom and the Left’s Plot to Stop It. Armstrong and Getty on China.2018/04/27
  200. Show 3036 Audiobook. Ann Coulter. Never Trust a Liberal Over Three-Especially a Republican by Ann Coulter2018/04/26
  201. Show 3035 Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party Documentary Film2018/04/25
  202. Show 3034 CHAPPAQUIDDICK.  Rush Limbaugh and Stefan Molyeux2018/04/23
  203. Show 3033 Dinesh D'Souza takes on leftist snowflakes at UNC Greensboro2018/04/23
  204. Show 3032 Dennis Prager  The Moral God2018/04/22
  205. Show 3031 White Land Expropriation In South Africa | Ernst Roets and Stefan Molyneux2018/04/20
  206. Show 3030 Stossel and Dead Wrong with Johan Norgberg Compilation.2018/04/19
  207. Show 3029 The Sociopath Next Door Audiobook2018/04/18
  208. Show 3028 Mark Levin China is our Enemy!2018/04/17
  209. Show 3027 Dennis Prager. Big Families2018/04/16
  210. Show 3026 Dinesh D'Souza reveals what makes Christianity unique2018/04/15
  211. Show 3025 Milton Friedman on Education Reform and School Choice for All Children 2018/04/14
  212. Show 3024 Learn Liberty Playlist. Ideological Robots, Cops Searching Your Cell Phone,  Myth Busting and More.  2018/04/13
  213. Show 3023 Twelve South African Myths Debunked!2018/04/12
  214. Show 3022 John Rosemond The Ten Biggest Mistakes Parents Make (and How to Stop Them)2018/04/11
  215. Show 3021 Dennis Prager, Walter Williams, Andrew Klavan, Dinesh D’Souza, Glenn Beck2018/04/10
  216. Show 3020 Capital Research Center Playlist Part 32018/04/09
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  501. Show 1839 Part 4 of 10. Constitution 101. The Meaning and History of the Constitution.2017/06/14
  502. Show 1838 Part 5 of 10. Constitution 101. The Meaning and History of the Constitution.2017/06/14
  503. Show 1837 Part 6 of 10. Constitution 101. The Meaning and History of the Constitution.2017/06/14
  504. Show 1836 Part 7 of 10. Constitution 101. The Meaning and History of the Constitution.2017/06/14
  505. Show 1835 Part 8 of 10. Constitution 101. The Meaning and History of the Constitution.2017/06/14
  506. Show 1834 Part 9 of 10. Constitution 101. The Meaning and History of the Constitution.2017/06/14
  507. Show 1833 Part 10 of 10. Constitution 101. The Meaning and History of the Constitution.2017/06/14
  508. Show 1832 Part 1 of 10. Constitution 101. The Meaning and History of the Constitution2017/06/14
  509. Show 1831 The Socialism Nightmare in Venezuela2017/06/13
  510. Show 1830 Brittany Hughes Reality Check. Part 3 2017/06/12
  511. Show 1829 ACU Sunday Series. Can the Gospels be Trusted?2017/06/11
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  513. Show 1827 Dennis Prager. No More Paris and Matt Walsh2017/06/08
  514. Show 1826 The Paris Climate Agreement Scam! Ben Shapiro and Louder with Crowder2017/06/07
  515. Show 1825 White South African Genocide, Cancer and DNA, Grief Fueled Father, Rice Unmasking and Global Warming.2017/06/06
  516. Show 1824 Death of Humanity2017/06/05
  517. Show 1824 Rush Limbaugh Morning Updates2017/06/03
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  523. Show 1818 The Truth About South Africa and Apartheid by Stefan Molyneux2017/05/26
  524. Show 1817 Louder With Crowder. Climate Change is a Scam! with Dr. Patrick Moore, PHD2017/05/25
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  526. Show 1815 History of the Democratic Party The Four Part Series by Glenn Beck 2017/05/23
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  529. Show 1812 Part 3 of 3. Stephen Meyer & Darwin's Doubt. Intelligent Design.2017/05/22
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  534. Show 1807 Thomas Sowell and Ann Coulter on Slavery, Black Thug Culture, White Liberals, The Democratic Party Exploits Black People etc…2017/05/16
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  539. Show 1802 Louder with Crowder Deport Illegal Criminals, Climate Change Myths, Bill Nye Gender Spectrum Rebuttal2017/05/12
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  543. Show 1798 Part 2 of 2. The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II. Audio book excerpts. Author Iris Chang. 2017/05/08
  544. Show 1797 Mark Levin and Glenn Beck on Trumpcare and North Korea2017/05/07
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  557. Show 1784 North Korea and the Nuclear Showdown2017/04/21
  558. Show 1783 -Explicit- The Soldiers' Story: Vietnam in their own words. Audio book selection.2017/04/20
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  562. Show 1779 ACU Sunday Series The Book of Psalms. Great to Play this at Sleep time. 2017/04/16
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  570. Show 1771 Part 2 of 2. Mark Levin Segments from Conservative Review2017/04/06
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  596. Show 1744 Part 2 of 4 Brendon Burchard - How Incredibly Successful People THINK2017/03/07
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  741. Show 1587 Part 4 of 5 Foundations of Freedom- a WallBuilder's Special2016/08/29
  742. Show 1586 Part 5 of 5 Foundations of Freedom- a WallBuilder's Special2016/08/29
  743. Show 1585 Ben Shapiro More Clinton corruption2016/08/27
  744. Show 1584 Dennis Prager, Glenn Beck and Mark Davis Books- Upside Down and Liars2016/08/26
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  746. Show 1582 Peter Hitchens and Professor John Lennox | God DOES EXIST2016/08/24
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  751. Show 1577 Part 1 of 2 Progressive Liars Series By The Glenn Beck Program2016/08/17
  752. Show 1576 Does Scientific Research Require Government Funding and Intervention and Settling Mars.2016/08/16
  753. Show 1575 Audiobook. The Field of Fight- How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies2016/08/15
  754. Show 1574 The Complete Infidel's Guide to Iran by Robert Spencer2016/08/12
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  756. Show 1571 Stossel- Free Market Medicine2016/08/08
  757. Show 1570 Stossel - Socialism Special2016/08/07
  758. Show 1569 Michael Ledeen. Field of Fight- How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam2016/08/06
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  763. Show 1563 Thomas Sowell 1. YouTube Playlist from Liberty Pen2016/07/28
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  765. Show 1561 The Problem with Socialism by Thomas DiLorenzo2016/07/25
  766. Show 1560 Hillary’s America. Dennis Prager and Glenn Beck talk to Dinesh Dsouza2016/07/23
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  769. Show 1557 Eric Metaxas Talks to the Author of The Complete Infidel's Guide to Iran2016/07/20
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  772. Show 1554 After Brexit, American Secession?2016/07/14
  773. Show 1553 The Forgotten Man by Amity Schlaes Audio Book excerpt. Disk 12016/07/13
  774. Show 1552 Ben Shapiro- Dallas Aftermath2016/07/12
  775. Show 1551 The War on Cops- How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe.2016/07/09
  776. Show 1550 Mark Levin- Hillary off the Hook2016/07/08
  777. Show 1547 Ben Shapiro- Hillary’s Not Going to Jail2016/07/06
  778. Show 1546 NRO 14 National Review Online. The Bookmonger.2016/07/05
  779. Show 1545 Prager Thank You America July 4th Special2016/07/04
  780. Show 1544 The Intimidation Game- How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech by Kimberley Strassel2016/07/02
