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Sugar Creek Baptist Church Video Podcast

  1. Making Right Decisions2020/05/17
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  2. Mothers Who Move the Heart of God2020/05/10
    Mothers Who Move the Heart of God (John 2:1-12) Life has so many expectations of who we are to be as individuals and even who we are to be as moms. But what do you do when life doesn’t go as planned and what you need has ran out? On this Mother’s Day, we will be looking at a particular crisis and the response of a mom that moved the heart of God.
  3. Real Christianity Does More Than Talk2020/05/03
    Authentic Christianity. Part 3 – Real Christianity Does More Than Talk. Is your Christianity real or just cultural? Is it life changing or have you just learned the right words to say? There is an alive faith that can get you to heaven and keep your growing deep and closer to God. What is the evidence for a real relationship with God?
  4. Are You Prejudice?2020/04/26
    Authentic Christianity. Part 2 – Are You Prejudice? (James 2:1-13) We hear a lot about the subject of prejudice these days, don’t we? Usually, the word relates to ethnicity but there are other ways to express a judgmental spirit. The Book of James takes this subject on says it is not an expression of Authentic Christianity.
  5. Real or Fake?2020/04/19
    Authentic Christianity. Part 1 – Real or Fake? (James 1:26-27) The world doesn’t have an absence of religion. It just has too little of the real heart of God. What really matters to God? The answer might surprise you.
  6. What Does the Resurrection Prove?2020/04/12
    EASTER: What Does the Resurrection Prove?? (Ephesians 1:20)
  7. When Jesus Came to Town2020/04/05
    When Jesus Came to Town (Matthew 21:1-11) Lead Pastor Mark Hartman talks on the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday using the acronym PALM..
  8. Which News Are You Listening To?2020/03/29
    Thriving In A Hostile World; Part 7 – Which News Are You Listening To? (James 1:21-25) Our Bible is big and sometimes hard to grasp. Your Bible will breathe life into your story if you learn how to make the most of it. This message helps us all learn how to get more from our Bible. This could be a life changer.
  9. Mad About You!2020/03/22
    Thriving In A Hostile World; Part 6 – Mad About You! (James 1:19-20) Is your family getting a little bit of cabin fever? How’s the temperature at your home? Everyone gets angry from time to time, but not all anger is negative. It can go wrong when we are not in control of it. In this message we will dig deep into what causes our anger to cross the line and how to take back control.
  10. Attitude is Everything2020/03/15
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  11. Letting My Money Change Me For Good2020/03/08
    Thriving In A Hostile World; Part 4 – Letting My Money Change Me For Good (James 1:9-11) God uses money; both the lack of it and its surplus to improve our lives. Learning how to manage both extremes will challenge our character and allow us to deepen our walk with God. Come explore what God is doing with you through your money.
  12. How To Overcome Your Tempting Times2020/03/01
    Thriving In A Hostile World; Part 3 – How To Overcome Your Tempting Times (James 1:12-16) We all struggle with tempting moments every day. What is Satan’s strategy and how do we rise above tempting times? You can win more often if you better understand what is going on. That is the goal of this message's verses in James.
  13. How To Make Better Decisions2020/02/23
    Thriving In A Hostile World; Part 2 – How To Make Better Decisions(James 1:5-8) The greatest challenge of life is making decisions. Some contend we are just a collection of the decisions we make. The greater our wisdom the higher we soar. So, gaining wisdom is the most important thing we can do. Learn what the Bible says about making better decisions.
  14. How To React When Life Hurts2020/02/16
    Thriving In A Hostile World; Part 1 – How To React When Life Hurts (James 1:1-4) Life can hurt. Many things we encounter are not all that fun but they are all a part of God’s plan to mature us. Problems not only reveal our character, they grow it. Problems can even grow our joy.
  15. Love and Respect2020/02/09
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  16. Why Marriages Fall Apart2020/02/02
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  17. Marriage Myths2020/01/26
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  18. How God Designed Marriage2020/01/19
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  19. Forget Not All His Benefits2020/01/12
    How to Build Better Relationships. Just as God wants us to have a great relationship with Him, we must also find and develop the right types of friendships.
  20. Forget Not All His Benefits2020/01/05
    Forget Not All His Benefits (Psalm 103:2) with Bruce Ammons, Pastor of Guest Ministries
  21. Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace2019/12/29
    After Christmas (Matthew 2:1-12) It is still the season of Christ’ birth and today we will look at the story of the wise men and their journey to see the newborn Jesus. This passage of scripture will give us insight into what following Jesus looks like after Christmas.
  22. Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace2019/12/22
    AND HE SHALL BE CALLED… Part 3 – Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)
  23. Son of God, Wonderful Counselor2019/12/15
    AND HE SHALL BE CALLED… Part 2 – Son of God, Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:6)
  24. The Promised Messiah2019/12/08
    AND HE SHALL BE CALLED… Part 1: The Promised Messiah; Isaiah 9:1-5
  25. Yes! Jesus Is Worth It!2019/12/01
    A seed must be planted and die in order to produce a new harvest. This weekend we tell the story of ordinary Sugar Creek members who left their comfort zone and pushed the limits to plant the seed of life in people around the world. They are witnesses to the extraordinary harvest of new lives! Join us as we examine what Jesus will do when His people answer YES! Jesus is Worth It!
  26. Freedom to Brag2019/11/24
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  27. Let's Be There For Each Other2019/11/17
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  28. Is Jesus Worth It?2019/11/10
    Is Jesus Worth It? Nik Ripken, and his wife Ruth have served on the front lines of ministry in the most hostile places in the world for the past 35 years. From tribal areas of Somalia to the gulags of Russia, to the persecuted house churches of China, and the warzones of Afghanistan, Nik and Ruth have journeyed faithfully in pursuit of answering the question, Is Jesus Worth It?
