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  1. Fri 10th Aug 20122012/08/10
    Here we are again. A new show after two years. This is a quick sub 30 minute pilot episode to test out show recording again after all these years. Not so much as a catch up as a run through some of the topics of the last two years. I am looking forward to doing more shows and hopefully get some co hosts on too.
  2. Sun 19th Dec 20102010/12/19
    Present: Twist & Belial. Summary of last 2 weeks news, Wikileaks, DDoS stuff, ISP to ban Pr0n?? Other random bits. HVR Mag news.
  3. Sun 5th Dec 20102010/12/05
    Present: Belial & Blue_Chimp.

    Topic: Save Captain Crunch. Wikileaks. UFOs. Gary Mckinnon. HVR Revival? Hack Mag Fund raiser. And a few more things too!
  4. Tue 7th Sep 20102010/09/07
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  5. Sun 7th Mar 20102010/03/07
    Not your usual HVR but a Drum and Bass mix from our resident DJs DJ CasualT and DJInsurgent.
  6. Sat 15th Aug 20092009/08/15
    HAR 2009 round up recorded in tent with Belial James Crypt and Kingofall.
  7. Wed 11th Feb 20092009/02/11
    Spanglesontoast hosts his first episode. with a round up of the weeks news and more general banter.
  8. Wed 7th Jan 20092009/01/07
    Present Belial and Naxxtor: Tech Tuesday on a Wednesday! MAin topic is firewalls. Belial and Naxxtor give a general overview of history of firewalls as well as the ins/outs and other bits and bobs. The show ends with a quick round up of some of the weeks more important news stories. Ending is some nice britpop to satisfy Blue_Chimp.
  9. Thu 11th Dec 20082008/12/11
    Present : Belial Gorias Crypt. Intro to show, apologies for no shows. Rant about PayPal Hacker Discrimination. "hack space" rundown. News. Fun. Games. HAR2009 announcement and London2600 Xmas party 19th of December!
  10. Sun 21st Sep 20082008/09/21
    Present: Belial. Quick audio test show. Round up of news etc and request announcements. Just a flare in the sky to say we are still alive :)
  11. Tue 5th Aug 20082008/08/05
    Present: Belial. This show is mainly a quick update on news, the magazine and Garys case. A short review Metal Gear Solid4.
  12. Tue 13th May 20082008/05/13
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  13. Tue 29th Apr 20082008/04/29
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  14. Thu 14th Feb 20082008/02/14
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  15. Tue 5th Feb 20082008/02/05
    Present Belial & Naxxtor. Bobs Basement pissup 15 feb!! go to bobsbasement.co.uk for more info. Submit your articles for the 3rd issue of THVDigest Mag by march!! random conversation about the recent fiber break in the middle east. http://showiki.hackervoice.co.uk/index.php?title=5Feb2008
  16. Thu 31st Jan 20082008/01/31
    http://showiki.hackervoice.co.uk/index.php?title=31Jan2008 << go there for show notes plz!
  17. Tue 29th Jan 20082008/01/29
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  18. Sat 26th Jan 20082008/01/26
    Present Belial Naxxtor Nido. Listners emails read out. Scientology rant. P2P net rant . More shownotest to come!
  19. Wed 23rd Jan 20082008/01/23
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  20. Thu 10th Jan 20082008/01/10
    Present Belial Naxxtor. Showiki lauched!! check it out for show notes http://showiki.hackervoice.co.uk/index.php?title=10Jan2008. Queen loves the wii. "one has boom headshotted"
    spills and thrills of a USB portable linux firewall plus wifi? should it be open?. Call for articles for THV digest issue 3
  21. Tue 8th Jan 20082008/01/08
    Present: Belial Naxxtor. THV Digest Magazine call for articles! please email in your stuffs for issue 3. work has begun. the show starts with random local and world news, focusing on the CCC suite filed agaisnt the german goverment in protest over the use of voteing computers. P2P uk laws to change? and other news. lastly we talk about the evil that is scientology.