  781. Show 1543 Louder With Crowder- Islamophobia2016/07/01
  782. Show 1542 War on Poverty- The Four-Part Series By The Glenn Beck Program2016/06/30
  783. Show 1541 Stossel - Texas vs California2016/06/29
  784. Show 1540 John Stossel - First Jobs- War On Internships, The Folly of Minimum Wage Laws2016/06/28
  785. Show 1539 Victor Davis Hanson -- War and History, Ancient and Modern. Author interview. Audio MP3 2016/06/27
  786. Show 1537 Heroes- From Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar to Churchill and de Gaulle2016/06/23
  787. Show 1536 The Design of Life- Discovering Signs of Intelligence in Biological Systems2016/06/22
  788. Show 1535 Tom Woods Guns, Militia and National Guard and Guns 1012016/06/21
  789. Show 1534 Abortion- The Four-Part Series By The Glenn Beck Program2016/06/20
  790. Show 1533 Modern Slavery and Child Trafficking2016/06/18
  791. Show 1532 Stossel in the Classroom 20162016/06/17
  792. Show 1531 Glenn Beck reviews Ronald Reagan's Life2016/06/15
  793. Show 1530 Glenn Beck discusses Milton Friedman on Economics2016/06/14
  794. Show 1529 US Religions, Ben Shapiro Debates, Newt Gingrich, Peggy Noonan Reagan and Ted Talks2016/06/13
  795. Show 1528 NULLIFY! An Introduction to the History, Constitutionality, and Practical Applications of Nullification. 2016/06/12
  796. Show 1527 Best of Ayaan Hirsi Ali Arguments And Clever Comebacks2016/06/10
  797. Show 1526 Civilization- Is the West History? Part 1 of 32016/06/07
  798. Show 1525 Civilization- Is the West History? Part 2 of 32016/06/07
  799. Show 1524 Civilization- Is the West History Part 3 of 32016/06/07
  800. Show 1523 Private Philanthropy- The Subject Your History Textbook Left Out2016/06/06
  801. Show 1522 Prager University Part 182016/06/03
  802. Show 1521 Mark Steyn’s Stand Against Climate Alarmism: In-Depth with the Climate Crybully Conniption-Inducer2016/06/02
  803. Show 1520 Dave Ramsey Live 7 Baby Steps2016/05/31
  804. Show 1519 Brent Degraff lecture from the Liahona Preparatory Academy2016/05/30
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  845. Show 1417 Ted Cruz Debate South Carolina, Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity, Frank Luntz January 14, 20162016/01/16
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  1048. Show 1192 Dennis Prager talks to 4 authors.2014/10/15
  1049. Show 1191 Documentary- The Conservatives2014/10/13
  1050. Show 1190 Hugh Hewitt 2 of 2 Book- A Path Appears Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity2014/10/10
  1051. Show 1189 Hugh Hewitt 1 of 2 A Path Appears Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity2014/10/08
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  1057. Show 1183 Hannity District of Corruption2014/09/24
  1058. Show 1182 Dennis Prager on Islamism and book- Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel2014/09/22
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  1062. Show 1178 Renowned Natural Law Theorist Professor Hadley Arkes2014/09/12
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  1064. Show 1176 The New School How the Information Age Will Save American Education from Itself.2014/09/08
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  1072. Show 1167 Christians Slaughtered as ISIS Wages Genocide2014/08/18
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  1074. Show 1165 Stossel- Popular Nonsense2014/08/13
  1075. Show 1164 Professor Berton Folsom. Liberal Bias in Textbooks2014/08/11
  1076. Show 1163 Clinton Inc The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine by Daniel Halper2014/08/08
  1077. Show 1162 The Factual Feminist Video Blog2014/08/06
  1078. Show 1161 Stossel- Food Fight2014/08/04
  1079. Show 1160 Burt Folsom on the Great Depression and New Deal2014/08/01
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  1081. Show 1157 Alan Dershowitz talks about the Current Israeli Gaza conflict2014/07/25
  1082. Show 1158 The Case For Israel - Documentary2014/07/25
  1083. Show 1156 Dr. Burton W. Folsom, Jr. New Deal Progressivism, the Jeffersonian Revival, and the Agrarian Tradition2014/07/23
  1084. Show 1155 Newt Gingrich - Conservative Intellectual Tradition in America - Session 32014/07/21
  1085. Show 1154 Alfred S. Regnery Introduction to the Conservative Intellectual Tradition2014/07/18
  1086. Show 1153 Peter Thiel and George Gilder debate on The Prospects for Technology and Economic Growth2014/07/16
  1087. Show 1152 The Light of Freedom with Dinesh D Souza.2014/07/13
  1088. Show 1151 Burt Folsom on Myth of the Robber Barons2014/07/11
  1089. Show 1150 Stossel- The Good New Days2014/07/09
  1090. Show 1149 Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department2014/07/07
  1091. Show 1148 Four Segments- Faithless Execution- Obamas Enforcer- The People vs Barack Obama- Revolt Against the Masses2014/07/03
  1092. Show 1147 Michael Medved talks about America’s Undeclared Wars2014/07/02
  1093. Show 1146 A Time to Attack – The Looming Iranian Nuclear Threat2014/06/30
  1094. Show 1145 Dennis Prager talks to Camille Pagilia, renowned social critic2014/06/27
  1095. Show 1144 Return to Normandy: 70 years later2014/06/25
  1096. Show 1143 Dear Reader- The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il" by Michael Malice2014/06/23
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  1098. Show 1141 Stossel- You Can't Say That2014/06/18
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  1381. Show 837 The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas2012/05/09
  1382. Show 836 CPAC 2012 Guest Daniel Hannan, Member of the European Parliament2012/05/07
  1383. Show 835 Ann Coulter. Prager talks to author2012/05/04
  1384. Show 834 The Stossel Show. Evil Bankers?2012/05/02
  1385. Show 823 Part 5 of 5. Introduction to the Constitution Lecture Series 2012/04/06
  1386. Show 822 Part 3 and 4 of 5. Introduction to the Constitution Lecture Series 2012/04/04
  1387. Show 821 Part 1 and 2 of 5. Introduction to the Constitution Lecture Series 2012/04/01
  1388. Show 820 Coming Apart The State of White America, 1960-2010 Written by Charles Murray2012/03/28
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  1390. Show 817 The Decline of Men 2012/03/21
  1391. Show 816 The Deadliest Lies: The Israel Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control. Author: Abraham Foxman2012/03/19
  1392. Show 815 The Founders’ Key: The Divine and Natural Connection Between the Declaration and the Constitution and What We Risk by Losing It.2012/03/14
  1393. Show 814 Stossel Show- Illegal Everything2012/03/12
  1394. Show 813 A talk with Andrew Breitbart who recently died2012/03/09
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  1399. Show 805 Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio at CPAC 20122012/02/16
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  1404. Show 800 Part 2of 4. A History of Money and Banking in the United States (Part 1, 2 of 4) by Murray N. Rothbard2012/02/01
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  1406. Show 798 Ann Coulter talks about Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. 1 hr.2012/01/25
  1407. Show 797 Civilization: The West and the Rest by Niall Ferguson 2012/01/23
  1408. Show 796 Why the West is Best: A Muslim Apostate’s Defense of Liberal Democracy.2012/01/20