  29. You Can Be Like Jesus2019/11/03
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  30. Stay In The Race2019/10/27
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  31. You Are an Adopted Child of God2019/10/20
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  32. Jesus: God’s Great Champion2019/10/13
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  33. Living In The Power Of The Holy Spirit2019/10/06
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  34. How To Live Your Best Life2019/09/29
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  35. Freed From Being A People Pleaser2019/09/22
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  36. The Power of Affirmation2019/09/15
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  37. What's Your Story?2019/09/08
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  38. Freed By Grace2019/09/01
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  39. Seeing Your Job (School) As Your Mission2019/08/25
    MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT, Part 4 – Seeing Your Job (School) As Your Mission. Why has God put you on this earth? What is He wanting you to accomplish and to be? That is what Pastor Mark will teach this Sunday as we conclude our series, Make Your Life Count.
  40. Seeing My Resources With New Eyes2019/08/18
    MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT, Part 3 – Seeing My Resources With New Eyes (1 Timothy 6) Why has God put you on this earth? What is He wanting you to accomplish and to be? That is what Pastor Mark will teach this weekend as we continue our series, Make Your Life Count!
  41. Embrace God’s Purpose For Your Life2019/08/11
    MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT, Part 2 – Why Being Involved In The Church Makes You A Better Person (Various Scriptures) The church was Jesus’ idea. He created it to help us grow and deepen our relationship with God and each other. When we are actively involved it helps us to become better people.
  42. Embrace God’s Purpose For Your Life2019/08/04
    MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT, Part 1 – Embrace God’s Purpose For Your Life (Various Scriptures) Why has God put you on this earth? What is He wanting you to accomplish and to be? That is what Pastor Mark will teach this weekend as we begin a new series, Make Your Life Count!
  43. Friend of Sinners 2019/07/28
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  44. Standing Strong in Everyday Life2019/07/21
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  45. Knowing is Becoming2019/07/14
    Oftentimes we equate knowing God to simply a mental ascent or an understanding of who he is. However in the scriptures, knowing Christ means that we become like Christ. It’s more transformational than it is informational. What does becoming like Christ look like? Is it even possible?
  46. God’s Pursuit of The Runaway2019/07/07
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  47. What Citizenship is All About2019/06/30
    GOD & COUNTRY DAY - What Citizenship is All About. This weekend is God and Country Day! Government is actually God’s idea. He created countries and governments and has told us how to be the best citizens possible. We are grateful to live in such a wonderful country. We will combine God’s Word with the privileges democracy gives us, along with pointers for how to be a great citizen.
  48. My Part and God’s Part In Changing Me2019/06/23
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  49. Living With The End In Mind2019/06/16
    Keeping Up Your Guard. Part 3 – Living With The End In Mind (Jude 14-19) What happens after we die? One of the things the Bible talks about is the judgment for those who know Jesus and a different judgment for those who do not. The judgment of both has a different purpose and criteria in mind.
  50. What To Guard Against2019/06/09
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  51. Our Amazing Salvation2019/06/02
    Keeping Up Your Guard. Part 1 – Our Amazing Salvation (Jude 1-3a) We begin a new series going through the New Testament book of Jude. Maybe you have never heard a message from the book of Jude. It wouldn’t be surprising. It is a tiny one chapter book seemingly hidden toward the end of the New Testament. Though tiny, it packs a punch.
  52. Unstuck2019/05/26
    Unstuck (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) Sometimes we find ourselves stuck, and we get in a rut. We desire for our life and relationships to be different. Maybe we are even stuck spiritually. Tim Homa talks about how we can become Unstuck in our relationships with one another and with God.
  53. A Renewed Vision of Who We Are2019/05/19
    A Renewed Vision of Who We Are. Pastor Mark shares with our church a renewed vision of who we are as Sugar Creek using Isaiah 41:14-20. It is a great time to hear from the Lord how He is wanting to use us as a church.
  54. You are Making a Great Impact as a Mother2019/05/12
    You are Making a Great Impact as a Mother (Exodus 1 & 2) May 12 was Mother’s Day. Pastor Mark uses of one of the greatest mothers in the Bible to teach our mothers (and dads) how to allow God to use you to make a powerful impact in your children’s eternity.
  55. 9-1-1 Prayers2019/05/05
    40 Days of Prayer. Part 6: 9-1-1 Prayers (Daniel 2:12-28) We all face emergencies. It is just a fact of life. The problem is that when they come, they have the potential to destroy our lives, and even our faith in God. But, what if there was a way for emergencies to strengthen our faith instead of shattering it?
  56. Praying Kingdom Prayers2019/04/28
    40 Days of Prayer. Part 5: Praying Kingdom Prayers (Habakkuk 3:2) Oftentimes, our prayers as great as they might be, become all about us. If God were to answer your prayers, would anyone’s life really change except yours? The Bible invites Christ-followers to pray big, audacious, God-sized prayers. Learn how to pray Kingdom prayers that catalyze change not only in our life, but in our world.
  57. Which Thief Are You?2019/04/21
    Easter 2019: Which Thief Are You? (Luke 23:33-42) We gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There would have never been a resurrection without first the death of Jesus on the Cross. So, as we are considering His resurrection, Pastor Mark will take us back for a few moments to the crucifixion of Christ and challenge us with a question, “Which Thief Are You?”.
  58. Why Should God Answer My Prayer?2019/04/14
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  59. Getting Results In Your Prayer2019/04/07
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  60. Obstacles to Prayer2019/03/31
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  61. When The Church Prays Together2019/03/24
    40 Days of Prayer. Part 1 – When The Church Prays Together. As a whole church, we are praying for revival. We are praying for a breakout of the power of God among us. What change would happen to you? To your family? To our church? To our region? This message begins our 40 Days of Prayer.