  22. Sun 6th Jan 20082008/01/06
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  23. Tue 11th Dec 20072007/12/11
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  24. Tue 13th Nov 20072007/11/13
    Present Naxxtor Belial. Naxxtor wasnt feeling too great so we only did a shorter 30min show where we talked about new project ideas, haklabs. www.tribalwars.net and Binary Revs last 200th episode :(
  25. Tue 6th Nov 20072007/11/06
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  26. Thu 25th Oct 20072007/10/25
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  27. Wed 24th Oct 20072007/10/24
    Present: Belial Metatron Vesalius. We start of by talking about the recent P2P FileShareing site shutdowns and arrests/raids. How crazy things are getting. We then move onto talking about THV Digest Magazine news as well as upcoming wargames and more. Some more banter about stuffs and news. Tomorrows show is going to be a an interview. Goodnights.
  28. Thu 11th Oct 20072007/10/11
    Present: Belial Metatron Naxxtor. The HVR hackery trio talk about, Silly laptop mods, pirates. Submarines!! and muchos muchos more. please email pictures for the front cover of the hackers voice digest magazine to articels@hackervoice.co.uk and stuff.
  29. Tue 9th Oct 20072007/10/09
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  30. Wed 26th Sep 20072007/09/26
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  31. Tue 25th Sep 20072007/09/25
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  32. Fri 21st Sep 20072007/09/21
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  33. Wed 12th Sep 20072007/09/12
    Present Belial Naxxtor. Belial read a reply to the free "1984" copy idea. Get intouch with your PM! they work for you. We then go onto talk about democracies and laws, also talk about Greek history etc. The show was cut short due to AIDs.
  34. Tue 11th Sep 20072007/09/11
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  35. Wed 5th Sep 20072007/09/05
    Present : Belial Naxxtor. We start off with a new intro to the show. Then go onto talk about biometrics. The good the bad and the stoolsample. The rest of the show consisted of a rant about the news update on our UKs lord of justice requesting everyone be added to the national DNA database. Its idiotic and logic lacking explanation for the reqest and well... its totaly insane!
  36. Wed 22nd Aug 20072007/08/22
    Present Naxxtor Belial. As we missed Tech Tuesday due to studio fails we though it would be good to do a one topic show. We talk about the different aspects of learning about hacking and some of the challenges a beginner might face. Also we go into the vast verities of topics that hacking accompanies and some of the learning process required to learn these topics.
  37. Sun 19th Aug 20072007/08/19
    Present: Belial Naxxtor. Show touches on recent news, call for community projects and ideas. We talk about Mono .net java and C. How Games changed over the years and community game development. How to expand on games and how much more fun things can be when you start hacking your favorate games. We finnish on some DNB. radio@hackervoice.co.uk
  38. Tue 7th Aug 20072007/08/07
    Present: Belial 10nix. 10nix's UK show, We talk about what he has been up to. The August 2600 meeting report. Funky Asterisk hacks. UK TV Licensing concept is very alien to 10nix and their use of thermal imaging to see into peoples homes. More rants and some words from Naxxtor on the oncoming CCC meeting and his thin client hacks.
  39. Wed 25th Jul 20072007/07/25
    Presenet Belial. Solo show mainly catching up on whats been happening and a plan for the following weeks. Rant about how difficult it is to take law into your own hands and protect your community from crap. Drum and bass was a main feel of the show and we end on a iconic DnB tune.
  40. Wed 11th Jul 20072007/07/11
    Present, Belial Naxxtor exploding condoms and more!
  41. Tue 10th Jul 20072007/07/10
    Present Belial Naxxtor. Show padded out with music and sound boards we talk about recent events inc Lug Radio Live and news and stuff like that
  42. Thu 5th Jul 20072007/07/05
    Present Belial 10nix. 10nix calls in and tells us about his projects and PBX hacks. we talk about the recent bombins in england and other stuff.
  43. Wed 4th Jul 20072007/07/04
    Present Belial Naxxtor. Crappy infiror products, 419 spoof comedian is allegidly a 419er. In depth talk about Brain waves, Sleep patterns and Dreams . Hacking your brain and affects of sleep deprivation. THV launching a new project for hosting community microsites. comments and suggestions to radio@hackervoice.co.uk
  44. Tue 19th Jun 20072007/06/19
    Present Skoby Belial Hyper Napalm. Tech Tuesday brought to you by Skoby. He talks about Java, pluses and minuses. How java has evolved and what the language is all about. Napalm joins in to dispute some facts on performance.