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  1423. Show 781 10 Books That Screwed Up the World: And 5 Others That Didn't Help2011/11/28
  1424. Show 780 Stossel asks who creates jobs: government or the private sector2011/11/25
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  1426. Show 778 The Palestine Lie, EPAs Green Tyranny, Unions School Choice.2011/11/21
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  1428. Show 776 Newt Gingrich. Debate Highlights, interviews and speech. 65 min2011/11/16
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  1430. Show 774 David Limbaugh Crimes Against Liberty An indictment of President Barack Obama2011/11/11
  1431. Show 773 Four segments. 1- Gangster Government. 2- Saving Leonardo. 3- Ann Coulter on Demonic and 4- Sean Hannity talks to Mark Levine on Liberty and Tyranny2011/11/09
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  1442. Show 764 Sir Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity. From TED Conference. 2011/10/17
  1443. Show 763 Niall Ferguson The 6 killer apps of prosperity. From TED Conference. 2011/10/14
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  1504. Show 729 The Brilliant Disaster: JFK, Castro, and America's Doomed Invasion of Cuba's Bay of Pigs. Conservative talk radio, medved2011/05/23
  1505. Show 728 Stossel takes a closer look at some of our big heroes2011/05/20
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  1510. Show 723 John Stossel talks to various entrepreneurs under attack from government busybodies2011/05/09
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  1513. Show 720 Thomas Sowell 1 of 2 University Facts and Fallacies. Audio Talk 2011/05/02
  1514. Show 719 Stossel goes to Washington. Audio, Conservative Talk Radio2011/04/29
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  1555. Show 678 The Soviet Story. Our audio version of this film documentary. Audio MP3 2011/02/09
  1556. Show 677 The John Stossel Show. Media-Driven Scare Stories.Audio tv2011/02/07
  1557. Show 676 Michelle A. Rhee talks about Education Reform. Medved interview. Audio MP3 Talk Radio2011/02/04
  1558. Show 675 Net Neutrality. Prager talks to John Fund. 2011/02/02
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  1561. Show 672 Ten Books Every Conservative Must Read by Dr. Benjamin Wiker. Audio MP3 radio talk show2011/01/26
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  1563. Show 669 The John Stossel Show. Why is America Rich and the World Poor?2011/01/19
  1564. Show 668 ABC 20 20. Changing children's lives around the world2011/01/17
  1565. Show 667 President George W. Bush: Reflections on the Presidency. Audio MP3 Talk Radio2011/01/14
  1566. Show 665 Book: DUPES: How America”s Adversaries Have...Medved talks to author. Audio MP3 2011/01/13
  1567. Show 664 Prager University, Part 2 Twelve Selections. Audio MP32011/01/12
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  1569. Show 662 The John Stossel Show. Lawyers. Audio MP3 2011/01/07
  1570. Show 661 NRO- P.J. ORourke, Thomas Sowell, Radical in Chief etc…, 6 author interviews… Audio MP32011/01/05
  1571. Show 660 David Horowitz at USC. Audio MP3 Talk2011/01/03
  1572. Show 659 The John Stossel Show. Unions and Schools. Audio MP32010/12/31
  1573. Show 658 The Roots of Obama's Rage by Dinesh D'Souza. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32010/12/29
  1574. Show 657 The John Stossel Show. Bloated entitlement programs are bankrupting America. Audio MP3 2010/12/27
  1575. Show 656 Bill Bennett discusses his book The American Patriot's Almanac. Audio Mp3 2010/12/24
  1576. Show 655 Book- Virgins? What virgins? Medved talks to author. Audio MP32010/12/22
  1577. Show 654 Bruce Herschensohn Discusses his book- An American Amnesia. Audio MP3 2010/12/21
  1578. Show 653 John Stossel looks at the Americans with Disabilities Act. Audio MP3 talk radio2010/12/20
  1579. Show 652 Book- A Privilege to Die: Inside Hezbollah's Legions and... Audio MP3 Talk Radio2010/12/17
  1580. Show 651 Making Haste from Babylon The Mayflower Pilgrims… Audio MP32010/12/16
  1581. Show 650 Newt Gingrich at the Institute for Policy Innovation Nov 20102010/12/15
  1582. Show 649 Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience. Audio MP3 Talk Radio2010/12/13
  1583. Show 648 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death and Life. Audio book excerpt. Audio MP3 2010/12/10
  1584. Show 647 Stossel: What's Great About America. Fox News Specials. Audio MP3 2010/12/08
  1585. Show 646 The Complete Infidel's Guide To The Koran. Author Robert Spencer. Audio MP32010/12/06
  1586. Show 645 Book- City of Man. Film- Inside Job. Book- The Other Wes Moore. Audio MP32010/12/03
  1587. Show 644 John Stossel on Immigration. Audio MP3. 2010/12/01
  1588. Show 643 One Party Classroom. David Horowitz discusses his book. Audio MP32010/11/29
  1589. Show 642 Ann Coulter article, Jackie Gingrich-Cushman, book- Atlantic. Audio MP3 talk radio2010/11/27
  1590. Show 641 John Stossel and transportation. Privatize it? . Audio MP32010/11/26
  1591. Show 640 Highly Recommended Book- The World Turned Upside Down by Melanie Phillips. Audio Mp3 Talk2010/11/24
  1592. Show 639 Book- United in Hate. Author Jamie Glazov on the book. Audio MP32010/11/22
  1593. Show 638 No Courage, No Talent. Book on the debasement of Art and Culture. Prager talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/11/19
  1594. Show 637 City of Man: Religion and Politics in a New Era. Medved talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/11/18
  1595. Show 636 John Stossel takes a look at the harm caused by lawsuit abuse. Audio MP32010/11/15
  1596. Show 635 American Colossus The Triumph of Capitalism, 1865-1900. Medved talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/11/12
  1597. Show 634 Ann Coulter Zombie Economy, Prager on Korea, Michelle Malkin Culture of Corruption. Audio MP3 2010/11/10
  1598. Show 633 Book- Politics - According to the Bible…. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32010/11/08
  1599. Show 632 Bought and Paid For: The Unholy Alliance Between Barack Obama and Wall Street. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32010/11/05
  1600. Show 631 Book- Dont Vote - It Just Encourages the Bastards by P. J. ORourke. Audio MP32010/11/03
  1601. Show 630 Book- War by Sebastian Junger. Prager talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/11/01
  1602. Show 629 Book Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism. Prager talks to author . Also God versus Socialism and A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy. Audio MP3 2010/10/29
  1603. Show 628 The John Stossel Show- Threats to our freedoms. Audio MP32010/10/27
  1604. Show 627 The Roots of Obama’s Rage. 2 of 2 Dinesh D’Souza Audio MP32010/10/25
  1605. Show 626 The Roots of Obama’s Rage 1 of 2 Dinesh D’Souza Audio MP32010/10/25
  1606. Show 625 Book- Obama and America's Public Sector Plague. Prager talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/10/22
  1607. Show 624 Dinesh D'Souza speaking on his book The Roots of Obama's Rage. Audio MP32010/10/18
  1608. Show 623.5 Movie- Waiting for Superman. Medved talks to Film Maker. Audio MP32010/10/16
  1609. Show 623 She's the Boss: The Disturbing Truth About Nancy Pelosi by Rochelle Schweizer. Audio MP32010/10/15
  1610. Show 622 Book- There is No Alternative… Prager talks to author. Audio MP32010/10/14