  62. How Not To Fight In The Church2019/03/17
    New Testament Postcards. Part 3 – How Not To Fight In The Church (3 John) Have you ever been a part of a church that was fighting? It is devastating and embarrassing, wasn’t it? Aren’t you so glad we have such peace at Sugar Creek? Using what happened in 3rd John, the Holy Spirit will show us, How Not To Fight In Church.
  63. Truth and Love2019/03/10
    New Testament Postcards: Part 2 – Truth and Love (2nd John) What ties us together at Sugar Creek? What helps us to know how to respond to the deep social issues of our day?Pastor Mark Hartman teaches on the book of 2nd John entitled “Truth and Love.” It is the next tiny book of the New Testament Postcard series almost no one ever teaches on yet is filled with such wisdom!
  64. Getting a Wrong Right2019/03/03
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  65. How to Experience Abundant Life2019/02/24
    How to Experience Abundant Life. (John 10:10) Jesus really wants you to experience abundant life! Today’s message with Bruce Ammons helps us discover how taking just one action can help to reduce stress, give you a better sense of purpose and overcome self-sabotage. Invite a friend, this is a message you will not want to miss!)
  66. What Happens After I Die2019/02/17
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  67. What Should Now Be the Focus of My Life? Others.2019/02/10
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  68. What Should Now Be the Focus of My Life? God.2019/02/03
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  69. How Can I Make The Most of My Time?2019/01/27
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  70. How Can I Find Lasting Happiness?2019/01/20
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  71. What Is The Point of Life?2019/01/13
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  72. Respect. Everyone. Period.2019/01/06
    Respect. Everyone. Period. (Psalm 90:12) How would you most like to be treated by people? If given the opportunity to develop your own ideas of how you would be treated by others are you reciprocating that to others? Following the Golden Rule can be the key to understanding how to treat others with kindness, value and respect.
  73. Your Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal2018/12/30
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  74. God Is Offering You An Indescribable Gift2018/12/23
    It’s A Wonderful Life – Part 3 – God Is Offering You An Indescribable Gift (2 Corinthians 9:15) Come and honor your Savior with worship and the Word, and celebrate the birth of our Lord together as the Family of Sugar Creek Baptist Church.
  75. Your Life Matters More Than You Think2018/12/09
    It’s A Wonderful Life – Because He Came; Part 2 – Your Life Matters More Than You Think
    (Luke 2:25-38) Individually, many of us wonder from time to time if our life has really made a difference…if we matter. The truth is oftentimes we make an impact in the hearts and lives of others without really realizing it.
  76. Even When Your Situation Seems Hopeless2018/12/02
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  77. Spirit Walk2018/11/25
    Spirit Walk (Galatians 5:25) Experiencing a draught in your life, a barren wilderness where you no longer want to be? Walk the ancient path that leads to the Promised Land…See what a church looks like when it walks this path. The Spirit Walk.
  78. Our Authority in Christ2018/11/18
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  79. Dressed For A War Zone2018/11/11
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  80. Dressed For A War Zone2018/11/04
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  81. The Dark Side2018/10/28
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  82. Angels – God’s Secret Agents2018/10/21
    THE INVISIBLE WAR: Part 3: Angels – God’s Secret Agents (Ephesians 6:12) Are angels real? If so, what are they like? What are the jobs of these ministering agents? This Sunday Pastor Mark will teach on the subject of Angels – God’s Secret Agents as we continue our series entitled, The Invisible War.
  83. Living In Enemy Territory2018/10/14
    THE INVISIBLE WAR: Part 2 - Living In Enemy Territory (Ephesians 6:10-11) The Bible warns us that we have an enemy who like a roaring lion seeking to destroy us. Ephesians 6:10-11 tells us that Satan has schemes to bring us down. So, what are Satan’s goals and what strategy does he use to damage and destroy?
  84. Introducing the Enemy2018/10/07
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  85. For Those Not Yet Here2018/09/30
    REACH BEYOND: Part 3 - For Those Not Yet Here (Psalm 102:18-22) Lead Pastor Mark S. Hartman concludes the REACH Beyond campaign message series reviewing the goals and how Sugar Creek can continue to reach further for Christ.
  86. How Do I Decide How Much to Give to Reach Beyond?2018/09/23
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  87. Facing the Giants2018/09/16
    REACH BEYOND: Part 1 – Facing the Giants (Numbers 13:1-3, 25-33) Sugar Creek is in the middle of a wonderful time of commitment to our future. As a Great Commission church we are totally dedicated to reaching this region with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Mark looks into God’s Word to see how our Lord is leading us to reach beyond our walls, and into our community.
  88. What is Next for Sugar Creek?2018/09/09
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  89. How Do We Do This Together?2018/09/02
    Who We Are - A People On Mission: Part 5: How Do We Do This Together? (John 17: 20-23) We have been on an amazing journey as a church returning to our roots of WHO WE ARE. We are certainly a part of the entire “universal” family of God – all believers of all the ages. We are also a family at Sugar Creek. So, what does it mean that our church is a spiritual family?
  90. How Do We Participate?2018/08/26
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  91. What Really Matters To Us?2018/08/19
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  92. Why Are We Here?2018/08/12
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  93. Where Do We Start?2018/08/05
    Who We Are - A People On Mission: Part 1 - Where Do We Start? In Part 1 of this series, Pastor Mark answers the question, Where Do We Start? Who we are actually begins with who God is. This journey together will be a defining moment of our future at Sugar Creek.