  45. Thu 14th Jun 20072007/06/14
    Present: TeamSpeakey. Show was very random and i cant really remeber exactly what we talked about. i know that there was some pokemon ownage at the end
  46. Wed 13th Jun 20072007/06/13
    Present Belial Warren Naplam, Interview with youtube warren56smash rant superstar we discuss politics, governments and talk about corporations prersonal privacy and laws.
  47. Tue 12th Jun 20072007/06/12
    Tech Tuesday. Present : Naxxtor Belial Large HD_Junky. HVR trial out our new Teamspeak server for show conf. Naxxtor gives us a detailed look into High Availability and High Demand web and internet services.
  48. Mon 4th Jun 20072007/06/04
    Present: Vesalius, Naxxtor and Altron. The usual skype problems, Some talking about the Second Brum HV and a Rooted Bus Timetable and Journey Planner. Also some information about Vesalius and Altrons Urban Expo plans.
  49. Thu 31st May 20072007/05/31
    Present : Belial 10nix Vesaliouse. Random Emergancy and error code fun. PBX update and an update on 10nix's leet pbx pwnage. announcement for BRUMHV the second comming.
  50. Wed 30th May 20072007/05/30
    Present: Belial HD_Junkie Naxxtor Adiboy. Laptop backlight lightshow project, DLNA servers and ps3 support. Checkpoint rules and firewall maddness. random skype pwnage :(
  51. Tue 29th May 20072007/05/29
    Present: Belial HD_Junkie. Tech Tuesday. TCP stack, Wire sniffing. Packet construction. OSI model. Routeing, networking and all that good stuff. please email comments suggestions and complaints to radio@hackervoice.co.uk
  52. Wed 23rd May 20072007/05/23
    Show boats sorry show notes to come !!!
  53. Thu 3rd May 20072007/05/03
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  54. Wed 2nd May 20072007/05/02
    Present: Vesalius, 10nix, Naxxtor. We talk about: This number 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0. Naxxtor is torrenting that number. Conspiracy theories therein. Vonage and Verizon type talk. Shall we get a Verizon line the UK? 10nix needs help with his MBR etc. Cheap and external HDDs. Rip off eBay auctions. End music is Lotus Challenge 3 music.
  55. Tue 1st May 20072007/05/01
    Present: Naxxtor, Vesalius, 10nix (lord of space and time). We talk about HVBrum!! Hacker Voice Coming to a Brum near you soon! The Chaos Communications Camp 2007, it'd be nice to know who's coming - HV will have a tent of some sort. New kinds of protest, inc Silentman. Dell chose Ubuntu as their distro of choice (yay). 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0.
  56. Mon 19th Mar 20072007/03/19
    Present: Belial DarkNature Solo. The last of the season. It has been a long long time. But 6 has come to end. We interview Gary McKinnon AKA Solo.We go through all the questions asked by our listeners and add a few of our own. See you all in 3 weeks time! Disclosure Project
  57. Thu 15th Mar 20072007/03/15
    Present Belial Naxxtor. News,News,News. HVR studio now comes with a desk and some sofas. We talk about a few more intresting and fantasticly sexy things. Next show is the END of season 6 ! woo hoo tune in for that
  58. Wed 14th Mar 20072007/03/14
    Present: Belial, Naxxtor DarkNature and Napalm. ADSL troubles, DSL line modding,How to get the best speeds. Hack your line and hack your dog/cat . more rants and all the usualy good hacker voice fun
  59. Tue 13th Mar 20072007/03/13
    Present: Belial, Naxxtor, DarkNature, Napalm. Show is now streamed over a loadbalanced connection. We enjoy the delights of DarkNatures fairie rant, News section goes into whats going on in the hacking commertial scene today and some random comments.
  60. Wed 21st Feb 20072007/02/21
    Present: Belial, Sapphire, Vesalius, SHAGGSTaRR, HD_Junky. More from your IRCstatus news, We remiss about the days gone by of HV and how we started and how much we have moved on. Much work done on the backend to shows, IRC and our network. We talk about news topics and HD_Junky calls in to tell us his views on DRM. We close with Hellraiser by VNV nation.
  61. Tue 20th Feb 20072007/02/20
    Present: Belial Skoby Sapphire Naxxtor Vesalius. We are BACK ON AIR! Sapphire Belial and Skoby talk about whats better vista or unbuntu? end consumer comments and dell intruduce consumer choice of OSes. Loads of Updates about HVnet and HVirc! thanks to all in the community for contributing to those projects. Enjoy. Email us radio@hackervoice.co.uk
  62. Wed 10th Jan 20072007/01/10
    Present: Naxxtor, DarkNature, Napalm. ASBOs in the hands of curtain twitchers, Mental Health act "reforms", other stuff.