  1611. Show 621 The John Stossel Show. John discusses free Speech. Audio MP3 2010/10/13
  1612. Show 620 Walid Shoebat. Former terrorist now supports U.S. and Israel. Medved talks to author2010/10/11
  1613. Show 619 Documentary Islam Rising. Part 4 of 4. Audio MP32010/10/08
  1614. Show 618 Documentary Islam Rising. Part 3 of 4. Audio MP32010/10/07
  1615. Show 617 Documentary Islam Rising. Part 2 of 4. Audio MP3 2010/10/06
  1616. Show 616 Documentary Islam Rising. Part 1 of 4. Audio MP32010/10/05
  1617. Show 615 Four Segments. Atomic Awakening, Prohibition, Churchill, Conservatism Redefined. Prager talks to authors. Audio MP32010/10/04
  1618. Show 614 How Liberals Think by Evan Sayet. Audio MP32010/10/01
  1619. Show 613 The John Stossel Show. Free Speech. Audio MP32010/09/29
  1620. Show 612 Lights Out!: Ten Myths about (And Real Solutions To) America's Energy Crisis. Medved talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/09/27
  1621. Show 611 Ben Stein: Darwinism, Intelligent Design, and the Origins of Man With Young Americas Foundation2010/09/24
  1622. Show 610 Book- Give Us Liberty. Prager talks to Dick Armey. Audio MP3 2010/09/23
  1623. Show 609 Plunder and Pensions. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32010/09/22
  1624. Show 609 Book- Give Us Liberty. A Tea Party Manifesto By Dick Armey, Matt Kibbe. Audio MP3 2010/09/22
  1625. Show 608 Newt Gingrich on National Security and Afghanistan. Speech. Audio MP32010/09/20
  1626. Show 608 Thomas Sowell on American Collapse and his book Dismantling America. Audio MP3 2010/09/20
  1627. Show 607 War. Book interview with author Sebastian Junger. Audio MP32010/09/17
  1628. Show 606 Book- War. By Sebastian Junger. Audio book disk 1. Audio MP32010/09/15
  1629. Show 605 Prager talks to his favorite guest. The Founder of Stratfor, a global intelligence company. Audio MP32010/09/13
  1630. Show 604 The John Stossel Show. Government Bullies. Audio MP32010/09/10
  1631. Show 603 Victor Mordecai. Medved talks to author on Iran2010/09/08
  1632. Show 602 The short documentary on Islam called Fitna. Producer Geert Wilders speaks. Audio MP32010/09/03
  1633. Show 601 Dismantling America by Thomas Sowell. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32010/09/01
  1634. Show 600 The John Stossel Show. Tax insanity. Audio MP32010/08/30
  1635. Show 598 Is the Electoral College Closing? Prager talks to Author. Audio MP32010/08/25
  1636. Show 597.5 Newt Gingrich speaks to the Young America’s Foundation. Audio MP32010/08/24
  1637. Show 597 Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto. Mark Levin Speaks. Audio MP32010/08/23
  1638. Show 596 Book- In Defense of Faith: The Judeo-Christian… Audio MP32010/08/20
  1639. Show 596 Cabal of 400 Journalists worked to get Obama elected. Audio MP32010/08/20
  1640. Show 595 The John Stossel Show. Book- Free to Choose. Audio MP32010/08/18
  1641. Show 594 David Horowitz At UCSD - Complete Lecture 5 2010. Audio MP32010/08/16
  1642. Show 593 The John Stossel Show. Gun Control. Audio MP32010/08/13
  1643. Show 592 Never Enough. Prager talks to author about America’s Limitless Welfare State. Also The Return to Prosperity. Audio MP3 2010/08/11
  1644. Show 591 The Obama Diaries. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32010/08/09
  1645. Show 590 Book- How to Grow an Economy. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32010/08/06
  1646. Show 589 Why Free Markets Matter. Thomas Woods. Mises Institute. Audio MP32010/08/04
  1647. Show 588 Not Evil Just Wrong, Boys Should be Boys, Climate Evangelisim and Newt Gingrich. Audio MP32010/08/02
  1648. Show 587 The John Stossel Show Myths and Lies about Capitalism, DDT, Private Property etc… 2010/07/30
  1649. Show 586 Dennis Prager. Four segments. Muslim Mind, Vietnam War, Great Depression, Global Warming. Audio MP32010/07/28
  1650. Show 585 Is America A Christian Nation? Michael Medved presents the history of the Christian nature of the 2010/07/26
  1651. Show 584 John Stossel FDA control of drugs and treatments. Audio MP3 2010/07/26
  1652. Show 583 Book- The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth, and Power by Melanie Phillips2010/07/21
  1653. Show 582 Evidence of the Afterlife. Prager talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/07/21
  1654. Show 581 The John Stossel Show. Government Licensing. Audio MP3 2010/07/19
  1655. Show 580 Newt Gingrich outlines bold solutions. Audio MP32010/07/16
  1656. Show 579 Book- Grand Jihad. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32010/07/14
  1657. Show 578 Book- The Grand Jihad. Medved talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/07/12
  1658. Show 577 The John Stossel Show. Americas most Miserable City. Audio MP32010/07/09
  1659. Show 576 Three interviews. Prager talks to 3 authors. Audio MP3 2010/07/07
  1660. Show 575 John Stossel discusses Climate Change Scares. Audio MP3 2010/07/05
  1661. Show 574 Newt Gingrich discusses his new book To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine. Audio MP32010/07/02
  1662. Show 573 Book- 7 Events that Made America America. Medved talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/06/30
  1663. Show 572 Book- Never Enough:America's Limitless Welfare State. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32010/06/28
  1664. Show 571 Lincoln and Douglas: The Debates that Defined America. Audio MP32010/06/25
  1665. Show 570 Robert Spencer talks before David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend2010/06/23
  1666. Show 569 Conservative Comedy with Political Satirist PJ O'Rourke. Audio MP32010/06/21
  1667. Show 568 The Mexican Mafia. Prager talks to author. Audio MP3. 2010/06/18
  1668. Show 567 Steve Forbes new book Power, Ambition and Glory. Audio MP32010/06/16
  1669. Show 566 Book- The Blueprint - Barack Obama's Agenda For… Medved talks to author. Audio MP32010/06/14
  1670. Show 565 Gross National Happiness. For Faith and Family radio talks to Author Audio MP32010/06/11
  1671. Show 564 Book Crisis and Command. Medved talks to author Professor John Yoo. Audio MP32010/06/10
  1672. Show 563 Take a Year Off Before College. Dennis Prager. Audio MP3 2010/06/09
  1673. Show 561 Newt Gringrichs’ book To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine. Prager and Medved talk to author. Audio MP32010/06/07
  1674. Show 560 Rendezvous with Destiny: Ronald Reagan and the Campaign That… Medved talks to author. Audio MP32010/06/04
  1675. Show 559 What Is Life Like in N Korea? Prager talks to author of The Cleanest Race: How the North Koreans…Audio MP32010/06/02
  1676. Show 558 Nuclear Showdown. North Korea Takes On the World. Medved Talks to the author. Audio MP3.2010/05/31
  1677. Show 557 John Stossel Show on Prohibition. Audio MP32010/05/28
  1678. Show 556 Book- The Next American Civil War. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32010/05/26
  1679. Show 555 Book- The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth, and Power by Melanie Phillips2010/05/24
  1680. Show 553 Book- The Great Global Warming Blunder. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32010/05/19
  1681. Show 552 John Stossel Show. Stealing from our Children. Audio MP32010/05/17
  1682. Show 551 Architects of Ruin: How Big Government Liberals Have Wrecked the Global Economy. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32010/05/14