  94. A Better Tomorrow Starts Today2018/07/29
    Boundaries: Part 3 - A Better Tomorrow Starts Today (Proverbs 4:23) Its never too late to set boundaries. Even when your past has been full of Boundary-less chaos, today can bring about a fresh start. Start putting healthy boundaries in place now! Join us this weekend as we look at the steps necessary to build these healthy boundaries.
  95. How We Establish Healthy Boundaries2018/07/22
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  96. Boundaries: Why We Need Them2018/07/15
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  97. Guest Speaker Quart Graves2018/07/08
    Member Quart Graves shares how God has been faithful, even through difficult times.
  98. The Secret of America's Strength2018/07/01
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  99. The Power of Sharing Jesus2018/06/24
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  100. The Power of Pardoning Others2018/06/17
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  101. The Power of Obeying God2018/06/10
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  102. The Power of a Balanced Life 2018/06/03
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  103. Don't Give Up Yet2018/05/27
    Don’t Give Up Yet (Hebrews 11:39-12:3) We all at one point or another go through tough times. They are unavoidable. When we do, we struggle with the sense of wanting to quit. However, what if there was a way that we could endure rather than give up even in the most difficult seasons in our lives? We study a passage with key principles that will help us go forward.
  104. Part 7: Last Words2018/05/20
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  105. Part 6 - How To Be Ready For Christ’s Return2018/05/13
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  106. Part 5 - The Battle of Armageddon2018/05/06
    As The End Comes: 2 Thessalonians. Part 5: The Battle of Armageddon (2 Thessalonians 2:8b) More than likely you have heard the word Armageddon before. It actually comes from the Bible and describes a last great battle between good and evil, Christ and the antichrist. Lead Pastor Mark Hartman takes us through what the Bible teaches about this event.
  107. Part 4 - The Splendor of His Coming2018/04/29
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  108. Part 3 - The Antichrist’s Rise to Power2018/04/22
    As The End Comes: 2 Thessalonians. Part 3: The Antichrist’s Rise to Power (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12) In Part 2, Sunday Pastor Mark began the explanation of what the Bible teaches about a coming world leader it calls the antichrist. In Part 3, he takes us to the next step of understanding about how this leader emerges, actually performs miracles and deceives many.
  109. Part 2 - An Introduction to the Antichrist2018/04/15
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  110. Part 1: Judgment Can Be A Great Thing!2018/04/08
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  111. Surprised By Hope2018/04/01
  112. Part 7: God’s Promise of Security2018/03/25
  113. Part 6: Freedom From Fear2018/03/18
  114. Part 5: Releasing Regret2018/03/11
  115. Part 4: Leaving Loneliness Behind 2018/03/04
  116. Part 3: Why Worry?2018/02/25
  117. Part 2: Living Through The Battle of the Blues 2018/02/18
  118. Part 1: Living In Healthy Stress2018/02/11
  119. Part 4 – How Can I Know The Bible Is True?2018/02/04
  120. Part 3 - Aren’t All Religions Valid Expressions of God?2018/01/28
  121. Part 2 - Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?2018/01/21
  122. Part 1 - How Can I Know God Really Exists?2018/01/14
  123. Surprised!2018/01/07
  124. The Foothold of Hate2017/12/31
  125. O Come All Ye Faithful2017/12/24
  126. Silent Night2017/12/10
  127. Hark The Herald Angels Sing 2017/12/03
  128. Culture Shock2017/11/26
  129. Handling Opposition To Your Faith2017/11/19
  130. Be A Peacemaker2017/11/05
  131. Be Clean Inside2017/10/29
  132. Be Led By Mercy2017/10/22
  133. Be Focused On The Source Of True Contentment2017/10/15
  134. Be In Control Of Your Reactions2017/10/08
  135. Where The Blessing Begins2017/10/01
  136. Don't Quit Now2017/09/24
  137. When God Doesn’t Come Through2017/09/17
  138. Letting Hard Times Grow You Up2017/09/10
  139. The Real World2017/09/03
  140. I Love My Church!2017/08/27
  141. Giving is Good2017/08/20
  142. Understand The Purpose of Money2017/08/13
  143. Rethink Your Financial Life2017/08/06
  144. Until Death Do Us Part2017/07/30
  145. Forsaking All Others2017/07/23
  146. For Better, For Worse2017/07/16
  147. To Be My Wedded2017/07/09
  148. God and Country Day 20172017/07/02
  149. Don’t Put Out The Spirit’s Fire2017/06/25
  150. Living Ready2017/06/18
  151. When Jesus Comes Back for Us2017/06/11
  152. Why Should I Trust and Treasure the Bible?2017/06/04
  153. Be Good, Others are Watching2017/05/28
  154. God-Centered Purity2017/05/21
  155. The Love Challenge2017/05/14
  156. What Kind of Church Should Our Church Be?2017/05/07