  63. Wed 3rd Jan 20072007/01/03
    Low-fi show to show the world we're not dead/arrested/kidnapped. Naxxtor and Twist talk about Playstation 3 tech, clustering, Humax PVRs, scrambled MPEG streams and more! Start music: Dispyz - We came to Overtake!! End music :escapehawaii feat robert castor - fiona. Both available at www.micromusic.net
  64. Thu 14th Dec 20062006/12/14
    Present Belial Naxxtor. We talk about POCSAG/FLEX pager decoding. News and Evengalistic christian computer game. Text into the show, a new method of getting in touch. TXT a message to : +447907088733. New shoutbox system coming soon. Email us Radio@hackervoice.co.uk Intro Music: pronobozo, paniq.
  65. Wed 6th Dec 20062006/12/06
    Present Belial Naxxtor Darknature Napalm. Show included news, london 2600 website upgrade / update. Other 2600 meeting, post post manchester meeting talk. Discuss news and other stuff. email us in to radio@hackervoice.co.uk Intro Music: paniq
  66. Sun 3rd Dec 20062006/12/03
    Present, Belial Hyper Naxxtor Napalm. DNScon report and continuity report, we drive back from manchseter talk about our weekend and play leet eye spy.
  67. Tue 28th Nov 20062006/11/28
    Present Belial Hyper. Tech Tuseday is brought to you by Hyper. We talk about News then move into the main TT presentation witch is about Your security of personal information. How you can reveal so much just by giving a little. As well as Wifi personal identity and SSIDs giving your private info away. Scary stuff! comments ? suggestions? we want to know email radio@hackervoice.co.uk
  68. Wed 22nd Nov 20062006/11/22
    Present Belial Naxxtor DarkNature. Show notes to come!.
  69. Thu 16th Nov 20062006/11/16
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  70. Wed 15th Nov 20062006/11/15
    Present Belial Naxxtor. Fiber in your home, upcoming tutorial. Awsome Hacker Horoscope. Your news brought to you by HVR. IBM release tutorial how to make your own linux webspider. We tell people about a article about how to own any box anywhere. Ends on some crazy ass live mixing.
  71. Thu 9th Nov 20062006/11/09
    Present: Belial,DarkNature. News, Rants. Radios. Stuff and more!!!
  72. Thu 2nd Nov 20062006/11/02
    Present Belial Naxxtor Hyper. Talk about P.M.Rs walk around with the radio live. Live FL mixing, Naxxtor talks about perl scripts. we take the piss. Meetings and forum stuff.. all round fun show. Intro music by Belial!
  73. Thu 26th Oct 20062006/10/26
    Present Belial Naxxtor Hyper. Hyper talks about his trip to India. Kidnap escape expirance! Tell us what you want from the UK scene! apologies for lack of shows, some news some music. Upcoming Mancherster Con. Future inteviews etc. end of file Email us to radio@hackervoice.co.uk Intro music by MC ROUTER <3 and badly sung over by naxxtor.
  74. Tue 17th Oct 20062006/10/17
    Present Belial, Naxxtor, DarkNature, Blue_Chip. Tech Tuesday with Blue_Chip talks about radio phreaking. News and other stuff too . radio@hackervoice.co.uk for all emails. Intro Music by Pronobozo
  75. Mon 16th Oct 20062006/10/16
    Present Belial Naxxtor DarkNature *NOTE* this episode has not been cropped correctly please ignore the start i will get around to fixing this*NOTE*. 200 episodes of hacker voice radio! ZOMG. Recent goings on, tutorials, news letter. news. rants. music. much fun with google code search. listen also to tomorrows show for the returen of Tech Tuesday! email us Radio@hackervoice.co.uk
  76. Thu 12th Oct 20062006/10/12
    Present Belial Naxxtor Darknature, Call in from Adiboy and Locus. Stoke on trent computer group meeting. Hacker Voice Movie. News. Vista DRM broken. and stuff. Email us! Radio@hackervoice.co.uk Intro Music by VNV Nation
  77. Thu 5th Oct 20062006/10/05
    Present: Belial,Adiboy. Bins that bill you, Vista takes computer hotsage Brumcon06, Virus chips? Memory made from viruses.