  1683. Show 550 The Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Video and interview with creator. Audio MP3 2010/05/12
  1684. Show 549 Why it is misleading to blame the free market for the financial crisis. Audio MP32010/05/10
  1685. Show 548 John Stossel Show. Junk Science. Audio MP3 2010/05/07
  1686. Show 547 The States' Rights Tradition Nobody Knows. Mises Institute. Audio MP3 2010/05/05
  1687. Show 546 Book- Son of Hamas. Medved talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/05/03
  1688. Show 545 Book- Son of Hamas. Prager talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/04/30
  1689. Show 544 Should We Pay Kids for Grades? And book on Animal Rights Movement. Audio MP3 2010/04/28
  1690. Show 543 Newt Gingrich. Becoming the Party of Yes. Speech. Audio MP32010/04/26
  1691. Show 542 Audio book- Economic Facts and Fallacies by Thomas Sowell. Disk 1. Audio MP32010/04/23
  1692. Show 541 The Core of What Economics Teaches. Mises Institute. Excellent series. Audio MP32010/04/21
  1693. Show 540 Book- Great Powers: America and the World after Bush. Medved talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/04/19
  1694. Show 539 Bruce Herschensohn’s book An American Amnesia: How the US Congress Forced the Surrender.... Au2010/04/16
  1695. Show 538 The Great Depression, World War II, and American Prosperity, Part II Audio MP32010/04/14
  1696. Show 537 The Great Depression, World War II and American Prosperity, Part I. Audio MP32010/04/12
  1697. Show 536 John Stossel’s show on US education. Audio mp32010/04/09
  1698. Show 535 Karl Rove book- Courage and Consequence. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32010/04/07
  1699. Show 534 A new study Green people less honest and Charitable. Audio MP32010/04/05
  1700. Show 533 John Stossel Show. The Road to Serfdom. Audio mp32010/04/02
  1701. Show 532 Ann Coulter at CPAC 2010 and John Stossel. Audio MP32010/03/31
  1702. Show 531 Prager University Part 1. Several selections from Prager University. Audio MP32010/03/29
  1703. Show 530 Why Boys Fail: Saving Our Sons from an Educational…Medved talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/03/26
  1704. Show 529 Newt Gingrich at CPAC February 20 2010. Audio MP32010/03/24
  1705. Show 528 Stossel on Unemployment and 2 segments on Global Warming. Audio MP32010/03/22
  1706. Show 257 Lies Terror and the Rise of the Neo… and IQ Al Rasooli on Islam. Audio MP3 2010/03/19
  1707. Show 526 Book- The Return to Prosperity. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32010/03/17
  1708. Show 525 Return to Prosperity: How America Can Regain Its Economic Superpower Status 2010/03/15
  1709. Show 524 Ann Coulter on the Dennis Prager show. Also Book- After the Fall. Saving Capitalism. Audio MP32010/03/12
  1710. Show 523 John Stossel talks about the great novel Atlas Shrugged. Audio MP3 2010/03/10
  1711. Show 522 The Well-Behaved Child: Discipline that Really Works. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32010/03/08
  1712. Show 521 Atomic Iran: Countdown to Armageddon. Medved talks to author. Audio MP3 2010/03/05
  1713. Show 520 Voodoo Histories. The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History. Audio MP3 2010/03/03
  1714. Show 519 John Stossel Crony Capitalism. Audio MP3 2010/03/01
  1715. Show 518 Glen Beck at CPAC 2010. Audio MP3 2010/02/24
  1716. Show 517 George Will speaking to CPAC 2010. Audio MP32010/02/22
  1717. Show 516 Crash Course The American Automobile Industrys Road from Glory to Disaster. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32010/02/19
  1718. Show 515 CBS 60 minutes Medicare Fraud, Glen Beck and Book Crash Course. Audio MP32010/02/17
  1719. Show 514 Dennis Prager Goes to Washington. Audio MP32010/02/15
  1720. Show 513 John Stossel on Fox Business Channel, "Green Jobs" and Energy Independence. Audio MP32010/02/12
  1721. Show 512 Book- Intellectuals and Society by Thomas Sowell. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32010/02/10
  1722. Show 511 The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32010/02/08
  1723. Show 510 Don't Tread on Me: Anti-Americanism Abroad. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32010/02/05
  1724. Show 509 Michael Steele's book- Right Now: A 12-Step Program for Defeating the Obama Agenda,” Medved talks to Michael Steele2010/02/03
  1725. Show 508 Book- The Design Revolution: Answering the Toughest Questions about Intelligent Design. Audio MP32010/02/01
  1726. Show 507.5 Thomas Sowell’s book Intellectuals and Society. Hoover Institute interviews author. Audio MP3 2010/01/31
  1727. Show 507 Book- Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack. Audio MP32010/01/29
  1728. Show 506 Book- Comeback America. Turning the Country Around and Restoring Fiscal Responsibility. Audio MP32010/01/27
  1729. Show 505 Newt Gingrich addresses the 20th anniversary of the John Locke Foundation. Audio MP32010/01/25
  1730. Show 504 Book- The Next 100 Years. Medved talks to author George Friedman. Audio MP32010/01/22
  1731. Show 503 The World According to George Friedman Founder and CEO of Stratfor. Audio MP3 2010/01/20
  1732. Show 502 Global Warming Commentary collection from OutloudOpinion.com. Audio MP32010/01/18
  1733. Show 499 Debate David Horowitz and Pat Caddell. Audio MP3 2010/01/11
  1734. Show 498 How conspiracy theorists hurts the Conservative cause and Book- Not Evil, Just Wrong- Global Warming Hysteria2010/01/08
  1735. Show 497 Debate- Dinesh D'Souza ENEMIES OF THE STATE: Audio MP32010/01/06
  1736. Show 496 Interview with Professor Thomas Sowell on various books. Prager. Audio MP32010/01/04
  1737. Show 495 Book- National Suicide. Interviews with author. Audio MP32010/01/01
  1738. Show 494 How Capitalism Will Save Us. Steve Forbes talks to Prager. Audio MP3 2009/12/30
  1739. Show 493 Book- Why are the Jews Liberals? Prager talks to author. Audio MP32009/12/28
  1740. Show 492 Book- Why are the Jews Liberals? Medved talks to author. Audio MP32009/12/25
  1741. Show 491 Newt Gingrich. The Victory of the Cross and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Audio MP32009/12/23
  1742. Show 490 Climate Change. Lecture by author of and Heaven and Earth, Global Warming: The Missing Science. Audio MP32009/12/21
  1743. Show 489 Book- God's Battalions: The Case for the Crusades. Prager talks to author. And John Stossel. Audio MP32009/12/18
  1744. Show 488 The State of the Economy with Alan Reynolds. Medved interviews. Audio MP32009/12/16
  1745. Show 487 Orphan Care: Accepting the Call. Author Kay Warren challenges Christians to provide for orphans. Audio MP32009/12/14
  1746. Show 486 Global warming Medved talks to author of Heaven and Earth Ian Plimer. Audio MP32009/12/11
  1747. Show 485 Book- A God Who Hates. Prager talks to author about the nature of Islam. Audio MP32009/12/09
  1748. Show 484 Book- The Great Money Binge. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32009/12/07
  1749. Show 482 Do as I Say (Not as I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy. Medved talks to DVD producer. Audio MP32009/11/30
  1750. Show 481 Ethics of Money Production and book- Meltdown.2009/11/27
  1751. Show 479 Dinesh D'Souza debates Peter Singer at Biola University. Part 2 of 2. 41 minutes 9MB2009/11/23
  1752. Show 478 Dinesh D'Souza debates Peter Singer at Biola University. Part 1 of 2.2009/11/20