  157. God Has A Plan2017/04/30
  158. Are You Really Saved?2017/04/23
  159. The Most Amazing Deliverance Foretold2017/04/16
  160. Having An Attitude of Gratitude2017/04/09
  161. Rejected By Others But Accepted By God2017/04/02
  162. The Thrill of Wonder2017/03/26
  163. From Fear To Confidence2017/03/19
  164. Forever Safe from Danger2017/03/12
  165. Having Real Hope2017/03/05
  166. How Can I Be Truly Happy2017/02/26
  167. Why We Can Stop Worrying2017/02/19
  168. Responding To The Wounds of An Enemy2017/02/12
  169. Which Way Do I Go Now?2017/02/05
  170. Lord, Please Bring Me Back2017/01/29
  171. Getting Off My Treadmill2017/01/22
  172. Free Me From My Fear2017/01/15
  173. reSOULoutions2017/01/08
  174. Keep Looking Up2017/01/01
  175. Uncharted Waters2017/01/01
  176. Christmas Into Eternity Future2016/12/11
  177. Christmas from Eternity Past2016/12/04
  178. Heaven’s Idea of Worship2016/11/27
  179. The Heart Of Our Worship2016/11/20
  180. Staying Right2016/11/13
  181. The Audience of One2016/11/06
  182. Parte 7 – Una Invitacion a la Destrucción2016/10/30
  183. Parte 6 – Cultivando un Corazón Perdonador2016/10/23
  184. Staying Right2016/10/30
  185. Moving Beyond My Hurt2016/10/23
  186. Receiving God's Forgiveness2016/10/16
  187. Total Dependence on God2016/10/09
  188. Game of Thrones2016/10/02
  189. How Great Is Your God2016/09/25
  190. Connecting With Our Father2016/09/18
  191. Clearing Up Questions About Baptism2016/09/11
  192. Exercises Spiritual Gifts In Service2016/09/04
  193. Gives Back To God2016/08/28
  194. Nurtures Authentic Relationships2016/08/21
  195. Actively Practices Spiritual Disciplines2016/08/14
  196. Helps Others Know God2016/08/07
  197. Commits to God and His Family2016/07/31
  198. The Wise and Foolish Builders2016/07/17
  199. A Shocking Surprise2016/07/10
  200. God and Country Day, 20162016/07/03
  201. Watch Out For Wolves2016/06/26
  202. Two Roads2016/06/19
  203. Never Give Up On God2016/06/12
  204. Two Ideas That Can Change My Relationships2016/06/05
  205. Don't Worry About _______2016/05/29
  206. Treasures in Heaven2016/05/22
  207. So, What’s YOUR Motive?2016/05/15
  208. A Love Beyond Normal2016/05/08
  209. Becoming a Truth Teller2016/05/01
  210. The Disaster of Divorce2016/04/24
  211. Pursuing Sexual Purity2016/04/17
  212. Recovering From An Anger Too Far2016/04/10
  213. Establish Your Truth Core2016/04/03
  214. Overcoming My Doubts2016/03/27
  215. Life Changing Idea, Life Changing Verse2016/03/13
  216. Earn the Respect of Others2016/03/06
  217. Mad About You2016/02/28
  218. Getting My Tongue Under Control2016/02/21
  219. Friends-R-Us2016/02/14
  220. Humble and Proud of It2016/02/07
  221. Better Time Management2016/01/31
  222. Get Directions2016/01/24
  223. Get Directions2016/01/17
  224. Get Wiser Faster2016/01/10
  225. Say YES! To God in 20162016/01/03
  226. They’re Worth It2015/12/27
  227. The Names of the Messiah, Part 22015/12/13
  228. The Names of the Messiah, Part 12015/12/06
  229. The Power of Grace2015/11/29
  230. Getting Ready for Thanksgiving2015/11/22
  231. How To Get What You Pray For2015/11/15
  232. Be A Winner2015/11/08
  233. A Look at Deep Love2015/11/01
  234. How to Restore A Broken Relationship2015/10/25
  235. Stay Ready2015/10/18
  236. Love Not The World2015/10/11
  237. How To Be Sure You Are Going To Heaven?2015/10/04
  238. Jesus: My Source of Mercy2015/09/27
  239. Unlocking the Chains of Guilt2015/09/20
  240. Our Future: The Next Steps2015/09/13
  241. It All Begins With Jesus2015/09/06
  242. What God Says About Giving Back to Him2015/08/30
  243. Share – How Do We Be A Part of Christ’s Great Goal In The World?2015/08/23
  244. Serve – How Do We Fulfill God’s Command For Us To Serve Him and Others?2015/08/16
  245. Connect- How Do We Grow Spiritually Together?2015/08/09
  246. Worship – How Do We Get Closer To God?2015/08/02
  247. Out of a Far Country2015/07/26
  248. Out of a Far Country2015/07/19
  249. When Life is Interrupted2015/07/12
  250. We Must Win One More for Jesus2015/07/12
  251. Are You Thirsty?2015/07/05
  252. The Game of Life2015/07/05
  253. Stand in the Gap2015/06/28
  254. A Man's Man2015/06/21
  255. Hope For Hurting Parents2015/06/14
  256. What Happens When We Die?2015/06/07
  257. Does God Actually Care For Me?2015/05/31
  258. Audacious Faith2015/05/24
  259. Don't Give Up!2015/05/24
  260. Forgiveness Is Our Opportunity To Start Over2015/05/17
  261. How To Treat Someone Who Is Different2015/05/10
  262. 40 Years - A Legacy of Life Change2015/05/03
  263. Our Prayers Matter To God2015/04/26
  264. What Really Matters2015/04/19
  265. How To Hear God Speak To You2015/04/12
  266. Undeniable Proofs2015/04/05
  267. Having God’s Heart For Mankind2015/03/29
  268. God’s Plan – Sharing God’s Message2015/03/22
  269. End Of The Road – True Repentance2015/03/15
  270. Running from God2015/03/08
  271. Your Call from God2015/03/01
  272. Wait on God2015/02/22
  273. Tell the Truth2015/02/15