  78. Wed 4th Oct 20062006/10/04
    Present: Belial, Naxxtor. Short show, news ipods wallets and stuff. music bit of ranting then quickly running out of stuff to say :)
  79. Fri 29th Sep 20062006/09/29
    Second episode of the second season - completely new recording setup. Sorry about the clipping, that was a bit unavoidable. RC (as in aR sey) of Vista and crapness (btw, Vista's security prevented us from recording this ourselves - you can't write to C:/ and it won't tell you it's failing). Intro music by Pronobozo
  80. Thu 28th Sep 20062006/09/28
    Season 6 Begins! Housekeeping, future plans for hacker voice. New streaming server to be up and running soon. Windows Vista problems, Kiosks, craptastic security on ATMs. Nerdcore is t3h r0x0rs. EOF; Intro music by Pronobozo
  81. Wed 30th Aug 20062006/08/30
    Present: Naxxtor, Belial, DarkNature, Napalm, Crypt. It's over! Season 5 best bits mix. Violent Prawn ban. HVTV stuff. Stuffs? More stuffs? Intro music by 8-Bit Weapon - Game Boy Rocker
  82. Tue 29th Aug 20062006/08/29
    Present: Naxxtor, DarkNature, Belial, Napalm. Intro music by Carl (I'm sorry eminem)
  83. Mon 28th Aug 20062006/08/28
    Present: Naxxtor, Belial,Keith. dotProject, Open Source vs closed source. Terrorists. Ridiculous ID card systems and more stuff. Intro music by Tony Vera Díaz - Run for your bytes!
  84. Fri 25th Aug 20062006/08/25
    Present: Naxxtor, Belial, Vesalius. dotproject pluggage, AOL Search terms, MSN Messenger panic button, Furries and yiffing, Ask phone in numbers, Live Phone in!
  85. Thu 24th Aug 20062006/08/24
    Bank Phone Authentication, dotProject, Metaphyiscs, black holes solar sails and interstellar travel explained with Food and drink. Internet Layer0 link to Mars. HVTV3 News and Recruitment.
  86. Wed 23rd Aug 20062006/08/23
    Present: Naxxtor, Belial, DarkNature, Vesalius. Belial got 419'd in real life, DarkNature's impromptu ethical hacking masterclass and other things. Intro music by Crazy Q - Booty Call
  87. Tue 22nd Aug 20062006/08/22
    Present: Naxxtor, Belial. Talked aboat a load of stuff. Intro music by Best Fwends - expensive box
  88. Fri 18th Aug 20062006/08/18
    Present: Naxxtor, Crypt, Vesalius. Intro music by Rico_Zerone - hit'n run
  89. Thu 17th Aug 20062006/08/17
    Present: Naxxtor, going solo! Crazy "security" mesures, supercomputers, Hacker Voice News. Intro music by stu - drop da bomb
  90. Wed 16th Aug 20062006/08/16
    Present: Naxtor, Belial, DarkNature. Canada Direct, l3375p33k, scary terrorist grandma, stupid police officers, Intro music by Dragan Espenschied - DEFINE (on a Vic 20!)
  91. Tue 15th Aug 20062006/08/15
    Present: Naxxtor, Belial, DarkNature. Intro music: Stu - Drop da bomb
  92. Mon 14th Aug 20062006/08/14
    Present: Naxxtor, Belial. Technical issues, Nigerian, StopBlade saws. Intro music by dispyz - we came to overtake!!!
  93. Fri 11th Aug 20062006/08/11
    Present: Naxxtor, spangles. Time warp edition. Talked breifly about lasers, the "terrorist threat level". Short show length due to Naxxtor having a really crap day. Intro music by Futuristic Sex Robots
  94. Thu 10th Aug 20062006/08/10
    Terrorism Raids, chuck norris bridge, crazy stuff, many things. Yeah, it was a tricky one this. Intro music by RJD2 - Ghostwriter
  95. Wed 9th Aug 20062006/08/09
    Present: Naxxtor, Belial, Vesalius. A -lot- of messing around with mics, fiddling with the stream, and a bit of prank calling with Skype, elevator music, screwing with elevator phones, trying to call the FBI helpling and failing. Some breif discussions about a NetBSD toaster, complaints about linking the word here, amongst other things. Intro music by dispyz - we came to overtake!!!