  1753. Show 477 Life after Death The Evidence. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32009/11/18
  1754. Show 476 SuperFreakonomics. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32009/11/16
  1755. Show 475 Lies, Terror, and the Rise of the Neo-Communist Empire. Author interview. Audio MP3 2009/11/13
  1756. Show 474 Gross National Happiness. For Faith and Family interviews author. Audio MP32009/11/11
  1757. Show 473 The 10 Big Lies About America. An interview with the author. Audio MP32009/11/09
  1758. Show 472 Book- Architects of Ruin. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32009/11/06
  1759. Show 471 Book- Accomplice to Evil. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32009/11/04
  1760. Show 469 The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32009/10/30
  1761. Show 468.5 CBS 60 Minutes on Medicare Fraud. Audio MP32009/10/28
  1762. Show 468 Dr. Roy Spencer speaks before the Young Americans Foundation 2009/10/28
  1763. Show 467 Debate on Sex Ed. Michael Medved referees. Audio MP3 2009/10/26
  1764. Show 466 Why Giving Matters. Author addresses an audience at BYU2009/10/23
  1765. Show 465 National Suicide : How Washington Is Destroying the American Dream from A to Z . Medved talks to author. Audio MP32009/10/21
  1766. Show 464 Malaria. Special World Vision Report.-Very Interesting. Audio MP3 2009/10/19
  1767. Show 463 John Stossel. ABC 20 20. - You Can't Even Talk About It2009/10/16
  1768. Show 462 Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, HIV/AIDS in Africa, Abraham Lincoln. Audio MP32009/10/14
  1769. Show 461 You're Teaching My Child What? Dr. Miriam Grossman. Audio MP3 2009/10/12
  1770. Show 460 Newt Gigirch talks to Americans for Prosperity Foundation at the Defending the American Dream Summit Oct 3, 20092009/10/09
  1771. Show 459 The History of Ronald Reagan 3 of 3. Medved presents the history of President Ronald Reagan. Audio MP3 2009/10/07
  1772. Show 458 The History of Ronald Reagan. 2 of 3 Michael Medved presents the history of President Ronald Reagan. Audio MP32009/10/05
  1773. Show 457 The History of Ronald Reagan 1 of 3. Medved presents the history of President Ronald Reagan. Audio MP3 2009/10/02
  1774. Show 456 The Human Factor: Inside the CIA's Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32009/09/30
  1775. Show 455 Joker One. Prager talks to author. Audio MP3 2009/09/28
  1776. Show 454 The Rise of Nuclear Iran. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32009/09/25
  1777. Show 453 John Stossel. Bailouts and Bull. 2009/09/23
  1778. Show 452 Electromagnetic Pulse attacks on the U.S. Medved talks to expert2009/09/21
  1779. Show 451 The Anatomy of Evil and Saving Freedom. Prager talks to authors. Audio MP32009/09/18
  1780. Show 450 The Israel Test. Medved talks to author. Audio Mp32009/09/16
  1781. Show 449 Heaven and Earth. Prager talks to author Audio MP32009/09/14
  1782. Show 448 The Israel Test. Prager talks to author George Gilder. Audio MP3 2009/09/11
  1783. Show 447 The Housing Boom and Bust by Thomas Sowell. Interview with Author. Audio MP32009/09/09
  1784. Show 446 Culture of Corruption. Two interviews with author Michelle Malkin. Audio MP32009/09/07
  1785. Show 445 The Surge. Prager talks to author. Why Did the Surge Work? Audio MP32009/09/04
  1786. Show 444 Heaven and Earth ABC interview with the author. Audio MP32009/09/02
  1787. Show 443 Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science. Medved talks to author. Audio MP3 2009/08/31
  1788. Show 442 The Design Revolution- Answering the Toughest Questions about Intelligent Design. Faith and Family talks to author. Au2009/08/28
  1789. Show 441 Ann Coulter on the Mark Levine show and book- Economics Does Not Lie: A Defense of Free Market in a Time of . Audio 2009/08/26
  1790. Show 440 Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies. Medved talks to author. Audio MP3 2009/08/24
  1791. Show 439 John Stossel Give me a Break. Speech . Audio MP3 2009/08/21
  1792. Show 438 John Stossel at Fraser Institute. Audio MP32009/08/19
  1793. Show 437 China's Lost Girls National Geographic host Lisa Ling. Audio MP32009/08/17
  1794. Show 436 Reflections on the Revolution. Muslim Immigration Revolution in Europe. Prager talks to author. Audio MP3 2009/08/14
  1795. Show 436 An Anarchist, a Revisionist, a Secessionist,a Survivalist, and Ron Paul on Sucession. Lew Rockwell Show. Audio MP3 2009/08/12
  1796. Show 435 Heaven and Earth. Climate Change. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32009/08/10
  1797. Show 434 Stealing Elections. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32009/08/07
  1798. Show 433 Speaker Newt Gingrich delivered a speech on national security and defense spending2009/08/05
  1799. Show 432 Newt Gingrich discusses a movement for honest, 21st century solutions to our problems2009/08/03
  1800. Show 431 Power Ambition Glory. Medved talks to author Steve Forbes. Audio MP32009/07/31
  1801. Show 430 Renegade The Making of a President. Medved talks to author Richard Wolffe 2009/07/29
  1802. Show 429 Health Care Reform on Cato Daily Podcasts July 20092009/07/28
  1803. Show 428 OutloudOpinion Subject- Obama's Healthcare. Audio of America's Top Conservative Columnists.2009/07/27
  1804. Show 427 OutloudOpinion- Audio of America's Top Conservative Columnists. 2009/07/25
  1805. Show 426 Myths mistakes and lies about World War Two. By Michael Medved. Audio MP32009/07/24
  1806. Show 425 Our Nation's Health Care. Dr. John Goodman2009/07/22
  1807. Show 424 Financial Crisis. Medved interviews IBD founder Bill ONiel. Audio MP3 2009/07/20
  1808. Show 423 Signature of the Cell. Heritage Foundation speech. Audio MP32009/07/17
  1809. Show 422 Michael Ladeen. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32009/07/15
  1810. Show 421 Canadian Hell Care. John Stossel talks to Dennis Prager. Audio MP32009/07/13
  1811. Show 420 Catastrophe by Dick Morris. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32009/07/10
  1812. Show 419 Why American History Is Not What They Say- An Introduction to Revisionism. Rockwell talks to author. Audio 2009/07/08
  1813. Show 418 Signature in the Cell. Medved talks to author. Audio MP32009/07/06
  1814. Show 417 Book- Hizbollah wishes you a Happy Birthday. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32009/07/03
  1815. Show 416 Jonah Goldberg: Liberal Fascism at YAF Conference. Audio2009/07/01
  1816. Show 415 Book- The Persian Night: Iran under the Khomeinist Revolution. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32009/06/29
  1817. Show 414 Ann Coulter. Prager talks to best-selling author and columnist. Audio2009/06/26
  1818. Show 413 Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of US Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan. Audio MP32009/06/24
  1819. Show 412 Books Thomas Sowell- The Housing Boom and Bust and Burleigh- Blood and Rage. Prager talks to authors. Audio 2009/06/22
  1820. Show 424 Book The Price of Everything by Russ Roberts. Audio MP3 2009/06/20
  1821. Show 411 Gross National Happiness. For Faith and Family talks to author. 2009/06/19
  1822. Show 410 Dr. James Dobson. Parenting Tips for a New Generation. Audio MP32009/06/17
  1823. Show 409 The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Global Warming and Environmentalism 2009/06/15