  274. Put Others First2015/02/08
  275. Life Without Regrets – Living in Purity2015/02/01
  276. Do My Part2015/01/25
  277. Keep Relationships Right2015/01/18
  278. What Matters Most – Living In Balance2015/01/11
  279. Being Difference Makers for Christ2015/01/04
  280. Jesus, Our Rescuer2014/12/14
  281. Who Are We As A Church In Sienna?2014/11/30
  282. What Makes A Person’s Life So Special?2014/12/07
  283. The Spirit-Filled Life2014/11/30
  284. Heaven and Hell – the Final Destinations2014/11/23
  285. Christ’s Return and Reign On The Earth2014/11/16
  286. The Bible’s Description of the Antichrist2014/11/09
  287. An Overview of the Tribulation2014/11/02
  288. The Coming Russian and Muslim Invasion of Israel2014/10/26
  289. When Millions Disappear From the Earth2014/10/19
  290. Guilt Free Spending – How To Enjoy Our Money2014/10/12
  291. Practical Tips on Managing Our Money2014/10/05
  292. Act Your Wage – Getting Out of Debt2014/09/28
  293. Beginning The Journey To Financial Freedom2014/09/21
  294. What Position Should I Play For The Team?2014/09/14
  295. Get Connected to a Life That Loves2014/08/31
  296. Why Our Giving Is So Important to God2014/08/24
  297. Get Connected to a Career with Character2014/08/17
  298. Get Connected to a Healthy Family2014/08/10
  299. Get Connected to a Marriage That Works2014/08/10
  300. How To Be A Light In A Dark World2014/07/27
  301. A Story of Salvation2014/07/27
  302. The Holy Spirit2014/07/13
  303. God’s Guide for Christian Citizenship2014/06/29
  304. Part 16: What Mature Faith Looks Like2014/06/22
  305. Part 15: What does Integrity have to do with Faith?2014/06/15
  306. Part 14: Improving Your Faith Attitude2014/06/08
  307. Part 13: Live With a Purpose2014/06/01
  308. Live for a Change2014/05/25
  309. Are You A Good Neighbor?2014/05/25
  310. Part 12 – Be a Champion2014/05/18
  311. Part 11 – How To Deal With Your Insurmountable Wall2014/05/11
  312. Part 10 – Sometimes God Delays By Design2014/05/04
  313. Part 9 – How To Make Your Life Count2014/04/27
  314. Easter: What Does It Prove?2014/04/20
  315. Build A Family Legacy of Faith2014/04/13
  316. Successful People Keep Their Eyes On The Goal2014/04/06
  317. Successful People Keep Their Eyes On The Goal2014/03/30
  318. How God Speaks To Me2014/03/23
  319. A Living Trophy of His Grace2014/03/16
  320. First Love2014/03/16
  321. Faith That Looks Beyond Sight2014/03/09
  322. Faith is an Act of Courage2014/03/02
  323. Connecting with God2014/02/23
  324. What Faith Really Is2014/02/16
  325. Let God Rescue You2014/02/09
  326. The Power of Weakness2014/02/02
  327. Is God Enough?2014/01/26
  328. What Does The Bible Teach About Pain and Suffering?2014/01/19
  329. Finding Your Way Out Of The Darkness2014/01/12
  330. Be a Difference Maker2014/01/05
  331. Don't Miss the New Year2013/12/29
  332. Zachariah’s Song2013/12/15
  333. Mary’s Song2013/12/08
  334. Rescue Mission of the Church2013/12/01
  335. How to Have a Heart for Thanksgiving2013/11/24
  336. God’s Part and My Part in Changing Me2013/11/17
  337. Self Control: The Habit That Sets You Free2013/11/10
  338. Gentleness: The Habit That Softens Emotions2013/11/03
  339. Faithfulness – The Habit That Earns Respect2013/10/27
  340. Goodness: The Habit That Guides Our Values2013/10/20
  341. Kindness: The Habit That Endears Others2013/10/13
  342. Patience: The Habit That Assumes The Best2013/10/06
  343. Peace: The Habit That Calms2013/09/29
  344. Joy: The Habit That Makes Life Worth Living2013/09/22
  345. Love: The Habit That Impacts Everything Else2013/09/15
  346. Remember Who You Are2013/09/08
  347. Take Out The Garbage2013/09/01
  348. God’s Promise To Meet Your Needs2013/08/25
  349. Don’t Settle for Substitutes2013/08/18
  350. Stay Focused on Jesus2013/08/11
  351. Care About Others2013/08/04
  352. Understanding Intelligent Design2013/07/21
  353. The Bible – Is It Reliable?2013/07/14
  354. What’s Right About America2013/06/30
  355. What Is True About What Jesus Did For Us?2013/06/23
  356. What Is True About Jesus2013/06/16
  357. What Is True About God’s Plan For Us2013/06/09
  358. What Is True About Us2013/06/02
  359. Unity2013/05/26
  360. How To Know You Are Saved2013/05/26
  361. How To Be Happy No Matter What2013/05/19
  362. Honor2013/05/12
  363. Eight Life Skills to Build Within Your Child’s Heart, 3 of 32013/05/05
  364. Eight Life Skills to Build Within Your Child’s Heart, 2 of 32013/04/28
  365. Eight Life Skills to Build Within Your Child’s Heart, 1 of 32013/04/21
  366. Developing The Plan2013/04/14
  367. Great Families Happen On Purpose2013/04/07
  368. Easter Sunday 20132013/03/31
  369. Operation Rescue2013/03/24
  370. The Power of a Focused Life2013/03/17
  371. The Power to Surrender2013/03/10
  372. Keeping the Marriage Growing2013/03/03
  373. Meeting Each Other’s Needs2013/02/24
  374. Healing the Broken Places2013/02/17
  375. Why Marriages Come Apart2013/02/10
  376. Staying On Course2013/02/03
  377. Making Changes2013/01/27
  378. Repairing Relationships2013/01/20