  96. Tue 8th Aug 20062006/08/08
    Present: Naxxtor, Belial, DarkNature Tech Tuesday, Anti climb paint, Number Stations, giant robots, cyborg cockroaches, Captin Pie Hands, Skype dies! Intro music by dispyz - We came to Overtake!!!
  97. Mon 7th Aug 20062006/08/07
    Present: Naxxtor, Belial, DarkNature. Talked about tunnel noises, tube network, stupid firefighters (sorry couldn't resist), cloning passports (never would have guessed), chip and pin (AGAIN!), Apple Macs with Windows, old macs, HVTV2 DVD and sutff, God, Life, the Universe and Everything. Intro music: dispyz - We came to Overtake!!! End music - Stuck a Cue - Dorothy's Magic Bag
  98. Tue 1st Aug 20062006/08/01
    Present: Napalm ,Naxxtor, Belial . TT by Napalm Talked about pageing systems. what pageing is how it works and how diffrent systems are drivern by it. News and ending. Intro by ... a random skype user
  99. Mon 31st Jul 20062006/07/31
    Hosts: Naxxtor, Belial, Crypt. Belial kills his computer with a mic stand, HVTV2 release party plans, net neutrality (again), Senator Ted Stevens, TCP/IP Over Pigeon, general confusion. Intro music by dispyz - We came to Overtake!!!
  100. Thu 27th Jul 20062006/07/27
    Present Hyper Belial DarkNature.Intro music by dispyz - We came to Overtake!!!
  101. Wed 26th Jul 20062006/07/26
    Present Darknature, Belial. Gridlocked london rant. Heat. Crazy Chineese woman. Donating. Spain. Trouble at work, Poice. Wifi and DN rant about dentists.Intro music by dispyz - We came to Overtake!!!
  102. Tue 25th Jul 20062006/07/25
    Present : Belial , Crypt , Naxxtor. LRL , show downtime. Stream problems, sound problem, Being lazy on the beach, UE , and much much more crap. Intro music by dispyz - We came to Overtake!!!
  103. Tue 18th Jul 20062006/07/18
    TT presented byt Belial. Soldering 101. Intro music by dispyz - We came to Overtake!!!
  104. Mon 17th Jul 20062006/07/17
    Present Naxxtor, Crpt MarkR . Belial. Intro music by dispyz - We came to Overtake!!!
  105. Fri 14th Jul 20062006/07/14
    Present: Pizza. Naxxtor Belial Edge. News. Rapping Pizza eeating HVTV and stuff
  106. Thu 13th Jul 20062006/07/13
    Present: eDgE Crypt Belial. Crypts pillow fetish, Rap, Nerd Rap. Music. music played through out show. some other stuff... error message on fish4u bit of news. talk about donations. Intro by phyrephox
  107. Wed 12th Jul 20062006/07/12
    Present in studio : Naxxtor Belial Crypt Hyper. First ever Live recorded video and radio show. Yummy pizza and loads of mad shit just listen.
  108. Tue 11th Jul 20062006/07/11
    Tech Tuesday By Belial. Rooting a box. Don't you hate it when you forget that root password? Simple solution to a frustrating problem. News and shouts and end.
  109. Mon 10th Jul 20062006/07/10
    Present: Belial Naxxtor Crypt , Call in from Twist aka dipshizle aka Jinx. www.hvtv.co.uk new HV site. THV organisation, Filming, next episode, news , vista , porn, galaleo, END
  110. Thu 6th Jul 20062006/07/06
    Present. Belial Hyper Naxxtor. Tunnel exploration. HVTV2. Loads of tunnel talk. Tunnels and tunnels bit of news and then finnish.
  111. Wed 5th Jul 20062006/07/05
  112. Tue 4th Jul 20062006/07/04
  113. Mon 3rd Jul 20062006/07/03
  114. Thu 29th Jun 20062006/06/29
  115. Tue 27th Jun 20062006/06/27
  116. Mon 26th Jun 20062006/06/26
  117. Fri 23rd Jun 20062006/06/23
  118. Thu 22nd Jun 20062006/06/22
  119. Wed 21st Jun 20062006/06/21
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