  1824. Show 408 Newt Gingrich at 2009 GOP Senate/House Fundraising Dinner2009/06/12
  1825. Show 407 Newt Gingrich on Obama abroad and North Korea. Paul Ibbetson talks to author of United in Hate. 2009/06/10
  1826. Show 406 Book- Dumb Money. How Our Greatest Financial Minds Bankrupted the Nation. Medved talks to author . Audio 2009/06/08
  1827. Show 405 United in Hate. Medved and NRO talks to author. Audio2009/06/05
  1828. Show 404 The Truth about the Great Depression. Audio MP32009/06/03
  1829. Show 403 Author interviews 1. Uranium 2. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression. Prager talks to authors. 2009/06/01
  1830. Show 402 The Path to Purpose: How Young People Find Their Calling in Life. Prager talks to author. Audio 2009/05/29
  1831. Show 401 Censorship: The Threat to Silence Talk Radio. Medved talks to author. Audio 2009/05/27
  1832. Show 400 Horror stories of life in socialist countries. Sandy Rios talks at the YAF Conference. Audio2009/05/25
  1833. Show 399 Book- Fair Tax Fantasy. Prager talks to author Hugh Hewitt. Audio 2009/05/22
  1834. Show 398 Newt Grigrich- An honest conversation about the threats we face. Audio2009/05/20
  1835. Show 397 Book- The Secret War with Iran. Prager talks to author. Audio mp32009/05/18
  1836. Show 396 Drifting to Despotism. Prager talks to author. Audio 2009/05/15
  1837. Show 395 Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World. Author interview. Audio2009/05/13
  1838. Show 394 Debate between Professor Cary Nielson and David Horowitz on the book One Party Classroom. Medved hosts.Audio 2009/05/11
  1839. Show 394 Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve. Audio version of documentary. Audio 2009/05/08
  1840. Show 393 Book- Does Feminism Discriminate against Men?: A Debate. Prager interviews author. Audio2009/05/06
  1841. Show 392 Liberal Lies About American History With Young Americas Foundation. Audio MP32009/05/04
  1842. Show 391 New Deal or Raw Deal With Young Americas Foundation. Audio MP3 2009/05/01
  1843. Show 389 John Bolton -Were we right to go to war in Iraq?- interview with Peter Robinson.2009/04/24
  1844. Show 388 Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa. Prager talks to author. Audio 2009/04/23
  1845. Show 387 Finding Hope in a Difficult Marriage. Focus on the Family broadcast. Audio2009/04/22
  1846. Show 386 Nuke Energy book- Terrestial Energy: How Nuclear Energy Will Lead the Green … Prager interviews author. Audio2009/04/21
  1847. Show 385 Book- Creation as Science: A Testable Model Approach to End … Nick Matsky debates with author Hugh Ross on Medved show2009/04/20
  1848. Show 383 Thomas Sowell two interviews with the author. Audio 2009/04/16
  1849. Show381 Book- A time to Speak by Judge Robert Bork. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32009/04/14
  1850. Show 380 FDR's Folly: How Roosevelt and His New Deal Prolonged the Great Depression Author: Jim Powell2009/04/14
  1851. Show 379 Ann Coulter. Victimization of America. Author Interview. Audio2009/04/13
  1852. Show 378 Author of The Case Against the College Degree. Medved interviews author. Audio 2009/04/10
  1853. Show 367 Newt Gingrich speech on President Obama and the future of American Freedom2009/04/09
  1854. Show 365 Newt Gingrich part 2 of 2. Lecture to James Carville's class March 24, 2009.2009/04/07
  1855. Show 364 Newt Gingrich part 1 of 2. Lecture to James Carville's class March 24, 2009.2009/04/06
  1856. Show 363 Two interviews, Two Books - Green Hell and United in Hate. Prager talks to authors. Audio 2009/04/03
  1857. Show 362 Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed out on DVD. Interview with Ben Stein. Audio2009/04/02
  1858. Show 361 The Brian Wilson Show. Economy, Card Check, Ann Coulter and Fairness Doctrine. Audio 2009/04/01
  1859. Show 360 Book- Climate of Extremes: The Global Warming Science They Don't Want You to Know.Capitol Hill Briefing. Audio 2009/03/31
  1860. Show 359 Ann Coulter on Guilty. C Span - Book TV interview. February 26, 2009. 2009/03/30
  1861. Show 358 Book- Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and ...Prager talks to author. Audio MP3 2009/03/29
  1862. Show 357 Michael Crichton discusses his book “Next” with Charlie Rose.2009/03/27
  1863. Show 356 One Party Classroom. Prager talks to author David Horowitz. Audio MP32009/03/26
  1864. Show 355 New Deal or Raw Deal author interview and Wolfram on Economy. 2009/03/25
  1865. Show 354 The Threat Closer to Home: Hugo Chavez and the War Against America. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32009/03/24
  1866. Show 353 Global Warming/ Climate Change. Dennis Prager talks to Joe Bastardi. Audio MP32009/03/23
  1867. Show 352 The Power of Ideas: Why Conservatives are Happier, Work Harder and Complain Less..Peter Schweizer .Audio MP32009/03/20
  1868. Show 351 The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State. Prager talks to author Noah Feldman. Audio MP3 2009/03/19
  1869. Show 350 Book- Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law. Prager talks to author. Audio 2009/03/18
  1870. Show 349 After Fidel: The Inside Story of Castro’s Regime and Cuba’s Next Leader. Author: Brian Latell. Speech, Audio MP3. 2009/03/17
  1871. Show 348 Ann Coulter speaking to CPAC 2009 plus various interview clips. Audio MP32009/03/15
  1872. Show 347 Ron Paul at CPAC 2009. Audio MP3 2009/03/13
  1873. Show 346 CPAC 2009 Ambassador John Bolton speaks before CPAC 2009.2009/03/12
  1874. Show 345 Ann Coulter- Guilty. Bernie Goldberg- A Slobbering…, Milton Friedman. Audio MP3 2009/03/11
  1875. Show 344 Newt Gingrich Speech at 2009 CPAC - Great Speech. Audio MP32009/03/10
  1876. Show 343 Rush Limbaugh at CPAC 2009 Entire Speech 2009/03/09
  1877. Show 342 1948: The First Arab-Israeli War . Author: Benny Morris2009/03/06
  1878. Show 341 Robert Higgs on the Great Depression. Hosted by Russ Roberts on EconTalk2009/03/05
  1879. Show 340 The Next 100 Years. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32009/03/04
  1880. Show 339 Book- Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at-- Two separate interviews with the Author. Audio MP32009/03/03
  1881. Show 338 Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy.... Medved talks to author. Audio MP32009/03/02
  1882. Show 337 Makers and Takers. Selection of Audio Book. Buy this Book! Audio MP32009/02/27
  1883. Show 336 Guilty- Ann Coulter. Nuclear Power, Gross National Happiness. Prager talks to authors. 65 minutes. Audio MP32009/02/26
  1884. Show 335 Newt Gingrich speaks at the BBA Annual Luncheon. Also a Report on Cuba. Audio MP32009/02/25
  1885. Show 334 The Next 100 Years. Medved interviews author George Friedman. Audio MP32009/02/24
  1886. Show 333 Speechless- Silencing the Christians. Audio version of Banned Documentary. Audio MP32009/02/23
  1887. Show 332 John Stossel Goes to Washington. Audio version of the Documentary. Audio MP32009/02/20
  1888. Show 331 Michael Crichton excerpts on DDT, Science as a religion...2009/02/19
  1889. Show 330 War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon. Medved's 2nd interview with author. Audio MP32009/02/18
  1890. Show 329 Book TV- New Deal or Raw Deal?: How FDR's Economic Legacy has Damaged America. Audio MP32009/02/17
  1891. Show 328 Inside Gitmo: The True Story Behind the Myths of Guantanamo Bay. Prager talks to author. Audio MP3 2009/02/16