  379. Coming Clean2013/01/13
  380. Facing the Truth2013/01/06
  381. More Than2012/12/30
  382. Learning to Give Like the Wise Men2012/12/16
  383. Choosing Character Like Joseph2012/12/09
  384. Learning to Trust Like Mary2012/12/02
  385. Leveraging God’s Resources for Maximum Impact2012/11/25
  386. How God Blesses Us to Bless Others2012/11/18
  387. Dr. John Bisagno2012/11/11
  388. When Shipwrecks Come2012/11/04
  389. How to Share Your Testimony2012/10/28
  390. Where Is God When My World Is Falling Apart?2012/10/21
  391. The Church God Blesses2012/10/14
  392. When Our Christianity Bucks the System2012/10/07
  393. The Holy Spirit and Speaking In Tongues2012/09/30
  394. Deep Soul Fishing2012/09/23
  395. Closed Doors, Limited Results, and a Song in the Night2012/09/16
  396. Finding and Following the Will of God2012/09/09
  397. A More Respectful Spirit Toward Others2012/09/02
  398. A More Giving Heart2012/08/26
  399. A More Positive Tongue2012/08/19
  400. A More Controlled Response2012/08/12
  401. A New Chapter in God’s Vision for Our Church2012/08/05
  402. Fenton Moorhead2012/07/29
  403. Steve Farrar2012/07/22
  404. Steve Farrar2012/07/15
  405. Don Piper2012/07/08
  406. God and Country Day 20122012/07/01
  407. Touched By An Angel2012/06/24
  408. There Is Nothing More Threatening Than Change2012/06/17
  409. You Can Know God2012/06/10
  410. Opening Our Hearts to Love2012/06/03
  411. Jesus is in the house. Are we in the kitchen?2012/05/27
  412. People Matter to God2012/05/20
  413. You Can Be a Bridge Builder2012/05/13
  414. Never Say Never2012/05/06
  415. Share Jesus Without Fear2012/04/29
  416. Breaking Out2012/04/22
  417. A Christian Response to Same-Sex Marriage2012/04/15
  418. Easter 20122012/04/08
  419. How to Win Over Temptation2012/04/01
  420. Coming to Terms with My Money2012/03/25
  421. How to Make Better Decisions2012/03/18
  422. Jehovah Shammah – God Is Always Near2012/03/11
  423. Jehoval Tsidkenu – God Is Always Good2012/03/04
  424. Jehovah Rohi: God Is Our Sheperd2012/02/26
  425. Jehovah Shalom: God Is Our Peace2012/02/19
  426. Jehovah-M’Kaddesh: God Makes Us Holy2012/02/12
  427. Jehovah Nissi – God Is My Protector2012/02/05
  428. Jehovah Rophe – God Is My Healer2012/01/29
  429. Jehovah Jireh: God Is My Provider2012/01/22
  430. El-Shaddai and Jehovah – God Cares for Us2012/01/15
  431. Elohim – The Almighty, Powerful One2012/01/08
  432. Christmas 2011 at Sugar Creek2011/12/26
  433. From Genesis to Jesus2011/12/18
  434. How to Stop an Argument2011/12/11
  435. How to Get Along with Others2011/12/04
  436. Bringing Glory to God2011/11/27
  437. What Does It Mean To Be Thankful?2011/11/27
  438. Seeing Jesus in Yom Kippur2011/11/20
  439. Is My Christian Life Dead or Alive?2011/11/13
  440. How Does a Biblical Worldview Impact My Life?2011/11/06
  441. What Is God's Solution2011/10/30
  442. Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?2011/10/23
  443. What Went Wrong?2011/10/16
  444. The Culture of Life or Death?2011/10/09
  445. Who Am I?2011/10/02
  446. Evidence for God2011/09/25
  447. Who is God?2011/09/18
  448. 9-11 Ten Years Later2011/09/11
  449. What To Do When the Bad Won't Stop2011/09/04
  450. Committed No Matter What It Costs2011/08/28
  451. Problems in Paradise2011/08/21
  452. Tender Within – Tough Without2011/08/14
  453. Living a Lie2011/08/07
  454. Richy Fisher2011/07/31
  455. Ken Freeman2011/07/24
  456. Dr. Hugh Ross2011/07/17
  457. Dr. Del Tackett2011/07/10
  458. God and Country Day 20112011/07/03
  459. What It Means to Radically Love Each Other2011/06/26
  460. How Will You Handle Persecution?2011/06/19
  461. Dancing in Church2011/06/12
  462. I'm Saved" What's Next?2011/06/05
  463. The Word of God2011/05/29
  464. A Vision Of God Using You!2011/05/22
  465. The Church God Blesses2011/05/15
  466. The Church God Blesses2011/05/08
  467. The Greatest of His Promises2011/05/01
  468. Easter 20112011/04/24
  469. The Coronation of the King2011/04/17
  470. What Impresses Jesus2011/04/10
  471. The Wealthy Man Who Finally Struck It Rich2011/04/03
  472. Everything But The Main Thing2011/03/27
  473. I Am the Resurrection2011/03/20
  474. Opening Blind Eyes2011/03/13
  475. Loving Lonely People2011/03/06
  476. Who Is Jesus and Why Does It Matter?2011/02/27
  477. Rules For Walking On Water2011/02/20
  478. What Can He Do With What I Have?2011/02/13
  479. What Do You Do When Your Ship Is Sinking?2011/02/06
  480. Why Miracles?2011/01/30
  481. Why No Mighty Works2011/01/23
  482. Jesus and Our Mistakes2011/01/16
  483. The Source of His Power2011/01/09
  484. Working for God2011/01/02
  485. Heavenly Rewards2010/12/26
  486. He Did It All For Me2010/12/19
  487. The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived2010/12/12
  488. The Beginning and End of Christmas2010/12/05
  489. Works of God2010/11/28
  490. How I Know I Am Really Growing Up2010/11/21
  491. How To Experience Personal Revival2010/11/14
  492. Tough Times Don't Last - Tough People Do2010/11/07