  1892. Show 327 Blacklisted by History. Why everything liberals want you to believe about Senator Joe McCarthy ... Audio MP32009/02/13
  1893. Show 326 Selections of John Stossel 21 minutes, Missile Defense 7 minutes, 48 Liberal Lies 35 minutes. Audio MP32009/02/11
  1894. Show 325 New Deal or Raw Deal? Learning From the New Deal: How FDR's Economic Legacy has Damaged America. Audio MP32009/02/09
  1895. Show 324 The Top 10 Myths of American Healthcare. Mark Taylor talks to author. Audio MP3.2009/02/06
  1896. Show 323 The End of Prosperity. Mark Taylor interviews author. Audio MP32009/02/05
  1897. Show 322 Newt Gingrich. Effective government, energy challenges, President Obama, 2009/02/04
  1898. Show 321 True Believer: Inside the Investigation and Capture of Ana Montes, Cuba's Master Spy. Audio MP32009/02/03
  1899. Show 320 Book- Hamas vs Fatah: The Struggle for Palestine. Medved talks with author. Audio MP32009/02/02
  1900. Show 318 Gross National Happiness. F & F Interview with author Dr. Arthur Brooks. 2009/01/28
  1901. Show 317 Michael Crichton. States of Fear: Science or Politics?2009/01/27
  1902. Show 316 Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. F & F Interview with Ben Stein. Audio MP32009/01/23
  1903. Show 315 Obligatory Sex. Prager talks to author Allison Armstrong. Audio MP32009/01/22
  1904. Show 314 48 Liberal Lies About American History. F&F Interview with author. Audio MP32009/01/20
  1905. Show 313 Dennis Prager addresses the Young America’s Foundation. The American Trinity. Audio MP32009/01/17
  1906. Show 312 Crossbearer A Memoir of Faith. Prager talks to author Joe Eszterhas. Audio MP32009/01/15
  1907. Show 311 National Review Online 3 of 3. Interviews with 6 book authors2009/01/12
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  1909. Show 308 NRO part 1 National Review Online- Interviews with 6 book authors.2009/01/05
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  1912. Show 296 Alison Armstrong interview on the Personal Life Media.com podcast. Audio MP32008/12/22
  1913. Show 295 F.I.R.E on Campus. Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Audio version of 3 short documentaries. Audio MP32008/12/19
  1914. Show 294 What's So Great about Christianity? Prager talks to Author. Audio MP3 2008/12/17
  1915. Show 293 Falling Out of the Tree. Prager talks to author. Audio MP3 2008/12/15
  1916. Show 292 The 10 Big Lies About America. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32008/12/12
  1917. Show 291 The 10 Big Lies About America. Combating Destructive Distortions About America. Audio MP32008/12/10
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  1919. Show 289 Walter Williams: Freedom Going, Going.... Audio MP32008/12/05
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  1923. Show 286 Book- 48 Liberal Lies About American History: (That You Probably Learned in School) Audio MP32008/11/24
  1924. Show 285 Race Blind. Book- Lessons from My Uncle James: Beyond Skin Color to the Content of Our Character2008/11/21
  1925. Show 284 Study shows Conservatives have a better sense of humor than Liberals. Medved discusses the study. Audio MP32008/11/19
  1926. Show 283 The Immorality of Pacifism. Dennis Prager discusses Pacifism. Audio MP32008/11/17
  1927. Show 282 Terror and Consent: The Wars for the Twenty-First Century. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32008/11/14
  1928. Show 281 Makers and Takers. New York Times best-selling author Peter Schweizer destroys popular notions . Audio MP32008/11/12
  1929. Show 280 INDOCTRINATE U. Part 2 of 2. Edited audio version of film documentary. Director: Evan Coyne Maloney. Audio MP32008/11/10
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  1934. Show 271 John Stossel Special. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics. Audio MP32008/10/20
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  1938. Show 266 Newt Gingrich speaking on Leadership, Energy and environmental policy. Audio MP32008/10/01
  1939. Show 265 The Forever War. Hugh Hewitt talks to author about the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Audio MP32008/09/29
  1940. Show 264 Save the Males. Medved talks to author Kathleen Parker. Audo MP32008/09/26
  1941. Show 263 The Case Against Barack Obama. Prager interviews author. Audio MP3 2008/09/24
  1942. Show 262 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rices’ speech on Russia. Audio MP32008/09/22
  1943. Show 261 Hugh Hewitt interviews Max Boot about foreign policy, and what the next president is going to have to face2008/09/19
  1944. Show 260 Newt Gingrich talks about Gov. Sarah Palin and the Left's Religious bias2008/09/17
  1945. Show 259 The Case Against Barack Obama. Two interviews of author David Freddoso. Audio MP32008/09/15
  1946. Show 258 Book- Real Education: Four Simple Truths for Bringing America's Schools Back to Reality. Prager talks to author. Audio2008/09/12
  1947. Show 257 John Bolton, Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations speaks about Russia, Georgia, NATO, China and War. Aug 19, 22008/09/10
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  1952. Show 250 The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism Prager talks to author. Audio MP32008/08/20
  1953. Show 249 Jonah Goldberg speech before the YAF at Regan Ranch Center. Audio MP32008/08/13
  1954. Show 248 Newt Gingrich: Ronald Reagan and His Legacy. Speech before the Young Americas Foundation. Audio MP32008/08/08
  1955. Show 247 How Ronald Reagan Won the Cold War. Peter Hannaford to YAF at Reagan Ranch. Audio MP32008/08/06
  1956. Show 246 Historian David Barton explains how America's founding fathers established a godly heritage for our nation.2008/08/05
  1957. Show 245 The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32008/08/01
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  1959. Show 243 Part 1 of 2. Hugh Hewitt's special July 4th with Professor, Dr. Harry Jaffa. Audio MP32008/07/28
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  1963. Show 238 Fleeced: Medved talks to author Dick Morris.Audio MP32008/07/16
  1964. Show 237 Fleeced: How Barack Obama… Scamming Us. Prager talks to author Dick Morris. Audio MP32008/07/14
  1965. Show 236 Whos Giving? Author Arthur C. Brooks discusses charity at the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC.2008/07/11
  1966. Show 235 Debate on Living Together. Medved moderates. Audio MP32008/07/09
  1967. Show 234 The Case for Traditional Marriage / Same Sex Marriage. Dennis Prager. Audio MP32008/07/06
  1968. Show 233 The Devil's Delusion. Medved talks to author David Berlinski. Audio MP32008/07/04
  1969. Show 232 Heterosexual AIDS Disappears/ Indoctrinate U. Prager talks to Authors. Audio MP32008/07/02
  1970. Show 231 The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State. Prager talks to author. Audio MP32008/06/30
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  1982. Show 219 A Conservative History of the American Left. Michael Medved interviews author Daniel Flynn.2008/06/06
  1983. Show 218 The Really Inconvenient Truths: Seven Environmental Catastrophes Liberals Don't...Medved talks to author. Audio MP32008/06/04
  1984. Show 217 What Are the Lessons from Viet Nam? Prager talks to author. Audio MP32008/06/02
  1985. Show 216 Dennis Prager speaks at the 20th anniversary Celebration of the Freedom Center.