  493. Character Counts2010/10/31
  494. How to Resolve a Conflict2010/10/24
  495. It's Not Quitin' Time2010/10/17
  496. You Can Be A Better Leader2010/10/10
  497. The Plan2010/10/03
  498. How To Appeal to Authority2010/09/26
  499. Your Vision From the Knees Up2010/09/19
  500. It's Time to Step UP!2010/09/12
  501. THE POWER OF C-H-A-N-G-E; Part N2010/09/05
  502. THE POWER OF C-H-A-N-G-E; Part G2010/08/29
  503. THE POWER OF C-H-A-N-G-E; Part E2010/08/22
  504. THE POWER OF C-H-A-N-G-E; Part H2010/08/15
  505. THE POWER OF C-H-A-N-G-E; Part A2010/08/08
  506. THE POWER OF C-H-A-N-G-E; Part C2010/08/01
  507. Don Piper2010/07/25
  508. Dr. Frank Harber2010/07/11
  509. America's Ancient Landmarks2010/07/04
  510. God Will Use It For Good2010/06/27
  511. Don't Quit Now2010/06/20
  512. When Doing Right Turns Out Wrong2010/06/13
  513. Shattered Dreams2010/06/06
  514. Legacy of Faith2010/05/30
  515. Living Fearlessly2010/05/23
  516. Getting My Priorities Straight2010/05/16
  517. How to Know How Much Your Life Mattered2010/05/09
  518. Is Hell Real?2010/05/02
  519. What Will Heaven Be Like (continued)2010/04/25
  520. What Will Heaven Be Like2010/04/18
  521. Evidence for Life After Death2010/04/11
  522. Easter 20102010/04/04
  523. Principles of Prayer that Work – Part 22010/03/28
  524. Principles of Prayer that Work – Part 12010/03/21
  525. Building A Relationship That Lasts Forever2010/03/14
  526. Love is Honest2010/03/07
  527. Love is Forgiving2010/02/28
  528. Love is Peaceful2010/02/21
  529. Love Respects Others2010/02/14
  530. Love is Humble2010/02/07
  531. Love is Content2010/01/31
  532. Love is Kind2010/01/24
  533. Love is Patient2010/01/17
  534. Life's Greatest Goal2010/01/10
  535. How To Make Your Life Count2010/01/03
  536. Consistent Faith2009/12/27
  537. Christmas Message – Part 22009/12/20
  538. Christmas Message – Part 12009/12/13
  539. What Are We To Do With Each Other?2009/12/06
  540. City on a Hill2009/11/29
  541. How Do I Live in a Pressure Cooker Without Getting Burned?2009/11/22
  542. How Do I Get Ready for December 21, 2012?2009/11/15
  543. What Happened to Jesus Between the Cross and Resurrection?2009/11/08
  544. How to Immediately Improve Your Marriage2009/11/01
  545. The Core Need of a Man2009/10/25
  546. The Core Need of a Woman2009/10/18
  547. How to Silence Your Critics2009/10/11
  548. Rebuilding Your Sense of Self Worth2009/10/04
  549. Making Right Decisions In Hurtful Times2009/09/27
  550. Come to Terms with Your Pain2009/09/20
  551. Don’t Give In To Discouragement2009/09/13
  552. How to Get the Most from Your Bible2009/09/06
  553. Why Believe In the Bible?2009/08/30
  554. Bake God the Bread First2009/08/23
  555. Aaron Weast2009/08/16
  556. Ken Freeman2009/08/09
  557. Declaration of Dependence2009/08/02
  558. Daniel: The End of the Vision2009/07/26
  559. Daniel: What Happens To The Jewish People In The Last Days?2009/07/19
  560. The Battle of Armageddon2009/07/12
  561. God and Country Day2009/07/05
  562. Daniel: The Anti-Christ and Armageddon2009/06/28
  563. Daniel: Angels, Demons, and the Other Dimension2009/06/21
  564. Daniel: The Bible's Most Incredible Prophecy2009/06/14
  565. Daniel: A Second View of the AntiChrist2009/06/07
  566. Daniel: An Introduction to the Antichrist2009/05/31
  567. Dr. Jeffery Sief2009/05/24
  568. Daniel: When the Clock Runs Out2009/05/17
  569. Daniel: The Influence of Integrity2009/05/10
  570. Daniel: Conquering Your Worst Enemy2009/05/03
  571. Daniel: To Go Against the Flow2009/04/26
  572. Daniel: The Bible's Cornerstone Prophecy2009/04/19
  573. Easter 20092009/04/12
  574. Daniel: How To Respond To Tough Times In A Right Way2009/04/05
  575. Daniel: How to Lead Your Family to Live by Bibical Convictions2009/03/29
  576. Testing Your Faith2009/03/22
  577. Your Adversary - The Devil: Using Our Authority in Christ2009/03/15
  578. Your Adversary - The Devil: Let's Get Ready to Rumble; Pt. 22009/03/08
  579. Your Adversary - The Devil: Let's Get Ready to Rumble; Pt. 12009/03/01
  580. Your Adversary - The Devil: The Dark Side2009/02/22
  581. Your Adversary - The Devil: Angels: God's Secret Agents2009/02/15
  582. Your Adversary - The Devil: Living in Lion Country2009/02/08
  583. Your Adversary - The Devil: Who the Devil is He?2009/02/01
  584. Friendlist: Increase The Value Of Your Relationships2009/01/25
  585. Friendlist: The Art of Building Lasting Relationships2009/01/18
  586. Friendlist: Letting Go Of Your Past2009/01/11
  587. How to Begin a New Year2009/01/04
Sugar Creek Baptist Church Video Podcast
Sugar Creek is a church passionate about life change. It happens every day here, marriages healed, families revived, love restored, the hurting comforted. It happens not because of the programs we have or the events we put on, but because the spirit of God is at work here. He is the only one who can change a life and He wants to change yours for the better.

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